Bigots United 19

At this moment the most likely outcome is an alliance between the Tory Brexit Bigots and the Protestant Brexit Bigots of the DUP. They might be able to scrape a bare majority between them. The consequence of this is going to be the most crazed sectarians in the UK driving a hard Brexit, that will result in a very real fenced border between Northern Ireland and the Republic. The consequences of that could be appalling.

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19 thoughts on “Bigots United

  • defo

    What would Burnes do ?
    Steady man !
    Normally I wouldn’t really care about any individual losing, but Eck ! FFS
    There will still be a statue of the great man in our Independent capital city one day.
    Of that, I am sure.

  • Tony_0pmoc


    Check out Massive Attack “Special Cases” sung by Sinead O’Connor”
    “Don’t tell your man what he don’t do right
    Nor tell him all the things that make you cry
    But check yourself for your own shit
    And don’t be making out like it’s all his

    Take a look around the world
    You see such bad things happening
    There are many good men
    Ask yourself is he one of them”

  • elena blue

    You’d be correct but it’s still a lovely thought. One set of bigots married to another set of bigots?! They’ll kill each other within 6 months or British Public will run them out of Westminster. We’ll have another GE, and Labour will Landslide it. That’s my prediction.

  • Davie Hay

    English votes for English laws!
    How can the Tories rule together with a party who cannot vote on such core issues as health and education?

  • Kempe

    So all of a sudden a minority Tory government isn’t looking like such a good deal.

  • David

    What happens when the demographic in Northern Ireland changes, which it is likely to in a very short time, with young people coming of age. Didn’t the good Friday agreement allow for a u tied Ireland if and when a majority wishes it.
    One of these sets of bigots could well be citizens of a united Irrland.

  • Ba'al Zevul

    Could lead to a renewal of fighting in NI, that. This election’s a curate’s egg, isn’t it? The question is, how many Tory remainers are there? My guess is that they actually outnumber the DUP – remember May herself wasn’t looking very convincing as a leaver. I don’t think Corbyn will cut his own throat by allowing free votes on the issue, the LibDems, SNP and Green are remainers to a person, so it’s anyone’s guess what the outcome is. In fact, the balance of power quite accurately reflects the tight referendum result.

    But a soft Brexit won’t solve the actual and dangerous immigration issue. This is UK plc’s last chance; failure to control our borders will result in the far right returning to prominence. As the SNP saw in 2007, it’s perfectly possible to come from nowhere to a position of strength very fast, given a popular rallying-point.

    Re the SNP, my sympathies, particularly on the loss of two very able and agile politicians, Salmond and Robertson. Those who live by the tactical vote, though…

  • Jerry Maa

    On a side note, if this result holds shouldn’t that mean that the CON gains in Scotland could lead that the CON would lose support there next time? I can hardly see a Ulster-CON being popular. And thus the independence movement would get a re-ignition (I’m not much into ‘despair theory’ else as agents for change, but a coalition of bigots from outside the English heartland could be what would destroy their support )

  • fredi

    Wrong again craig, May will go down in history as the quiet assassin of brexit, it’s going to be a very soft one, (as I said before) if at all, the hard brexit talk was just that, hot air, a smokescreen used by the deep state.

  • Alex M

    It is indeed ironic that Ruth Davidson led her rats onto the sinking ship.

  • Ba'al Zevul

    And this just in from the unthinking man’s ‘Telegraph’:

    “No-one wants to see a hard border, Sinn Fein talk about it a lot, but nobody wants a hard border.

    “Certainly that’s not what the Dublin government want to see, not what the London government wants to see and not what Stormont want to see.” (Arlene Foster, for the DUP)

  • nevermind

    Yep exactly what is happening now. I can envisage the visage of Ruth Davidson in charge of the UK, the only Tory that is not been savaged by anyone yet.

    And I can’t see the Desmond’s Rothermere’s, channel4 and Murdoch’s announcing her leadership, by referring to her first ever girlfriend. Mind, the hard line Tory’s who only know how to bluster and control gays and paedo’s among their ranks might get thrown should they get into the dojo with her.

    The DUP, should they want to stabilise the rickety Brexit wagon of Theresa, will have to agree to her hard Brexit strategy, therefore ensuring that a hard border will increase the chances of going backwards into sectarianism and strife.

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