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Uzbek voters have the fun of going to the polls on December 29 to choose between candidates for parliament from four “political parties”, each one of which loudly supports President Islam Karimov. Even the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), so often ready to excuse authoritarian behaviour by its members, has concluded that the Uzbek elections do not offer a genuine choice to the Uzbek people.

Whereas here in the UK, we are to have our democracy “Reinvigorated” by live broadcast debates between the leaders of the three “major” political parties. Which explains why this post is titled Anglo Uzbek democracy. We are urged to applaud as a major breakthrough a TV event that is irrelevant to the key political choices in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and which further enhances the disastrous “Presidentialism” that enabled one man to take us to war in Iraq, by telling lies to overcome the real wishes of almost all his party.

Despite the most concerted and near unanimous campaign of media jingoism in UK history, a consistent majority of British voters are against the costly war to keep the fraudster Karzai in power in Afghanistan, and to maintain security for the drugs warlords who make up most of his government.

People simply do not buy the line that killing people in Afghanistan and Pakistan makes a terrorist reaction in the UK less likely.

The establishment response is to pack the airwaves with military figures on any excuse. Not only are the military, retired and serving, used to openly propagandise for the war, but they turn up to review the papers or choose Desert Island Discs. Doubtless Antiques Roadshow from Chelsea Barracks is being filmed. I should like to hear some soldiers singing a sentimental Christmas song about a mutilated Afghan girl who will never see her parents again after her village was bombed.

But there are very few signs the perpetual propaganda is working. The public remain deeply hostile to the Afghan War. Yet we are approaching a general election, and a “Leaders’ debate” in which all the “Major” parties will firmly support the war and the ludicrous line that it keeps us safe in our beds.

Where, then, is the “Genuine choice” for the UK electorate. There is none. The old joke that, whoever you vote for, the government gets in, has never been more apposite. There is no real choice for the British electorate. Will someone phone the OSCE?

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  • reaver

    Our troops are fighting to prevent a country from harbouring terrorists that are a clear and present danger to the western world.

  • tony_opmoc

    Neil Craig,

    And as you point out elsewhere – this trade should be easily traceable – much more so than trade in human sex slaves, drugs and guns.

    Not only is such trade a highly skillful operation, the vast majority of recipients will be in legitimate hospitals.

    Serious questions should be asked. Where are the investigative journalists?

    Why aren’t they working undercover to discover the truth of the trade in human body parts? It can’t be that difficult. So no one will publish the results?

    It’s put me right off my steak and kidney pudding.


  • crab

    It is easy to find reports on the gruesome organ harvesting accusations in Carla del Pontes’ book. Wikipedia even has a page on her and the book, and links to news reports etc.

    Easy to curse and prognosticate.

    Never easy to know the truth.

  • tony_opmoc

    In my experience Serbian people are the most generous welcoming and open people in the World.

    I was welcomed into their family and became a part of their family – and came within a hairs breadth – of marrying her. We were just so close and in Love.

    O.K. this was over 30 years ago when we were Young.

    And then yesterday on Craig Murray’s website, I read that the most Beautiful Teenagers in the World have been harvested for Body Parts.

    Do you realise why I can’t stop Crying?


  • MJ

    Many thanks to reaver for stating, with chilling irony, the ostensive reason for our presence in Afghanistan. It does indeed insult the intelligence of a fruit fly.

  • dreoilin

    Season’s Greetings to all, especially Craig and family. Hope everyone has a peaceful and enjoyable holiday season.

  • Anonymous


    “Where are the investigative journalists? Why aren’t they working undercover to discover the truth of the trade in human body parts?”

    I reckon they are ‘under the covers’ for they are ‘lily-livered’.

  • reaver

    Perhaps then MJ, you could offer an alternative motive for the Allied occupation of Afghanistan.

  • MJ

    The US and UK are there to protect the opium poppy fields and supply routes. Also to protect the oil and gas pipeline routes.

    If you find this difficult to swallow (it’s pretty unpalatable stuff) read some of Craig’s previous posts on Afghanistan. He was British ambassador to neighbouring Uzbekistan when it all started and was privy to some first-hand inside information that never quite made it to the MSM.

