How the Establishment Functions: The Real Dark Web 223

Alison Levitt, the lawyer appointed by Keir Starmer to produce the report which “cleared” him of involvement in the decision not to prosecute Jimmy Savile, is married to Lord Carlile, friend of two serial paedophiles, Greville Janner and Cyril Smith.

Carlile played a role in the Establishment cover-up of Janner’s crimes.

As the Guardian article states of Starmer’s successor as Director of Public Prosecutions, Alison Saunders:

What’s more, Saunders admitted Janner should have been charged in 1991 and that there were two further missed opportunities in 2002 and 2007 when the “evidential test was passed”, meaning there was a realistic prospect of conviction.

The husband of Alison Levitt, the lawyer appointed by Starmer to investigate the non-prosecution of Jenner, was very much a part of the Establishment rallying around in 1991 to block the prosecution of Janner. On 3 December 1991 Carlile made a speech in the House of Commons which attacked Janner’s public accuser in startling terms:

I can but echo the tributes that have been paid to my hon. and learned Friend the Member for Leicester, West (Mr. Janner). He is a man of determination and enthusiasm, whose integrity and will power have crossed party lines. I for one value the friendship that he has given me in the eight and a half years that I have been a Member of the House, despite the fact that we are in different parties and disagree on many issues.

Mr. Beck is an evil man. Perhaps more to the point, he is a corrupt man. Several hon. and hon. and learned Members who are present, some of whom have already spoken, have, like me, had the opportunity over the years in their professional lives to meet corrupt and evil people and to examine and sometimes cross-examine them in court. I am sure that those who share my professional experience will agree that those who have trodden in the mire of corruption all too easily become corrupt to the core. They cease to recognise the difference between what is good and what is bad and between what is honourable and what is corrupt.

They turn, like Mr. Beck, easily to more corruption and try to wheedle their way out of their own previous corruption–and that is what has happened in this case. That is why my hon. and learned Friend the Member for Leicester, West was slandered with dreadful calumny by Mr. Beck.

We now know that the police had a great deal of corroborative evidence for Beck’s claim that Janner was abusing children in care homes. I do not claim Carlile knew this – I do not know. Carlile states that Janner is his friend. They were both MPs, both QCs, both members of Friends of Israel, both patrons of UK lawyers for Israel and of the Friends of Israel Educational Foundation. They were regulars on the same parliamentary committees dealing with legal affairs. They were both to leave the Commons at the same time and both to join the Lords only slightly apart.

Alex Carlile may well have had no idea Janner was a paedophile. After all, he shared a cramped parliamentary office with Cyril Smith for many years, and apparently never realised that Smith was a prolific paedophile. Possibly Alex Carlile is simply a particularly unobservant man.

It is however unfortunate that Starmer chose to appoint as the legal eagle to exonerate him over Jimmy Savile, the wife of the stalwart parliamentary defender of Britain’s second most prominent paedophile. I presume that Starmer never noticed that either, just as he did not notice the decision by his office and the staff under him not to prosecute Savile.

It is extraordinary that these people manage to become so rich and powerful when they are entirely unobservant. Especially as Levitt, Starmer, Carlile and Jenner were all top QCs.

Anyway, that is just an everyday tale of unobservant folk.

Here is the clincher in this episode of how the Establishment functions. Carlile went on to found a company, SC Strategy Ltd, in partnership with Sir John Scarlett, former Head of MI6, who obtained that position as the main author of the infamous “Dodgy dossier” of lies on Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction. They were joined for a while as a Director of that company by Lord Arbuthnot, former Tory junior defence minister and husband of Lady Arbuthnot.

Lady Arbuthnot was the initial and later supervising magistrate on the Assange extradition hearings.

The Establishment: like a circle in a circle, like a wheel within a wheel. If you read this together with my initial article on how the Establishment functions, you will have had two doses of effective vaccine against the lies of the mainstream media.

I have often noticed that ordinary people like you and I manage, in general, to live our entire lives with no connection of friendship to paedophiles at all. Yet the powerful are always finding they are connected to Janners, Epsteins, Saviles, Smiths, Mountbattens etc entirely by accident. It is of course all nothing but accident, bad luck and coincidence. To wonder if it might be otherwise is to be a mad proto-Fascist conspiracy theorist, apparently.


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223 thoughts on “How the Establishment Functions: The Real Dark Web

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  • Tatyana

    Mr. Murray
    re. your latest Twitter post
    Russia got the Soviet security council seat because, as successor state, Russia took on ALL Soviet obligations including the ENTIRE Soviet national debt…

    Here I put all my real apologies and grant you the right to add any imaginatory ones, for asking the question – I really want it to be perceived for what it is – so, well, if Russia failed to pay the debt for all former USSR republics, then, do you think it would be the right legal base to deny us of the UN security council seat? I just can’t get it right, is it truly that UN Security Council Seat is something bought for money?

    • Goose

      From earlier today..

      Lavrov to Truss: “You do recognize Russia’s sovereignty over the Rostov and Voronezh regions, don’t you?”\,/p\.

      “The UK will never recognize Russia’s sovereignty over these regions,” the Foreign Minister said after a short pause.

      She confused those Russian regions with Lugansk and Donetsk.

      Scary really, isn’t it. I bet she doesn’t know much about the Minsk I & II agreements either.

      • ET

        One wonders on what basis the UK and USA/Europe base their decisions to recognise another state’s sovereignty. Certainly isn’t based on what the UN majority recognise. Chagos islands, Palestine?

        “The directors of a British firm producing tropical fish-themed coins for the British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT) are being threatened with prosecution by Mauritius as the net tightens around the UK’s claim to sovereignty over the Chagos Islands.”

        I have seen Putin make a good argument that the 5 permanent security council seats have enabled the peace to be kept for all these years but should any country have a permanent seat or a veto? Or should all countries have a permanent seat? Or do we need to amend the structure of the UN completely, a sucessor to both the League of Nations and the United Nations?

        • Tatyana

          UN SC membership is only indirectly related to the “greatness” of countries or their victory in the last world war. The function of the Security Council is to prevent a global military conflict, in other words, it is to maintain peace throughout the world.
          That is why it is made up of countries with different ideologies, each can veto the decision of any.
          This philosophy – to ignore our ideological differences and only focuse on what we have in common – is what formed the basis of the UN SC. This system has allowed us to live in peace for 77 years, this is the longest period without war in our history.
          This fragile system breaks down when its basic principle of “ignore differences, look for commonalities” is attacked. We have a country on our planet disrespectful of differences, intolerant of differences, and using those differences to instigate war.

