The Leaving of Blackburn? 248

With a very heavy heart I have agreed to the toss of a coin to decide whether I or local independent candidate Adnan Hussain should stand in BLackburn.

I feel I am letting down all those who helped and crowdfunded me, and all our local supporters. The amazing support is swelling every day.

But the last minute decision by Blackburn’s independent group of councillors to run a candidate against me, gives the real danger that Genocide Labour will win. As I was unable to agree in a late night meeting with their young candidate yesterday who should step down, I find myself obliged to agree to a coin toss in the wider interest of the Palestine movement.

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248 thoughts on “The Leaving of Blackburn?

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  • S Mackenzie

    I thought heads wins more often but apparently it is the side that is uppermost when you flip that wins 51% of the time. So not much in it.

  • Seb

    The other guy should stand down. Don’t fall for any dirty tricks Craig. In Parliament you will advocate tirelessly for Palestine & for Julian Assange. Labour are terrified of you.

    • Definitely Not 4BwD

      The other guy won’t. Only Craig has enough honor to consider the option.

      The “people” don’t want top talent, they want someone who is “like them”. As for the local issues trope, these are people who apparently place their everyday concerns above the genocide of Muslims? And its a poor argument anyway, Craig would be at least a competent as a local MP as any of the other candidates. Nobody loses anything by voting for Craig Murray: they get a sincere man who has the grasp of the issues that an MP would ordinarily face, and a talented and capable advocate for Palestine on the world stage. But they get in their own way, which is one reason the elites argue that they deserve their fate. A cruel perspective but a logical one; I see no rebuttal.

      • will moon

        Disagree, things are changing, the old certainties are dying yet still you maintain them

        These “certainties” you offer are nothing but platitudes. Sorry, who are you to speak for people? Who are you to speak for British people? Let’s hear about some of your qualities ie reasons why any should give your words weight

        I move in many communities, meet many people. I met two police officers the other day in the course of carrying out their duties. They were looking for someone, not in a good way and we had to spend ten minutes chatting while they waited for info that would tell them where to look. While not a world-shattering chat, I have never had such an open interchange with a police officer in my life, not by a long way.

        The future beckons – why don’t you come and join us?

  • M.J.

    A coin toss? Are you serious? At least make a decision justifiable by reason and logic, not superstition. One would think you were an American astronaut!

    • Definitely Not 4BwD

      This comment has the potential to offend the devout who believe G-d dictates the coin toss outcome. But it’s an apt comment as the “superstitions” provide a convenient excuse for the evil to garner support for their plans. “I watched with glee as your kings and queens fought for twelve decades for the G-ds we made” captures the point artistically.

    • Your wellswisher

      Sorry to hear that you may stand down. This is not right or fair. Adnan Hussain is a bad candidate for Blackburn, hes can’t beat Kate. He’s from Burnley and Lives in Wilpshire. You should not have stood down and taught Adnan and his gang of cronies a lesson. The blame falls on the 4BWD councillors who called you here and then backstabbed you. Karma is a bit*h what goes around comes around. I was due to vote for you; if you leave, then Tiger it is.

      • Definitely Not 4BwD

        > Karma is a bit*h what goes around comes around

        I want to tell Maria Hussain that her ilk deserve the Labor MP that Blackburn will elect, but that’s not very polite so I’ll say it here instead.

        Anyone of any significance has long ago concluded that the masses cannot be helped. Having Prince Myshkin stand up for you in the form of Craig Murray is a rare blessing. Now see what people do? Do you want to release Barabas or Jesus who is called Christ? Same as it ever was….

      • Iiii

        Idk if it’s 100% fair to take the BwD councillors as guilty when it’s just his word against their word and we have no proof of what really happened. But let’s hope for the best

        • will moon

          Maybe so but they sat in front of the candidate in visual confirmation of the candidate’s decision to stand – at their request lol!

          So, no, it’s not just his word against theirs, you are wrong here.

