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21 thoughts on “Under The Weather

  • brian

    Swap you for my sickness and diarrhea. On second thoughts why should you get the glory for world record projectile vomiting.

  • anno

    Get better soon, Craig. One hair-size wire in my keyboard’s lead was broken, now mended. Alhamdulillah!

  • technicolour

    I don’t think it’s flu; I think it’s the Icelandic (yeah, Iceland, we’ve got your number) volcano ash.

    All airports closed. And my family were laughing at me for preferring trains…

  • technicolour

    I mean, c’mon, a volcano has exploded! European air travel’s been shut down! Woooh!

  • Anonymous

    FFS poor Nick Clegg. they’ve managed to make him look fake even if he isn’t.

  • Clark

    Sure it isn’t allergy to pointless elections? Symptoms: lethargy, hot under collar, high blood pressure, etc etc…

    I hope you feel better soon, Craig!

  • Clark

    Totally fantastic new Moon, Mercury and Venus in the West, but you’ll have to be quick…

  • anno

    Mark, is that the cure for yellow fever? Sickness is a means of erasing sins. Possible sins in need of erasing: 1/ belonging to a political party that hasn’t denounced illegal invasions, 2/ belonging to a party that has friends of Israel, 3/ finding excuses not to listen to the great war criminal leaders’ debate.

    Voron ka voronu lyetit,

    voron ka voronu crichit:

    Cameron: ‘Where shall we gang an dine the day? Gordon me old mate?’ i.e. What shall we eat?

    Brown: ‘I wot in yonder ditch lies a young Knight. ‘What d’you fancy Dave, a bit of Uzbekistan, a slice of Palestine or shall peck out the bonny blue eyes of Afghanistan for a treat?’

  • Laurie

    Just try and concentrate on how good you’ll feel when it’s all out of your system, Craig. Get well soon.

  • Mark Golding - Children of Iraq

    The Atomic Knights of the round table.

    The regulation and partition of the gigantic nuclear market was deemed a successful summit. At the table were the Indian prime-minister keen to be part of the $150 billion market having signed a nuclear deal with America; Pakistan sat at the same table intent on deals for a it’s three new sites to develop 2nd generation nuclear weapons (NY Times 12th April), opposite was Israel in the shape of Dan Meridor, Minister of Intelligence and Atomic Energy. Israel has 50 kilos of plutonium and generates tens of kilos/year, next to Israel was France, which supplied Israel with its first nuclear reactor for the production of nuclear weapons, and Germany which, together with the United States, contributed to the empowerment of Israel’s nuclear forces by delivering three Dolphin sub-marines with a nuclear-missile launch capacity.

    The United States signed a series of agreements for the provision of nuclear technologies and fissile material to the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, Morocco and Algeria(else they be miffed).

    Thus it came to pass a huge promotional campaign was thus launched for the sale of “turn key” nuclear power plants in the Middle East and North Africa.

    Hahaha – the dissemination of civilian nuclear technology so that more countries can make the mother of all bombs.

    All this under the pretext of ‘Nuclear Safety’ – bollox!!

  • Frazer

    Bro..a wee whisky and leamon with honey..after several of them you are either cured, or do not give a shit how bad you are feeling !!

  • Suhayl Saadi

    George, if you’re free tomorrow – Sat 17th – do come along to our film screening; it concerns human rights, in fact. It’s free. It’s hosted by the Rev. Stewart MacQuarrie at the Glasgow Uni chapel at 2pm (to 5pm).



  • Your nemesis

    Good, make it swine flu next time, and die with it. Fucking adulterer.

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