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My schedule for blogging gets further and further behind, as I try to cram six weeks of parenting and husbanding into two days. Then Monday am flying up to Dundee for University Court and flying back to London same day, then Tuesday first thing flying back to Accra. Hope to blog something tomorrow between present buying, turkey ordering etc. But anything blogged at the weekend gets less than half the readership and almost no repostings on other blogs.

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46 thoughts on “Aaaagh

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  • tony_opmoc

    I had already bought the Audioslave albums as a result of my Daughter’s 15 year old friend lending hers…

    And I thought what the fuck is this – so put in on my Zen…

    So I bought the next one

    And then I saw this band down in Wimbledon Grove Tavern

    Fuck Knows What They Were Called..

    But They Did Rage Against The Machine…

    And I Thought

    You Can’t Do THAT

    But They Did…

    And then my mate did it down a REALLY ROUGH PUB

    And I Did The Fucking Video

    And No One Noticed

    And Then Rage Against The Machine Reformed and Sold Out Reading Festival

    We Couldn’t Get Tickets…

    So I reckon this lovely lad – 18 years old – I can’t remember his name – but I thought –

    Fuck Me

    It much of a competion is it?>

    I by the way have not paid 39p to Buy Rage Against The Machine

    Its 29p Ain’t It?

    I have already bought all of Rage Against The Machine’s Albums

    And I would rather contribute my 39p to a Real Charity


  • tony_opmoc

    What You Must First Realise, And It Took Me Over Half Of My Life To Realise This That EVIL REALLY Does Exist

    I have never Personally Experienced it and Neither Have My Wife, Family or Friends…

    But EVIL Does Exist

    And I Want


    To Be Arrested

    And Charged With


    Americans Can Do What They Want With Their War Criminals

    But I want ANTHONY CHARLES LYNTON BLAIR to spend the rest of his Life in Jail

    And I want him to Be Kept Alive For as Long as Possible

    And For Him To See Every Human Being He Is Personally Responsible For – The Death and Mutilation of Them (Over 4,000,000 Totally Innocent People) And The SURVIVORS Of Those That Loved Them..



    Till His Dying Day




    Love & Peace,


  • tony_opmoc

    Of Course If You Are An English Working Class Cunt You Can Stand Up To ANY POLITICIAN In The World FACE To FACE And Tell HIM HE IS A CUNT

    In ITALY They Go a Bit FURTHER

    But that is Only Because They Have Been Reading David Icke’s Books and Expected The Blood To Be GREEN


  • anno

    Tony Blair is a blood-sucking tick hiding under the swollen underbelly of Margaret Thatcher’s Britain. Her stated aim was to re-distribute wealth from the UK plc to the private hands of corporate Capitalism. Blair and Brown re-distributed a load of dosh back into families etc. but they never challenged the all-consuming pernicious transfer of UK plc’s assets into the hands of bloated bastard banker swagger capitalists.

    So when you hear the flea on the back of the tick of New Labour, Nick Clegg, squeaking about re-distributing wealth by raising the income tax threshold, please don’t forget that NOTHING will get sorted in Britain until the wealth that was transferred by Maggie into the hands of private corporate Capitalism, is taken back into the control of UK plc. All you gullible worms ( they found your price ) who worshipped Maggie’s golden calf god of The Market, Know that the market has failed and UK plc has been bailed out by Muslim Oil money from the Gulf. Future social historians can speculate why this country produced a generation of fawning weeds who listened to a barmy woman. Rome declined and fell, and we find ourselves now in the same position.

  • anno

    Maggie’s yet unborn brood, sired by US Zionism, is a Masonic New World Order in which sovereign states have absolutely no control over anything. Westminster and Europe will just be farting in the wind.

    All the people who thought that the likes of Tony Benn were crazy fear-mongers,those get-rich-quick-while-the-goings-good and sod-moral-principles, can eke out their days on their worthless quantitively-eased pensions and listen to us told-you-so’s who won’t even get a state pension.

