As the Spirit of Enoch Powell Presides Over England, Scotland Must Leave the Union Now 382

I am genuinely stunned that, following the competitive racism-fest that was the Tory Party conference, the Tories have gone up in the opinion polls.

I quite admit my judgement was completely wrong. I was feeling happily that the Tories had finally overreached themselves, and the implications of employers drawing up lists of foreign employees, or primary schools writing to parents demanding birth certificates, would be met with popular revulsion from the inherently decent British people.

Well, I was wrong. Racism pays, at least in England. After their Conference the Tories are up to 43%. The Tories and UKIP combined are up to 54%. I am afraid it is intellectually dishonest to avoid the grim truth. At present, you cannot be too racist for popular English taste. The underlying theme of the Labour Party conference was Blairite calls for Labour to join in the mood of xenophobia. Of the existence of that mood there can now be no doubt.

That Scotland has an entirely different political culture to England is now undeniable. I think the map of the EU vote by voting district is crystal clear.


The problem is, “Devolution” does not protect Scotland from implementation of this tide of xenophobia. As immigration is a reserved matter, the refusal of visas to attend non-Russell Group universities will impact harshly on some Scottish universities, even though University policy is theoretically with Holyrood. Similarly Holyrood cannot stop Scottish employers being ordered to draw up lists of foreigners by the Home Office, nor Scottish primary schools carrying out new immigrant checks ordered by Amber Rudd.

Theresa May has already sought to rub Scottish subservience in our faces by making plain Scotland will have no place in Brexit negotiations and Holyrood no veto on any outcome. Now we see the true limitations of our defences against Tory rule.

In the Independence referendum campaign Gordon Brown vowed that, if Scotland voted No to Independence, it would within two years be “as close to a federal state as you can be”. Instead it is as close to a fascist state as you can be.

There is a huge gulf between what is happening in the UK and what a great many No voters in the Indyref, particularly Labour No voters, believed would happen. The political circumstances are now entirely different to those prevailing or promised in 2014.

It is therefore very legitimate, indeed necessary, now to call a second Independence referendum to sort out the mutually conflicting votes of Scots in the Independence and EU referenda. Scots voted, democratically, to be both in the Union and in the EU. But they cannot be in both. It is vital, now, to discover which they want as a matter of democratic legitimacy.

The SNP really must stop havering. Now is the time for Indyref2. we must break free from the toxic culture of jingoism that has swept much of the UK. It is both a political and a moral imperative.

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382 thoughts on “As the Spirit of Enoch Powell Presides Over England, Scotland Must Leave the Union Now

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  • michael norton

    Germans outraged over terror suspect’s prison suicide ‘fiasco’

    A Syrian bomb plot suspect found hanged in his cell had not been deemed an “acute” suicide risk, German officials said Thursday as outrage grew over the judicial “fiasco”.

    The death in custody follows an initially botched attempt to arrest Jaber al-Bakr last Saturday, which sparked a nationwide manhunt that ended only when three other Syrians caught him and handed him over to police on Monday.

    Two days after Bakr’s dramatic capture, the 22-year-old was found hanged with his T-shirt in his jail cell in the eastern city of Leipzig.

    The death sparked cries of outrage and concern that Germany may never learn the plans for an attack on a Berlin airport Bakr had allegedly wanted to carry out in the name of the Islamic State group.

  • Sam Biggins

    Not really sure what planet you are living on. I think the polls say it all; we will not be going independent anytime soon. Be it that 3 party figures of the SNP are being investigated for fraud, Spain stating that they would veto any application from Scotland to the EU. But.. yes, sure let’s just go independent and act as if the economy is a world of fiction; wake up to reality.

    • glenn

      I wish you’d stop quoting that right-wing rag around here.

      Has anybody ever asked you to, or thanked you for doing so?

      If we were stupid enough to want to rot our brains by reading that rag, we’d buy our own copy. You’re providing a service nobody asked for and nobody wants.

  • Alan

    At Glasgow High Court last Wednesday, Ronnie Coulter was found guilty of the murder of Surjit Singh Chhokar.

    Coulter killed Surjit by stabbing him three times as he returned home from work in 1998.

    This was Coulter’s second trial for the murder. He was cleared of the murder in 1999.

    Then at a separate trial in 2000, his nephew Andrew Coulter and a friend David Montgomery all walked free.

    Andrew Coulter has since been photographed on demonstrations with the racist Scottish Defence League.

    Serious criticism was made of both the police and of the prosecution service, citing incompetence and institutional racism.

    The decision to try Coulter separately rather than all three together was even criticised by the first trial judge.

    It is seen as the reason why it proved impossible at the time to gain a guilty verdict.

    There was also criticism of the authorities for their refusal to acknowledge a racial motivation for the crime.

    Surjit’s family were also treated insensitively. They were not provided with the necessary interpreters or informed about the decisions made about prosecutions or exact charges.

    The Chhokar Family Justice Campaign was formed by the family’s solicitor Aamer Anwar in conjunction with anti-racist campaigns. It got strong support from trade unions and the STUC.

    Eventually two inquiries substantiated many of campaigners’ claims. But the inquiries were in themselves unsatisfactory, being held in private and also criticising aspects of the campaigning.

    Sadly Surjit’s father died last year before seeing his son’s killer convicted. But the fight for justice was never given up.

    Ronnie Coulter, who boasted to his sister, using racist language, that he had committed the perfect murder, now faces a life sentence.

  • Sharp Ears

    The SNP Conference is debating Resolution 16 at the moment. Vote shortly. Ch 131

    ‘Scotland’s Place in Europe’

    • Sharp Ears

      The motion was overwhelmingly carried.

