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A multi-millionairess like all the Tory elite, Amber Rudd truly is every bit as horrible as the persona she exhibited on the BBC Leaders’ Debate this evening. A former banker with J P Morgan, she was also a director of two offshore tax avoidance asset management firms in the Bahamas. She never declared this and the information came out in a leak.

The refined journalists of the Financial Times are of course much more her choice for public engagement than having to stoop to discuss policy in front of the great unwashed, for whom she has a profound contempt. This is what she thinks of her constituents in Hastings:

“You get people who are on benefits, who prefer to be on benefits by the seaside. They’re not moving down here to get a job, they’re moving down here to have easier access to friends and drugs and drink.”

So why did she go to Hastings to represent such awful plebs? She explained that to her friends at the Financial Times as well:

“I wanted to be within two hours of London and I could see we were going to win it.”

According to the normally reliable CompanyCheck, as an MP Amber Rudd has constituted herself as a company, presumably for purposes of tax avoidance. That would of course give her a personal interest in low levels of corporation tax. But strangely Companies House itself has no company with the registration number given by CompanyCheck.

What Company House does have, however, are the records of Monticello PLC, a short lived company of which Rudd was a Director. It attracted many hundreds of investors who put money in, despite never appearing actually to do anything except pay its directors – presumably including Rudd. Trawling through its documents at Companies House, I find it difficult to conclude that it was ever anything other than a share ramping scheme designed to rip off its investors. After just over a year of existence it went bankrupt with over £1.2 million of debts and no important assets. I should be very interested if anybody can go through those records and come up with any different conclusion to mine.

Interestingly Amber Rudd’s father Tony, who died this week, had been debarred as a company director after being found to have asset stripped another investor vehicle, Greenbank Trust, and misused its assets to personal benefit. As with Emma Barnett, we again come across a wealthy Tory whose privileged upbringing was financed by the criminal behaviour of the wealthy.

It is a bit of a stretch to imagine that, nationally, Labour will get the 4.7% swing that would be needed to oust Rudd from Hastings. But perhaps it is not too much to hope that there may be a local revolt from the people she despises.

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312 thoughts on “Amber Rudd Really Is that Horrible

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  • Johnny boy

    Eeuw. She had a terrible palour in the debate. Most people would take time off work having lost their father, rather than filling in for their boss in the job they find too stressful. It confirms the feeling that ‘May’s team’ is really rather weak.

    • M capps

      Show what kind of person she really is to be honest because any normal person would demand time off but I guess being Mrs Mays bitch she was not aloud and also it show what kind of party they are greed self centred

  • Richard

    You can be very sure that Hastings and Rye is working hard to replace the Amber with a far, far, better candidate – Peter Chowney: real Hastings resident, 100% dedicated to this town as leader of its Council. Compassionate, clever, a good listener and above all, someone who *cares* what happens to the people who live here. Labour has 2,000 members in Hastings and Rye; our brilliant Green candidate has stood aside and the LibDems have agreed to keep a lowish profile, so we have a real chance of unseating the woman who lied about the fact that 100s of offers of places for Dubs refugee children had been received from Councils all over the country (including 100 in East Sussex). The tide is turning.

    • Shatnersrug

      Well we’ve had about a hundred friends and collogues from around here in good old lefty Stoke Newington move down to Hastings in the last 2 years and they’re all labour so you can count on their votes too!

    • Emily Stokes

      The best of luck to you, I am a labour voter and would love to see Amber Rudd thrown out after what she’s said and done.
      Labour will win 🙂

  • exiled off mainstreet

    It certainly looks bad for the tories when their prime minister won’t even turn up for the debate. That is an issue even the thickos can fully comprehend. I didn’t realize that Amber Rudd was a sort of grey market off-shore fraudster enabler. If the media weren’t so much a part of the establishment the tories represent, this would be a bigger issue.

    • Habbabkuk

      I have posted before on the basic inanity of these “leaders’ debates”, They are an American import, from a country where there is, every four years, a contest between essentially 2 people for the job of head of the executive branch of government (the legislative branch elections are nearer the European pattern).

      Those debates are media-driven (TV), a media circus owing more to the desire of TV to get audience ratings on the cheap and less to a genuine desire to inform the people.

      On the UK debate of the other day, it was very sensible of Theresa May to have declined to take part. of for no other reason than the serving Prime Minister is merely setting him/herself up as a target for several other parties, all of whom will evidently focus their efforts on downing him/her rather than engaging in a genuine 5 or 6 way debate.

      • defo

        And defo not there to defend their record in govt, that wouldn’t be very democratic at all.
        I suppose hustings, pre tv were just as inane & pointless ?
        They’re one offs, so if the advertisers are paying top dollar, then surely that reflects viewer numbers ?
        Best to keep the electorate the same way as growing mushrooms. In the dark, just the way your employer likes it H.
        It’s the lack of control that scares the freaks !

