An Urgent Message About Gaza 365

I can’t type much with my left hand but I wanted to get this out there. It then took me ten hours to upload with a maximum speed here of 0.5mbps. Still more breaking news now. May do a follow-up tomorrow.


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365 thoughts on “An Urgent Message About Gaza

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  • Carlyle Moulton

    There is an onerous taboo. Before daring to criticise Jewish mass murder of Palestinians one must genuflect to the evil of what Hamas did on October 7.

    There must be something wrong with me as I see Hamas’ actions of October 7 perfectly understandable for an indigenous people that have been under a campaign of effective genocide for 57 or 76 or however many years. There is a war and it is asymmetric and the balance of power is such that even guerilla hit and run was tactics are not feasible for the weaker party. The nicety of not killing civilians because International law says it is not allowable is not available to a party as weak as are the Palestinians. If one considers the ratio of collateral damage, i.e. killing of civilians to killing of legitimate targets on October 7 – it is about 2 to 1. The collateral damage ratio of Israel’s subsequent attacks on Gaza is somewhere above fifteen to one and may be as high as thirty to one.

    Those who full of self-righteousness are on Israel’s side are unconscious of the all the things Zionists have done to Palestinians since the nineties of the nineteenth century, since the commencement of Jewish immigration under the Ottoman Empire, since the Balfour declaration of 1917, since the Palestinian rebellion of 1936 put down by the British Army in conjunction with Zionist militias, since the Nakba of 1948, since in 1967 the conquest of the remainder of mandate Palestine not grabbed in 1948 and in the West Bank and Gaza since.

    Consider the events of 1948. The proto-Israeli death squads killed 15,000 Palestinians to get 750,000 to flee converting the Jewish minority in Palestine to a majority. The 15,000 were killed in two stages, the first was a softening up process killing 7,500 to instil terror and then another 7,500 on Nakba Day (one in every hundred) to encourage the others to flee. One event typical of the softening up process was the Deir Yassin massacre. Mondoweiss has an article on it and the things done were very similar to the unproved allegations of which Israel accused Hamas on October 7 e.g. cutting fetuses out of pregnant women and beheading them before killing the mothers.

    MOD I am unsure of the hyperlink, please delete if it has failed to work.


    • Lysias

      Hamas did no more on Oct. 7 than the Algerian FLN did to the French colonizers in 1962 and than the Vietnamese did to supporters of the puppet government through the Vietnam War.

      • Bramble

        I reject violence personally. But I cannot help but note the hypocrisy of those decrying Hamas (and by implication all Palestinians). They are the ones justifying Israel’s genocide as a response. They accept the creed of vengeful violence when committed by their favoured State, but not when committed by the victims of that State. (Israel breached another fundamental international law by attacking a consulate building and murdering those within it. But that has not been condemned, only the threatened retaliation. Same shameful hypocrisy, endorsed by the mainstream media and most commentators in the supposedly “civilised” West.)

    • Tom Welsh

      Thanks, Carlyle; I couldn’t agree more.

      “…an indigenous people that have been under a campaign of effective genocide for 57 or 76 or however many years”.

      Actually it began at least 100 years ago. The declaration of the “state of Israel” merely accelerated the process and gave it spurious legitimacy.

      Moreover, Israel has gone to most unusual lengths to make it virtually impossible to know who is a “civilian”. I hear that all Israeli adults undergo military training and are reservists ready to be called up at a moment’s notice. many “civilians” are routinely heavily armed, and some of them have no compunctions about killing Palestinians, with or without any pretext.

      And, of course, no “Israeli” has any moral or legal right to strut around Palestine pretending that it belongs to them. It doesn’t.

      • Lapsed Agnostic

        Ultra-orthodox Haredi Jews (who currently constitute over 10% of the Israeli population) have an exemption from military service, Tom, provided the man of the house’s ‘career’ involves studying the first five books of the Bible, which he gets paid by the Israeli State to do, in order that he may be able to put food in the mouths of his very large family caused by his having taken the Biblical injunction to ‘go forth and multiply’ literally. Needless to say, all this is currently causing a bit of friction in Israeli society:

    • Jack

      There was a report by the UN last month that said that while sexual violence “reasonably” occured, tellingly – no witness or evidence were presented to the UN from Israel. Nothing:

      UN report launders Israel’s fraudulent “mass rape” propaganda

      The hyper-focus on alleged sexual violence seems to be a tactic by Israel trying to appeal to the islamophobic western population that this is what evil muslims/immigrants do.

