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667 thoughts on “Back to the Fray

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  • twathater

    I am beginning to seriously doubt the intelligence required to work and make decisions within the EU, this morning on daily politics it was announced that further to the success of the agreement between the EU and Turkey to stop or stem the influx of migrants and refugees to the EU at the TINY amount of 5 Billion Euros and visa free travel for Turks within the Schengen zone. The EU intelligentsia have decided in their ultimate wisdom, to extend this fantastic ( working or not ) idea to more Middle Eastern countries and African countries.
    They are proposing to GIVE ( Or Bribe ) African and ME countries with money and visa free travel within Schengen to dissuade and stem migrants attempts to get to Europe . Their belief is that if they give the money to these countries, and the relevant governments spend it on infrastructure and making the places better ( aye right ) the migrants will be happy with their new things ( provided that the dough will not end up in somebody’s bank account ) and they will not seek the promised land or the streets paved with gold.
    WTF the Turkey deal hasn’t worked, they are just finding and using different routes, we will never stop this onslaught until politicians realise that we cannot accept everyone, multi culturism and integration are creating massive problems. STOP BOMBING THESE COUNTRIES AND CONTRIBUTING TO THIS PROBLEM, MIND YOUR OWN F****** BUSINESS , LET THEM DEAL WITH ISIS IN THEIR OWN WAY

  • oblivious

    Is it anti-Semitic to suggest that the Jewish school students who were trapped on the Kent coast might concentrate on improving their English language skills?

    Furthermore, shouldn’t the British police force be notified before an unqualified, unrecognised bunch of glorified vigilantes? Aren’t the official police the rest of us rely on good enough to deal with such a crisis? How would the clown and his performing monkeys react to any other religious group creating their own police force?

    • fred

      Up here in the Highlands people are always getting cut off by the tide. We had two young girls rescued using the same trick of using a mobile phone as a beacon not long back. We also get people stuck on mountains in bad weather, people falling off cliffs, people getting lost, people going out in canoes in storms, we get all sorts of people getting into all sorts of trouble, all the time.

      To say there is anything different about these children because they happen to be Jewish is anti-Semitic.

      • Loretha

        “Up here in the Highlands people are always getting cut off by the tide.”

        I could have sworn that tides only affect coastal areas.

        • fred

          Apart from the very big ones.

          Highlands is an administrative region in Scotland which has more than it’s fair share of coastline.


          • Loretha

            I know. I used to go to Inverness quite regularly. I was just testing. 😉

          • The Troll Adviser

            I trust you keep the woodland trolls and the mountain trolls apart in the highlands. Otherwise they tend to fight each other.

          • fred

            We have done much research into trolls at the University of Bettyhill Tantrum Theory department.

            Researches have determined that every T+ particle, or troll as they are known, comes with a T- particle, or anti-troll as a bonded pair. Without it’s anti-troll a troll becomes unstable and fires off random posts in all directions attempting to bond with another T- particle without which it will eventually decay.

          • Republicofscotland


            Re your troll post, positive and negative, if I were incline to I’d probably class you as latter, you give of all the right vibes. ?

      • oblivious

        Fred, do those people needing to be rescued up there in the Highlands, walk past 9 warning signs? If they did/do, they need to brush up on their English language skills too. Sorry if I appear prejudiced against people getting cut off by the tide, people getting stuck on mountains in bad weather and people falling off cliffs but I’m just pointing out to you that we all have to act reasonably and responsibly. None of us are so special that we can ignore multiple warnings even if we do have our own personal security team on call. Luckily, the conventional emergency services managed to rescue all of these kids and their two mentors without much fuss. If they had waited for their own private police force, this wouldn’t have been a close escape but a catastrophic tragedy.

        • fred

          They airlift people off Ben Nevis wearing Bermuda shorts and flip flops. People are stupid as what race or creed they are.

          Difference is most of the rescues don’t tend to get discussed on a political blog.

  • Alcyone: Flush out the cuckoos

    Stonu Mocup

    Don’t sound so above it all, life support machines et al.

    You are one of the major cuckoos, nesting here at night in particular. Or do you forget by the time the morning comes?

  • giyane

    Could one make a de-ioniser for negative electrons, otherwise known as trolls?

    I’ve heard of scientific techniques to counteract pongs, noise, cancer and madness.

    Could they be adapted to counteract the troll stink of state terrorism, screech of lying politicians, cancer of racism and madness of USUKIS hegemony here on CM?

    The troll BO is getting overpowering .

  • fedup (Snitchsmeller Pursuivant)

    The results of the wet dreams of the zionists and their sponsors;

    A- The cost of wars $13.6 trillions
    B- This translates to $533231.17 cost per capita (man, woman and child) across the world populations.


    A handful of crazed lunatics whose numbers don’t add up to much in total have managed to destabilise and inflict such a heavy losses to humanity, whilst the rest of the world is walking on the egg shells in case they commit the unpardonable “sin” of appearing to be anitsemi…. Thus tolerating the unconscious drivelling of the keyboard offence units excusing the destruction of the planet as we debate. All the while rationalising and justifying the swathes of destruction of lives, nature, environment*, and the huge financial losses just for the sake of keeping/sustaining the totally bankrupt; morally, financially and ideologically bankrupt banksters in their champagne life styles.

    * (global warming only applies to the cars, and you and I, and has little to do with the massive amounts of explosives detonated, and the huge carbon foot print of the equipment, ordnance, sustaining military/paramilitary forces, building walls, fences, fortifications etc.) Hence no one (environmentalists) ever mentions the destructive role of wars and the warmongers.

  • Ben Monad

    “The objective history of the social structure becomes internalized as a subjective history of the psychic structure. Heinous as my view may be to modern Freudians, it is not the discipline of work but the discipline of rule that demands the repression of internal nature. This repression then extends outward to external nature as a mere object of rule and later of exploitation. This mentality permeates our individual psyches in a cumulative form up to the present day-not merely as capitalism but as the vast history of hierarchical society from its inception.[2]”

    Good piece on how libertarian socialism would work. De-centralizing gubmint and down-sizing bureaucrats is The Way.

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