  • tony_opmoc

    I posted the following on Truthdig. The first time I have posted there, because I have massive respect for Chris Hedges, though I totally disagree with him about the stuff he posts about Global Cooling – but otherwise I think Chris Hedges is in the same league as people like Craig Murray, Robert Fisk and that Australian…you know who I mean – or is he a Kiwi???..John Pilger…

    Chris Hedges article is Brilliant..about someone I had never heard of who was extradited from the UK to the US. I really should be posting in support of Gary McKinnon…

    But anyway…

    This is what I said that has not yet been deleted…

    By tony_opmoc, December 29 at 2:44 pm #

    Whilst, it is possible that this story has been accurately reported, the reaction to it is totally ridiculous. People simply will not put up with regular examination of their most intimate orifices, nor having the use of such orifices barred for significant periods whilst in flight, nor from being prevented from reading a book.

    Any such attempts will result in either the complete destruction of the normal airline industry or extremely messy and smelly aircraft. Perhaps they can put straw on the floor instead?

    The entire obsession with aircraft security in response to such terrorist attacks – even if genuine – does absolutely nothing to improve aircraft security. It is a complete illusion. Having a dog sniffing Granny’s bum for plastic explosives will not make the aircraft any safer. A real terrorist who is serious, will be sufficiently intelligent to bypass such outrages. He would for example, apply for a job in baggage security – or become an aircraft cleaner – amd do a good job for months until he had gained the trust of his fellow employees. Such people – and there are many thousands at every major airport, do not go through the same security checks as Granny who just wants to see her family at Christmas or go on holiday.

    The real motivation, behind this lunacy appears to intimidate and control people who want to travel in aircraft legitimately. It is showing them – who the boss is – and humiliating them to accept even more draconian controls.

    Check out the Power of Nightmares to finally realise who the real terrorists are. Its not idiots who set their own pants on fire.

    There is nothing particularly special about aircraft with regards to the threat they pose to human life. Schools, Hospitals, Container Ships, Oil, Gas & Chemical Storage Plants, Water and Food supplies offer far more potential to people who want to do dastardly things.

    We have got to take all this crap because of 9/11, yet even the 9/11 commission themselves said that the story that they produced was simply not true. Until we investigate and find out who the real terrorists are, then things will continue to get worse, and ordinary completely honest people will continue to be humiliated for simply wanting to travel.


    By tony_opmoc, December 29 at 3:59 pm #

    A few airports in certain parts of the World still have smoking rooms, yet rigorously check all your luggage for cigarette lighters and remove them if found.

    But you can of course buy a cigarette lighter in duty free…

    Most airports thought – well this is silly, but the sillyness was such that no you can’t buy a cigarette lighter – but you can have as many “safety matches” as you like…

    So if you are a smoker, the chances are in over 99% of flights you will be allowed – either a cigarette lighter – or potentially – even more dangerous safety matches…

    And also in Duty Free in Most parts of the World, once you have had your bottles of water removed, you can openly buy extremely high alcohol content brandy and vodka…

    If you really want to – you can set your pants on fire in an aircraft – producing exactly the same flair effect as this Nigerian Son of a Former Government Minister and CEO of a Bank…

    Not only that, if you are blonde, beautiful and completely fly-away in your fairy way of wanting to buy “pretty things” in duty free – where you have to show your boarding card to buy even a bottle of extremely expensive water – and lose your boarding card… .

    You can get away with me screaming at my wife “You Stupid Cow”…

    and so she tries to pass off – at the next level of security – an earlier boarding card…

    And they say – No that is the wrong one…

    So we sneak back and I say – shut up – and don’t say a word…

    We try again and go through together with a huddle – with her hiding behind me. I am a fat bastard – she is really slim…

    So we get to the tarmac – and actually get on the aircraft – one of the last ones on…

    And he says – where is your boarding card – and our kids are already in their seats… .

    And I say – the stupid cow has lost it…

    He says she can’t have lost it…

    I say – it maybe in her bag – or maybe the kids have it…

    So he says – well show it to me later…

    Otherwise – I would have left her the other side of the World… .

    Now – we will stay at home

    I got robbed of all my money the last time on the way to the airport

    Its too much trouble

    Blackpool here we come


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