The Price of Ermine 45

I see that “Lord” Alan Sugar, the unpleasant bully of employees, has donated four hundred thousand pounds to the New Labour campaign. All part of why New Labour will never give us a democratic upper chamber. Having promised it three times in their election manifesto and broken the promise every time, i am stunned they have the temerity to offer it again.

Jack Straw is of course in charge of Lords “reform”. Probably the most corrupt man in the House of Lords – and one of the few to be suspended for corruption – is Straw’s bagman, “Lord” Taylor of Blackburn, the “parliamentary consultant” to at least ten big defence firms including BAE. Another is “Lord” Adam Patel, chief organiser of postal ballot abuse in Straw’s Blackburn constituency, immortalised in the famous blog “Postman Patel and his dog Jack”.

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45 thoughts on “The Price of Ermine

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  • technicolour

    Dreoilin, I’ve noticed that stuff occasionally disappears from time to time. (is this nromal, on reflection?) Yours was probably more noticeable than most because as MJ says, it was useful 🙂 And you’d be missed if you went.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Dreoilin, don’t go!! You’re real. Real people are required in the ether, to fold it together. And you’re humourous, to boot – something else that is (as that moustachio’d Master of Ceremonies in ‘The Good Old Days’ would’ve rhetoricised) indispensible, irretrievable and unreproduceable (try saying that after a hard Saturday night on the town!).

  • MJ

    Tut tut Suhayl. Call yourself a writer? It’s ‘humorous’. And ‘indispensable’. You wouldn’t catch that Mrs Desmoulins making mistakes like that.

  • technicolour

    dreoilin, these men need a good woman or three around them, or they go all silly. think of it as a social service! I also find it a bit odd that the blog owner would not put his foot down about Larry’s abuse, but from what little I know of the blog owner, he probably doesn’t know about it! You cld email him?

  • technicolour

    I know, that sounded jolly sexist, but it was meant to be a light-hearted souffle of a sentence.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    It was indeed a light-hearted souffle to compete with the best. Fanny Craddock was have been proud of you! Delia most certainly is. Not so sure about that awful shouting Alan Sugar-like chef, Gordon Whatshisname.

  • technicolour

    Everything in moderation, No?

    inc. political debates. i can’t use them for anything, being currently beyond satire & in disbelief. so am unable to hack them. lasted 20 mins though!

  • Abe Rene

    Someone enlighten me, because I don’t remember for sure – has Dreoilin left in the past, and then come back later? If so, we can look forward to her returning.

  • Gran Ole Opry

    Yeah, yeah. Dramatic exits, resurrections, prodigal sons return.

    Always pulls in the crowds.

    Go for it, dreoilin. What a showman.

    Come to think of it. Craig pulls this trick himself, now and again.

  • Owen Lee Hugh-Mann

    Tony, if you want tips on Windows shortcuts, why don’t you try one of the enormous numbers of free tech support sites instead of criticising others for not instantly responding to a question that is irrelevant here? Being good natured, people have taken the trouble to respond, but many others will have failed to read your ‘cry your for help’ as they immediately skip your posts because they are full of personal trivia relevant only to yourself. I’ve seen that you have the insight to understand this and that you say you give way to this self-indulgent impulse when you’ve had a few too many, but it doesn’t prevent you being a serial offender. As others have pointed out, it does you no favours when you might wish your occasional on topic posts to be taken seriously. Some people even thought you were deliberately trying to undermine Craig’s credibility. This isn’t meant as an attack on free speech, so why not type your thoughts on your own computer and then copy and paste just the relevant bits the next day when you’ve had time to apply some objectivity, and if you think the details of your personal life are of interest to others, why not start your own blog elsewhere?

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