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8 thoughts on “You Couldn’t Make It Up

  • writerman


    Good luck with the publishing empire! I'm not sure I'd take on such next of scumbags.

    I've always thought of Bush as the runt of the litter. A Prince John like figure, surrounded by stronger, cleverer more ruthless men who've groomed him for a purely cerimonial role, giving them the maximum ammount of power and influence.

  • rich

    He also said he had "fun". Thousands dead and maimed, illegal wiretapping, torture, economic meltdown.. well I'm glad he enjoyed it at least.

    I'm loving your latest book btw. Why do you have it in for Niall Ferguson so much? I'm enjoying his 'ascent of money'.

  • deep

    To assume that Dubya's remark is a mistake may be misunderestimating him. It relates to Deut. xi. 29 – "11:29 And it shall come to pass, when the LORD thy God hath brought thee in unto the land whither thou goest to possess it, that thou shalt put the blessing upon mount Gerizim, and the curse upon mount Ebal."


  • Chris Close

    Yo people – perhaps he has developed post presidential irony.

    Reminded me of Rumsfeld on the TV the other night that at Gitmo they had 'complied with the Geneva convention……sort of'

  • George Dutton

    "You Couldn't Make It Up"

    17 January 2009

    "Soldiers' kids could get virtual mums and dads"

    "IT IS a poor substitute for the real thing, but the US government is hoping a "virtual parent" could provide emotional support for the children of servicemen and women while they are away on active duty."

    "The Department of Defense is soliciting proposals for a computer program that would enable young children to interact with a virtual version of their parent. Officials hope it could provide reassurance and general chat when phone or internet contact is not possible."…

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