The Leaving of Blackburn? 248

With a very heavy heart I have agreed to the toss of a coin to decide whether I or local independent candidate Adnan Hussain should stand in BLackburn.

I feel I am letting down all those who helped and crowdfunded me, and all our local supporters. The amazing support is swelling every day.

But the last minute decision by Blackburn’s independent group of councillors to run a candidate against me, gives the real danger that Genocide Labour will win. As I was unable to agree in a late night meeting with their young candidate yesterday who should step down, I find myself obliged to agree to a coin toss in the wider interest of the Palestine movement.

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248 thoughts on “The Leaving of Blackburn?

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    • Jeff

      Craig can’t tough it out – he’s had life too easy! Imagine a former British Ambassador standing as MP for the “Workers Party of Britain” – LOL! It’s like SIR Keir Starmer as leader of the LABOUR Party. A bunch of affluent, privileged men pretending to be working class.

      Get back to work, Craig, and face the music – whether it’s harmonious and soothing or harsh and disconcerting. Are you a worker or a slacker? You don’t give in until the bitter end – that’s life at the bottom, mate!

      • DavidH

        Depends what you’re working for, really. The future direction of Britain and the world, or just the next meal ticket for yourself and your mates. I guess you’re right in a way, though – it is a rather privileged position to believe you’re working for the former, not the latter.

      • nevermind

        You dont have any idea Jeff, Craig faced down heavily armed gangs in Sierra Leone, he can deal with situations that are protracted and dangerous.

        Thats hard work, you dont have stand on a production line for 8 hours to qualify as worker.

      • Izzy Cooke

        You don’t know much, do you? Show some respect. Mr Murray has been persecuted by the British establishment. He’s a great candidate. Google is your friend.

  • AG

    On the upcoming election, Farage´s rise and a few other aspects:

    What I find helpful is Mercouris´ observation that globalist candidates don´t fare well in real elections, people don´t like them very much, they don´t know how to do real politics. Corbyn lost with a 5 point higher vote than what Labour is currently polling, 42% v. 37%. With voter turnout probably lower than 2017.
    (At least in his superficial fast forward take on the subject. Sry if some here will regard this as not substantial enough.)

    I wonder if Mercouris´ observation isn´t actually true for all major European countries: The globalist clones are of little interest to voters. Which would be a major flaw and way to defeat them.

    • Jeff

      The British are easy to understand: they vote in one party (Labour or Conservative) for 10-15 years, or until that party does major damage of one kind or another (whichever comes sooner); then they vote in the opposition and go back to step 1.

      • AG

        Mercouris says just that in the end.
        I assume this changed in Germany after the Fall of the Berlin Wall. Today even older voters are no guarantee for any turnout.

      • Stevie Boy

        Probably true throughout the West, and certainly not specific to ‘the british’ !
        The problem, IMO, is that the political/voting system is totally corrupt and/or broken, and even when turnout is stated to be high it’s still not really high, so you just get the vote lemmings doing their ‘I’m voting for X because I always do’ thing, meaning we just flop from one arse cheek to the other continually.
        We need root and branch reform: FPTP out; PR in; no lobbying; no private funding; age limits; defined qualifications and experience; limited appointments; legal responsibilities and repercussions; no unelected roles.

    • David Warriston

      This is very significant. Corbyn in 2017 will have won more votes than Starmer will and is universally dubbed in MSM as a catastrophic loser; yet Starmer will win fewer votes in 2024 and be heralded a winner, on a much lower turnout.

      Make sense of that you Guardianistas, fighting for democracy in Ukraine and Israel.

  • Evil

    I know someone personally who won public office here in rural Wisconsin with a coin toss. It is a normal and customary procedure. In this case, simply watching Craig and Adnan speak clearly shows who is the ethical man.

    I think since we are living the plot from the documentary movie “Idiocracy”, perhaps we should upgrade to wrestling matches to decide office holders?! LOL. I am only partially joking. First country to do this is _______?

    To be serious, a lottery would give us better candidates and leaders than any current systems of government on Earth, in which both vetting of candidates and the accuracy and honesty of elections has been completely compromised by people hiding behind curtains. Yet most humans complacently live with omnipresent false belief systems, like that of “elections”.

    Our current world leadership is excelling in death and destruction, of species and planet. How does that justify their world leadership role?

    Release the recording of Craig. If he is a liar then wouldn’t the recording show that? Or are you afraid it will show he is truthful and honest?

    Craig, keep speaking truth. The world needs more brave people willing to do so!


  • DavidH

    Craig is the honorable man, as anybody who’s been following him for any length of time will know. I beg to differ on his opinions sometimes, I think he can suffer from tunnel vision when he gets a particular set of ideas in mind, but his ethics are unquestionable.

