Unpalatable Truth 34

Daniel Finkelstein just expressed in explicit terms what has been very obvious from the differential swings in different constituencies so far. The Conservative offer has appealed to a less educated, less cosmopolitan electorate. This is undoubtedly true. As I suspected, they have alienated much of the middle class in the process.

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34 thoughts on “Unpalatable Truth

  • Tony_0pmoc

    how the hell can daniel finkelstein or anyone come up with any such analysis on so few results? what’s this “less educated, less cosmopolitan electorate?” in fact who the hell is daniel frankenstein – does he already know the results before they’ve been counted?

      • Tony_0pmoc

        not if you want real things to work like how to use a spanner…or even a screwdriver…however the nail courses are a commercial success – just don’t get youre nails dirty pretty girl.

      • giyane

        I love my kids. The great Thatcherite Feminist broken home programming hasn’t prevented them from breeding a new generation of sprogs. The personality mill of school hasn’t prevented them from re-training in something useful for life, and the eldest whizzes round the globe accepting nil shit from nobody.

        let’s hope the youth vote has given May’s sandwich a rather curly, dried old mouldy taste.
        May: I’m strong and stable, I want this. No, you’re weak and wobbly. Shut up.

        In the UK I’m proud to say that anyone who is any position of authority cannot afford to be racist. I agree with Craig, May’s espousal of the racist interpretation of Brexit is bound to have offended them or at least crossed their wires about what is a decent way to behave in life..

      • labougie

        You speak from prejudice, not knowledge. Look up the OED definition of ‘Education’, and you’ll find that it is not accountancy-driven.

  • Merkin Scot

    Seems to be so.
    If, at the worst, May loses her majority and SNP get more than 30 seats, I will be happy. but know that
    I am not an SNP member but the result will be better for Freedom for Scotland.

  • philw

    Surely its the Russians hacking our election isn’t it?

    Swear I saw Putin outside our polling station.

      • giyane

        Putin was seen by many US citizens doing a loop the loop in his sleigh over New York, laughing in a very loud voice. Now Trump, Putin and Jeremy Corbyn are doing a Mary Poppins on the big wheel at Westminster. And the goldfish keeps telling me to change all my dollars to RMB before it’s too late, and laughing at me through his big eyes and his big mouth from the safety of his Saudi Orb. Holglo Holglo Hollglo Meggly Chlismas! Who needs whisky? I’ve waited 38 years for this.

    • Herbie

      Have we had that yet.

      The Russians hacking our election.

      If not we’ll be the first in many many western elections, where that claim has not been laid.

      I’d imagine top Tory mobiles will be on constant recharge this morning, especially as the results begin to arrive on top of one another in the wee hours.

      What seemed so certain, just a few weeks ago, eh.

      This is the best election since those heady days of the 80s.

      What surprises me though is why didn’t Tory polling detect this.

      The have some very sophisticated pollsters to hand.


      Someone’s being had.

      Could be us.

      Could be them.

      • J

        Probably a much higher turnout for Labour than we’ll ever know, just to break even.

  • Ishmael

    Meh, I’m alienated on this blog. Did we need another subject post for that.

    We are not so bad down here you know.

    • Tony_0pmoc

      Ishmael, Its Craig’s blog and I suspect he has just downed a large one.

      He should definitely have a big smile on his face!!

  • Serendipity

    You’re obviously watching the BBC.

    Wrexham just went to Labour on ITV.

  • Herbie

    The “middle class” knew they were next for a bit of harvesting.

    Look at poor little Qatar.

    You’re never too big for a spanking, when the toffs are on a hunt for prey.

    And they’re hungry, very hungry, now.

    • J

      Got to the first word of the second sentence and vomited on the keyboard. A lot of mess to clean up…

  • labougie

    Jeremy, bless, is coming out of this with real authority and would do well to deselect the red tories ASAP.

  • exiled off mainstreet

    The educated types, despite the propaganda barrage, have to realise that the tory weaknesses include their threat to the NHS and the fact that the terrorism is blowback from their status as auxiliaries for yankee wars in the middle east and for their support of the barbaric Saudi regime. If Corbyn can somehow form a government, this would be an excellent development for eliminating yankee deep state dominance of other western countries, including Canada, where I hale from.

  • labougie

    The Conservative offer has appealed to a less educated, less cosmopolitan electorate. This is undoubtedly true.

    Two short planks?

  • K Crosby

    Nonsense, the fascist FPTP election rigging system means that no inference about public opinion can be drawn from this farce of a Potemkin election. I also not the snobbery implicit in your unwarranted claims.

  • Becky Cohen

    Craig, as a working class person, I’m disappointed that you appear to be lending credence to someone like Daniel Finkelstein who sadly expresses all the prejudices against the working class as a typical English upper-middle class snob. Plenty of working class people voted Remain and plenty of Finkelstein’s own class voted Brexit, for instance. It seems that class prejudice is the one of the last socially acceptable dinner party prejudices that one can get away with. If we are ‘uneducated’ most of that is due to the fact that we have not grown up in an environment where there was enough money to go round to get us private tuition or to allow us to go to ‘top’ universities. As for our supposed ‘knuckle dragging’, provincial, small-minded right-wing views, I’d like to remind the likes of Dan Finkelstein that pretty much EVERY far-right, fascist leader in Britain has emanated from his own class – Oswald Mosley was a freakin’ BARONET, for instance – whilst many of those who volunteered to fight fascism during the Spanish Civil War were working class Welsh miners who joined the International Brigades. Just because someone has not been lucky enough to have such a large amount of money and time spent on their education and is in a top job does not necessarily mean that they are less intelligent or talented or least of all a less morally worthy person. I, and many other people of my class, are starting to form the impression that classism shares a lot of the characteristics of racism: we note how middle class people will not wish to form romantic relationships with members of supposedly ‘lower’ classes and it really does seem like they are doing this because they think it could lead to ‘genetically inferior’ babies, or something! Indeed, the Brits – especially the English ones – have a habit of talking about whether or not someone has ‘breeding’ which is one of those funny expressions that no-one every really thinks about. However, when you DO think about it then it does really seem that to a certain extent we live in a classist society that buys into the idea that class does denote a fixed genetic position too. Very often we’ll get documentaries on telly or articles in newspapers that sneer and look down upon benefits claimants or people having their houses and property repossessed – and the subtext does seem to be that such unfortunate folk are somehow ‘degenerate’, in much the same way that the Nazi ideology promoted a hierarchical scale of certain groups of human beings. It’s all pretty disgusting, isn’t it – and a sad indictment of British society being a nepotistic one as opposed to a meritocracy…which in the end means that the whole of society comprised of ALL classes loses out on a huge potential pool of wasted working class talent that could have contributed to a better life for all of us:(

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