      That Israel itself carry out sexual violence is of course never mentioned in the media:
      “We are particularly distressed by reports that Palestinian women and girls in detention have also been subjected to multiple forms of sexual assault, such as being stripped naked and searched by male Israeli army officers. At least two female Palestinian detainees were reportedly raped while others were reportedly threatened with rape and sexual violence,” the experts said. They also noted that photos of female detainees in degrading circumstances were also reportedly taken by the Israeli army and uploaded online.

  • Jack

    According to a new Yougov-poll some 36% polled believe there is a genocide in Gaza, speciffically 56% of the Biden voters believe this (link in the twitter link)

    An american (jewish?) doctor that visited Gaza saw genocide in Gaza:
    “Genocide was the overwhelming impression that I got,” says @mperlmuttermd
    , orthopedics hand surgery specialist and president of the World Surgical Foundation who just volunteered in Gaza. “This is dehumanization. The purpose of this is to kill a population.”

    Watch this segment on Democracy now here:

    This is the problem, facts do not matter anymore to the west. I mean these are first hand accounts by western doctors, including this possibly jewish doctor, what other kind of evidence do west need to admit that the jewish state actually commit acts of gencoide?

  • Brianfujisan

    In the Early weeks of this Genocide I’d say to some people. ” the Israel Genocide of Palestinians ” ..Now I only have say ” The Genocide “.. Cos the whole world knows.
    And now the Germans send the Police in to End a Palestine Event in Berlin..
    Here Yanis Varoufakis Tells of German police storming the building to end
    the Palestine Congress Event –

    The speech by Yanis Varoufakis on Palestine that German police banned – 15 mins –

    • frankywiggles

      Little ruff man Olaf getting brutal with Palestinian women and children and now scholars.

      Meantime from the FT a couple of days ago, “A survey by the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry last September found that *43 per cent* of large German industrial companies were planning to relocate their operations outside of Germany, with the US being the top destination.”

      Little ruff man Olaf standing silent as Genocide Joe vows to destroy Nordstream 2 pipeline, Feb 7, 2022:

      It begs the question, are Hitler’s heirs taking out their cucked frustrations genociding trapped women and children because they are too cowardly to protest Biden wrecking/ stealing their manufacturing economy?

  • Jack

    Pathetic to see the EU putting sanctions on individual jewish settlers, there are now roughly 450’000 illegal settlers in the West bank and have soared to this number for decades. Ridiculous ploy by the EU now, trying to pretend/frame that they are taking a critical stance against Israel. Oh these religious fundamentalist settlers are now forbidden to enter the EU or what? Wow this will change things!
    EU do not of course dare to put sanctions on israeli government that facilitate these settlements to begin with!

    As usual, when it comes to Russia the EU had no problem putting sanctions on Russia, not individual russians “settlers”, for their annexation.
    EU extends sanctions against Russia over occupation of Ukrainian regions until February 2025

    • ET

      There is a split in the EU with regards to Israel. There is politics behind the scenes. Ireland and Spain are trying to force through an assessment of the current EU-Israeli trade deal on the basis that Israel isn’t complying with its human rights obligations commitments made in that deal.

      Ireland, Spain, Slovenia, Malta, Belgium, plus possible Norway and Portugal are moving to formally recognise Palestine as a state.
      I think there is significant resistance from other EU states such as Germany, Austria and maybe others. Ireland and Spain have said they will press ahead with this unilaterally, which has infuriated Israel. Charles Michel has also made some statements, as in the following article:

      My reading of his statements is that he is trying to delay things. The upshot is I don’t think that the EU member states are speaking with one voice, even if it appears so.

  • Republicofscotland


    Hopefully the charges will be dropped.

    “Julian Assange’s wife says it is a “good sign” US President Joe Biden is considering dropping prosecution charges against the imprisoned WikiLeaks founder.

    Stella Assange said on Thursday her husband was “extremely unwell” and “stressed obviously because he could be extradited to the United States to face 175 years in prison.”

    “We’re considering it,” Biden replied when asked if he had a response to Australia’s request to drop prosecution of Assange.

    Australia’s parliament passed a motion in February with Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s support for the release of Assange.

    “I have said that we have raised, on behalf of Mr Assange, Australia’s national interests that enough is enough and this needs to be brought to a conclusion and we’ve raised it at each level of government in every possible way,” Albanese told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

    “I hope Joe Biden really just drops this case now as the entire human rights community and press freedom community is asking him to do,” Stella Assange said.