    A mistake here was to make this election campaign about the single issue of the current Gaza conflict. Deadly serious though that is, there are also many other reasons to oppose Starmer’s Labour as the only opposition and alternative to more Tory rule. Going the single issue Gaza route has plunged Craig into such murky cultural waters in Blackburn, I know there are racist connotations to even saying that, but I’m not sure Craig has the skills or the will to navigate. He’s gone from high minded geopolitics and international law to messy scrapping for local council influence.

    Although actually it might be such messy local scrapping that’s at the heart of the Gaza problem anyway. Scrapping among the Palestinians that’s prevented a credible authority taking shape at any opportunity. Self interest among the Israeli politicians that makes war mongering the route to taking and keeping their local power. All politics is local? Hmmm…..

  • Xavi

    Chaos agents like Adnan have also been introduced in Holborn & St Pancras, Stratford & Bow and no doubt many other constituencies. It is no surprise they targeted Blackburn as Craig Murray has the talent and stature to make a major impression in Parliament, especially given the flatness of the surrounding landscape. Hearing him bring up forbidden truths in the Commons — offering actual opposition — was an intolerable prospect.

  • Mark Stephenson

    Craig Murray’s like Jeremy Corbyn. Too nice for politics. Labour fixers in Blackburn have stitched him up.

  • Crispa

    A google search of election news in Blackburn results in very little. Main news seems to be the mystery surrounding the theft of some bamboo fencing. 5 Pillars, which has been referred to here, seems the only outlet with information about the likely split vote between the three pro-Palestine independents and a separate piece on the toss coining situation.
    I was taken by a quote from the Bishop of Blackburn commenting somewhere after the cancellation of hustings in Lancaster, which he was due to chair, and which sums the general situation rather well.
    “The parties aren’t really prioritising in-person hustings. “What we’re seeing is the ‘TikTokification’ of politics; that social media and national push matters more than local candidates meeting local voters, and that’s a real loss, I think, to our public life.”

  • C Critchley

    I contributed Craig, but that’s the very last thing on my mind. Your experience, coupled with your almost encyclopedic knowledge of local/national & geopolitics is exactly what’s required in the pathetic chamber which passes for our ‘governance’. Your particular ‘grit in the oyster’ qualities are what’s sorely needed. Keep at it.

  • Tom Kennedy

    With respect to Craig, polls indicate that Gaza is the number one priority for only 1 in 5 Muslims. It is not the issue that will win the Blackburn (or any) election.

    While I agree that it absolutely should be the number one issue for every voter – Britain is currently actively involved in genocide – the average voter has local issues that take precedence over Gaza, and a candidate who has no connection to the area is not as electable as someone who is.

    The controversy over the coin toss may have its roots in the Qur’anic injunction not to draw lots to make decisions. It is possible that those who agreed to a coin toss had forgotten this, and were embarrassed to admit it, particularly to their Muslim electorate.

    • DunGroanin

      I blame Gorgeous George for the whole mess. He diverted CM from the Indy campaign. Where his pro Palestine stance would also have been powerful.

      Anyway, spilt milk and all that aside.
      The major issues should be to end poverty everywhere and raising the poorest.
      An end to the centuries long war by the Few against the Many.
      The end to Anglo European Imperialsm and rapine of the worlds resources by the Few.
      The end to Xenophobic mind set of Western Supremacism and its entitlement to dictate the Rules and morals to the rest of the World.
      The end to the Money Control of the Bankers and their dictates.

      Ultimately… it comes down to a single issue in any election that encompasses all that- an end to the Collective Wests Unipolar Fascism of centuries.

      Everyone should vote for that if they had any free will and actual brains to figure it out.

      • Tom Kennedy

        I don’t know enough about the background to your first paragraph, but agree with the rest.

        One key reform would be to change the electoral system in favour of proportional representation, as we have here in Ireland. That would allow any number of Pro-Palestine candidates to take part, with the votes being transferred from losing candidates in each round of vote counting to the last remaining candidate in the Blackburn constituency.

      • will moon

        DunGroanin would you say your feeling about Galloway is stronger than ambivalent?

        Up thread you say he wasn’t vilified in the media but I thought he was. Now you say this is his fault yet when I listened to the hourlong meeting from a month ago, I was surprised at the vigour with which Mr Murray drew the line between himself and Mr Galloway, in no sense getting the impression that he had been diverted and was very much his own man – indeed there is at least about five minutes of the hour where this subject is discussed

        ps Is “the Indy campaign “Scottish Independence” or standing as an Independent in the current election?