          There’s an excellent fantasy book, describing a similar pact between the forces of Light and Darkness. Too bad it’s not translated into English. The types of ordinary “warriors” and their motivation for choosing their side are very well described there. The intrigues of the “grands” who do not leave attempts to get an advantage. And there’s also the Inquisition, a force that stands above Light and Darkness, and monitors the observance of the Great Peace Treaty. This is just the UN Security Council.

          By the way, by the middle of the second book, you’d realize that belonging to Light or Darkness does not matter, their actions are the same, the results of their actions are also the same, only motivation differs.The Warriors of Light are altruistic and care about the common people. The Warriors of Darkness are selfish. So there are ancient biblical archetypes, eternal philosophical questions and many fascinating details in the scenery of modern Moscow. I’m very sorry that there’s no English translation. In many years this book will become classic.

          • Shaun

            You are talking about Night Watch and it’s sequels right?

            They have been translated & released here. Along with the alternate universe version films of Night Watch and Day Watch.

          • Tatyana

            Hi, Shaun, yes! Night Watch, and Day Watch, and Twilight Watch 🙂 by Lukyanenko, who is Ukrainian Russian. I’m so happy to know it was translated!
            I also enjoyed very much the screen adoptation by Timur Bekmambetov, who is Kazakhstan Russian. You see, I’m proud of the multi-cultural and multi-ethnic environment that I live in. Also, I think Mr. Murray might enjoy this piece of art, the big part in which takes Samarkand, Uzbekistan.
            Great philosophy in this narrative.

        • ET

          I think it’s great to have Tatyana’s views and interpretation. I don’t have to agree with everything she says to appreciate her honest contribution. Not sure how honest your’s are Squeeth. They are almost always snide.

          • Tatyana

            Awww, so nice of you, ET! It’s the feature that I always admire in people of Western culture, you simply apologize and move on.
            In Russia it’s different, people often insist, blaming everyone around of how those were making misleading actions that resulted in their errors.
            Oh, English is difficult to describe this, it’s easier in Russian: “Все пи*расы, а я – Д’Артаньян” – veryone around are fa*gots, and only I stand alone like d’Artagnan. The saying refers to ‘Les trois mousquetaires’ by Alexandre Dumas, and its main character, the glorious and brave young musketeer, who always knew what was right and what was wrong 🙂

          • ET

            😀 Sorry Squeeth, I had a bit too much wine imbibed when I read the sequence and got it muxed ip. Note to self, don’t post whilst drunk. I withdraw any slur on your character.

  • uwontbegrinningsoon

    There are lots of twitter accounts I follow where I never seem to get tweets. Murray, Cook, Bartlet,Rattansi etc.

    • Goose

      These huge social media outfits defend their right to corporate secrecy regarding algorithmic manipulation and suppression / promotion etc. But that very secrecy leaves them open to bullying by various govt officials and other organisations.

      If they were completely open and transparent govt wouldn’t be able to do much, fearing the wrath of the people if they tried to interfere.

    • Jimmeh

      Oh. Cook, eh. I read his blog. I don’t use Twitter or Faceache; never had an account with either.

      It’s sad that good bloggers have become so dependent on Twitter. 20 years on, I still don’t understand how Twitface came about, and why it didn’t collapse in on itself like previous “social media” exercises.

      I can see that Murray and Cook need Twitter; I’m not criticizing them for complaining. I just don’t understand why they can’t get a decent audience *without* Twitter.

  • Crispa

    Starmer once again proving his establishment credentials with his undying support for NATO and his attack on Corbyn’s Stop the War.

    • Ron Soak

      The question is would any responsible person trust someone with decision making power over them, particularly someone from the legal profession, who dismisses the need for evidence based assessment and decision making?

      • Wikikettle

        I watched the whole press conference with Lavrov and Truss. I don’t know how Lavrov maintained his diplomatic composure with his guests biligerent cold war non-answers. She really used the high stakes diplomatic occasion to burnish her pathetic attempt to once again mimick the iron lady on tank with scarf fluttering into battle for the cameras. Lavrov followed her out, politley opening the door before she reached it for her, after she had insulted every diplomatic protocol and logical reasoned arguments from him on behalf of his country. UK is hell-bent on plunging Ukraine into a war using sectarianism. Its as if Russia had landed in Ireland and armed the IRA to the teeth, only it was America who did. Not bombed and killed Gaddafi on pretext he was going to slaughter his revolting population.

        • Goose

          If Russians thought Truss had a really cold, arrogant and unpleasant demeanour about her.

          Rest assured, it’s nothing personal, she’s like that all the time.

        • Giyane


          John Major, who witnessed the madness of Thatcher and took over from her, recognised the diplomatic farce of a foaming Boris Johnson projecting his many shades of grey lack of moral boundaries onto Starmer, while projecting Western aggression in Europe onto Putin.

          Time to get out the straight jackets for Biden and Johnson before the flecks of English bulldog froth are recorded on camera in the H o C.

    • Anthony

      Starmer’s leadership campaign was bankrolled by among others Clive Hollick, a director of Honeywell, which claims it has hardware in “virtually every defense aircraft in the world.”

      Tbf though he would probably have sought to stigmatise opposition to war without being bribed.

      • John Cleary

        That is very interesting Anthony.

        Let me be measured here: I have previous with that piece of shit.
        It was that piece of shit that destroyed so many lives at Anglia Television, where I worked.

        It was that piece of shit that was a part of the cabal that destroyed the Labour Party. Along with Kinnock and Eatwell and so on. All lords of the shit.

        I’ve been fighting that piece of shit for nearly twenty-eight years.
        And you know what? I’m going to beat him.
        I’m going to smash the punk Hollick into the ground.

        To all: any questions? Delighted to provide chapter and verse.

        • John Cleary

          By the way: it makes perfect sense that shitstain starmer and piece of shit hollick would be closely connected.

          • Byrne

            Hi John, I remember you (anti-Aristo on the Rig-int board). I occasionally browse there – have missed your posts there for a while. Hope you are doing OK.

          • John Cleary

            Hello Byrne, yes I remember you well.

            I’m doing fine, thank you. And I hope you are too.

