Cheer Up! The Glass is Full for Independence. 146

I find some social media comment unduly pessimistic on the prospects for Independence, which have never been brighter. We have almost all Scottish Westminster MPs. We have a pro-Independence majority in Holyrood (the other Green MSPs are much better than Patrick Harvie) for another four years. The SNP is back for a historic third term, having polled more than twice the votes of anybody else. We can neutralise a Scottish Lib Dem as Presiding Officer – they will do anything for a title and a cushy job. It is not a question of whether the glass is half full. It is full. The head on the beer may be a wee bit deeper than we wanted, but the glass is full.

The percentage supporting Independence has risen fairly consistently and it is now around 50/50, as reflected in this election result. Support will continue to grow.

But the most helpful development of all is that it is now absolutely plain to everybody that the choice is between Independence and the Conservative Party. The falling in of the unionists behind the Tories is the greatest boost we could have – the media promotion of the Gordon Brown social compact lie is now finished for good. In a straight choice between Independence and Tories, Scots would only go one way. Only one in nine of eligible Scottish voters, voted Tory. If that is the unionist base, good. You will also find that the age profile of that 1 in 9 is going to be highly problematic to the unionists.

It is perfectly legitimate for Independence voters to have different tactical views in the election, but now we have to come together again. I am willing to put myself at the disposal full time of the SNP’s pro-Independence campaign this summer. They have expressed an intent that this will not be a purely Party campaign. As we all gear up for it, please remember me as a potential speaker in your area.

I have no doubt something will crop up to justify a new Indyref within the next four years. Brexit. Another illegal war by Westminster. A firm opinion poll lead for Indy. Some nutty right wing Tory policy proposal. Do not worry. It will come.

A brief note on Labour. A quietly spoken truth is that I do not know any Scottish nationalist who would not like to see Jeremy Corbyn in power in England (with all due respect to Caroline Lucas, for whom I have great respect). The Labour Party has no role to play in Scotland before Independence. It is just getting in the way, and humiliating itself. Post Independence, I suspect quite a lot of Nationalists would join a genuine Scottish Labour Party. In the meantime, the unionists should just off and join the Tories.

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146 thoughts on “Cheer Up! The Glass is Full for Independence.

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  • BrianFujisan

    But i Have Been …For Many Days Wondering How FED UP is. I hope he os ok. … Peace.

    • nevermind

      Hi Brian RD lives somewhere between Ruislip and Bletchley, makes it easier to commute…
      To those who say that the Independent vote is tied to the Brexit vote I say, if you are against TTIP and believe that we should get out before the EU will sign the treaty, forget it.
      TTIP has 2/3of Germans up in arms and Merkel dare not impose it on them, but a UK out of the EU, faced with years of renegotiations by our BICOM foreign policy unit, will sign up in a jiffy, because Cameron is wedded to the idea.

      I’d like to hear Obama’s advise once he realises that this wretched treaty is not going to be in the bag this year, or ever.
      TTIP is the creation of a neocon cabal that wants to pitch a western orientated world against an emerging Eurasia, we can now see how much/little resources are left and now we come to the stage were we get the cudgels out and bash each other over the head for the last drop of oil;, rather than use what is inside these hollow sphere’s to use and harness the suns immense potential to provide us with clean energy.

      “But the German population has a very different one. More than two-thirds of Germans reject the planned trans-Atlantic free trade agreement. And even in circles within Merkel’s cabinet, the belief that TTIP will ever become a reality in its currently planned form is disappearing.”

      But the German population has a very different one. More than two-thirds of Germans reject the planned trans-Atlantic free trade agreement. And even in circles within Merkel’s cabinet, the belief that TTIP will ever become a reality in its currently planned form is disappearing.

      • Chris Rogers


        The problem with this analysis on TTIP, regardless of the electorate, our masters are intent on getting a trade deal signed. Given Clinton has spoken out against TTIP on the campaign trail, the fact is Clinton will push this neoliberal trade deal through Capitol Hill should she become President – Trump is unknown here.

        Looking at the EU again, specifically the EuroZone and Commission, both the President of the Commission and Head of the ECB have no concern whatsoever as the opinion of ‘we little people’, particularly if it hinders their Federalist dreams.

        Opposition to the EU from the left is very much concerned with ‘sovereignty’ and ‘democratic accountability.’ Now, lets just look at what happened to Cyprus and Greece on the finance-side of the equation, which is essentially both countries hived off sovereignty of monetary/financial issues to the EU, the rest of which has been catastrophic for much of each counties electorate.

        Further, I’m absolutely confident that the UK outside of the EU and under the Tories would be negotiating as many neoliberal trade deals as possible, alas Obama has already instructed the UK that if it opts out it will go to the back of a long line of countries, which suits me fine and gives breathing space to rid the UK of a Tory government.

        And, despite what people think, if we combine abandoning FPTP with a new ‘Federal’ construct for the UK, it’s unlikely such deals could be negotiated in our name – that’s a 10 year timeline one is talking about and much can change in 10 years.

        Better analysis is available from other website that deal with finance and monetary issues, but if you think TTIP or TPP is dead, think again as the elite, full of hubris, care little what we think and will press ahead regardless by stealth.

        Merkel has an election coming up, but don’t be surprised when Germany’s elite throw anti-TTIP’ers under a bus, its what’s in store in the USA, and its what’s in store in the EU, unless of course Le Pen actually gains the French Presidency, in which case all bets are off.

        I have many reasons to not vote in favour of the EU as it stands, TTIP being but one of many grave concerns I have.

        • Node

          RD lives somewhere between Ruislip and Bletchley, makes it easier to commute…

          His body, maybe. His spirit lives in Grantham.

        • nevermind

          thanks for that Chris, voting to get out will be a signature under that treaty, it would take the Tory’s no more than two weeks to sign up to this madness.

    • fred

      But you post about other countries don’t you? You post about Palestine even though you don’t live there.

  • Mark Golding

    I do hope the SNP’s pro-Independence campaign this summer connects with Craig Murray and entangles with his passion for a separate Scotland. It is a tribute to the kindness and generous nature of CM that he grants a determined voice on Syria here totally out of his frame of reference for off-topic remarks and for which I am eternally grateful.

    • giyane

      Not only Syria, Mark, a treasure trove of otherwise information and links from a huge number of contributors attracted to this blog, including yourself. Thank you for shedding light on the false propaganda being put in the MSM by USUKIS neo-colonials about Syria. The old colonialists used Muslims to fight against other Muslims, and they are doing the same as we speak. It is very distasteful that they are using Asian UK Muslims who adopt the appearance of Sufis, and Saudi Muslims who adopt the appearance of wealthy Westerners, to pursue a war against the Syrians and the Kurdish who have Islam in the correct balance , understanding and common-sense.

  • K Crosby

    I hope I’m wrong but I fear that the Snats may be the worst obstacle to another plebiscite, now that they have survived the failure of the Scotch to vote for freedom and kept their snouts in the trough. I think you’re right to place yourself at the disposal of another campaign but I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you.

  • fwl

    Ba’al you were asking about Wind Rush? There is a BVI Wind Rush Services Ltd referenced on the data base but BVI registered 3 November 2006 and struck off 30 April 2012

    Of course these records have a limited meaning in themselves although they are interesting.

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