        • Goose

          That’s the problem everyone has with Galloway…

          His professed hatred for Westminster and the two-party system(two cheeks…) is completely irreconcilable with his passionate opposition to Scottish independence. Either, Galloway believes Scots uniquely incapable of matching all those other successful small European countries with similar sized populations, or he secretly supports the status quo? For it’d be far easier, via elections, to turn an independent Scotland, away from the US subservience and NATO militarism, Galloway so loathes than trying to change the the default Atlanticism of the British establishment.

          • will moon

            “That’s the problem everyone has with Galloway”

            What problem, who is everyone Goose?

            Galloway is old school, in my youth most Labour people thought Scots Independence a distraction. I started to think about it and began to change my opinion only from reading this blog

            Im sure Mr Murray posted a link addressing this issue recently, ie Galloway’s thought on independence

        • DunGroanin

          My personal opinion based on decades of observation is that of being less than ambivalent. I seem to discern Farage and GG being two cheeks of the same arse of the Crown.
          They are sheepdogs of the right and left.
          Another example i recall was his fawning interview with the fake commie Clare Fox elevated to HoL by Bozo for her role in bringing around BrexShit and keeping Labour divided, breaking the Red wall, so Corbyn could be ‘defeated’.
          I saw two partners in crime.

          I don’t mind being proven wrong.

          • will moon

            If George Galloway formed a government after the next election, do you think he would be worse than oligarch Rishi Sunak, Zionist cadre Keir Starmer or Boris Johnson, T May, David Cameron, G Brown, Tony Blair or Margrat Thatcher?

            If you look at that list and think how many of them are killers, I would take a chance on Galloway but not on Farage

            I see only one criminal entity, the Uniparty and fellow travellers, MIC, “intelligence” agencies ( have you forgotten Shia Masot?

            I don’t mind proven wrong

          • Goose

            will moon

            Don’t get me wrong, I think Galloway is a fine orator and he’s far smarter than his many detractors. The way he took apart those US senators quizzing him in the Iraq, UN oil-for-food Senate hearings, is the stuff of legend.

            Although, realistically, the chances of Galloway forming a govt on July 5th, are zero. The party has been effectively ‘cancelled’ by the entire media. They are so scared of him he simply isn’t allowed a mainstream platform.

            The question really then at this election, is whether the Tories can be relegated into third? That will be a pretty momentous event if it happens, and it’s Farage’s Reform or Ed Davey’s Lib Dems, both of whom support PR, to achieve it. Though far from ideal, either, would be a vast improvement over a shattered Conservative rump of an opposition, chastened by a heavy defeat.

          • will moon

            Goose DunGroanin I think you can’t see the wood for the trees

            Sunak, Starmer, Davey etc stand condemned as the people who think this is alright, ie where we are now, the status quo. Sunak an unelected oligarch, Starmer in the the pay of oligarchs and Davey the most oligarch-friendly, who favours more and deeper austerity!?

            Galloway has not done anything to anyone, just got a big mouth and a big ego. I find Farage beyond sinister.

            DG called him a sheepdog and says th3 media go easy on him – like Nicola Sturgeon DG? Or not that easy? You could be right DG but Galloway doesn’t seem to be a Zionist racist like Far@ge.

            What I say – why pick on Galloway when you have a selection of war criminals, corporate shills and Zionist agents to choose from – what has he done again?

          • DunGroanin

            will moon,
            “What has he done again?”

            Here’s one recent example of not so passive aggressive gaslighting by His Gorgeousness.

            ‘With all the candour of a frenemy, Galloway suggested that Corbyn was too scruffy and unstatesmanlike to become PM. “There was something of the whiff of the student squat about Jeremy,” he said. Corbyn was apparently a “fish out of water” when he met the late Queen, while Galloway himself who had a “splendid chat” with her.
            Though Corbyn has been expelled from Labour, Galloway doubts he’d be welcome in his Workers Party of Britain. “I’m not sure he’d get in, with some of his views,” he said. “Corbyn is a slightly naive, slightly liberal, small-L individual.”
            Galloway is often referred to as a “far-Left prodigy” and a “Leftist firebrand” in the press, but he admits that “Jeremy is woker, greener and more trendy”. The MP for Rochdale spoke about how his Catholic faith makes him opposed to abortion, and how being gay is “not normal”. When questioned about this in an LBC interview yesterday, he promptly hung up the phone.’

            The point about being sheepdogs of the left and right is they appear to be on-side with the politics of those they wish to influence – but when it comes to the nub they suddenly steer towards another goal. I put many on the supposed left in that categor, so not just picking on GG.

          • will moon

            So how do rationalise your support for Mr Murray who campaigns under the Workers Party banner?

