While I Was Away 183

Here are some brief comments on events while I was busy biographing:

Prince William to wed Kate Middleton

I really don’t give a fuck. Have you noticed he is strangely getting less bald? They’ll both be middle aged and ugly before they come to the throne. Or hopefully not.

Coalition launch “Starve the feckless” scheme

Multiple orgasms at the Mail, Express and Telegraph at launch of amusingly impossible policy guaranteed to increase crime rate.

Demonstrators trash Tory Party HQ

I don’t really approve of riot as people get hurt. But the only thing that makes me angrier than the tuition fee increases, are the NUS leadership hacks who support New Labour who brought in tuition fees in the first place.

Interesting moral conundrum as to whether pre-emptive murder of NUS executives can be justified. Looking at Straw, Clarke and Aaronovitch, it is certainly a debate worth having.

Possible voluntary reduction in London bankers’ bonuses from £7 billion to £4 billion and then £3 billion later. Anyone remember why the public finances are bankrupt? The bonuses are justified by record profits based on funding and administering government debt, which was incurred by governments borrowing to give to the bankers. What?

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183 thoughts on “While I Was Away

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  • Luc

    “Or by accepting that handsome is as handsome does, possibly.”

    Don’t quite see what that amounts to. But it cannot negate my contention.

    We are a relentlessly competitive species — like any other, and would not be what we are except that those best able to succeed in social competition and in interaction with the environment have reaped a reward measurable in the frequency of their genes in succeeding generations. Any attempt to reduce all to equality of outcome in material and social rewards can succeed on by ruthless repression.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Competition and cooperation – twin modulations by which the human species progressed from hunter-gatherer to now. It’s a balance and the balance changes; the two things also apply differently in relation to different components of the society. Both are reqd. If it swings too far in one direction, disaster results. ‘Equality of outcome’? That’s another bogey-man, like saying “if you had your way, Suhayl, all the peoples of the world shall be coffee-coloured and five foot five”.

  • technicolour

    the point alfred was not only to say that looks, intelligence etc don’t amount to beans if that person is a ruthless psychopath. but also to question the whole premise. who is superior in looks: a small celt or a six foot tall swede? who is superior in intelligence: the people who built the hadron collider or the careworker who organised gardening sessions for his incarcerated residents? Intelligence is universal and innate. Looks are purely subjective. Energy is largely down to diet. Your paragraph therefore sounds nonsensical to me, and simultaneously more unpleasant than you’ve been of late.

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