      ‘Brexit means independence’: SNP conference to debate #ScotlandInEurope

      Motion urges second referendum if independence required to protect place in Europe

      THE SNP AUTUMN CONFERENCE WILL debate the impact of Brexit and the prospect of a second independence referendum.

      A motion from the Edinburgh Western branch was accepted in the SNP’s 2016 conference agenda, seen by CommonSpace, called ‘Scotland’s place in Europe’. It asserts that a second referendum should take place, if required, to protect Scotland’s membership of the European Union.

      Going before the conference on Friday 14th October, the motion states: “If no viable solution to safeguard our membership as part of the UK exists, Scotland should prepare for a second independence referendum and seek to remain in Europe as an independent country.”

      Every electoral area of Scotland voted to remain in the EU, including 62 per cent of the total electorate. The UK as a whole voted to leave the EU by a majority of 52 per cent.

      Since the referendum, four of Scotland’s five main parties united to seek all options possible to maintain membership of the EU.’


  • michael norton

    Guess what, all Muslims
    Rotherham child abuse charges: Eight guilty
    Eight men have been found guilty of 16 charges related to the sexual abuse of three girls in Rotherham between 1999 and 2003.

    The men, all from Rotherham, are Sageer Hussain, Mohammed Whied, Ishtiaq Khaliq, Waleed Ali, Asif Ali, Masoued Malik, Basharat Hussain and Naeem Rafiq.

    They are due to be sentenced on 4 November.

    Det Ch Insp Martin Tate said they committed “vile crimes”.

  • Chris Jones

    But no comment on the xenophobic racist plan by the globalist elite to destroy European nations with mass illegal immigration Mr Murray? looks like more regressive white guilt liberal self flagellation and critical race theory to me. And regarding the tories, they are just pandering to extreme elements in Britain. It’s just for show. They have long sold out any notion of patriotism for Britain and its nations – they are loyal to the globalist coporate elite who want to destroy all of the worlds countries especially traditionally white European ones. We musn’t defend white countries from genocide of course – that would just be so, umm… weicist…sigh

  • michael norton

    MPs’ consent not needed for Article 50 to trigger BREXIT
    Consent from Parliament is “not required” for Frau Theresa May to go ahead with getting BREXIT
    under way, the High Court has heard.

    Attorney General Jeremy Wright said it was a “proper and well established” principle that governments
    use the royal prerogative in such cases.

  • michael norton

    Frau Theresa May ‘has full confidence’ in Philip Hammond
    Frau Theresa May has “full confidence” in Philip Hammond, Downing Street has said, after reports the chancellor was trying to slow progress towards Brexit.

    Some newspapers say colleagues believe Mr Hammond is attempting to “undermine” the process by delaying decisions on migrant curbs.

    But a Treasury source told the BBC the claims were “rubbish”.

    • michael norton

      Christian Holliday suggested that the ancient law covering betrayal of the state should be amended to include support for Britain’s EU membership.

      Anyone guilty of the crime of Supporting The United Kingdom being kept in the European Union against the will of the people
      could face life imprisonment under his proposed change in the statute. By yesterday evening 2,000 signatures were on the petition on the official Parliament website.

      As news of Mr Holliday’s action spread people were signing up at the rate of 100 every 10 minutes. But his move triggered disciplinary action from his local Tory party and he was relieved of the Conservative whip on Guildford Council pending a meeting next month.

  • Caroline Castle

    As an English woman living in Edinburgh I wholeheartedly agree with you. I care as much about England as Scotland, but truly the majority have got their country back, and would happily see Scotland “bugger off”. With the economic outlook for the UK now deteriorating and the prospect of decline, instability and weak opposition to a right wing Government, I see no reason for Scotland to cling to the Union. We would not be on our own, we would be part of a large successful progressive Union of 27 countries and I think would live at ease with our choice.

    • Chris Jones

      You’d be happy for Scotland leave one dodgy union but join an even dodgier one run by and for unelected undemocratic corporate fascists? Yes , that makes total sense – cognitive dissonance much?

      • michael norton

        it does seem that the only sane move for Scotland is to stay in a 300 year old union, which Scotland asked for.
        there was a referendum about a couple of years ago
        and most sane people voted to stay in the United Kingdom.
        I understand that was a once in a lifetime referendum

  • Ernest

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  • michael norton

    Phillip Hammond given two choices: Back BREXIT or LEAVE
    PHILLIP HAMMOND is facing calls to quit unless he backs Theresa May on her plans to cut ties with the hated European Union.
    He MUST respect the will of the British Voters.
    The Chancellor faces mounting pressure over claims he is “obstructing Brexit” by forcing the UK to stay in the single market, amid rising fears it could see us pay billions into Brussels coffers.

    Theresa May’s right hand man, who campaigned for Remain, has also been accused of “undermining Brexit” by trying to delay key migration talks.

    Iain Duncan Smith, former Work and Pensions secretary, called for Mr Hammond to support the prime minister with her plans to unshackle Britain from the bloc

    Personally, I believe Frau May should tell Hammond to get with the BREXIT programme or trot along.

    • michael norton

      Corbynites ‘launched disgusting homophobic attacks’ on Angela the Eagle
      Labour’s Angela Eagle has been the target of hundreds of “abusive, homophobic and frightening” messages sent by the party’s members, an internal report has found.

      The former shadow business secretary also had the window of her office in Wallasey bricked after she announced her challenge to Jeremy Corbyn for the leadership.

      The findings of an internal investigation into the abuse lays bare the way the increasingly unpleasant rift within the party is playing out at grassroots level.

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