  • The Blair Bitches

    The Guardian have an exceptional analysis of the heretofore hidden Blair finances.

    Since Blair’s finances are so complex and arcane and no one would answer any questions, they set up a competition for the best solution to what they called the Blair Rich Project.

    Additionally, he’s using a loophole which Mandelson could close at any time.

    Can’t see Mandelson wanting a war criminal to benefit from his crimes. Isn’t that already illegal?

  • Mulga Mumblebrain

    Found this on another blog.

    It’s all true of course, but you’d never hear it on the BBC.

    In reality we live as serfs in an hereditary, plutocratic, kleptocracy that is approaching its apotheosis as a fully fledged neo-feudal dispensation. It is a ‘kakistocracy’ , that is, the rule by the worst in society. It is a police state in that any attempt to change the social arrangements, even in order to avert mass murder, as in the Israeli ordained War of Terror against Islam, or to avert species extinction, as in the efforts to address anthropogenic climate change, will be tolerated only as long as they are impotent. Any direct action is ruthlessly crushed by a surveillance state that follows the citizen-serf’s every move. And it is an Orwellian state where War is Peace, Hate is Love, and vicious racism and xenophobia wear the false raiments of ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’, courtesy of a totalitarian propaganda syystem run by the likes of Rupert Moloch and staffed by ignoble liars, hypocrites and hate-mongers.

    Such a system is evil in its every manifestation. Creatures like Madeleine Albright, who opined that the murder of 500,ooo Iraqi children under the ruthless sanctions regime that she was complicit in enforcing, was a price that was ‘worth it’, are free to wander the earth, promoting hatred and the threat of inflicting similar evil on Iranian children, while lecturing the world on good and evil. Other war criminals with blood up to their arm-pits, like Blair, cash in on their savagery, richly rewarded for their service to the Judeo-Christian World Empire. Simply stated the West, in its decay and led by the terrorist Zionist state and its all powerful lobbies in the West, is the greatest force for evil, for murder, violence, destruction and hatred the planet has ever seen. The combination of race hatred, xenophobia, class hatred and the other character traits of the psychopath, the capitalist type par excellence, has created a ruling caste that differs from the Nazis only in their hereditary hypocrisy and oleaginous self-regard.

  • tony_opmoc

    My Lad Agrees That Over 95% of it Cannot be Broadcast

    It shows everything of our home and where we live and really personal stuff about each other clearly demonstrating our love for each other Son and Dad…

    But some of the shots with me staggerring through the snow not realising the camera was still running – and him ski-ing on the virgin snow and it is not yet fast enough – but hopefully will be in a few hours…

    He knows I am pretty useless in snow but can take a completely Brilliant Long Shot..

    Just as it Is With Me Holding My Breath and Listening Like My Camera Microphone To The Songbirds Waking Up In The Snow…

    I need to go to Bed Now

    The Snow Ain’t Finished Yet…

    And Neither Am I

    Whilst writing This Our Milkman

    Has Silently Got His Electric Milk Float

    Through The Snow

    And Delivered Us a Massive Sack of Potatoes and Two Fresh Pints Of Full Cream Milk

    Now That Is What I Call Quality


  • tony_opmoc

    I Probably Shouldn’t Say This To The Americans – But Fuck I Have Already Said It

    I Don’t Care If I Die in The Next 5 Minutes If Someone Just Hears My MESSAGE

    [Report this comment]

    Posted by: tony_opmoc on Dec 18, 2009 6:15 PM

    Current rating: 5 [1 = poor; 5 = excellent]



    We NEED To Get in The UK



    That is Just The FIRST STAGE



  • techniclour

    Mugla: am bored, tho i do it myself, of people equating ‘the west’ with its oppressive governments. anyways what are we meant to do? shed blood to save blood?

  • techniclour

    anno: what are you on about, the ‘good’ behaviour of the chinese? have you talked to any tibetans recently?