          I am not sure these men understand what they have done. I live in an area that has experienced massive immigration in the last twenty years. I have forged many personal bonds with these new arrivals, many of whom profess Islam. I will be making sure that discussions will take place concerning the liars of Blackburn supporting the Uniparty and supporting the genocide in Palestine

          They are faithless, I don’t care what religion they profess. A liar is a liar and I will spread the word

    • Definitely Not 4BwD

      I think Craig indeed has the support of some minority, but politics 101: although people used to respect and support talented leaders in bygone days, in the current climate the average voter (in any country) chooses the candidate who appears to be most “like them”.

      So to resolve the question: do you want the international man of mystery of a 34 year old local solicitor? Well the latter is far less threatening and more relatable. Now add tribal loyalty.

      • will moon

        “ in the current climate the average voter (in any country) chooses the candidate who appears to be most “like them”

        You have pushed this line before. You seem very certain of yourself. Can you explain the circumstances in which you acquired this belief? Can you explain what you mean by the phrase “like them”?

        I believe your statement should read

        “in the current climate the average voter (in any country) chooses the candidate who “appears” to be most like them”

        I can justify this belief – can you justify your belief?

  • Lapsed Agnostic

    Whoever wins the coin toss, Boss, you’re both standing because you’re both on the ballot paper. All you can do is tell people not to vote for one or other of you. Anyway, isn’t the other candidate called Adnan Hussain?

  • Definitely Not 4BwD

    Oh dear Craig, how awful, if a little predictable.

    Aren’t your names already on the ballots? Is it fair to those who would want to vote for you to tell them to vote for someone else? And the endorsement from Palestine?

    You must be overwrought, your opponent is Adnan Hussain, not Adnan Singh. I see this post has been re-edited several times, if you are having second thoughts please take counsel from some trusted advisors, perhaps not just George Galloway.

  • Definitely Not 4BwD

    Update from Craig via X:

    “I am not standing down in Blackburn. But we have to unite to be certain to defeat Genocide Labour.

    While I believe I am very obviously the better qualified candidate, we should find a united front for Palestine, and I have therefore agreed to a coin toss.

    For Palestine.”

    I don’t trust the other side to honor the coin toss, declare it to be G-d’s will that Craig be elected, and then campaign for him. Does anyone else?

  • Hebah

    You have done the right thing Mr. Craig.
    Thank you for sharing your views and experiences, it’s an eye opener to a better perspective.

  • Clark

    In-fighting in UK electoral constituencies is entirely counter-productive for everyone, especially the people of Palestine, so I think Craig is doing the right thing.

    Adnan Hussain looks to be a very dedicated candidate; he has been a direct activist and an organiser for decades. He should be an inspiration and an example to us all. The future belongs to the young; the responsibility of us older generations is to protect it for them as best we can.

    • AG

      German daily JUNGE WELT this very day had an article on “In-fighting in UK electoral constituencies” among indie parties. Harming their cause.

    • Reza

      Adnan is an inspiration and example to you only. He should have the humility and commonsense to stand aside for someone who has the expertise, respect and contacts to make a major impact; someone who already has on the Gaza genocide.

    • nevermind

      “looks to be” is right Clark, but many are taking his posters down as they think he is a Labour party spoiler and utterly unreliable. He talks at people, does not take many questions, and lies about the ICJ. He is losing support of his own supporters and is somewhat deluded in his claims to become a KC. Such a position does not just happen; first one has to be a successful barrister for 20/25 years before being considered. He should seek help.

    • will moon

      I can’t be inspired by anything to do with deceit, Clarke.

      Whether this man is a liar doesn’t really matter – indeed his personal qualities are irrelevant – career, morality, whatever you say, none of these things matter. He is a tool, a cats-paw for liars. It is lying that has got us all in the shit we are in.

      The path to the future is varied. If we keep expecting the same old same old, we will get the same old same old. If we travel by way of deceit trying to escape the liars, when we get to our destination don’t be surprised if these liars have got there before us. We have to find a new path.

      It begins with each individual – and it ends with each individual.

  • glenn_nl

    And if you win the toss, can they keep putting alternatives forward until one of their stooges wins it? Utterly farcical, shame on them. They must have realised what a good chance you had. Bastards.

  • AG

    Yes this is a bit “bizarre”.

    Does this make sense in the light of polling data available?
    The candidate who most likey wins should run.
    If that is undecided the candidate who brings most weight into the upcoming power struggles.
    What does this mean for Craig´s residency and British security services´ interest in him? Since he is back at square one as far as his status is concerned. MP would have meant a certain safety.
    p.s. The “other guy” appeared young enough to run next time.

