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It is peculiar timing for the unionist rag The Scotsman, to declare it had solved the mystery of Willie McRae’s death – just when security service tasking on the SNP returns to the levels of 1975-86.

The Scotsman claims that the police had first removed the vehicle and then replaced it, and this explains the mystery of why the gun was so far from the car after McRae’s remarkable two shot “suicide”. For me, that adds just another level of improbability to so very many. How, inside a car, you shoot yourself in the head in such a way that the gun falls out of the window, seems problematic. The car was crashed over a burn; how you order that with the suicide is peculiar.

The case is a notorious one in Scotland. There was never any indication of McRae having suicidal tendencies. He was driving to a destination – his cottage – where he was expected and he had phoned ahead for the fires to be lit. A briefcase of documents went missing from his car. Several retired policemen have affirmed he was under police and security service surveillance, which since his death the authorities refuse to comment on. He was not only a leading member of the SNP, but an effective anti-nuclear activist. All that I already knew – what was new to me was that he had also been investigating a senior paedophile ring. It is tempting to put that together with his having been ADC to Louis Mountbatten, but I confess that is mere speculation.

Establishment lackeys have been trying to ridicule my assertion that the SNP is a major security service target. Many know they are lying, and deliberately are trying to distract. But for those who are actually naïve, is it not extraordinary that anytime anybody mentions anything the security services do, it is dismissed as “conspiracy theory”. GCHQ, MI5, MI6 and SO15 employ over 50,000 people between them. What do you actually think they do all day?

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  • Ba'al Zevul

    So, do you think that Willie was murdered, and if so, by whom?

    I think his death was suspicious. But I don’t think his connections were sufficiently worrying to our security services to require his demise. The SNP itself has always been careful to specify its nonviolent approach, and the wilder element – with which Macrae has been linked – were (a) kept at arm’s length and (b) ridiculously ineffectual (had indeed been thoroughly infiltrated). Call me a don’t know. Stefan Kock is a name that has been mentioned in this context. It may not be wholly irrelevant.

  • Abe Rene

    PPS. The figures of 12,000 and 40,000 should be changed respectively to 15,000 and 30-something K. Not that it changes the conclusion much.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Think that McRae’s connection to Lord Mounbatten as ADC is much more likely to explain his murder too.

    Simon Hayward had to pass muster with Colonel ‘Dickie’ when he was joining the Life Guards.

    He wrote glowingly in Under Fire: My Own Story about it: “I count it as a very special privilege to have met Lord Mountbatten.” Quoted from (p. 33.)

    The Irish National Liberation Army blew up Mountbatten, and when Hayward learned through SoS for Scotland George Younger that the growing Scottish National Liberation Army was attempting to do the same thing to Thatcher’s government, he seems to have been recruited to do take down MccRae.

    Hayward and Younger shared many things, starting with they both having lost fingers on a hand.

  • Ba'al Zevul

    Think that McRae’s connection to Lord Mounbatten as ADC is much more likely to explain his murder too.

    Join the Daily Express in that opinion, then. I enjoy your attempts to make it look as if you knew the first thing about it, though.

    This guy (ex News of the World, lol) is IMO rightly sceptical of the Macrae mythos. Was he anything whatever to do with Mountbatten? Evidence, please. Military background (whether winding up as Commodore or Lt-Cmdr)? Actually, I heard the same Seaforth/Indian Navy/ADC to Mountbatten story applied to a completely different individual in the independence fringe, and with equal lack of support.

    Take a look at Chapter 11 of this:


  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Don’t know why you are making out that McRae was not an aide de camp to Lord Mountbatten as it is clearly stated in the media, especially the Daily Express.

    Not interested in the history of the SNLP, though I do note in the article you linked that there is no mention that I can find of it having sent allegedly a letter bomb to SoS for Scotland George Younger – what is mentionedi n other articles.

    And I am interested in if McRae was a member or made up to look like being a member of the SNLP – what I increasingly think he was murdered because of.

    Certainly what happens to Hayward, Younger, and Howe et al. afterwards looks like he was, thanks to their setting up Hayward as a drug runner in order to stop the arm shipment on the Eksund from Libya to the IRA, their keeping him locked up in Sweden to keep the lid on their plots, PM Thatcher going bananas when Howe, Younger and MP John Gorst allowed Hayward to publish his Under Fire: My Own Story, their leaving her government, Thatcher’s collapse, and Hayward being allowed to tell part of his story again as Captain James Rennie in The Operators.

    Certainly merits an inquiry since McRae’s alleged suicide is most unbelievable.