            I gave up on Rigorous Intuition and Jeff Wells when I saw how he had sabotaged all of that material I put into Data Dump. I can’t really blame the guy because it happened shortly after he became a father, but I knew then that he had given up the fight.

          • Unphotogenic

            Dear John,
            Upon first glance, I thought you were speaking a lot of shit. But under deeper scrutiny, I find you truly know your shit and most likely have your shit together.
            Semantics really stink. Thank you for illustrating this point with such clarity amidst the absolute sewer of shite that makes up modern, corrupt, neoliberal crony-capitalism in the UK.

            P.S . Take this with a pinch of salt my friend, I hope your struggle goes well and you do win.

        • Rhys Jaggar

          You’ve not thought about getting an invite onto HIGNFY have you? I would be in stitches if this was the standard of each of your pithy contributions…..

  • M.J.

    “two doses of effective vaccine against the lies of the mainstream media.”

    Depends on what you think of the media to begin with. I think that the Western media tell us the nearest thing we can get to the truth because they function with the greatest freedom available. I see people who prey on children as individual rotten apples that may appear in any class, and power (if they have it) is just a means to their wicked ends.
    The Press in dictatorships is forever beholden to a strong man (ever heard of a woman dictator?) in power who can throw them into prison any time he wishes (like Alexei Navalny, or the dissidents of Belarus – who managed to escape to Poland or the Baltic states). Free presses only exist in democracies as they are understood in the West.

    • Bob (not OG)

      > “I think that the Western media tell us the nearest thing we can get to the truth”.

      At one time, decades ago, some journalists might have reported something approximating the truth. Those voices have been sidelined. Now, the way to ‘get on’ in journalism, as in any other sector (as alluded to by another poster), is to be an arse-licking back stabber (or maybe a back-stabbing arse licker). In other words, a psychopath. I work (at a very low level) in the NHS. I never clapped for them. The whole edifice is rotten to the core, from the MHRA all the way down.
      The ‘Western media’ tell us what the Establishment wants them to tell us. It’s all propaganda and mind control, the seeds of which were sown, a long time ago, by Edward Bernays.
      Are we really that far away from being in a dictatorship? Free (if wealthy enough) to buy any product we like, but with no real say about the increasing number of rules being imposed upon us. No true choice about who governs us.
      Maybe, in the final analysis, we don’t need to be governed and never did.

    • pretzelattack

      oh like the “truth” about Iraqi wmd’s. or the “truth” about Julian Assange. or the “truth” about what is going on in Ukraine. You’re a naïve chap.

      • mark cutts

        Cressida Dick is responsible for the shoot to kill on Jean Charles De Menezes.

        Mainly due to another copper taking a piss.

        Basically she made a guess.

        Attacking women on Clapham Common was not a good look and not arriving at an investigation of
        Johnson and his idiotic meme civil servants and MPs until pushed by popular opinion and the death of the young woman at the hands of a police office is terrible.

        Dick – Johnson and Patel are linked in the political fates.

        They deserve the wrath of the Gods and I’m an aethiest.

        The problem is is that Sunak will not do what Johnson is not doing.

        My forecast is that Sunak will be worse in terms of implementing austerity in a further and deeper way.

        • Giyane

          mark cutts

          The Tories chose Johnson, so if Johnson is no good it’s time for the Tories to go. Johnson has been told to take Starmer down with him. Praise be to God , the worst UK politicians ever will disappear into the Lords lizard hole.

          If technocrat Sunak presides over the country and gets all the Brexit racists annoyed, that’s perfect.
          There is plenty of talent in the two main Parties after the Jeeves and Bertie Wooster twin act goes.

          • Johnny Conspiranoid

            “There is plenty of talent in the two main Parties after the Jeeves and Bertie Wooster twin act goes.”

            I can’t see any. Mediocrity is an asset in today’s political world since it means they will do what they are told.

          • joel

            “If technocrat Sunak presides over the country and gets all the Brexit racists annoyed, that’s perfect”

            Rishi Sunak, Brexit supporter, ex-Goldman Sachs banker and hedge fund manager, responds to outrage at huge hike in energy bills by telling public to live within their means. Sunak is thought to be the richest sitting MP, worth a reported £200 million. The net worth of his father-in-law Narayana Murthy is estimated by Forbes at $4.3 billion.


            “Perfect” person to rule us according to the most prolific commenter on Craig Murray’s blog,

          • Giyane


            Not always prolific. I just can’t stand Johnson’s put on posh voice. It radiates the arrogance of the British Raj. The whole Bullingdon concept pisses me off, that because we shag foreigners, we love them.
            We love you so much we want to eat you – where shall we park our tanks?

            In other words I detest Empire 2 Neo colonials, who corrupt my religion with political jihad for the benefit of Israel.
            I may be wrong, but I don’t see how Sunak would be interested in colonising the Middle East if he has already achieved power in this country. Leave the world alone for a while is my idea.

          • Rhys Jaggar

            I don’t think you understand the British Constitution, Giyane.

            When an election is held, it is not a Presidential election, it is an election of 650 MPs.

            The Monarch, constitutionally, is then obliged to ‘invite that person most likely to be able to form a government to attempt to do precisely that’. By convention, the first person she has a chat with is the leader of the party with the most elected MPs.

            We did not elect Boris Johnson as President and 649 slaves who all get booted out if Johnson is fired, resigns or drops down dead. We elected 650 MPs for 5 years.

            So it is absolute rubbish to say that the mandate for the Conservative and Unionist Party is gone if Johnson resigns or is kicked out.

            Absolute rubbish.

            People voted in their millions to ‘get Brexit done’, whether you like it or not and it was the Conservative and Unionist Party, not Boris Johnson, who stood on that platform.

    • John Cleary

      ever heard of a woman dictator?

      The man is blind.
      He lives under one all his life and knows nothing about it.
      He loves “her majesty” for the style of her mansions and possessions and the size of her bank accounts.

      And he waves his little Union flag.

      Does MJ mean marijuana? perhaps that explains it.

    • Crispa

      “I think that the Western media tell us the nearest thing we can get to the truth because they function with the greatest freedom available”

      This is so patently absurd, untrue and nonsensical that it is not worth wasting time and energy explaining why.

      • Goose

        I don’t know which country M.J. is in, but polls show public trust in ‘old media’ – TV and newspapers has fallen precipitously over the last 3 decades in the UK and US. As people are exposed to other sources of information via being online.

