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A multi-millionairess like all the Tory elite, Amber Rudd truly is every bit as horrible as the persona she exhibited on the BBC Leaders’ Debate this evening. A former banker with J P Morgan, she was also a director of two offshore tax avoidance asset management firms in the Bahamas. She never declared this and the information came out in a leak.

The refined journalists of the Financial Times are of course much more her choice for public engagement than having to stoop to discuss policy in front of the great unwashed, for whom she has a profound contempt. This is what she thinks of her constituents in Hastings:

“You get people who are on benefits, who prefer to be on benefits by the seaside. They’re not moving down here to get a job, they’re moving down here to have easier access to friends and drugs and drink.”

So why did she go to Hastings to represent such awful plebs? She explained that to her friends at the Financial Times as well:

“I wanted to be within two hours of London and I could see we were going to win it.”

According to the normally reliable CompanyCheck, as an MP Amber Rudd has constituted herself as a company, presumably for purposes of tax avoidance. That would of course give her a personal interest in low levels of corporation tax. But strangely Companies House itself has no company with the registration number given by CompanyCheck.

What Company House does have, however, are the records of Monticello PLC, a short lived company of which Rudd was a Director. It attracted many hundreds of investors who put money in, despite never appearing actually to do anything except pay its directors – presumably including Rudd. Trawling through its documents at Companies House, I find it difficult to conclude that it was ever anything other than a share ramping scheme designed to rip off its investors. After just over a year of existence it went bankrupt with over £1.2 million of debts and no important assets. I should be very interested if anybody can go through those records and come up with any different conclusion to mine.

Interestingly Amber Rudd’s father Tony, who died this week, had been debarred as a company director after being found to have asset stripped another investor vehicle, Greenbank Trust, and misused its assets to personal benefit. As with Emma Barnett, we again come across a wealthy Tory whose privileged upbringing was financed by the criminal behaviour of the wealthy.

It is a bit of a stretch to imagine that, nationally, Labour will get the 4.7% swing that would be needed to oust Rudd from Hastings. But perhaps it is not too much to hope that there may be a local revolt from the people she despises.

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312 thoughts on “Amber Rudd Really Is that Horrible

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  • George Sneade

    If family’s, schools,education in general and places of worship made it their duty to inform and teach children about politics and the unscrupulous people involved mainly to feather their own nest or ingratiating themselves with people with vast fortunes it may in the future be possible to live in a truly democratic society where everyone has a value not a number.
    The cards are stacked against the 95% of ill informed in favour of the 5% elite, it is not the fault of the ill informed its the hardship of life trying to keep their heads above water to survive day by day, on the contrary the 5% spend their day inventing new strategies to make more money on the backs of the 95% by using the powers invested in our politicians by the electorate every five years in the disguise of a democratic election which is no more than a rigged platform to perpetuate the status quo
    Is it not about time our politicians have a background check by the police or independent authority especially if they have vast wealth so the electorate has an enlightened view on why they think they are the right person to promote the values and wishes of the 95% otherwise it is the equivalent of putting a paedophile in charge of a nursery and then when the inevitable happens everyone exclaims why has this happened. !!! Wake up smell the coffee!!! its our fault lets do something about it.

    • broken_bicycles

      The cards are stacked against the 95% of ill informed in favour of the 5% elite… that spend their day inventing new strategies to make more money on the backs of the 95%,

      so, which do you belong to, George? I’m thinking you might be guilty of over simplifying. In the middle there are people well-informed who are honest and have to work for a living. Some of those think that Corbyn’s manifesto is deliverable, and some see it as a cynical bribe of the less well informed.

  • Carole Thomas

    This woman is vile and represents what the Tories are about. She is why we need to get rid of them and put a decent politician like Cornyn in power who actually represent ordinary people with policies that challenge this arrogance, greed and self interest.

  • Richard Taylor

    The economic realities of her constituents are clearly of little interest to her, too. She confidently stated to an ITV interviewer that the average price of a house in her Hastings and Rye constituency was ‘a little bit above £100,000 pounds’ when, in fact it is nearly £218,000. But then…only the little people pay tax.


    Craig Murrary as usual covers so much information on all that he writes about that one just cannot add anything new. With this in mind, my pennyworth is I totally agree with his comments and it’s a delight reading whatever he produces.

  • Alice maw

    I wonder why people keep voting for these despicable,self serving,greedy individuals?do they admire them? It just beggars belief!

    • Patrick Honeyman

      I think they do admire them and want to achieve/become what they already are Alice. Does this sound familiar with American voters and the image of Donald Trump? Its not wrong to want to be wealthy in your life but if that is achieved at the expense of the welfare of a population you are there to lead and support the well-being of; well that’s corruption right there.

      You and I can see the political game for what is. Please assure that your vote counts next Thursday in the right way.

  • Marius Oshea

    Yet another example of the vile, contemptible crooks that have hijacked the democratic process. Amber Rudd, or should that be Crudd, is a liar and a corrupt manipulator of the financial system. Why is she not being investigated for her obvious transgressions? And the poor, benighted fools who voted for her last time will probably do it again. O tempora, o mores!

  • andy hamilton

    I read this same story a few months ago – can’t remember where. I thought “Wow, this is dynamite!” Result? Not a whimper in the right-wing dominated media. I don’t think the BBC covered it either. Imagine if it was Jeremy Corbyn or one of his close supporters who’d been dodgy dealing! The corrupt press would have run with it

  • Jeremy Walsh

    Only other place I read this was in Private Eye. Reliable source of things we should all know about, preferably before voting.

