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63 thoughts on “Hastings Recounts

  • Tony_0pmoc

    Why do you care? Hastings is in England.

    I thought you were in Scotland.

  • Kerch'ee Kerch'ee Coup

    Alex Salmond spoke strongly in favour of a ‘progressive alliance’ in his farewell til next time speech.How influential will he be behind the scene?

  • Hieroglyph

    In an astonishing turnaround, she’s won. Some wag on Twitter said it was 5 recounts? That surely can’t be right?

    Today joining Watson in the pit is Chukka Umunna. Happy to work in a Corbyn SC. Honestly, the front of these treacherous US spies is quite something. Corbyn should tell them all do do one.

  • defo

    Quote of the night.
    “And tremble, false Whigs, in the midst of your glee,
    You have not seen the last of my bonnets and me!”

    No prizes for guessing who. 🙂

  • Daniel

    Next stage: Corbyn to focus on Scotland to get those Tory seats back in red hands and to win the new marginals including my own in Golder’s Green and Finchley. A house price crash will mean we’ll get a landslide in the next one.

    • K Crosby

      Putin blamed for hacking Kuenssberg’s face and wiping the smile off….

  • Sharp Ears

    A close shave.

    Conservative Amber Rudd Votes 25,668 46.9%
    Labour Peter Chowney Votes 25,322 46.2%
    Liberal Democrat Nicholas Perry Votes 1,885 3.4%
    UKIP Michael Phillips Votes 1,479 2.7%
    Independent Nicholas Wilson Votes 412 0.8%

  • Fuddlededee

    The possibility of an Untied Kingdom fades into the darkness as Great Bigotland awakens to navigate the islands across the Atlantic.

    Now that Elmer Phudd “won” Hastings I assume the NHS will be dismantled at bargain basement prices.

    No doubt the BBC will be congratulatings itself on its superb and accurate coverage and predictions. In the meantime the greeen light will be given to Murdoch to finish his takeover of broadcasting and print media.

    I nfinish this just as Emily on the BBC demonstrates how accurate their exit polling was….yawn. Just waiting for Laura to squeele and squirm more Conservative spin..

    • K Crosby

      Kuenssberg is trying to isolate Putin’s computer hack to get her snarl back, she’s very upset with Theresa.

      • D_Majestic

        I guess a lot of people will be upset with Theresa this morning. A foregone conclusion has turned into an unmitigated disaster. It will be interesting to see how the BBC fields its own incompetence in this totally biased campaign.

  • Sharp Ears

    ‘We shot ourselves in the head’ Nigel Evans Con Ribble Valley

    ex La Kuenssberg, the Tory stooge, outside No 10. ‘Theresa May has no intention of resigning’

    LOL to the nth power.

    • JOML

      The Scottish Tories are cock-a-hoop, illustrating what their personal priorities are!

      • D_Majestic

        ‘Thereby hangs a tale’ I think Shakespeare wrote. Yes indeed. Wondering.

      • Muscleguy

        Yet the Triple Lock is still in. The SNP have a solid majority of Scottish Seats. So Ruth ‘Rape Clause’ Davidson has failed on her own terms.

        Don’t expect to hear that one in the MSM though.

        The SNP were far too cautious and their support stayed at home as a result. That is what happened, SNP vote share down by thousands as their support stays at home. Steady as she goes, don’t scare the horses, safety first managerialism doesn’t excite the voters Nicola.

        BTW the SNP held NE Fife (Ming Campbell of FibDem fame’s old seat) by all of two votes, yes that is 2 votes.

        • JOML

          Yes, Muscleguy, I propose a democratic vote amongst the Scottish MPs on the subject of a second referendum! 35 seats is a clear majority, well over double that of the Tories. Celtic won the league this year without losing a game (SNP GE 2015), but unlikely to repeat that next season, but they will still be champions (SNP today). The opposition can’t make any comparison with their parties as they would only highlight how they have lost.

          • JOML

            What message, Fred? Do you think people should vote your way or not vote at all? Do you think the Lib Dems give up too or is your thoughts on politics as inconsistent as your selective condemnation of online abuse? Your posts give the impression that you are a petty individual, unable to cope with people who have a different perspective on our society / countries from your own. As an aside, 35 seats out of 59 is a majority, albeit I don’t think the ‘first passed the post’ approach is fair.