  • JohnnyOh45

    Divide and rule is the tactic.
    Having a united political opposition to the Genocide is the best strategy.
    As difficult as it must be on a personal level for Craig to consider stepping down, achieving clarity for the constituents is the most important objective. My hope for Craig is that by demonstrating the moral clarity needed for a candidate to step down, is that if this becomes his role, he will campaign locally for the anti-Genocide candidate. A big ask, I know.

  • El Dee

    Unlike many, or in fact any I can immediately think of, you are putting principles first – whether you are ultimately going to stand or not. Good luck with the ‘coin toss’ and I hope that the other party abides by any agreement..

  • Stevie Boy

    As said previously, you’re better off away from this sh*tshow.
    This other ‘candidate’ was obviously bought in, at a late stage, to undermine you.
    The question now is will he pull out or sabotage the vote to get his paymasters in.

  • TStone

    In a corrupt organization, they cannot let anyone join who is smarter, or less corrupt than they are. Thus, every election cycle brings us stupider and more corrupt “leaders.”

  • Peter

    Very sorry to see this happening, it’s a dirty business for sure.

    Having hounded some of the best people out of the Labour Party, it seems that the Starmer gang are also determined to undermine effective opposition to them at the democratic electoral level.

    Whatever, assuming the posts to be genuine, it appears that Adnan Hussain has put out a video claiming that Craig reneged on an agreement to stand down if the group of independent Blackburn councillors (presumably the same ones who gave Craig their backing and endorsement), following a “hustings”, chose Hussain over him.

    Actionable if untrue, I would have thought.

    He also claims he would never agree to settling the matter on the tossing of a coin.

    Pt 1:

    Pt 2:

        • Twirlip

          There was some discussion of this in the comments on last Thursday’s article:

          Unfortunately, I found the discussion utterly mystifying. (I didn’t dare ask for clarification, because one commenter had already thanked another for having clarified the mystery!) Is there one Adnan Hussain, or are there two Adnan Hussains? I wish someone would just say, either way, straightforwardly, without making a “joke” of it. (I’m sorry if this means that I’m just too thick to get the “joke”.)

          • Lapsed Agnostic

            There are at least two Adnan Hussains in Blackburn, Twirlip – one of them is standing as a candidate in the election, and another proposed our host as a candidate. I initially thought they were likely to be the same person, since I thought his nomination form had probably been completed before his split with the Independent councillors, and because Adnan* is not a common name (there were only 37 Adnans born in the UK last year). I was subsequently corrected by nevermind, who is working on our host’s campaign and who selected the second AH to be his proposer as a joke to amuse the election officials in Blackburn. Hope this is of help to you.

            * Apparently, it means ‘settler’ in Arabic. You can see why it’s not very popular in the Muslim community.

          • Lapsed Agnostic

            Thanks for your reply Twirlip. You’re very welcome.

            Enjoy the weekend.

      • Twirlip

        I’ve no idea what’s going on, but his posturing (in that second video in particular) rings very false. That he would actually go on record with such a crass insult to Craig suggests a thick skin and even thicker brain. God help the people of Blackburn if he gets in!

    • AG

      Odd videos.
      He says “toss of a coin” too many times. As I understood the term illustrated Craig´s feelings and how difficult he finds to give up on this cause, and not describing a policy of how to find a factual solution. Mr. Hussain seems to have misunderstood this.
      Unfortunately he comes across as too pushy. The videos are too pedantic.

      If Craig´s actions are already “disgusting” and his character “stubborn” what words will Mr. Hussain have left to use when attacking Tories and Labour in Parliament?

      Hopefully he will learn to be more relaxed in the future without letting himself get corrupted by the ugliness in the arena.

      p.s. No idea how representative the videos are for all of Blackburn. But it was possibly too daring to bring in Craig from the outside in the first place. Wasn´t this issue checked in advance?
      These things often need years of preparation so the community starts to trust you. To fly in and say “I am your guy now” is not the wisest of methods. If it was done this way.

    • M.J.