  • Lesley

    Well well well now ….who`d have thought it ? Who could have imagined that a government could get away with letting big pharma companies use our GP`s to push their vitamin b12 lowering pharma drugs and vaccines to make us all sick ? Who would have thought that an active form of vitamin b12 called methylcobalamin which works on people who have inborn errors of metabolism caused by the generational use of nitrous oxide gas and other vitamin b12 lowering pharma drugs and vaccines would be reserved for the private sector in the sadistic ” Child Protection ” report . Who could have imagined that doctors in the private sector would then be able to take advantage of the methylcobalamin monopoly and cash cow which was created and be able to charge upwards of £100 per shot for methylcobalamin which should only cost around 70p per dose ?

  • Paul Arkle

    I was born and bred on a N.E council estate and have worked 45 years in private industry and keep on being amazed at working class Tories. I don’t just mean the white van men, self employed, tax dodging plumbers, sparkies, roofers and the rest or the black cab boys with their detached 4 bed in Essex despite only having taxable income of 7 grand a year but I mean real, proper wage slaves.
    When you scratched any of them it always came down to 2 things. They hated the idea of anyone stealing from them no matter how many blags they themselves have done so they want a good Hang ’em, Flog ’em lock them up and throw away the key, government and 2nd they were terrified of and hated anyone who didn’t come from within 3 streets of where they hailed from. In other words get the immigrants out; though not of course in those words. If you are a class traitor, working class Tory then it’s because you are a cowardly petty thief who deserves exactly what the Tories will give you; which is jack shit.

  • Niall

    If you follow the excellent if dense ‘In the City’ column in Private Eye, you will have seen at least one article devoted to the factual recitation of the litany of serial failures and questionable ventures Amber Rudd and her father have been involved in.Letting the facts speak for themselves, the author resists passing judgement. The message the reader gets is ‘rank incompetence’ followed by ‘indifference to who gets hurt’.

  • Steve'Buck'Taylor

    Why am I not surprised by this excellent article, regarding this foul individual who certainly does not have a care about us mere mortals. You just need to look at the rest of her cronies in the Tory Party all lining their pockets to the expense of the plebs just look at the previous MP for my borough Tatton and then look at what they are all up to in lining their coffers.

  • DLL

    Amber Rudd MP, Company No: 3890306 is a Non-limited Business

    1. The legal status and liability between the two structures. In a non-limited company the business owner(s) and the company are legally the same entity – the owner(s) are the company and are therefore liable for all the debts, as well as receiving all of the profits. In a limited company, the company is a separate legal entity and therefore the owners’ liability is limited.

    2. Public filings. A non-limited company does not have to file accounts or other returns with Companies House.

    I’ve seen other companies, dissolved over fifteen years ago, on Companies House that were listed and then subsequently removed. So it’s possible she had other limited companies removed from the beta site.

  • martin smith

    Try putting J Corbyn in Dunn and Bradstreet and see what happens. The majority of politicians are limited companies

    • Sharp Ears

      Nothing to hide. Nothing to fear. Don’t think you’ll find Jeremy in the Panama Papers.

      Jeremy Bernard Corbyn
      Total number of appointments 6
      Date of birth May 1949

      Company status Active Correspondence address 86 Durham Road, Holloway, London, Uk, N7 7DU
      Role Active Director Appointed on10 January 2014
      Company status Active Correspondence address 48b, Berriman Road, London, N7 7PS
      Role Active Director Appointed on11 August 1998
      Company status Active Correspondence address 69 Mercers Road, London, N19 4PS
      Role Resigned Director Appointed before20 October 1991 Resigned on12 April 2016
      Company status Active Correspondence address69 Mercers Road, London, N19 4PS
      Role Resigned Director Appointed on24 March 1998 Resigned on17 October 2015
      Company status Active Correspondence address69 Mercers Road, London, N19 4PS
      Role Resigned Director Appointed on25 March 2006 Resigned on25 March 2006
      Company status Active Correspondence address69 Mercers Road, London, N19 4PS
      Role Resigned Director Appointed on2 September 1993 Resigned on17 January 1995

  • Sharp Ears

    For the record, Rudd scraped in by 346 votes after recounts.

    Home Secretary Amber Rudd just holds on in Hastings & Rye
    In a nail-biting finish in Hastings & Rye, Home Secretary Amber Rudd just held on to the seat for the Conservatives after a recount.

    Ms Rudd came first with 25,668 votes, beating Labour’s Peter Chowney, with 25,322, by just 346 votes.

    In her acceptance speech, she said she was “deeply honoured” to be elected for a third time.

    She said she would continue to build on the “great opportunities and regeneration” that has been taking place in the area.
    09 Jun 2017

    and here’s one of her opponents, Nicholas Wilson, on video here.

    Serious Fraud and Saudi Silence – Nicholas Wilson on #AmberRudd #GE2017

    Short from our interview with HSBC Whistleblower, Parliamentary Candidate and Anti-Corruption Campaigner Nicholas Wilson on being shut down by Amber Rudd at the recent Hastings hustings

    • Sharp Ears

      Conservative Amber Rudd Votes 25,668 share 46.9 Net percentage change in seats +2.3 Labour
      Labour Peter Chowney Votes 25,322 _share 46.2 Net percentage change in seats +11.1
      Liberal Democrat Nicholas Perry Votes 1,885 share 3.4 Net percentage change in seats +0.3
      UKIP Michael Phillips Votes 1,479 share 2.7 Net percentage change in seats -10.6
      Independent Nicholas Wilson Votes 412 share 0.8 Net percentage change in seats +0.8

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