            It’s hardly the “Robber Baron”stuff is it? You are just sniping, who has he killed? Who has he dispossessed? Who has he abused?

            You are picking on him, calling him “red/brown”. You can’t agree with everyone, you know that

            The list you offer, I note, doesn’t include killing defenceless civilians by hi-tech and low-tech means or helping others do this – which in case you haven’t noticed includes the media and Britain’s political leadership. You mention two issues – he didn’t call Corbyn an antisemite. He probably knows him and will have to answer personally for his statements. The gender stuff is irrelevant to me – atm women are still heavily oppressed in this country and globally and hardly any closer to equal treatment than since I was a kid.

            You have different priorities to me, that is clear now. The things you mention are often used to divide people. I want people to unify. At worst he’s irrelevant, I don’t understand why you would single him out for “special treatment”

        • fonso

          Corbyn lost the red wall because ‘Stop Brexshit’ halfwits forced a ‘Vote Again’ policy upon him going into the 2019 election.

          Corbyn had won all those red wall seats with big majorities in 2017 when he promised to respect the referendum result.

          • Goose


            I find Starmer’s claim that he only stood by Corbyn because he, “knew they were going to lose” in 2019, utterly preposterous.

            Starmer has more positions than the Kama Sutra.

            Corbyn clawed back a 20% poll deficit on Theresa May, during the 2017 GE campaign, finishing at 40% and 12.9 million votes, another week and he’d have probably won. How on earth then could Starmer know in advance that a repeat performance would be impossible? Improvised lies come very easy to Starmer and that should concern everyone.

          • DunGroanin

            Fonso. That was the traitorous to the Labour grassroots the great knight dope Crown Prosecutor of Assange, Starmztrooper.
            He was the one who insisted and pushed through at the conference the Vote Again policy.
            The purpose was clear – to stop his leader Corbyn and like minded MP’s from winning!

            Most of the Blairites having attempted stabbing him in the front, and coordinated chickencoups against him from day one that he won the leadeship.

            Many ended up leaving the Labour party – and they all went off to their troughing – anyone remember their names? I do, the traitorous neolib conmerchant filling their boots.

            It was left to the the wormtongue, fake socialists, Zionazi zealot, NuLabourInc mobsters appointed Starmer, doing his utmost to stop any possibility of their War in ukraine being cancelled, a peace in Syria and a curtailment of the zionazi entity with a restoration of Palestine.
            They never wanted the privatisations being reversed. Until only husks were left.
            Covid boot filling would have been cancelled too!

            The lying traitor Starmer has thrown out all the pledges he stood with at the last election as well as his leader from the Labour Party.
            A never ending night of long knifing a multitude of grass roots candidates and MP’s who came in from that miraculous resurrection of Real Labour and the largest political party membership in Europe!

            The infamy of a conspiracy by the hoary old Crown State and its unelected who threatened a military coup if Corbyn were to get to Downing St. He would have allowed Brexit to proceed but not the associated destruction of the protections and rights for the ordinary Europeans, which we are too!

            There are now something like 70 tax free zones set up which will turn what is left of British industry and economy into the Have and Have-Nots, as an adjunct to the receding imperial ex hegemon based in the USA.

            There are a lot of such deepstate ‘moles’ in the fabric of society, nurtured over decades to keep the Overton Window moving to Fascism.

            The Red-Brown types as I described Farage/GG above.
            It is a war by those Few against the Many us.
            (NB Farage is not a Party Leader, with a membership, it is a private limited company!)

            Such political issues as well as the usual party political posters are missing from this general election and the house windows across the nation, except a very few places.
            One being Islington which is going to re-elect their long standing MP known and trusted, from across a wide ethnic community, unless the DS really pushes the boat out to cheat even more then last time.

            I trust that answers your question fonso. Come again if you want more.

  • Robert Dyson

    I listened to the interview with Blackburn independent councillors. I did not detect any hostility and I can accept the questions were reasonable from their perspective. Therefore I don’t think this is a Labour plot. If they are going to anoint Adnan Hussain it will be because he is one of their own with whom they think they will have more influence to get the vote out. Sadly this is an example of that segregation that people in the meeting don’t think has been resolved. For Adnan Hussain it probably is an ego issue given the misinformation he has presented. For me a hustings is a meeting where all candidates are present and anyone can attend to question them. In no way was your interview a hustings. It is reasonable for you to request a proper hustings to decide which of you gets to stand. This may still be packed against you but a recording would be available for all interested voters. I support whatever decision you take.

    • will moon

      Robert I listened too and I would agree about the lack of hostility. I can’t speak on Labour plots.