  • technicolour

    mmm. have just fallen into my own trap. are we as people responsible for the behaviour of our governments, or not? do we have the power to influence them, or not? i wouldn’t feel badly towards a chinese person because of that country’s actions in tibet, for example. but what does that suggest? am thinking about this – thanks.

  • anno


    The trap you mention, like all the devil’s traps, is weak. In a multi-cultural society we don’t like our clan being judged by its past or its present rulers but we, or at least I, am always ready to carry cumulus, lightning-threatening clouds of racist resentment when an individual from another clan rubs me up the wrong way. Strong medicine – the ‘judge not lest ye be judged’.

    In practical terms the Macciavellian mind of our rulers calculates that humans mostly resent the bods that that they see committing crimes against them, rather than the rulers themselves.

    Going back to interest-based Capitalism, it appears to me that the powers that be created financial seizure in the days of Old Labour in order to get a Tory victory, and that they have done the same now with New Labour.

    What I don’t understand is why the majority of people have ever thought that Capitalism is benign to them and why they always blame the wealth re-distributors like Gordon Brown when the City stuffs the financial system.

    Nor do I understand why Gordon Brown didn’t shunt the City into oblivion when he had the chance as Chancellor.

    Why does he still hang his hopes on interest as a cure-all when interest is the biggest drain on society.

    Clearly New Labour was the pretty shop window for a Tory system that is unjust to its own people and vicious to other nations that challenge its injustices.

    When you privatise the Housing industry, Security industry, War industry, Media etc etc, you get an enourmous lobby industry spreading disinformation which is of benefit to those privatised industries. They announce that Terrorists are being foiled who are threatening our daily lives etc etc.

    Back to the original point, about why we humans listen to the crap, and swallow the bait every time. I believe it is because human beings incline to the whisperings of the devil, to blame the other, where there is an absence of spiritual input into our lives to help us to see clearly that we are being conned by greedy criminals for their own ends.

    I am certain that we have a War on Islam, not a War on Terror, because Islam is the only force in the world that has the spiritual foundation that is able to decode the shiny gift-wrap of murderous, impoverishing interest-grabbing, Zionist, Capitalism

  • technicolour

    anno: christianity, buddhism, anarchy, judaism, common sense – all have the moral and spiritual backbone necessary to resist capitalism. whether people have the power in the system to chose to opt out or not is another issue. i have known many rather wealthy and capitalist muslims, by the way, so not sure how islam comes into it. nor zionism, except as another way of saying ‘the jews are at the root of all this’. i do hope that’s not what you meant.

  • anno

    technicolour: if I thought even remotely that the religions you mention were relevant to our time, when Allah has sent a messenger, peace be upon him, to replace and confirm all his previous true prophets and confirm their teachings and strengthen our commonsense, I would agree with you.

    But what happens is, like old medicines, messages lose their clarity and potency.

    Judaism was fine at the time of Moses, but the Jews described in the Gospels were much too busy being capitalists to acknowledge their prophet Jesus, peace be upon him. Please, we are doing business with the disbelievers in Rome, please don’t call us back to our religion right now.

    Such are the Muslim capitalists of today. They should take note that Allah took back the custodianship of His religion of Islam from the Jews when they rejected Jesus pbuh, because He has also stated that if the Muslims of today, following the prophet of our time, Muhammad peace be upon him, neglect to set a good example of Islam and follow worldly gain, He will replace them too. And that is easy for Him.

    Anyway I have always had an allergy to Christmas. So many people coming together communally to confirm their allegiance to capitalism and theological rubbish – I wait for them to return to their normal moral and spiritual slumber. I mentioned Zionism partly to annoy you. Last year they chose this time of spiritual bancruptcy to shower violence on Gaza and the money which this country promised to Gaza has been blocked by them.

    The Zionists are not responsible for everything, but Lloyds TSB Bank plc and the BBC, which are two organisations that I end up dealing with on a daily basis, have both demonstrated their support for Zionism and their total disregard for international law, or commonsense, common people or common humanity.

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