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28 thoughts on “Amber Rudd’s Coat on a Shoogly Pegg

  • Tony_0pmoc

    Don’t get too excited Craig – the result is not in yet…but your post on the subject was largely instrumental with it going viral. I first saw it here – 24hrs later it was all over the net.

  • The G5 did it

    Great news indeed.

    In other news BBC claims that no matter what the result is in Scotland, it will be a massive victory for Ruth Davidson!

    BBC just can’t help themselves.

  • Alistair Granham

    How many viewers for that video of the Hustings too, I wonder? (Which many will have found via your blog.)

  • Rob Royston

    Three seats counted, all Labour wins, and the BBC reports a swing from Labour to the Tories in both Sunderland seats. The amazing thing was that the UKIP losses were identical to the Tory gains in both seats. They only see what they want to see so I would not take too much notice of their coomments.

  • Colonel Qwertz

    Ha ha, you and The Skwawkbox Craig! Looks like a Portillo moment, or an Ed Balls of course.

  • Shatnersrug

    So ukip is wiped out in the first 3 announcements but the BBC thinks the story is that the strong labour safe seat wins is somehow good for the Tories – this is like Pravda

  • Brianfujisan

    Craig did you see this post –

    June 6, 2017 at 13:34

    The Chair is Dick Dengate..The whole long Family linage are Die hard Tory

  • Herbie

    Someone posted a picture of armed police talking up position outside Corbyn’s house.

    Is this usual on election night, or do the police make a decision based on polling numbers?

    Remember how they gathered around Livingstone when he was first elected Mayor.

    Anyway. Jeremy’s promised them more dosh.

  • Daniel

    Don’t forget the guy who spent 13 years uncovering HSBC corruption and was finally vindicated.

  • Herbie

    She’s toast!

    The vultures are gathering…

    “Liam Fox, the international trade secretary, is on the BBC. Laura Kuenssberg asks if he can guarantee that Theresa May won’t be forced to resign if the exit poll proves correct. Fox declines to answer, saying it is too early to know what the result will be. It is time for patience, he says.”

    • philw

      What did I say about PM Fox?

      Interesting that LK thinks he could give an assurance like that if he wanted to. What does she know that we only suspect?

      • Herbie

        I can’t see the Tories doing any better under Fox.

        He doesn’t come across very well on the telly.

        You kinda need like a real person or at least someone who can act like one.

        They’ll be doing the whole Brexit fight all over again tonight.

        You have to laugh.

    • glenn_uk

      J – just before I went on holiday, it appeared that Bevin had expressed support for Le Pen. A post had previously been made, together with a bunch of warnings, stating very specifically that expressing support for Le Pen would result in a ban.

      • Tony_0pmoc

        You banned bevin?

        He was by far one of the best posters here.

        Ban me all the time I don’t give a fck

        You banned bevin???

        I never believed you were quite that I know you are.


        • J

          I hope that there might be a change of heart. Bevin is no more a fascist than Craig.

          • Tony_0pmoc


            “Agree that Bevin is a Very Good Writer here.
            Very in Depth”

            I didn’t know he had been banned here -and I know he is a lot older than me..and far more eloquent. someone with the same handle as bevin does occasional post in a very similar way on other websites such as


            I am almost certain it is the same person…and I read his post in May (but he may well sulk – for being banned here)

            Meanwhile for Glenn_uk and Craig Murray’s other mods (who do it for free) (some of who’m are really nice guys and have come back from the brink)…this is for you (its a happy song – don’t worry)

            “Kasabian – You’re In Love With a Psycho (Official Video)”



        • Macky

          The “unpalatable-truth” is that CM used the LePen pretext to get rid of people who opposed his pro-EU fanaticism.

          • Herbie

            There was a good way of doing an EU type thing.

            And there was a bad way of doing it.

            Craig has stuck with the bad way of doing it in the hope that it’ll somehow turn into the good way of doing it.

            It won’t.

            That EU, Craig’s EU, became more a NATO political project than anything that could possibly benefit the EU project.

            It was designed to fail.

            But yeah, open to a real EU kinda thing.

            But real.

            Like based on economics and stuff, and not just a means to an end for other much larger players.

      • Chris Rogers


        I second that, third that and fourth that – fact is, without Bevin this site is not much cop I’m afraid – excellent posts and analysis. Instead, we get Habbabkuk!!!!

      • Chris Rogers


        I wrote this seconds ago, its now MODERATED, so will just allow a ‘H’ and no need to guess whom I’m referring too:


        I second that, third that and fourth that – fact is, without Bevin this site is not much cop I’m afraid – excellent posts and analysis. Instead, we get ‘H'”

  • Rob M

    So is it too early to start discussing a unity Prime Minister? I’m struggling to find anyone in the Tory party that could actually get enough votes from the Tory party to actually be a unity PM – Ken Clarke would probably get my vote but he’s anathema to the majority of crazies that I don’t see it happening. I can’t see anyone else in that party who could unite the country to negotiate Brexit for the national interest, and the other parties can’t put together enough votes to have one of their members put forward as a potential candidate.

    Which leaves us with another election in several months time, more delays in the negotiations, and no real movement in the polls.

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