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The promotion of independent thinking, and of scepticism about what “news” you are told, is the primary purpose of this blog. So I cannot complain when people extend that scepticism towards me, too.

A gentleman from Fife has written to tell me that he was not inclined to believe my statement that the BBC have agreed that, when Theresa May appears on the special edition of Question Time that will “replace” the leaders’ debate, the questions to May will be pre-approved by her staff and May will know the questions in advance. He therefore contacted the BBC for confirmation.

He has now received a reply from the BBC, that Question Time is bought by the BBC from an independent private production company, so the BBC are not responsible for the arrangements.

I am happy to report he believes me now.

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95 thoughts on “BBC Hits New Low

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  • Mrs Valerie Barrett

    Hi Graig. Civil servants must get permission to take a second job to make ends meet in case there is a conflict of interests but people in government take second jobs that clearly are a conflict of interests. Surely these rules should apply to all that hold a position in the government departments regardless of their position. The BBC, papers or MSM do not print this though.

  • Colin hope

    In a nutshell. May is behaving simply as an actor. Delivering prepared lines just like a script.

    We need to be making more of that fact.

  • Mick Sheppard

    As a resident of York I applied to be in the audience. I’ve yet to hear about it, presumably because my proposed questions were either already covered or deemed too difficult by the BBC/Supreme Chancellor May.

  • Linda

    Yes right I don’t believe a single word the BBCsays anymore they have smeared JC and Brown noses May so no more Will I listen to their empty words

  • Ruth Knight

    Hi Craig

    How will it work for Jeremy then? Will he answer the same questions or will his be unscripted?

    I think Question Time is a farce if it is allowed to do this. I’m disappointed that they are not following the usual format in which they both respond to the same question. How on earth can we gauge credibility like this?

    This is not democracy in action. I think if her questions are scripted and Jeremy’s are not – this should be made very clear. I just hope she goes first and does not get to have the last word!

    How is she able to call the shots like this – totally disgraceful! Let’s hope people can see through it!

    Saw you speak at the Noam Chomsky event earlier this year – excellent and my husband bought your book for me. Keep up the good work!!

    • Joe

      As far as I’m aware, the party leaders will not be on the same program. However, is this process different from normal Question Time? Questions put through Dimbleby are known in advance but those from random audience members are not?

  • Heavy

    Maybe we should be asking ‘Mentorn Media’ what the hell their playing at giving a one-sided platform to certain political parties – hardly independent as they try to make out.


    And they still claim there’s no political bias in the bbc and the tories never collude with mainstream media.

  • Hazel King

    Have the BBC forgotten who pays the license fee, they should respect that and be impartial, the bias they have shown the Conservatives has been breathtaking and blatant and this has not been just on Question Tme but even on shows like Have I Got News For You, Hislop being very snide and rude about Jeremy Corbyn, and his inane sniggers when he ‘thinks’ he is amusing and scoring pathetic ‘ points ‘ is embarrassing, thank goodness we have the switch off button, don’t they realise Labour voters pay the license fee too, the political newsreaders add their own biased opinions with impunity, Laura Kuenssberg being the most vile and spiteful, even the once dear newsreader George Alagiah not immune from the anti Labour diatribe that is rank throughout the rottenness that is the once respected BBC.

    • Marie Clark

      I wholeheartedly agree with you. I’ve stopped watching Have I Got News For You for exactly those reasons and I certainly don’t watch any BBC ‘news’ channels anymore. I’ve even switched to 6 Music on the radio because of Jeremy Vine’s determination to turn the whole country blue.

  • JJ

    IN through the back door again, Tory sleaze in camouflage clothes. THATCHER MK2 is about to complete the destruction of Britain envisioned by maggie. Those in the population who usally would of stopped the excess’s of the right are either dumbed down and or right about left and brainwashed by the modern PR pushed AND PAYED FOR by the rich OR they’ve totally give up on politics and a fair society and basically threw their lot in with those who have taken the individualism born in the 80s/90s and turned it into a selfish monkey philosophy of NO SEE, NO HEAR, COMPLETELY OUT OF TOUCH AND NOT HERE SO NOTHING TO SAY anyway. Either way, when the boot that is about to hit their or their children’s backside soon comes they WILL feel it. Regardless of how much power and money the 25 million most richest people have made out of the inaction of the collective that represents the rest of us, as usual when the rude awakening finally comes to the planet ALL, RICH OR POOR, YOUNG OR OLD, NEAR OR FAR, WILL BE LEFT FLAILING IN THE AIR,, HEADS STILL DETACHED AND STUCK IN THE SAND SCREAMING “MUMMY, WHY CAN’T THEY EAT FROM THE FREE MARKET” AND “WHERE DID THE CAPITALIST GOD GO”. Les Tricoteuses KNITTING FROM THE SAME OLDE THREADS

  • Graham Carter

    So why does the BBC feel the need to buy it? If their statement is true, and I doubt the veracity of it, then, as the “commissioning” body they are at liberty to reject the product.
    Of course, we can all switch off, which is what I tend to do now, whenever there is a “Tory” spokesperson being screened!

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