An Honest Man at the BBC @KKeaneBBC 22

I have identified the remarkably brave BBC correspondent who followed the massive Tory propaganda of the Sarah Smith BBC Scotland election night package by “let us not forget the SNP won a historic victory” as Kevin Keane. I also see that he has yesterday changed his twitter photo to one with a strapline underneath reading “SNP won a clear and emphatic mandate.”

Yorkshireman Mr Keane’s salary is approximately £170,000 pa less than that of Laura Keunssberg and significantly less than that of Sarah Smith. I am afraid his unfortunate addiction to truth telling is not going to have a positive effect on reducing that disparity. Indeed I fear for his continued employment. But we will ensure he is always welcome in Scotland.

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22 thoughts on “An Honest Man at the BBC @KKeaneBBC

  • Donald Scott

    Just another grievance-seeking punter trying to comprehend why the election didn’t go to plan?

    How can anyone fathom why the Scottish electorate not have freely provided the SG unfettered permission to continue to run amok over the political landscape? Declining manufacturing output, reduced inward investment, intrusive social manipulation policy (the Orwellian Nameless Person’s scheme) and an obsession with centralisation of pretty much any service you can come up with? Police Scotland, local government services, NHS Scotland, Education, the list could go on.

    Oh, and I almost forgot to throw up our GDP. What of the reduced revenue from oil and financial services now that RBS are ‘consolidating’ their presence in the UK to quietly moving jobs and capacity to South of Gretna.

    That threatened second referendum is certainly doing our balance of payments a power of good. So no, I just can’t get why the Scots electorate would show that they want a SG that does what it says on the packet.

    • craig Post author

      Err you seem not to have noticed the SNP won the election with twice as many votes as anybody else, and there is a clear pro-Independence majority in Parliament. For someone who so confidently believes he is on the side of history, you seem remarkably nervous and defensive.

  • amanfromMars

    The government, and governments worldwide, and the BBC and all other mainstream media mogul operations in particular for that matter, if they continue to choose to badly micro/macro manage perception in order to present a certain and uncertain virtual reality, will sooner rather than later, reap a whole series of whirlwinds which will destroy them as they and that which are more expert in the field, open up all fields to the many inconvenient truths which are hidden away from the masses because of the command and control revealed to be in hands, hearts and minds of an arrogant, and therefore also ignorant, few.

    Such a vector is the new leading sector and the finest of smarter warrior places in that new fangled, entangling Cyber Space which has establishment systems terrorised and all at sixes and sevens and in chaos. And it is with IT in Command and Control, not a space and/or place for fools, as they are not suffered or granted access to almighty secrets. Deny it if you will and that doubt will be gratefully exploited and result in secure progress with a powerful contributory stealth.

    I Kid U Not …… Times have fundamentally changed and are dramatically a’changing.


    Respect for the honesty and integrity that he has and that other bbc-ites do not have…..Thank you for keeping the truth at the front of your work ethics.

  • Phil ex frog

    What is the point of this post? The last sentence is just bizarre.

    Maybe Keane will become the martyr you seem to desire. More likely he will be mildly rebuked . Laughed at by his peers. Realise his comment will not further his career path. And adjust his behaviour accordingly. Cause that’s how it works.

    • craig Post author


      Why do you persist in treating everything with a literalism that is plainly not intended, when you know it is not intended?

      • Phil the ex frog

        In the absence of context lauding one individual is as useless as calling for the sacking of another. Focusing on individuals you misunderstand the problem and trap yourselves in a groundhog day of froever chasing your tails in repeated disappointment.

        And entirely predictably be disappointed my lovelies. Don’t burst into tears, but your hero from yesterday has stabbed you in the backies.

        It seems the brave outstanding BBC journalist Mr Keane, has been very quickly whipped back into line. Check out his twitter tag line today.

    • amanfromMars

      Where have you been hiding, Phil ex frog. [regarding the comment posted May 8, 2016 at 10:54]

      Haven’t you noticed the tectonic plates shift, ’cause that’s how it used to work and how the systems would surely like it to continue working, but all of that is the grandest of follies in the greatest of games and real idiotic play in the relatively new, freely available fields of virtual endeavour, easily made accessible to one and all today, methinks.