      Did you see the vid when Mr Murray announced his candidacy and the men dressed in green sat in front of him? I was under the impression this was some kind of endorsement. Do you know anything about that event? If you do, how do you relate that moment to this moment – I am having trouble with it , any thoughts appreciated

      • Robert Dyson

        Where is that video? I have not seen it. I have a hard line, when people lie to protect themselves I can forgive that, when people lie to attack others that is unforgivably disgraceful. I saw Adnan Hussain going on about the coin toss in a way that was clearly phoney outrage and made up. That’s what I find obnoxious. Craig is the most courageously honest man I have ever come across, I doubt I could match him.

        • will moon

          Robert, I think it was when Mr Murray announce his candidacy. A group of men dressed in green sat in front of him, I thought they had something to do with the “Independents”, endorsing his candidacy. Maybe I’m making it all up lol. I’ll try to remember the exact moment and find the clip.

          Maybe another commentator remembers this with more detail?

    • Tatyana

      Thank you hugely for sharing the links, Peter!
      Finally I got it what it all is about!
      The first one, with Crispin Flintoff explains it good, unlike the yesterday’s video of the 5pillars.

      I must say that I really didn’t like how Mr. Nussain attacks Mr. Murray, pointing out that he is not local.
      Obviously, he should have said what Mr. Hussein himself has done for the Palestinians and compared it with the efforts of Mr. Murray. It would be logical and fair.
      Instead, Mr. Hussain clearly wants to evoke tribalist feelings/ He emphasizes many times that Mr. Murray is a newcomer and he himself is “one of them.”
      But this is simply irrelevant, because for a job we choose the one who is better qualified, and not the one with whom we are related.

  • uwontbegrinningsoon

    Why did the local Independent group choose to run a candidate against you ? I do not understand what they thought they would achieve. Any ideas anyone ?

  • M.J.

    The fracas among the anti-Labour candidates in Blackburn reminded me of Bertrand Russell’s 1930 essay “Persecution Mania”:
    “The high-minded idealist who stands for Parliament—on this matter I speak from experience—is astonished by the cynicism of the electorate which assumes that he only desires the glory of writing the letters “M.P.” after his name. When the contest is over and he has time to think, it occurs to him that perhaps after all the cynical electors were in the right.”

    • frankywiggles

      You only had positive things to say about Adnan Hussein until you discovered (just yesterday) that he isn’t the official Labour candidate.

      • M.J.

        There’s a number of false assumptions here. I didn’t say which candidates I was referring to – it could even apply to more than one, and in different ways. The mistake about AH was corrected swiftly. I don’t think AH is working for Labour.

  • Goose

    The media pile-on, including online, against Farage is interesting. It shows how the obsession of London and MI6, becomes a political and media obsession – who’s running the show, the politicians, or the spooks? In a democracy, a spectrum of views; including dissenting and diverse opinions should be the accepted norm; the hallmark of a healthy democracy. The fact the spooks and media demand 100% conformity on Ukraine and anything to do with ‘Russia’ suggests we’re moving towards totalitarianism.

    And, trying to understand this. Do MI6 and their media allies, think we should vote in accordance with what they perceive Putin, may, or may not want us to do? Because, if so, what they’re basically saying, is; they want our democracy put on hold and Putin to dictate our political choices? That’s tantamount to admitting defeat, isn’t it?

    In 2014’s Scottish inde referendum this bogeyman/specter was rolled out to scare Scots into staying in the Union. How long do they want ‘fear of Russia’ to dominate our lives for?

    I don’t personally think Farage is pro-Putin or an apologist, not for one moment. Though, he could potentially be more open and flexible to bringing the awful meat grinder of a conflict to a conclusion, one that saves face for both sides. The real tragedy, is in how Zelensky has set expectations so high and boxed himself into a corner. Anything less than full recovery of all territory, including pre-Crimea’s annexation, will be classed as total defeat. And the hard men of Azov and the Pravyi sektor would call it treason; no doubt with fatal consequences for Zelensky himself potentially. Zelensky is literally in a fight for his life, unless the US gives him protection, in exile.

    • Tatyana

      Ze is quite safe, Goose.
      There was a promise made by Putin about Ze’s personal safety. This was confirmed by Israel’s ambassador, who mediated in the very beginning of the conflict. I believe it was Mr Bennett, yet I’m not sure about the name. I only recall he had no hair.
      There’s his recorded interview, in which he describes in detail his talks with Ze and with Putin and also the peace deal draft.
      About Ze’s safety he spoke in much detail, saying that Ze was very much concerned about it, and when he got Putin’s firm promise, Ze got out of his bunker and recorded video in the streets of Kiev etc etc – used it for his personal PR, posing as a brave leader, who is not fleeing, but staying with his people and all that. As far as I remember, that was the way in which Israeli ambassador described it, it’s not my invention.
      I guess if I rummage through the ‘Ukraine forum’ here, I could find the link.
      Sorry, no time for that at the moment. It’s now 23 pages and still ther’s a chance I left the link somewhere in the comments under main blog articles.