          • defo

            Massaging the figures again Freddo ?
            Every single one of the non SNP voters is a ‘No’ ? GTF
            Yougov did ask the ? of what peeps were likely to do in this scenario, and guess what, it makes them more likely to vote Yes. Silver lining, on a dark day for the UK.
            It is strange how you are so ready, and eager to lay claim to my country.
            Guests should be polite. No?

        • Geejay

          Ruth “Stop the SNP” Davidson’s on line election manifesto failed miserably 35:12. Time for her to resign.

          • JOML

            Yes, but Jim Davidson’s daughter has a unique view on arithmetic – she thinks she’s won, despite her boss being defeated in her goal. PS. I’m assuming Ruth is Jim’s daughter, given the ‘friends’ she was posed with during the campaign! ?

  • Dave

    The Conservative campaign was so bad I wonder if it was really their campaign or a coup by deep state/Remain, because there was only two bits to the campaign and both backfired. I mean the manifesto was bobby trapped with the social care debacle and the wall to wall terror nonsense wholly misconceived. So were they May’s idea, if so she deserved to lose, and if not and she was just a puppet of deep state, and so still deserved to lose.

    • Pyewacket

      Dave, I think it has already been said by someone on here. Perhaps Theresa May meant to lose, only she wasn’t told about it.

      • Ba'al Zevul

        If that’s the case, confirmation won’t be long in coming from other betrayed Tory MP’s. And it’s entirely possible the Tories realised that winning well would be a poisoned chalice. But never ascribe to malice what can be fully attributed to stupidity. Winning well would still have been better than winning narrowly: hence the election. If the ‘deep state’ (wish we could stop using meaningless epthets) or the financial industry wanted to influence Brexit, everyone could have saved themselves a lot of time and money by using the usual means of coercion of Tory Leavers behind the scenes. The Tory campaign was patronising, aimed at Daily Mail readers, overconfident and promised yet more austerity in the name of the markets. It was a wholly authentic Tory campaign. And I very much doubt if the ‘deep state’ had much to do with Corbyn’s surge in popularity on the street, which has been evident since his election as party leader.

        • Dave

          No I think the GE was called to pre-empt the Police investigation into expenses, but with a 20% poll lead an effective campaign would have been to say nothing and just promise steady as she goes with some extra funding in certain areas of concern. She could have recovered from the social care bobby trap by simply saying she wouldn’t do it and the relentless nonsense about terror that should have been dropped too.

          Hence why as a Leave voter I’m relieved about the result because the staged events showed our very democracy under threat by deep state/government and because Corbyn says Labour wont reverse the Brexit decision. (I agree deep state is imprecise but open to alternative terms that capture the identify of those behind the Crown).

  • JOML

    The Tories will only have 306 MPs for any parliamentary EVEL votes, making it more difficult to privatise the NHS. Can Corbyn control the Blairites in his party to provide an effective opposition this time? Scottish Labour’s Ian Murray refused to confirm if he would be happy to serve in Corbyn’s shadow cabinet, despite being asked 3 times this morning (then the cock crowed!).

    • JOML

      Sorry, the EVEL position would actually be better for the Tories, as all 59 Scottish MPs would be excluded… and 306 is a majority for a total of 591 MPs.

  • Ba'al Zevul

    Nothing yet from the Palace of Tony Blair, but John Brownnose McTernan was kindly invited on to Today to minimise Corbyn and maximise himself.

  • Alcyone

    May’s non-appearance at the leader’s debate. She didn’t show up at work on a crucial day.

  • Geoffrey

    Do we know yet what Brown, Blair, Mandelson et al think about this result ?
    Is it pro hard Brexit ? or for a fudge ?
    Pro or anti inward immigration ?
    Perhaps a mixture of Tory/Blairite economic proposals and Corbyn/Labour foreign policy ?
    I heard Alastair Campbell saying when asked who voted for Labour and he said” the ones who don’t have any money “!

  • Dave

    One explanation for a reduction in SNP is they lost the votes of nationalists who support Brexit and think Scotland is stronger with ‘independence in UK’ rather than ‘independence in EU’.

  • AnnieWild

    Where did the 346 votes suddenly appear from after 1st and 2nd counts. How do we find out more about what happened there. I don’t see how that large a number can be miscounted.

  • Thorvid

    Indeed, I thought the exact same thing. Were there lots of recounts in the Scottish seat where the majority was just 2, I did not see any reports of there being any. Contrast the other Tory seat where it was close, (Kensington), there were three, it’s just a coincidence ???

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