Tories Leap Into the Unpopularity Abyss 249

The official Conservative party spokesman, Laura Kuenssberg, has just announced that Theresa May will remain as Prime Minister, supported by the Democratic Unionist Party in Northern Ireland. Now the DUP are probably the most unpleasant bunch of individuals in organised politics in the UK. The “No Surrender” arch protestant bigot party founded by Ian Paisley.

It is fascinating that, after an election in which the Tories and their mainstream media acolytes attacked Jeremy Corbyn at every opportunity for his alleged sympathies with the IRA, the Tories have come to an arrangement with a party that was from its inception and still is the political wing of the loyalist terrorism. The mainstream media never even mentioned the existence of Loyalist terrorism during its sustained attack on Jeremy Corbyn.

The loyalist terrorists murdered 1,016 people in the period 1969-2001. They shot someone dead in a supermarket car park in an internecine dispute actually during the election campaign. In all the media attacks on Corbyn about the IRA, there was no acknowledgement that Loyalist terrorism even existed. I think we can be pretty certain that the media are not going to start digging into the terrorist links of the Tories’ allies now. But social media is going to discredit them.

The DUP are corrupt, homophobic, racist and above all religious bigots of the worst kind. The nastiest people in politics. The utterly discredited Theresa May refuses to resign and intends to continue to rule over us with the support of this ugly faction. Popular support for the Tory government is going to plunge to unprecedented levels. This gruesome malformation of a bigots’ alliance between Brexiteers is not going to last long as a government, and the popular retribution will be massive.

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249 thoughts on “Tories Leap Into the Unpopularity Abyss

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  • Jane McArthur

    Ahem Craig..shouldn’t it be “official Conservative party spokeswoman, Laura Kuenssberg” but, hang on a minute, wouldn’t the Tories say “spokesman” ? I defer, it is right after all!!!

  • Shaun Hartigan

    Reading Craig’s article about about the DUP, I’m sure they’ll sit very comfortably alongside May.
    May dug her own grave calling this unecessary election. By committing this latest contemptuous act against the British public, she has jumped into it.

  • Mark Rowantree

    Agee entirely with your analysis Craig, Inter alia the Conservatives have now totally alienated the Catholic vote. I’m certainly not arguing that one should always be beholden to any religious view, however it is surely political suicide to actively seek to antagonise them?

  • Alistair Granham

    Have you seen Jack Bernhardt’s excellent Twitter thread on the May government’s criminal neglect of the crisis at Stormont? (@jackbern23) While the MSM goes on about Ruth Davidson extracting an assurance from May that the DUP alliance will not cause the rolling back of LBGTI rights in the rest of the UK (as if that’s likely), what’s much more important is what it will do to the chances of ever repairing the power-sharing Stormont government. May can’t challenge Arlene Foster on the corruption question on which everything hangs.

  • fwl

    This may already have been posted, but keep an eye on DUP funding from the Constitutional Research Council. Stories at the Irish Times and the Indy. Apparently overseas funding is permitted in NI. Presumably if UK Cons tie up with DUP then they will have to investigate and disclose.

  • Mae Purcell

    i like many others lived thru the IRA and Ulster Terrorist war against innocent people and after every disgusting comment made against Labours Leader she should hang her head in shame for this uniting with his unpleasant party . Could you go any lower Theresa May because I do not think you could

  • Kempe

    ” The mainstream media never even mentioned the existence of Loyalist terrorism ”

    I don’t see why they should. How is it relevant to Corbyn (and Abbott) once having expressed support for the IRA who incidentally (with a little help from the INLA) killed over one and a half times as many people as the Loyalists, army and police combined and weren’t averse to murdering OAPs in their own homes?

  • Weechid

    To think that last time round the “Little Englanders” were afraid of the influence the Scots would have if Milliband got in. Bloody well serves them right but a shame the rest of us have to suffer.

  • John Garrett

    I’ve nothing to add to these words of Craig Murray, former British Ambassador, and one of the few in our diplomatic service to have had the temerity to speak his mind.

  • d

    Nice to see you have finally joined diaspora social media network (albeit only unofficially. Where freedom really does exist.

    The moral of the election is that those that mobilised now should have done so earlier.

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