      • AG

        I already said 2022, were Z to be ousted I wouldn´t be surprised if he´d end up in RU not the US, because latter would be less safe. May be in the same neighbourhood as Yanukovych ;-P

        p.s. I don´t know if you found time to check Peter´s above youtube links – I did not yet – how do you see this: Was Mr. Hussain telling the truth or not? I don´t quite understand this affair. If he was not he would be untenable for any voter.

      • Goose

        I know Russia isn’t targeting Zelensky directly, well, at least not yet. Russia produced video footage of an armed drone hovering over his motorcade to prove it, some time ago.

        The real problem Zelensky will face, if he tries to negotiate and cede so much as an inch of territory, is from fellow Ukrainians. Many who’ve lost sons, daughters; husbands as this war has dragged on. Plus there’s all the injured soldiers and amputees – heavily mined Ukraine has the highest number of amputees pro rata of any country on earth as far as I know, it’s now in the tens of thousands. They really will not accept any redrawing of the map in Russia’s favour, their sacrifice in vain. I can perfectly understand why tens of thousands of young Ukrainians are fleeing conscription. Even if they survive with all their body parts in the East, there’s a high chance of being mentality scarred with PTSD, or suffering debilitating condition such as hearing loss.

        Before the invasion, it was the likes of the Azov Battalion, Pravyi Sektor and Svoboda, who were ready to accuse Zelensky of treason over the planned referenda on self-rule (federalism) in the Donbas region, as outlined in Minsk I&II. Stalled as that was over sequencing issues; the rebels wanted to keep control the eastern border while holding referendums, not trusting Kyiv; while Kyiv wanted eastern border with Russia back under their full control first. Boris Johnson’s and the US’s role in backing Kyiv’s rejectionism and urging the harder line, obviously had a huge part to play in the events that have unfolded since too.

        The US and UK govt seem to be shouting ‘no surrender’ as Ukraine burns through an entire generation. Does anyone think they see Ukrainians as anything other than cannon fodder, in their proxy war with Russia?

        • AG

          “Does anyone think they see Ukrainians as anything other than cannon fodder, in their proxy war with Russia?”

          No. And the most amazing thing is that this is officially and publically documented beyond any doubt. Still it´s not acknowledged by those parties (=90% of elites and media) in the West that call for, well we know what.

          btw. interesting as a D.C. take on this – (the podcaster conveys amazing lack of knowledge re: Iraq! She is a Trumpist apparently and presiding some PAC in D.C.)

          But noteworthy show, 60 min.

          “National Insecurity”
          By Ying Ma

          Stephen Bryen, former U.S. Deputy Undersecretary of Defense under Reagan
          Doug Bandow, senior fellow at Cato Institute

          Ying Ma, president, American Ideals PAC & Defend American Ideals.”


    • Alyson

      Zelensky is still president because the state of emergency means they cannot hold elections. Ukraine does not wish to embrace the Russian speaking regions, but to punish them for seeking support from Putin after Ukraine had pounded them for 4 years and cut off all central funding. Hostility will not end whatever the regions may desire.
      Israel is intent on erasing the Palestinian people, is claiming the river to the sea, and also saying that Lebanon is part of the greater Israel. This may be a step too far, and the Zionists in our governments will continue to be invested in achieving Israel’s objectives.
      Remembering Victoria Nuland’s words in 2013, and since, we regret the sacrifice of the Ukrainian people and fuck Europe.
      Dollar hegemony wants all the oil and gas. Dollar hegemony says Europe will not purchase oil or gas using euros, or direct from any seller not mediated by the US control.
      Any deviation from this tightly sewn up market control changes everything. Europe is to be sacrificed to the meat grinder, in the promise of Israeli gas from under Gaza, and maybe Iran’s oil too?Israel will join with Saudi to get control of the ME and Russian oil and gas, with full endorsement by the US.
      Okay so this is just my hypothesis and Trump is the wild card.
      Remembering that Trump did not start any wars, but in ending them, as in Afghanistan, left vulnerable allies without protection. He looks at the business opportunities rather than the genocidal territorial opportunities. Farage may identify himself as Trump’s man but dismantling longstanding structures and alliances has unforeseeable catastrophic consequences. Keeping our allies on our side is the current political priority, as defined by the WEF.
      It’s messy, and looking to get unimaginably worse unless somebody has a better plan.
      Putin may have enough negotiating skill to head off Armageddon by holding the warmongers to account, but it is looking unlikely just now.
      And General Petraeus is in the UK. The Emperor of Japan is in the UK. High stakes are being played for. Taiwan holds American computer companies and rare earths. Japan has just found more than enough of these to develop them in Japan if needed.
      In 2014 the word should have been more loudly don’t poke the bear, and stop selling white phosphorus to Israel. Just now it is don’t rock the boat. Political and economies are invested in chosen outcomes. The bear is riled. China has the opportunity to claim Taiwan. Japan needs to know it’s allies will defend it. North Korea has declared. And we are holding elections in Europe, Britain, and America.