    Assange, an Australian citizen, has been held in Britain since 2019 while fighting extradition to the United States.”

    • Melrose

      O/T too
      cause we never took that matter lightly.
      Obviously, Biden is inclined to drop charges against Assange. But his advisers tell him to wait, until the Donald makes a bold statement about it.
      So presumably, we still have to wait for a few months, and so does Julian. Sorry, Stella!

      • Courtenay Francis Raymond Barnett


        The release of Julian Assange is more a matter of practical politics for Biden (as you accurately suggest) rather than an issue of law and/or principle.

        • Melrose

          Thanks for confirming the obvious.
          If it comes as a surprise, we’re not living in a perfect world. But let’s keep hoping…

  • harry law

    There will be an appeal in the High court soon by Glan and Al Haq. concerning the admission by Alicia Kearns MP, and other developments.
    NEW: The oral hearing to appeal the initial dismissal of our case will take place before 26 April.
    Pushed several more times about whether he has been advised that Israel had breached international law, Cameron said: “The short answer to that is no.”
    He added, however, that he felt his answer wasn’t “fair on the lawyers” because it didn’t reflect the complexity of their considerations. [In other words he was lying HLaw]
    “The lawyers give you lots of advice saying, ‘We are worried about this event, that event. We’re going to go away. We’re going to consult with Israeli authorities, ask a bunch of questions and then we are going to give you considered legal advice’,” Cameron said.
    “That’s why it’s not really a yes or no answer,” he said to O’Hara. “I’m trying to be helpful by explaining how the job works. Does that help at all?”
    “No,” said O’Hara to some laughter from those gathered in the small room at Portcullis House. “But unfortunately, I think it’s as good as I’m going to get from you.”

  • harry law

    Earlier today the navy of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corp boarded and seized the container ship MSC Aries near the Strait of Hormuz. The ship is operated by Zodiac Maritime, a company owned by the Israeli billionaire Eyal Ofer.
    Israel has condemned the seizure as a violation of international law, you could not make this up. It is to be hoped that more blocking of Israeli shipping, especially to the main ports Haifa, Ashdod and BenGurian airport which accounts for 80% of Israel’s import/export.

  • Carlyle Moulton

    There is an irreconcilable conflict between the interests of Israelis and Palestinians. Both side believe that they alone are entitled to occupation of the remains of mandate Palestine. Supporting these claims are two irreconcilable narratives and most supporters of one suffer unbearable cognitive dissonance if exposed to the other. I am on the Palestinian side and am talking about myself here, I respect those like Tony Greenstein who expose themselves to the other argument in order to debunk it. When I argue the Palestinian case I am relying on things that I learned from newspapers in the seventies and eighties before the MSM’s extreme anti-Palestinian shift.

    The balance of the narratives in public opinion has shifted over the years. Immediately after 1948 there were many Jews sympathetic to the plight of the Palestinians. Some of them according to articles in The Intercept were published in magazines supported by Jewish organizations. By about 1953 these pro-Palestinian voices were squeezed out. Another Intercept article asserts that US anti-terrorism laws were developed to specifically target Palestinians and discredit their narrative. From about 20 years ago Israeli propagandists (The Jerusalem Congress) have successfully advanced this process.

    • AG

      just a short comment –

      3 weeks ago Norm Finkelstein on Princeton campus talking – reminded that 1947/48 cleansing was, whether one likes it or not, a project of what we would call today “progressive Jewish left”. And therein lies the core problem.

      On the other hand I always point out – I don´t have the opportunity to inquire Finkelstein on this since I don´t live in NYC – that at the pre-1948 poll conducted by a British polling agency, 25% of Jews in Palestine were against the foundation of a Jewish state.

      They argued – correctly so as we now know – that a nation-state would destroy the civil society and grassroot-network of Arab-Jewish community life created since the late 19th century also utilizing progressive Kibbuz-projects. And yes Noam Chomsky for one has always taken much of his now abandoned one-state-solution argument from his experience in those structures.

      He once said that “Zionism” did in part turn itself onto its head more and more after 1948.

      All this said in the light of Finkelstein´s contradicting harsh views – which most will share here – on the incapability of true cooperation and “co-existence” of original progressive Zionists of the sort of Ahad Ha’am/Asher Ginsberg.

      I would therefore really be interested how a conversation on this very issue between Finkelstein, Chomsky, Khalidi and Edward Said coming back from the dead would look like. I assume however there is material on this discussed by said gentlemen in some exchange of views. I just haven´t found it yet.

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