        The whole moral panic about the need to prevent the spread of online misinformation and disinformation, is just the whine of an elite who no longer have people’s undivided attention, when pushing their own misinformation and disinformation.

        They’re frustrated at how quickly official narratives get debunked online. Especially security and military, who worry they won’t be able to ‘sell wars’ as easily. The Iraq war dodgy dossier evidence. for example, would be much harder to get past 2022’s social media, than it was in 2002-3.

        • Tatyana

          Your old media publish things like this

          And then bloggers reveal things like this

          I recognise most of you do not speak Russian, so I get brief video summary for you.

          1. the Sun calls the killed men “Russian soldiers”, when they were local folks
          2. the Sun says that the sniper woman’s book became a bestseller, when it’s only 1000 copies
          3. the woman had won The Bobs Deutsche Welle 2013 prize for blogging and journalism
          4. she is also ‘Right sector’ member since 2014 (Right sector is Ukrainian ultra-nazis)
          5. the woman was praised by BBC in 2011
          6. Anatoly examines her blogging and finds her words “there will be monuments to honor Hitler sometime in future”; finds here article titled “visiting sodomites” describing how they beat up homosexuals; another report on the protest against the allocation of housing for non-Ukrainian students
          7. at 6:12 you may see another blog of that woman illustrated with a photo of a black man cleaning her shoes. The text in the blog “My attitude to black people * actually she uses N word is simple. I’m neutral to those living outside Ukraine. These who are living in Ukraine are a threat. But at this stage of our history they are not a very big threat”.

          In the comments under that blog she develops the idea: someone asked her why the man cleaned her shoes with a rag, and not with his tongue. She replied that tongue cleaning is for enemies, and that *N word again. Well, the sense of the comment is that she doesn’t see that black man as an enemy, that is why a rag is allowed.
          Friends, the translation of such dirt is moral torture for me. I’m sorry, but I won’t continue.

          Just wanted to show you the quality of journalism in your media, and the quality of the journalism of those bloggers who win journalism awards.

          • Tatyana

            upd. forgot to mention, the Sun’s article author is Nick Parker, Chief Foreign Correspondent – that is what written there. Chief Foreign Correspondent is a great name, I assume he also holds several prizes for his honest journalism?

          • pete

            Tatyana, I am really sorry you feel you have to read our popular press, I stopped reading them some time ago, I get all the flavour of the press I need from glancing at . If you need to know what is going on at any one time you need to glance there, there is no issue too stupid, no fake outrage too meaningless, no matter too sensitive to trivialise with a bad pun that these papers will not exploit to sell their junk, if you want to go to war these are the devices you will use to carry your message. You would think the press proprietors would die of shame if they had any decency, but it is too late for them, it’s called pandering and it is a form of fraud, a cruel deception, what is surprising is the people seem to like reading it. Go figure.

          • Tatyana

            Reading press feels like eating spoiled food. In the aroma of the dish, you always smell the unwashed hands of the cook. For non-gourmet audiences, sometimes a full shovel of shit is loaded and thrown right in their faces, the cook hoping that the salt, pepper and strawberries on the surface of this delicacy will make the whole meal digestible.

            I’m a housewife, and I have long understood that cooking from basic ingredients benefits my family better than buying ready-made food, where I have to rely only on the conscience of the manufacturer, while he himself takes care only of his own profit. This wisdom is applicable to all areas, you just have to not be lazy.

          • DunGroanin

            Tatyana, the Sun has long been the Rupert Murdoch owned pornographic tabloid paper that should have been closed down and its editors, executives and owners should have been jailed for phone hacking and harassment of hundreds of people targeted for salacious stories. They are the original killer paparazzi of Lady Diana and they have turned Prince Harry from a hero to being pussy-whipped by a black woman. There is that much power in that nasty wizardry – Meghan has been un person Ed and turned into someone that a dumb English teenage girl believes has bewitched the dashing Prince! And must be blamed for all his woes.

            The Bum specialised in attracting male readers early on with the daily naked teenage girls have on its page 3. They on the back of Sky sports also owned by Murdoch were able to get the males further daily attention with massive football coverage daily. Thus by the end of the 1970’s the Sun was set to capture and deliver working class voters who could hardly read towards the self-harming election of Thatcher and keep her in place for the next decade – it also was able to promote Tony Blair, and the NuLabour neocon neolib party, following into government and delivering double the privatisations and wars of the Tories and the descent into the hell that this country is today.
            They made a error over Hillsborough and alienated many Merseysiders who still won’t touch the paper to this day – though they can’t resist Sky TV …
            Murdoch is Australian, he also has US citizenship and probably others including Israeli and British..he had access to Downing Street daily through the back door.
            He even had his top editors running Cameron’s press office. They should all have been in jail!

            So having captured prepubescent boys who probably learnt to masturbate daily over their page 3’s; girls were made to feel it was OK to get their tits out for the lads and to become glamour models who might get to have a rich footballer boyfriend. To be a WAG was the highest attainment for any girl (Wife And Girlfriend of a football player/s).
            The moral degradation was complete with offering massive amounts of gambling and cross-selling everything through Sky TV.

            Millions of readers, dumb as fuck have stuck through almost 3 generations of the daily poisonous filthy rag – protected by the police, prosecutors and the Government.

            It’s Scum, it’s readers are so dumbed down they know nothing better and they get their opinion directly from its basic illiterate pages.
            I don’t tolerate its presence anywhere near me and bin any copy I see.

            It makes me feel yucky just having recounted the above – I need a shower.

          • Rhys Jaggar

            Tatyana – the Sun is the veritable yobbo of the UK media establishment, bought by the authoritarian Yank of Australian extraction, Keith Rupert Murdoch, in the late 1960s. His initial USP for his comic was ‘putting a pair of nubile tits on the breakfast table of every red-blooded man in Britain’. Although you will no longer find Page Three adorned with a nubile young female wearing nothing but a skimpy pair of panties, it was precisely that until the early 2010s.

            To be brutal, there will be plenty of men who will look at nubile pairs of naked tits on a regular basis, be it on Page Three of the Sun, in the sorts of porno magazines which have to be stored high enough up on the shelves not to be within reach of children or nowadays, almost anywhere across the internet.