      • Tatyana

        Though the state of emergency makes elections impossible, understandably, still, under the Ukraine’s constitution, the power should go to the parliament.
        Legally, Ze is a dictator, usurping the power, at the moment. Since May 20. That makes legally void all the treaties signed by Ze since the date.

        Ukrainians are the same as Russians. Whatever is unacceptable for an Ukrainian – the same is unacceptable for a Russian.
        Ukraine in its current form will defend itself with the same resolution as Russia would.
        We are coming from the same root and share the same mentality.

          • ET

            She didn’t. What she said was that the Ukraine constitution formalises what should happen in the case that a presedential election cannot happen and that executive power resorts to the parliament in that eventuality. Tatyana didn’t chide anyone for not holding elections under difficult circumstances and simply stated what the Ukrainian constitution says should happen in such an event.

          • ET

            You are correct JK, I couldn’t find such a specific reference upon reading through the Ukrainian constitution. I couldn’t find any reference to what happens if a presidential election doesn’t take place or what happens to the legislative powers. There are some references to the head of parliament taking over restricted powers of the president if the president’s term is terminated for whatever reason ie. resignation, health, death etc. Their constitution does state that an election or any amendments to the constitution can not take place whilst under martial law. So I guess they’d have to suspend martial law for an election to happen are/or change the constitution.
            Article 75 does state “The sole body of legislative power in Ukraine is the Parliament – the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.”

            I didn’t think Tatyana was chiding anyone for not holding an election merely stating her opinion that is the case of no elections legislative power should resort to the parliament. I am sure Tatyana can give her own explanation.

            For what it’s worth I think holding elections under the circumstances is difficult and probably wouldn’t be representative.

          • Tatyana

            I was convinced that I have mastered English enough to be understood. I wonder what is wrong with my phrase, that you argue? Let’s copy it one more time:
            “Though the state of emergency makes elections impossible, understandably, still, under the Ukraine’s constitution, the power should go to the parliament.”

          • ET

            Tatyana, it doesn’t explicitly say that in their constitution and I have read through it twice today. It does say that no elections for any office can be conducted and no amendments to the constitution can be made whilst the country is under martial law (or a state of emergency). It doesn’t give instruction on what’s to be done in the event of the country being under martial law (and thus elections cannot be held) and the president’s term of office has expired because an election would be due to be held. That may be a bit of an oversight but I’d suspect that a reasonable argument could be made that the presidential term continues until such time as martial law is lifted and elections can be held. And, yes, I can see how that could be abused but I think a war is a genuine reason for an emergency or martial law to be declared.
            When this conflict ends Ukraine may well have to revisit their constitution to clarify such things.

          • Tatyana

            Look, if we are going to have a constructive dialogue, I would really like to be heard. I mean, I am against “charged questions” from some commentators, that is, those questions in which the questioner implies that I should hate Ukrainians or support the war.
            I do not hate Ukrainians and do not support the war and will only be glad if a way is finally found to resolve this conflict and stop the bloodshed.

            Now to the question of Zelensky’s legitimacy.
            A year before the end of his term, Zelensky said elections to be held if the West gives money for it. Then, closer to the deadline, he began to say that elections would be at the wrong time. Polls showed that if elections were held, Zaluzhny (the commander-in-chief) would win them with a double advantage over Zelensky. These polls were conducted by the Ukrainian company Socis.

            Zelensky moved Zaluzhny to different positions, and before the end of his presidential term, in May of this year, he completely dismissed him from the military. I understand that the main competitor with popular support and also the commander of the troops could simply remove Ze and take power into his own hands, organizing another Maidan.

            Although the law of Ukraine allows the cancellation of elections during martial law, it does not extend the presidential term. It has simply ended. Ze didn’t turn to court or to Parliament to get a legal confirmation, like a court’s order, or an Act of the Parliament, stating that either Ukrainian legal system or Ukrainian MPs recognise him as the President.
            All he’s got today is a status of Guaidó, i.e. some people say they believe he is the president.

