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23 thoughts on “Stable Stability Stably Stabilised

  • Tom74

    Exciting times. Congratulations on your earlier prediction about Corbyn.
    I voted Labour for the first time at this election.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    Has May gone yet? I’ve come across some stupid people,but its June now – and you were 24 points ahead. Why did you call an election you complete and utter total idiot? This will not go down well with your fellow conservatives…they can be really evil. How about a holiday on “Mourning Cloud”?

  • labougie

    This reality is so amazingly and wonderfully different from the MSM predictions. Thatcher said “Rejoice” – now it’s OUR turn.

  • Cynicus

    Terrible night for the SNP -look lkike being 24 seats down. The reason is not hard to seek: the brain-dead “on the table” threat, post BREXIT, of Indyref2.

    The message from the Scottish electorate to the SNP could not be more clear: you can stick Indyref2 up your jacksie until further notice.

    • Ishmael

      Ideologically trapped in a one policy party. Sure they may have others but still the overiding one.

      Quite sad as their others are so close.

      I think they wanted a Tory whitewash to push for ref2….. blinkered.

  • Michael McNulty

    Listening to MPs and talking heads I get the impression this election was called to put Brexit in doubt and ultimately finish it off. I think that’s why Theresa May acted against her own interests and takes the flak but her pay-off will be a title and lots of lolly for her old man’s business.

    • Kerch'ee Kerch'ee Coup

      A cynical but not unjustified interpretation that I tend to go along with

    • J

      Too convenient an explanation. MSM immediately leapt on race after the largely media driven race and immigration frenzy before the Brexit ref, thereby allowing the entrenched corporate/banking Neo-liberal agenda in the EU to be refashioned out of existence in mainstream press.

      Has everyone forgotten how 30+ investigations of voter fraud were swept under the table right at the outset of this election? There should be new investigations beginning with Hastings.

      • Michael McNulty

        Once the excitement of the election dies down the Labour right may forget who led them to this success, then they’ll misinterpret the results as, “we did well but we would have done better if Jeremy wasn’t the leader.” Without Jeremy as leader they’d have been wiped out or at best left as a fringe party.

        • Ba'al Zevul

          Be assured that ‘forget’ is not the operative word. It is , always has been, and will be, ‘deny’.

          Blair will be up to his old tricks very soon. First, the protestation that the UK is now ‘too polarised’ (already heard from McTernan, see above) Then coercion and backstabbing of socialists in the PLP, to make it a nice ‘centre’ party again. Then the Tories go right, and NuNuLabour follows them, and we’re back in the Slough of Despond with the bankers cheering from the sidelines. That’s the plan, same old Tony. I don’t think he’ll be forming a new party, though. He wants to destroy the old one first..

  • Michael McNulty

    Strong and stable? I think if there were any real terrorist threats in Britain then yesterday’s election would have been the ideal to strike. Millions of people at risk in hundreds of poll stations yet nothing happened. Not only would it have shocked the country but such an attack during an election would have shocked the world. It all makes the Manchester and London Bridge attacks suspicious while the Westminster Bridge attack raised questions of its own.

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