            So there was no unique evil committed there by Mr Murdoch. in fact, the genuinely decent and fair-minded chaps who have run West Ham Utd FC the past decade, Messrs Sullivan and Gold, both made their fortunes selling dirty pictures, sex toys for the emancipation of women etc etc.

            But it does suggest that the Sun is hardly the sort of serious news outlet that you in Russia might deem it to be. It is in fact a rather dangerous cocktail of celebrity gossip, agony aunt/astrology/mystic meg-style pages, particularly in-your-face style reporting of sports contests and then the slippery inclusion of patently dangerous political claptrap which all too many of its readers are too drunk/lazy/simplistic/racist/plain idiotic to see for what it actually is.

            To be brutal, there is just as much danger these days to be found on the pages of the Times, the Guardian, the Daily Mail, the Telegraph and the BBC website.

            In fact, I have made a point of having as little to do with the UK MSM the past 5 years as it is possible to do.

            When I grew up in the 1970s, we were shown what TASS and Izvestia had to say from the centre of USSR Kremlin propaganda ideology.

            I have to tell you, Tatyana, that what you read in the UK media now is if anything rather worse than the 1970s nonsense that at least most Soviet people already knew was nonsense!!

          • Tatyana

            Rhys, I wasn’t familiar with the word ‘yobbo’ before, but funny enough is sounds very similar to Russian obscene word ‘yebobo’, the sense of which is ‘completely f*cked up’.
            I understand that the reputation of the Sun in your country is known to the people of your country. For us, everything is more superficial – we see that this newspaper is free to publish shit. This newspaper exists for long, which means that it has had consumers and funding all these years.
            Moreover, the news in other more trustworthy media may well refer to such information, designating it as “from unnamed sources”, and it only depends on the readers if they equal “unnamed sources” to intelligence services. After all, they never disclose their sources and we all used to think it is due to protection of the source, When actually that ‘protection’ might very well hide the unreliable dirty rumors spreader.

      • Sarge

        It’s obtuse, for sure.

        “Not quick or alert in perception, feeling, or intellect; not sensitive or observant; dull.”

        Deliberate? Strongly doubt that.

    • Nick

      “I think that the Western media tell us the nearest thing we can get to the truth”

      Not any more. It used to be true, but journalism has changed dramatically in the past 8 (or so) years, mainly because less money is available for journalism. Advertising revenue that used to go to newspapers now goes to Google, Facebook, and Twitter. So there are fewer journos and their jobs are more precarious.
      Nowadays, the mainstream Western media are little more than outlets for government press releases. So they will publish nothing to upset US and UK governments.
      Craig Murray is not an objective reporter, but you will find information in his blog that you will not see in the MSM. Nowadays to get any idea of what is going on, you need to read a variety of sources, being aware that many have their own biases. Aggregator sites like help, but you always have to apply critical thinking.

      • Tatyana

        In addition to reading a variety of sources, I also encourage everyone to learn how to use Google Translate. It allows to read news in its original source. Opinion makers may be presenting the facts in weird way.

        Let me illustrate. I recently came across an article about the Uyghurs and I bookmarked it specifically because Mr. Murray mentioned them.
        Article of February 2021, titled China is experimenting with dismantling post-truth. Post-truth resists.

        “…Parsing what the “genocide in Xinjiang” is, and where the facts about it come from, is at least fun.
        In this case, mass sterilization and rape are called genocide (putting quotation marks each time already becomes tiresome). This is a relatively new story. Before, the main topic was concentration camps, where either one or two million Uyghurs are imprisoned at any given moment.
        …As for mass rapes: the source of information is Tursunai Ziavudun (actually Zinavdin), who said in an interview with CNN on February 18 that she was beaten and raped by guards when she was in those very alleged concentration camps. She also threw in the idea that, in addition, she was sterilized, and the same was done to the other inhabitants of these institutions.

        …Tursunai is the key “talking head” of the US-based “Uyghur Human Rights Project” – UHRP, this organization is now preparing the necessary documents for their heroine to live in America. The last time she was to Xinjiang, apparently, is in 2019.
        The project is funded by the National Endowment for Democracy. After this, usually one remarks that the fund is financed directly or indirectly by the CIA, and that it was the first organization whose activities were recognized as undesirable on the territory of Russia since 2012.

        …The Chinese are diligent and scrupulous people.
        They carefully analyzed everything that Tursunai said in various interviews (there was also a talk with the BBC and many others), and it turned out that the woman’s memory is somewhat poor…
        …(*her) former friends said that the unfortunate woman had a problem – the inability to have children, which is why her husband divorced her. So sterilization is out of the question here.
        … Tursunai’s female friends, who were inprizoned at the same time … show photos of their newborn babies, saying they are expecting new ones …

        In Xinjiang, they came up with the idea of ​​replacing the prison with mandatory re-education courses for the youngs convicted of terrorism. This is not a prison, because those who are re-educated are allowed to go home for the weekend. It’s rather a school or a trade college for those who succumbed to the jihadists’ calls not to learn the “language of the enemy” … The graduates of such schools immediately had the opportunity to find a job
        … Wow, what does the repressive regime do to people! Genocide and more! sarcasm here

        • Ingwe

          Tatyana, to better understand the British press, let me tell you an old joke who’s provenance I forget it being so old. I may have not got it precisely correct but you’ll get the gist:
          The Times is read by people who run the country.
          The Telegraph is read by people who wished they ran the country
          The Guardian is read by people who believe that they should run the country
          The Sun (like the Times, also owned by Murdoch) is read by people who don’t care who runs the country so long as they have big tits.

      • Bob Smith

        Nick, I think you have always had to read a variety of sources. In the seventies I had daily deliveries of the Times, Guardian and Morning Star with the Telegraph on. Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Then Murdoch came along and that ended the Times for me…The Guardian continued to give an alternative view for many years and there were weekly publications like the Spectator, New Statesman and Tribune. Little by little they all seemed to Morph with the honourable exception of the Morning Star.

        With online sources the main way I get my news (I can only afford the occasional paper) it is incredibly difficult to get a balanced view as it is incredibly difficult to know which source to trust. There is also a huge difference between news and opinion pieces and I see Craig’s blog as a very good opinion piece but it rarely gives news that hasn’t been gleaned from elsewhere.

  • FranzB

    CM – “The Establishment: like a circle in a circle,….”