            I am interested in the question of Ze’s legitimacy for one purpose only: namely, if an initiative to resolve this conflict by non-military means arises now, then who will legitimately represent Ukraine? With whom can binding irrevocable agreements be signed?
            According to the Constitution of Ukraine, the Parliament speaks on behalf of the people, and the President on behalf of the state.
            I’m absolutely sure that the people exist, therefore the Parliament has the authority to express their will.
            But I’m not sure about the existence of the state on whose behalf the overdue president is authorized to speak, and is he even authorized?

        • Crispa

          Problem is, it is difficult to hold any meaningful elections anyway since Zelenski has banned most opposition parties. And I believe when he was elected it was without the franchise of the Donbass regions.

          • JK redux


            Pro Nazi parties were banned in England and the USA during WW2.

            And their leaders were interned.

            During the US Civil War Lincoln suspended the right of habeus corpus.

            When under attack, countries have the right to defend themselves against internal elements collaborating with the attacker.

            I don’t recall the Stalin regime being particularly tolerant of Nazi sympathisers once Barbarossa got going either.

          • Crispa

            J K Redux
            Zelenski banned all 12 opposition parties not because they were Nazis – after all there are no Nazis in Ukraine are there? – but because they supported in the main the implementation of the UN approved Minsk Agreements.

          • Pears Morgaine

            Zelenskyy suspended 11 of the 52 parties that contested the 2014 election for being pro-Russian. That still leaves 41.

          • Tatyana

            Of these 41, are any of them oppositional?
            As for the banned ones: they were not pro-Russian, they were anti-nationalist, I am talking in particular about the “opposition platform”. They recognized Crimea as part of Ukraine, and wanted a diplomatic solution to the conflict in Donbass, through the implementation of the Minsk agreements.
            A grenade was thrown into their office in 2020, and their media “NewsOne”, “ZIK” and “112 Ukraine” were banned by the Ukrainian KGB in 2021, that is, even when no one believed in the possibility of war.

            They have existed in Ukraine since 1999 and they were the second after Zelensky’s party (who, by the way, won the presidential election precisely on promises to end the war in Donbass, the war that the whole of Ukraine was tired of, and this promise really united voters from all regions).

            By the way, after the Maidan in 2014 there was an interesting “Law On the Cleansing of Power” in Ukraine, have you heard of this? You’ll be interested to learn that you can seize power and pass a law on the dismissal of all previous officials you dislike. Then extreme nationalists, intolerant of the opposition, came to power in Ukraine; what is happening now in that country is literally political ethnic nationalism.
            National Socialism, I think that’s what this form of politics was once called in another country.

        • Adam

          Tatyana, do you know where an interested person could go to confirm “under the Ukraine’s constitution, the power should go to the parliament.”?

      • DunGroanin

        “ The Emperor of Japan is in the UK “

        Holly Molly – I just pooped my pants –
        Rahm Israel Emanuel is IN the U.K.?

        That’s it, we are in armeggdon count down.

  • James

    There’s a good article here: about the decline of the West, manufactured enemies etc.

    A couple of quotes:

    ‘Capital’s alliance with technologies of the third and fourth industrial revolution is necessarily asocial and intrinsically eugenic. […]We have entered the phase in which capital devours everything, including itself, in order to sustain the illusion of its own immortality’

    ‘[In Palestine] the West deliberately perpetuates an even more gruesome “theatre of war”: human beings who’ve been treated worse than cattle for more than 70 years are moved around among the rubble and then mercilessly exterminated, burned alive in their miserable camps, pulverised by bombs in schools and hospitals. The sheer magnitude of this act of barbarism, which shatters any remaining illusion of Western moral superiority, is hypocritically understated, or distorted, in nauseating “free media” and “democratic” debates among moralists who have suddenly awoken from their lethargy, and the usual regime stooges.’

  • barbara deutsch

    as someone observing from California, I had expected someone to comment on the video, at link posted by Peter
    [ see below ]
    how deceptive its seeming neutrality, and even more notable its concluding suggestion — appeal really – for voters to consider that La our’s candidate might be the best one for Blackburn “this time”: to me it seems to warrant discussion

    June 22, 2024 at 13:21
    The 5 Pillars video has dropped:

  • Athena Pallas

    WHAT? You are NOT STANDING IN BLACKBURN? Why have we been funding you then? What will you do now with the funds…..

    [ Mod: To correct an obvious misunderstanding – Craig Murray is definitely standing as a candidate in the election. In fact, another candidate – Tiger Patel – has stood down and has given his backing to Craig. There is still a lot to do in the run up to polling day; more donations would be very welcome. ]

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