  • Ba'al Zevul

    Q. Don’t know why you are making out that McRae was not an aide de camp to Lord Mountbatten

    A. as it is clearly stated in the media, especially the Daily Express.

    I think that’s a very full and adequate answer, personally.

    And this is even better:

    The authors of the book acknowledge that McRae was born in 1923. This is true.

    They then go on to state that McRae graduated from university with a degree in History prior to the start of WW2 – that is prior to 1939 when he was barely 16 (!) – that he served as an Army officer at the beginning of the war – but McRae was only aged 17 in 1940 – and that by 1945, and the end of the war, he was a Commodore* in the Indian Navy – although a Commodore is a very senior naval officer, and the youthful McRae is unlikely to have reached such an exalted rank at the age of 22. All of this is obvious nonsense.

    * The authorised version has Lieutenant-Commander, but that makes no difference to the absurdity.

    And I am interested in if McRae was a member or made up to look like being a member of the SNLP

    SNLP? WTF?

    As the article states,

    “The SNLA states that:
    1) Willie McRae was a member of the SNLA;…”

    Now read on. It’s fascinating, and I am fucked if I am going to cut and paste the entire article in bite-sized chunks for the benefit of a self-styled ex-intelligence asset with a five-second attention span. One who, furthermore, provides nothing to back his own often ludicrous assertions. You’ll find research grows on you, if you try it.

    I don’t know who or what killed Macrae. Given the utter incomptence of Busby and Dismore, it could have been them, or it could have been some demented spook who thought Macrae was them. Or it could have been an alien with a laser cannon supplied by the Illuminati, who subsequently planted a .22 short round in Macrae’s skull to mislead the pathologist (and I hope you like that theory and pursue it for ever). I don’t know. And neither do you, and neither will we ever know.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Sorry about mistyping the SNLA, but it makes no difference.

    I get emails all the time from organizations that I have either never heard of or have not joined, stating that I am a member. Certainly could have happened to McRae (note the spelling) if he was set up for murder.

    And to deny what Hayward and Alan Clark say about themselves, and the media say about Howe and Younger as not constituting research is simply pathetic.

  • Ba'al Zevul

    And to deny what Hayward and Alan Clark say about themselves, and the media say about Howe and Younger as not constituting research is simply pathetic.

    Maybe. But I was slating your reluctance to read material I had supplied you, and made no comment whatever about those individuals.

    As to the spelling of Macrae (sic) – in this instance, Wikipedia disagrees with you, and when in doubt I use the Highland rather than the Lowland spelling. Some macs get extremely pissed off when referred to as mc. More courteous not even to hint at their possible tinker origins. (smiley)



  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    In accepting Wikipedia spelling, you are even going against CM who started the threat.

    Like your Highland allegiance; reminds me of when Secretary of State of Scotland George Younger, who is not on any list you provided, directly challenged Willie McRae with his support of the modern Gaelic revival, and sided with Aberdeen rather than Glasgow over how Scotland should interpret London law when it came to Scottish affairs.

    Just the tip of the iceberg, it seems, over Younger’s involvement in Willie’s murder.

  • Ba'al Zevul

    Ok, it was Younger, with a light sabre, in the Oort Cloud*, Trouser. If you say so. And if Craig got the spelling wrong, that is hardly my fault.

    *Probably the least likely instigator of a clandestine murder ever to work for Thatcher, by the bye.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    That;s total rubbish about Younger.

    All you have to do to see it is to read Simon Hayward’s Under Fire:My Own story where he alluded to his leadership of the ‘shoot to kill’ campaign in Northern Ireland which ambushed Francis Bradley preparation of his assassination of Sweden’s Prime Minister Olof Palme which got him an intelligence position in Younger’s MoD, once their cover ups had been safely carried out.

    It was while Hayward was going on a mission to stop the shipment of IRA arms in February 1987 on, the Eksund in Libya that it was overruled by MI6 to capture it at sea with the help of a mole in the IRA leadership, and the French navy.

    It was at the expense of setting up Hayward as a drug runner.

    When he was imprisoned for it in Sweden, he wrote a most bitter account of it – what caused Thatcher to go bananas over, sacking Foreign Secretary Howe, and forcing Younger’s resignation, though there was nothing in it to justify or explain either of them. The PM could read between its lines, and was afraid other people could too.

    It led to her downfall because Howe bitterly denounced her for sidelining him when his time came, and Younger would not lift a finger to reassure her re-election as Party Leader.

  • Ba'al Zevul

    Trouser, you really must confine yourself to chasing one hare at a time. Fascinating though Hayward’s story is (he got five years, not from us, but the Swedes, btw)….tell you what I’ll do. I’ll mention Brougham, and you can get a plug in for your book. How’s that, eh?