    An example would be the BBC who spiked the newsnight programme due to broadcast allegations about Sir Jimmy Savile OBE. It was due to go out in December 2011. The BBC subsequently ran two tribute programmes to Savile.

    The allegations about Savile were eventually broadcast by ITV in October 2012. There was a BBC enquiry which found that Tony Blackburn was responsible for the cover up [sarcasm alert].

    If Savile ever had been charged, perhaps the summing up by the judge might have been as in the Jeremy Thorpe trial.

  • DunGroanin

    Sometimes even the higher echelons of Establishment buck the fence they are told to jump.

    “Prince Charles to unveil statue of 13th-century Jewish businesswoman
    Chief rabbi will bless the bronze of moneylender Licoricia to be installed in Winchester” – Wed 9 Feb 2022

    Followed immediately by

    “Prince Charles cancels statue unveiling after catching Covid”

    Convenient, hmm? It’s as if the Balfour Declaration was resisted after being stitched up midwar with the Fed setup and ready for its Customer.

    Charlie appears to be growing a pair as he enters his 70’s – maybe the travails of his sibling and the memory of Saville and his ‘uncle’ are finally getting to even him, having been forced to split his sons for the expediency of the Crown – there is only so much greek tragedy Man can take.

    This is to illustrate that the English have been slaves ever since they were invaded and taken over by the Norsemen.
    Ever since we have been traded between various Slave Masters.

    The basic English personality is of the common folk; that of servitude and serfs (a posh name for slave). That’s why we automatically believe Aristos and posh accented are our betters; hugely reinforced through decades of costume drama and dumbingDowntobAbbey entertainment through all media.

    Heck even Royalty is nothing more than the highest class of slave – one who believes they are as great as the Owners because they do the Slave running and get to wear a Crown. Every now and then especially when they get old they suddenly refuse to jump the deadly fence.

    Don’t worry he’ll be forced to kowtow because the Owners have his actual original gonads to squeeze whenever needed. Ouch.
    From Russia With Love – Liz effing Truss. In her furs and booties pretending she is the prettiest of all line Julie Christie in Zhivago dressed like it is Siberian freezing temperatures- it was warmer than London apparently- I bet she wanted to pose in a buggy drawn by a unicorn.

    Lavrov did his best to keep a straight face as he batted her out of the park, city and country For being an ass that she didn’t even realise her humiliation. Pure class slapping down – he even disfavourably compared her to Gobbles and she lapped it up!

    I see Stop the War has belatedly leapt to life ably supported by Keir Starmer dissing them – I expect they’ll have millions of supporters soon. The Establishment is a dancing fool with a loaded gun plenty of holes In their feet daily. ?

  • Fairness

    You may be doing an injustice to Janner. The main accuser, who started making allegations of abuse in 1991, was Carl Beech. (As usual there was a flood of “me too” allegations after it became public). Carl Beech’s allegations were found to be false and he is currently serving an 18-year prison sentence for making them. You can check this on Wikipedia or by googling for Carl Beech.

    • Lantern Dude

      “18-year prison sentence for…” saying things; I’ve always thought that the sentence was excessive and wondered why the sentence was harsher than crimes ‘that cause intense emotional trauma’ to a victim’s family and friends that involved violence or death? Which organisation found the allegations to be ‘false’?

      • Crispa

        I think Beech was given an excessive sentence because he was found to have made up stories about establishment figures. Had his allegations been directed against nondescript people I doubt if it would have been so severe. Another example of how the establishment works.

        • Robert Wursthaus

          He’s also being punished for making fools of the establishment.
          Were any of the establishment dupes who fell for his lies punished, in any way whatsoever? QED

          • Crispa

            Fair point, but the child abuse charges which related to downloading child porn and voyeurism, were just 18 months. The bulk of the sentencing was based on a totting up of the false allegations and fraud.

    • Dan Gleeballs

      Notice how all investigations into celebrity/establishment child abuse rings have vanished. Despite absolutely zero compelling evidence, the Carl Beech/ Operation Midland investigation was pursued with just one purpose in mind, to fail spectacularly. It was never about about bringing the guilty to justice, it was instead a vehicle to afford future protection to very high profile individuals already suspected of being involved in similar offences. This whole charade has got what it sought to achieve, a massive chilling effect over those making similar allegations and those in the police and media seeking investigation.

      • Squeeth

        I wouldn’t go that far but sabotaged prosecutions of state servants have a long history. Remember the filth who tortured Stefan Kiszko into a false confession, then proved his innocence but kept quiet about the evidence (as did the doctor who diagnosed Kiszko with hypogonadinsm)? The porky was tried for nearly five minutes then released.

    • DunGroanin

      As explained. Reducing the accusation to a single accuser who is then shown to be unreliable allows all the other victims and their accusations to be ignored. And just like that the vip gets a free pass.
      That has been tried also in the Maxwell and her bad boyfriends cases. I have been expecting Guiffre to be the latest Beech.
      But US courts and prosecutors do have a level of independence not possible in the U.K.

      Let’s see how it goes.

  • M.J.

    According to the Western media, Boris Johnson is advising all Brits to get out of Ukraine, just as Biden did Americans:
    FCO travel advice is, don’t travel to Ukraine.
    So, if anyone from the West is in Kiev or East of the limits of NATO territory:


    • Stevie boy

      If all the brits and yanks got out of Ukraine that would go a long way towards calming the situation, given that most of them are spooks, special forces, mercenaries and MSM scum. Just like Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, South America, Africa, etc.

    • Tatyana

      I find it extremely amusing that Russians are leaving, too.
      The news refer to their Ukrainian source:”According to Ukrainian citizens, Russian diplomats and consular officials in Ukraine have begun to leave for Russia. This, in particular, is evidenced by the difficulties encountered when making an appointment at the consulates and the embassy. In the context of the evacuation officially announced by some Western countries, this suggests that Moscow has decided to go the same way.”

  • Jimmeh

    Wow. The wardrums are beating. The BBC and the Graun are both pumping out whatever they are hearing at White House press-conferences or from “diplomatic sources”.

    Last time I saw a propaganda blitz like this was just before the invasion of Iraq.

    • BrianFujisan


      I Have Spent some time tonight arguing against Scotland’s So Called Only Indy Paper..They Wrote – ‘ UK nationals told to flee Ukraine as Putin ‘tells Russian military to invade’… I should use Glasses… More.. I thought it was Quotation marks. The J.Cherry repeats the Starmer Slur Narrative. Shouldn’t she Know.

