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49 thoughts on “First Labour Gain From Tory

  • Kerch'ee Kerch'ee Coup

    Seems we’re moving back toward a two-party system with smaller parties squeezed.Postal voting and the case for electoral reform need much closer study.Eamon McCann complaining about information leaking out from count in Foyle

  • Aim Here

    I’ve been comparing the results coming in with the experimental Yougov prediction, which was a bit more optimistic than the exit polls (303 seats versus 269). The Labour vote has been outperforming Yougov’s prediction about twice as often as it’s underperforming.

    Unless there’s something funky happening in Scotland, like a massive SNP fail, or there’s a systematic bias where Yougov’s model fails in later-declared seats, the hung Parliament is looking increasingly likely.

    • Spaull

      Sadly it looks like there is a major SNP fail, with the Tories winning big in Scotland.

      So for once it looks like you lot are going to impose an avoidable Tory Government on us!!!

  • Jiusito

    “For the very first time we have to start to get our heads around how Labour might deal with Brexit. We haven’t really been thinking about this at all, for obvious reasons,” Andrew Marr has said.

    Is that not a shocking admission from one of the BBC’s top political journalists at the end of a seven-week election campaign?

        • Shatnersrug

          Ishmael means that the BBC are living in a bubble and have tried to create a narrative that is at odds with reality.

        • Ishmael

          It means they only think about what they “naturally” expect.

          Their narrative is in a bubble.

          • Jiusito

            Well, yes, I’m well aware of that. Actually, my point was addressed to Craig. It seems to me fairly astonishing that the BBC’s former political editor would regard it as a matter of course that over seven weeks it would not occur to him to consider how Labour would tackle Brexit if they won. Does that suggest that he didn’t consider how Labour would implement any of their manifesto? Is that not the role of political commentators during an election campaign?

  • Daniel

    I don’t get it. Why are the Tories, rather than Labour predicted to pick up many potential SNP losses?

  • Daniel

    Why did Robertson’s vote swing to the Tories and not Labour? I’m mystified

  • Aurora

    May to hang on to power by her fingernails through Scottish Tory MPs? 🙁

    • Brianfujisan


      Sorry for cursing – It’ a a Fucking Nightmare…. I .. Angus Robertson… WHAT… They will be after the young one next Mhairi

  • Hieroglyph

    I have special disdain for Tom Watson today. After undermining for 2 years, he’s oiling away, being nice about Jeremy. Fuck off Tom, you were horribly wrong about everything, as usual, and your smug, ugly head should never be seen in parliament again. That douche could soon, despite all his best efforts, by Deputy PM in a minority government. A less well deserving individual it would be hard to find. Expect no apology, or self-insight, from him or any of them.

    • Brianfujisan

      the Reds in Bed With Blues Killed Scotland..OR SO THEY THINK

      if you did not have a Bonny Baby in your Arms… But you do.

  • Jiusito

    Craig, another question. I believe that Sinn Fein MPs don’t take their seats on principle because they won’t swear allegiance to the Queen. Do you think there is the slightest chance they might be prepared to if it would deny the Tories a working majority and allow Corbyn to form a minority government?

    • labougie

      As Frankie Boyle joked earlier, wouldn’t it be poetically wonderful if Sinn Fein resumed their Westminster seats to join Jeremy in a progressive majority? If only to piss the Tories off?

    • Kerch'ee Kerch'ee Coup

      That question crossed my mind, too but I think the weight of tradition would crush tactical considerations

  • Kerch'ee Kerch'ee Coup

    Humza Youssef(SNP) comments following Ross result the Brexit referendum was unwanted overall, but SNP majority in Scotland favours support for second independence referendum. Corkscrews are less convuluted.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    Well for me – it was Bury North..just now – Labour Gain From Tory

    I had my first job in Bury when I was 15..during the summer holidays after my “O” Levels.

    I got paid £8 a week – but they taught me Everything re Being a Spark and a Plumber…on 6 weeks

    On my 16th Birthday..I could legally ride to work on my BSA250.

    Then I Started Further Education at College in Ashton-u-Lyne they taught me physics maths and chemistry…

    I expect lots of Labour Gains from Tories especially around Manchester.

    We don’t Like Bombs

    We are Not Amused.


  • Brianfujisan


    To Tories

    Why do the SNP allow the bbC Lies…that cause this..STV Too CH 4.. Am Fucking Sick of it..

  • Tony_0pmoc

    The Tories are taking Scotland???wtf?????????????

    Well Labour are Taking England

    You guys are welcome to ’em

    We don’t want ’em here in England.

    You can have ’em.

    No Class


  • Ishmael

    I could still “loose” this one. As I stuck my neck out and predicted Corbyn for pm on here a while ago.

    But I take heart that I’m a dam sight closer than those who basically ignored or laughed at the proposition.

    • Shatnersrug

      I love they narrative that they trying to push, that he put nation before party.

      He privatised the NHS, cut benefits and increased student loans. That’s why he lost his seat.

  • labougie

    Gloating isn’t very lovely, but neither are the underminers, naysayers, dissemblers, diverters, negative, unlovely posters who are antithetical to the meaning and integrity of this blog.
    I note that Habbawank is currently conspicuous by his/her absence. I take this as an admission that his/her previous boasts of right-wing (cabalistic) supremacy have been democratically knocked on the head.
    Others have offered bets on the triumph of the Right – I would love for other posters to name and shame their favourite brain-dead wanker.

  • Hieroglyph

    Dare I say it – yes I dare – there is a vague whiff of a massive shock brewing. Labour to be largest minority party? That would be quite something. In fact, it would be so huge and powerful, it may even have the ability to make Jess Phillips STFU. Unheard of.

  • Ishmael

    See, waste of time lol, my vote didn’t count..

    Fucking gentrification and brain dead kippers. I hate this town.

    There is hope, but not in Sunglasses Telford. Brum here I come.

    • Shatnersrug

      You should come down here to London – we’ve only ever been Labour apart from the posh bits. I just voted for corbyn again – 40,000 his biggest win to date 🙂 in so pleased but I’m sad because I do t think I’ll see him much anymore.

  • Herbie

    He’s just so unelectable, isn’t he, that Corbyn.

    Yeah, knits his own socks, grows his own veg.

    Heard on the BBC.

    Repeated at dinner parties and golf clubs up and down the country.

    Lesson is.

    Don’t get your info from the BBC.

    Always wrong they are.

    Bit too much narcissism, posturing and lying.

    And coke.

    Self interest.

    Cosmopolitan smarmy bastards.

    Useless for anything real.

  • Michael McNulty

    The way Jeremy has inspired and mobilised young people to get out and vote is quite phenomenal. That must concern the establishment for future campaigns. Young, fit and keen for going out on the stump. And politically awake.

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