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    I don’t want ant boost from you about any of my books, especially my two-‘volume biography of Lord Brougham.

    And Hayward was set up by MI6 for drug.running in Sweden because in February 1987 he was expendable and becoming a serious problem because od his killings in Scotland, Ireland, and Sweden

    Looks to me that the murder of Willie McRae was to help get rid of Michael Heseltine at the Mod. especially over the Westland helicopter affair, so that the elimination of the USSR, could go ahead.

    Hayward seems to have carried out a deep plot which started off by McRae being poisoned, and then murdered on the highway so it looked like a suicide. Younger made the murder into a suicide by stopping all investigations of it after Hayward was safely back in Northern Ireland in the 12 Intelligrence Company in June 1985.

    Then when Olof Palme stopped those 80 HAWK missiles to Iran via Sweden, he was set up to trigger the non nuclear conclusion to the Cold War.

    When Heseltine quit the Cabinet over the Westland Affair, Younger took his place at the MoD, and got KAS, ltd. to kill Palme while it was checking his bodyguard proaction.

    The only reason it didm’t result in armageddon is that Younger changed NATO’s Anchor Express Exercise into defensive maneuvers when the US Navy’s Task Force Eagle didn’t turn up, and the NATO forces started suffering losses, especially from avalanches in Norway’s Vassdalen..

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Hurried to post previous post without correcting it for fear I would lose it.

    Only important corrections are the 14 Intelligence Company, and former SAS Major David Walker’s firms are KMS. Ltd. and Saladin.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Now resorting to mindless riddles?

    Are you referring to that Representative from southern California where Camp Pendleton is located?

    Remember a few years back when Michael Boatwright aka Johan Ek showed up there, suffering from amnesia, apparently because of what he had done to get to the bottom go the Estonia tragedy?

    He too was killed when he started regaining his memory when he went back to Sweden.

    Seems that Willie was awakening from his slumbers.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Still trying to figure out how Hayward knew Scotland so well.

    He made no mention of ever having served there, but knew the roads around Aberdeen well, like even when its roads were salted, and professing that if he had been there on January31, 1988, and driving his brother David to a fencing match, they would not have been killed: “If I had been there, it would have been different. the accident would not have happened. I could have saved him.” ( Quoted from Under Fire:My own Story,p.405.)

    This recalled his driving RUC members around during the ‘shoot to kill’ murders in response to the IRA bombings in London in July 1982.

    And why would Ollie North title his own account of their covert operation, it seems, with a most similar one: Under Fire: An Amercan Story?

    Much of Hayward’s training for the 14 Intelligence Company must have taken place in Scotland’s Highlands.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Looks more and more like Hayward was working with Scot Forbes Cay-Mitcell, a resident of Glasgow, when Willie McRae was assassinated, and they both were set up in Sweden in February 1987 for drug-rnning to conveniently take them out of circulation for now the assassination of Olof Palme too.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    The only interest that Scotland had in Forbes Cay-Mitchell when he was arrested with Captain Simon Hayward in Sweden was determining that he was not Forbes Mitchell, Jrr., the headmaster of Bridgend Primary in Almiss, Easter Ross.

    Though they were half-brothers, having the same father, official Scotland lost all interest in the drug-runner who was captured along with the covert killer.

    The Glasgow Herald added apparently nothing to its article on April 3, 1987 about the boy who grew up in the city with his uncle Com.

    Hardly surprising that the murder is still a mystery.

    Guess George Younger was still keeping the lid on everything covert that occurred in the colony.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    The lack of interest in the murder of SNP leader Willie McRae just becomes more mind-boggling when I think of what happened to his likely assassins, the lengths the Crown went to in order to cover up what was really going on, etc.

    Captain Simon Hayward and Scot Forbes Cay Mitchell were made out to be drug runners in Sweden after they had outlived their usefulness in apparently stalking and killing not only McRae but also Swedish PM Olof Palme.

    Then to make sure that John Stalker, investigating the ‘shoot to kill’ campaign in Northern Ireland which Hayward had led, did not get to the bottom of what had happened, Sir John Chilcot had him removed from the inquiry for fear that he would connect Hayward with his brother Christopher who was working with MI6 in the hope of catching Gaddafi shipping weapons to the IRA on the Eksund.

    The fact that Hayward was given a new identity as Captain James Rennie – after Thatcher blew her cork when Hayward was allowed to publish his version of what happened to him and Cay Mitchell in Sweden – escaped the media, except for Tony Geraghty when he published his book, The Irish War.

    Then there was no meaningful obituary when Cay Mitchell apparently died suddenly on February 24, 1996, only taking note of the fact that it had happened.

    What does it take for the UK to actually investigate its ongoing covert actions!

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