    • Deepgreenpuddock

      Can’t help but notice the hype, but I cant seem to take it seriously. I don’t think there will be an invasion. The balance sheet of gains and losses doesn’t add up yet. I doubt if Russia could maintain control in Ukraine. An occupation is hugely debilitating. Russia has a lot to lose and the West risks very little.

      • Giyane


        What the concept of Finland style neutrality between East and West offers is an end terminal to China’s new railway. Ukraine has had a chance to taste poodledom to the Great Satan, the hype, the lies , the sweaty presence of US military and propaganda personnel swaggering on its land. She already knew what Soviet imperialism tasted like. Now she has declared her absolute right to decide for herself which punter she will , or won’t entertain on her soil.

        Game set and match to Russia and China because they have insisted on Ukraine’s freedom of choice. I suspect that to be the end terminal of the world’s biggest economy without hairy and scaries from either side occupying their country by force would be an extremely attractive proposition to any lady. A masterpiece of chess playing wonderfully assisted by brazen incompetence from Boris, who was sent off pitch and replaced with the EU’s Macron. ??

      • Wikikettle

        Deepgreenpuddock. The hype is sure so, because I suspect a date for an attack on Donbas by foreign fighters and proxies from all over has already been set. This, it is hoped will draw in Russia to protect the Russian speakers in the East and beyond ? As they did in Afghanistan playbook. Then impose the sanctions. Russia does not want to invade, its hands are tied with the Russian speakers and its red lines, demanding Nato withdraw back to Germany. Pigs won’t fly, so US Nato UK will have its next hot war in a desperate attempt to cripple Russia economy, and in process sacrifice the people in Ukraine for their own ends. They’ve been using the same plan on Iran Syria Venezuela. Never ending war and conflict versus belt and road peace and development. Terrorising the world for decades while labelling those who have dignity to resist the same. Iran Russia and China have no choice but to resist. Germany and Japan mere occupied vessels soon to be joined by India.

      • laguerre

        I’ve always presumed that the real target of the hype is actually the EU, and perhaps NATO. Get Ukraine into NATO as a matter of urgency, and panic the EU into giving Ukraine membership (and thus getting the EU to pay for the wreck of an economy in Ukraine). I don’t think the manoeuvre is succeeding with the EU, but getting Ukraine into NATO, and thus more solidly into the western camp still seems on the rails.
        There’s also the possibility that it’s providing a justification for an attack on Donbas, as wikikettle suggests, but I haven’t seen the evidence of preparations.
        I can’t see that any of them want actual war between Russia and NATO. That would be sheer folly, as I’m sure Putin and Lavrov understand, even if the Americans don’t.

  • frankywiggles

    Much respect to you Craig. As ever one of a minuscule number of public figures and journalists willing to unearth uncomfortable facts and not be bullied into establishment group think. A stark contrast I might say to our approved ‘radical left’ commenters falling over themselves to splutter outrage about Bojo’s ‘smearing’ of Sir Keir. Very, very odd when you consider Bojo’s charge contains infinitely more substance than any of the slurs and smears that have been levelled at them and Corbyn by Starmer and his acolytes.

    Even more suspicious is the Tories’ ultra sensitivity about the failure to prosecute Savile and refusal to leverage at all a figure who links Starmer just as glaringly to child rape, Peter Mandelson.

    Of course none of these reactions are suspicious to our beloved commentariat and opinion formers, who would no doubt portray your probing of the Starmer-Savile story as further evidence you must not be listened to. Once upon a time such establishment outrage and scolding would have completely insulated Sir Keir from public suspicions. But that belonged to an age before Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, poor and disabled caused the deficit, Corbyn is a vile racist etc, etc. Of course many still do obediently buy it and angrily parrot whatever they are told by the ‘respectable’ media. For growing numbers however that trust is long gone and won’t return.

  • Tatyana

    On the conflict in the Eastern Ukraine – yesterday’s Normandy meeting lasted almost 9 hours, but ended with no result.

    Our representative Kozak reports:

    “Verbally, Russia, Germany and France have a common understanding of how issues in the political sphere should be advanced. However, Ukraine’s position is adamant. In the draft statement, they refused to quote the clauses of the Minsk agreements, the part saying that after the conflict, the status of these territories should be decided in consultations and discussions with representatives of certain regions [of Donbas]. This is a key disagreement that Ukraine refused to agree on.”
    “In these attempts to distort the Minsk agreements or evade their implementation, colleagues from Ukraine tried to give their Ukrainian interpretation of the word “consultation” and “discussion.” I had to bring the Cambridge Explanatory Dictionary of the English Language and show them the meaning of these words. These words are the same. There’s a generally accepted meaning of these words in English, Russian, and Ukrainian. There can be no interpretations or discrepancies.”

    Some strange feature I notice among politicians. As soon as they start their anti-Russian songs, they run out of intellectual arguments. One have to turn to dictionaries or geographical maps. Russophobia makes people stupid.

    • Wikikettle

      Tatyana. The ultra nationationalists in Ukraine are the equivalent of the Mujahadeen in Afghanistan in Soviet times. Just as the Collective West supported the Chechiayan extremists. There is no moral depth we in the “Civilised” West won’t sink to, to break up the Russian Federation and engineer the chaos we created in Afghanistan Iraq Libya and Syria.

      • Tatyana

        Thanks for reading my comments! I try to mention things that may not be covered in your Western media.
        It’s mostly fun stuff. Like, did you know that when he was a comedian, Zelensky called Erdogan a “mustachioed cockroach”?
        Recently, Erdogan was on a visit to Ukraine and their meeting with Zelensky was a very entertaining spectacle! Zelensky constantly sought eye contact, and Erdogan never once looked him in the face.

        Or, Putin met my expectations about the meeting with Macron. He was indeed very clear when describing Zelenskiy’s expected behavior to comply with Minsk: “The current president recently stated that he does not like a single point from these Minsk agreements. Either you like it or not, just be patient, my dear. Must be fulfilled. It won’t work any other way.” The phrase about patience is pretty vulgar. Hope it helps to drive attention to the conflict.

    • Tatyana

      upd. more in Kozak’s press conference.