      Shows the value of hearing both sides. Hussain certainly sounds sincere to me. I predict that that he will campaign in the way that candidate MPs usually do. I look forward to learning the result on 5th July.

      • will moon

        MJ I watched some greasy cypher on the NotAndMar show. This beaut is standing in Starmer’s patch as a response to Andrew Feinstein’s candidacy.

        And what a beaut he was. Didn’t make sense, didn’t have to anything to say. It told me something when the genial host of the show got a bit ratty with him

        Your comment and reference and retraction thereof to previous, instantly brought this clown to mind

  • pasha

    I may be totally off base, but the word “bribery” suddenly floats into my consciousness. There is no other rational explanation for the Blackburn Councillors’ decision.

  • Bob Smith

    It doesn’t matter who wins or loses the toss as you will both still be on the ballot paper – indeed many postal votes will already be cast. The coin toss will only mean anything if the loser joins the winners campaign and makes sure that voters are aware. Can you be sure that is what your opponent will do?

  • Scott

    Hussain may have realised that a coin toss/ gambling, being haram, would not be a good look. Hence the recording will not be released.

    A second recording could have ended his ambitions. Welcome to the jungle of local politics: normal rules do not apply

    • Definitely Not 4BwD

      Think Craig was outmaneuvered on the coin toss. He’s too guileless for politics. In my opinion he should stay within his professional milieu rather than trying to win favor with the masses. Of course lacking a formal position and a budget makes this rather difficult. Sigh.

    • Muj

      What Islamophobic nonsense. If you don’t know what you are talking about it is better to remain silent. A coin toss, being random, is a perfectly reasonable (and also halal) way of resolving a problem when faced with this sort of decision. As a Muslim I would never pray in a mosque in Blackburn, a community that voted for Jack Straw ahead of Craig has my utter and undying contempt

  • Nicola Kirton

    Please do not give these monsters what they want, Craig, this would be a disaster. Please carry on, you are one of our top candidates. This is very depressing for all good and decent people in the country. Why is this country so nasty and evil?

  • Coldish

    A difficult one. Both of you are on the ballot paper and that can’t be changed. I’d be inclined to leave it as it is, keep on campaigning for yourself, and send your regards to Mr Hussain with best wishes for success in his political ambitions and in the common struggle against war and austerity.
    This sort of issue – competing candidates from the same political movement – could be easily and effectively resolved under the Irish electoral system of single transferable vote in multi-member constituencies.

    • will moon

      Maybe Coldish a result letting the Zionist Labour Party win would be the best thing for the voters of Blackburn?

      Upthread statements contain divisive statements about Mr Murray’s social class. Yet he has in no way been implicated in the depravity, the corruption, the sheer anti-human nihilism demonstrated by the rulers of Britain and their attendant lickspittles, the elected and unelected dirty Pols, since the inception of the phoney but very profitable “War on Terror”.

      To go back on one’s word is not uncommon but in these circumstances when those British men sat dressed in green, in front of Craig Murray as a show of public support of his acceptance to stand for Parliament, I thought that Britain was ready for change – and so, it turns out did the fat controllers of the Uniparty and they acted

      Carry on campaigning, these people are faithless, they won’t keep any agreement. If the Uniparty wins the seat, maybe these people can reflect on their position within their own communities. It was always about trying to save lives there in Gaza. I am glad I went to Blackburn. I saw some of these people when I was there, “the independents” LOL. I will remember what has happened here.

      I was up early this morning, 3.30, I have spent the last four hours listening to very high flying jets. I imagine these jets are carrying weapons to bases in Cyprus, Israel and to Türkiye. The War is likely to begin soon. This is definitely gonna be “the War to End all War”, but not in good way.

    • Jeremy Dawson

      (replying to Coldfish re the Irish electoral system)
      the Australian system of single transferable vote in single-member constituencies would work just as well – whether you vote
      1 Murray 2 Hussain, or 1 Hussain 2 Murray, your vote will be counted for one of those two candidates

  • Umar

    You were wasted in Blackburn, that community did not deserve you. They are very insular and selfish – remember the Jack Straw debacle?

    You should have been advised to come to Bolton South. Yasmin Qureshi has a free reign. The Muslim Vote haven’t even endorsed anyone against her.

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