BBC Lies and Statistics #SackKuenssberg 58

Here are the basic facts from Thursday’s plethora of UK elections, limited to those affecting the relative Labour and Conservative Vote

English Council Elections
Labour 1,291 councillors Conservative 828 Councillors

London Mayoral Election First Preferences
Labour 45.2% Conservative 35.0%

Labour also won the three other mayoral elections in Bristol, Liverpool and Salford

Scottish Parliament elections constituencies
Labour 22.6% Conservative 22.0%

Welsh Assembly Election Votes
Labour 34.7% Conservative 21.1%

And yet the BBC ran a claim all day that the “projected” national vote share was Labour 31%, Conservative 30%.

This simply cannot be true. Labour won the London mayoral election by over 200,000 votes. They were 130,000 ahead in Wales. Taking all the elections except the English local council seat elections, Labour were 360,000 votes and approximately 6% ahead of the Tories. To balance this plus the majorities of the 1,291 Labour English councillors elected, each of just 828 Conservative English councillors elected would have to have an average majority of approximately 1,000. Random sampling shows this is absolutely not the case.

My own calculations, based on knowing all the other results and extrapolations from samples of the English local council results, is that the national vote count was Labour 34% Conservative 29%. It might not be precisely correct, but is not far out.

But I can say for certain is that the BBC 31/30 figure is a despicable and quite deliberate lie. The BBC has become a caricature of a state propaganda machine.

UPDATE It has been pointed out that in the Scottish regional list vote the Tories beat Labour by 520,000 to 431,000, a huge disparity with the aggregate constituency vote which Labour narrowly won. But if you use the regional rather than the constituency total in the UK wide calculation, the extra 89,000 Tory lead only marginally affects the overall calculation.

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58 thoughts on “BBC Lies and Statistics #SackKuenssberg

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  • Zach

    My thoughts are if the BBC are clearly failing to uphold the charter regarding impartiality, surely there is some way to hold the trust accountable for this? After all they are basically a bunch of government appointees from the department of culture sports and media so the system is clearly open to abuse from any government. In this situation who watches the watchers?

  • John

    Very interesting – the fact that the BBC were involved in an apparent attempt to influence voting during the course of polling day.
    Is that sort of conduct not unlawful under representation of the people acts?
    It seems we no longer have a public service broadcaster in the BBC.
    Only Channel 4 TV fulfills that independent function any longer.
    I wonder why the current government wishes to privatize it?

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