      Kozak on the results of the negotiations in the Normandy format and the end of the war in Donbass – @ 52:25 (10 Feb 2022) – RBC (YouTube, 1h 0m 34) – speech begins @ 35m

      He was asked whether the meeting of the leaders of states was discussed. Very interesting details were reported by Kozak:

      “Since September 17 last year – I want to tell the details … – the question arose of what type is the conflict in Eastern Ukraine. Is it an international or intra-Ukrainian conflict? Who are the parties to this conflict?

      Colleagues from Ukraine, Germany and France suggested leaving this question in limbo. “Constructive uncertainty”, as they called it, you see, we have our own terminology here, I heard it only here. That is, not giving an answer to the question of who are the parties to the conflict.

      It was suggested that this issue be addressed. If Ukraine, Germany and France believe that one of the parties to the conflict is Russia, then in relation to the Minsk agreements, the obligations of both Russia and Ukraine under the Minsk agreements should be listed.

      After a long debate, the representatives of Germany and France said that they did not know what Russia’s obligations in the Minsk agreements could be like. Maybe Russia itself will come up with obligations under the Minsk agreements.

      After such words of a colleague, when they could not name what Russia should do to stop the conflict, after that there’s no talk about possible negotiations in the Normandy format at the level of heads of state.”

      also I wanted to answer to the disappeared comment:
      that the military exercise announced near Crimea involves 30 ships from Novoross and Sebastopol,
      referring to the Russian Defence Ministry website:

      • Evanochka

        Hi Tatyana,

        Why is the airspace over the south of Ukraine getting closed tomorrow for these naval drills? Seems disquieting information to me. I can’t fathom what it is all about?

        I hope these research drills go well and peacefully tomorrow.

        In the article I posted before, the Americans are said to predict 85k dead, 50k of which civilians in the event of conflict. Doesn’t this seem a terrible and shameful loss of life to you? Do you sincerely hope there will be no war?

        • Tatyana

          This exercise was planned, so the necessary notifications were made. Ukraine closed the sky in its south – quite a logical step, don’t you think? This even seems to be mandatory.

          You said you think I’m a troll. So I do not believe in your sincere desire to know about my feelings.

          Forecasts made by the Americans look like very indecent behavior. They inflate this conflict, while themselves remaining on the sidelines. American soldiers are not going to die for Ukraine or Russia. So, what is their interest in figuring up dead bodies?

          • Evanochka

            Okay, I’m sorry for accusing you of being a troll, it was a bit impudent of me.

            No it doesn’t make sense to me that the airspace over a huge part of southern Ukraine is closed for naval drills happening in the Black Sea. The article also didn’t have an explanation and the whole premise of the Russian news article was drawing attention to the inexplicability of this.

            I don’t know why they would make a forecast of the losses due to this potential war. I suppose they have done it to try to draw attention to the undesirability of such a conflict?

            Do you sincerely hope there will be no war?

          • Tatyana

            Yes, I do hope and I do pray (in my own atheist’s way) there would be no war, and the peace lasts forever.

            As to the links you gave, I don’t know what you expect me to say? I don’t read these sources. I’ve no idea of their integrity, who their journalists are, what is their editorial policy. Nowadays it’s hard to find an honest reporter. I stick to reading from official sources, lkke government, defence ministry, UN website, sometimes peivate opinions of the officials on social media. Anyway, I try to listen to those who are responsible for their statements, rather than opinions of private person.
            I don’t know why Ukraine closed the sky. My only guess is they should do this when notified of drills. I really cannot back up my guess, because I have no relation to the state of Ukraine or the state of Russia, or military, or informed people.
            I just mind my own business and just try to survive amongst all this shit.

  • Mist001

    Interestingly (or not) with regard to my earlier post about VIP suspected paedophiles wearing rings on their left pinkie as a sign of being part of a ‘club’, the Daily Mail has published a photo tonight of Andrew with Ghislaine Maxwell and Bill Clinton and Andrew is clearly wearing his pinkie ring:

    Pictured: Prince Andrew gives Ghislaine Maxwell and Bill Clinton 2002 guided tour of Buckingham Palace when she was described to staff as Duke’s ‘ex-girlfriend’ (12 Feb 2022) – by Jacob Thorburn (Daily Mail)

      • Mist001

        Masonic rings have a set square and compass design on the face.

        I believe that the rings which I’m talking about signify something. I thought it might have been a type of club or something but now I’m not so sure because I imagine that all these top ranking VIP suspected paedophiles all know each other anyway, so they’d already know who was in the club without needing to wear a particular sign.

        I suspect the rings are sending some sort of message or signal which will be recognised by those in the know, such as ‘I’m working’ or ‘If you need something, contact me’. I have a photo of Ghislaine Maxwell wearing one too and she’s a convicted sex trafficker.

        • Dawg

          > I suspect the rings are sending some sort of message or signal which will be recognised by those in the know, such as ‘I’m working’ or ‘If you need something, contact me’.

          OMG, Mist001, you’re still trying to deduce why people wear signet rings without even doing a basic web search to find out what they mean. As explained earlier, signet rings are well established symbols of family status and influence, originally used by nobility and landed gentry to imprint their family crest on wax seals. The tradition endures in the upper middle classes, but has also been adopted by sloanes as a fashion statement and by con artists to give the illusion of trustworthiness.

          The Fascinating History Behind the British Royal Family’s Favorite Ring: Royals from Prince Charles to Meghan Markle wear this defining jewel

          Prince Charles has been wearing this one piece of jewellery for nearly fifty years – find out why.

          It’s hardly a mystery why Prince Andrew wears one: it’s part of the royal dress code.

          Go peddle your QAnon rubbish somewhere else!

  • david

    Levitt’s 2013 report has been removed from the DPP/CPS website. It is still available thanks to the waybackmachine here:

    It is worth a read and has some subtly damning points, eg. that the CPS “destroyed” the file in 2010, very shortly after the decision not to prosecute Savile. The CPS say this was normal policy at the time. I doubt it; certainly it was very convenient and it crippled any inquiry into the decision before it could begin.

  • D J G

    I’ve just finished reading Jim Swire’s book about the Lockerbie investigation and it chimes with this article. What got me about it wasn’t so much the complicity of most of the media, you sort of expect that. It was the way the Scottish justice system was prepared to subvert justice on US orders. Maybe Craig Murray and Julian Assange, amongst others, have had similar experiences.
    I have no idea how we stop stuff like that from happening. We’d need honest politicians running the country and there aren’t many of them around.

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