      And, Craig, can you provide an enhanced text/edit bar to the post comments facility, with all major popular functions, Craig. I have read that you thought they were to be provided rather than one having to [b]try[/b] out options for oneself. It can so avoid the menace of ambiguity and appearance of misunderstanding in words which are shared for consideration.

    • J Galt

      Yes I quite agree Phil – telling the truth at the BBC is definitely a bad career move!

    • Phil the ex frog

      Well bang goes his warm welcome to Scotland then?

      Sack the Yorkshire bastard! Hang him! Let’s start a petition!

  • Je

    On the BBC – I made a complaint once. To their credit, they do have a complaints process. Not to their credit – their defensive failure to understand or acknowledge even basic journalistic standards when they don’t meet them. And they don’t. Its a lot of effort, your complaint working its way to end of their stonewalling. Wearying, but effort for them too. So if you have the time and object to something then – don’t expect proper redress – but at least you can voice, and make them work too.

    It just convinced me, that they aren’t just not impartial of the individual journalist level – but as a whole organisation.


    Bit OT but I just got pre-moderated at the Guardian for posting:

    “Jews are fully assimilated in Britain, vastly over-represented in Parliament, and elsewhere. Former leaders of both main parties have been Jewish – and their being Jewish was hardly mentioned. Nobody knows you’re Jewish unless you tell them. And in Britain, hardly anyone cares.”

    They wouldn’t allow “Now google: racism in Israel” either.

  • Republicofscotland

    “I am afraid his unfortunate addiction to truth telling is not going to have a positive effect on reducing that disparity. Indeed I fear for his continued employment.”


    Yes you could be right on that, BBC reporter Eddie Mair, gave Boris Johnson a grilling a few years back, and Mr Mair hasn’t been seen much since.

    I suppose the BBC don’t like their darlings to be put down in any way.

    • laguerre

      “and Mr Mair hasn’t been seen much since.”

      Really? He’s one of the main presenters of the PM programme on Radio 4.

      • Republicofscotland

        Laguerre, thank you for that, I’m not really a radio 4 listener, still I suppose my point has partially stood. You can’t see Mr Mair, on the radio . ?

  • nevermind

    Congratulations for finding someone who fits the bill for decent journalism, the question is, would he be better placed teaching young media students at Newcastle or sitting in some office in the BBC?

    I’d rather see someone able in a teaching capacity, once groomed through the BBC shill-mill, able people are either dumped or parked in some side job where they can’t do any damage to their establishment bias.

    The last few weeks smell of exactly that, the fear of a rich privileged class who can see that their jumper is torn, in more than one place, and about to unravel, bring on the knitting needles who can fix the perception and guarantee a continuing jumper wearing, its just not cricket anymore and the yellow sweaty stains are showing, clearly.
    Once the ripping off turns into a crescendo and privateers falling over themselves to get a cut of our taxes, there will only be one progressive action left to us all, a tax boycott.

  • giyane

    Phil the heron lunch.

    Yes by eliminating all the voices of reason the Zionist / imperialists have succeeded in destroying Afghanistan Somalia Libya Iraq,and now Syria down the S bend of the heron’s gullet. Right now a new UK government for Libya has been re-gurgitated out of the nest of spies in London and the BBC blessed it with methane gas from its de=composing swamp.

    But there are millions of little Muslim tadpoles wriggling with life and hope to replace the innocent slaughtered. That’s how it works.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    And of course, the joke which no mainstream commentator seems capable to pointing out is that Jeremy Corbyn and co are what 30 years ago would have been consdiered moderate social democrats. In 1986, the then-Right-wing Labour politician, Roy Hattersley would not have had much argument with most of Corbyn’s current platform. Most of his policies accord with those of the SDP in the early 1980s. In other words, the perceived ‘centre’ has shifted so far to the Right, anything to the left of Blair is deemed deeply ‘red’ and therefore beyond the pale – as in the ludicrous and inaccurate nickname, ‘Red Ed’. In this psychotic rubric,even Ed Milliband was not deemed acceptable.

    • Geejay

      Indeed, time to call them for what they are: Cameron, Osborne & co – the Hard Right. Use it and drive it home.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Actually, I have a lot of respect for BBC Scotland’s Political Editor, Brian Taylor and for journalist, Iain McWhirter. The latter has penned some excellent books recently on the immense changes in the political situation in Scotland in recent years. On a personal level, these two experienced journalists have demonstrated a keen intelligence.

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