        • defo

          Since your here H… Tots O/T, but I’ve meant to ask your opinion, it’s valued even if seldom agreed with, about why some major religions banned usury, and others didn’t ? Especially as the big 3 were all coming from the same starting point.
          It seems relative, given the state of the world today.
          Thoughts, please?

        • defo

          My opinion is that the old ones realized, through bitter experience, that it was bound to lead to the concentration of wealth in the hands of the usurers. Exponentially.
          But then, I’m not half as smart as you appear so…

      • JOML

        She would be less of a target if she was doing a good job. Where as it is, she’s a huge target and rightly so. Also, she’s quite happy to join the media circus when they can control it, so it is hypocritical to duck out of the debates. Simple and shallow, rather than S&S.

      • D_Majestic

        How-in a supposed democracy- can it be counted as other than utterly risible that a sitting PM calls an election and then declines to debate on TV? Or declines to meet with other than a chosen few of the broad spectrum which comprises the electorate? Do enlighten us all. Your last paragraph serves as nothing in regard to this matter.

      • Alan Grimes

        The unelected PM who has gone out of her way to try and disguise her policies and knows that if she actually turned up to a debate the whole spin would become unravelled. The same woman who regurgitates again and again through her friends and backers in the press, the same old lies, the same old scaremongering, suddenly finds she has a fight on her hands.

      • Bee Warren

        TV debates seem the best way for the great majority of voters people to judge the candidates for themselves – without the filter of extreme bias that much of the media employ.
        May’s pathetic excuse that she prefers to speak to people by knocking on doors and spouting the same old meaningless tripe to a handful of supporters is laughable. How many millions does she think she’ll get round that way? We know she’s been met with mass protest in many towns and that she has a rent-a-crowd for photo shoots. Her sucking up to Trump is more than just toadying, she’s actually using his tactics.
        Sending Amber Rudd to do her job (irrespective of the fact that her father had just died) shows both callousness and cowardice. It is no secret that May is useless without a script. Well, lying is hard work, as is keeping up a fake smile, and the ‘strong and stable’ joke has worn so very, very thin.

        Still, the whole world had a good laugh when Rudd said ‘judge us on our record’, didn’t we?

  • Republicofscotland

    The BBC’s Glen Campbell, (a BBC Radio Scotland unionist mouthpiece) currently giving Rape Clause Ruth-less Davidson a easy time on the BBC show Ask the Leader.

    Two dozen rather tacit and restrained audience members didn’t really take Rape Clause Ruth to task, hand picked? Possibly.

    • Jo

      Oh I don’t know RoS, I thought she was uncomfortable a few times during the programme and for once I thought Campbell did ok.

      I then switched to the Neil/Farron interview which, to me, was hilarious in places as Neil was close to losing it with him because he wouldn’t shut up. Nice to see someone giving Neil problems and refusing to be bullied by him.

      • Republicofscotland


        Bernard Ponsonby, aka the Pons, just gave Kezia Dugdale quite tough time of it on STV2.

        He put Glen Campbell to shame, Dugdale couldn’t answer Ponsonby on costed Labour manifesto pledges. Such as how much would it cost to renationalise the railways or the Royal Mail. Indeed Dugdale admitted that the monies would need to be found for those specific pledges.

        Dugdale claimed that no deal would be done at Westminster with the SNP, when pushed by the Pons on that point, Dugdale said, the SNP would be presented with Labour’s policies and they would either back them and let Labour govern, or not back them and let the Tories in.

        • Shatnersrug

          Dugdale is an idiot – she clearly didn’t bother to read the manifesto – all of it is costed.

          • Jo

            I agree. She is cringe-worthy. Last night Campbell gave a couple of examples where she’s totally changed her views and she just kept saying, “No, I’ve been clear…..” with that mad grin of hers.

        • Jo

          I missed that one RoS. Didn’t realise it was on. I saw Dugdale last night with Campbell and that was excruciating enough. She was embarrassing.

  • Snowden, Martin, XXX

    Farage caught up in the new red scare, that’s priceless. This induced mass hysteria about contacts with Russia is really quite encouraging. The last time a US president tried to exercise his prerogative to set foreign policy, without CIA supervision, CIA just shot him.

    Brennan and Gina Haspel would not be making so much senseless noise if they could murder Trump and replace him and be done with it. They’re already hostis humani generis in jeopardy under international criminal law, and the synthetic party conflict they’re drumming up makes them vulnerable if they try another coup d’état. It’s too much to hope that this presidential figurehead can end the CIA regime we’ve suffered under since 1949, but CIA’s control is slipping at home as well as abroad.

  • Republicofscotland

    On the international front, it looks likely that President Trump will pull the USA out of the Paris Climate agreement. Trump looks certain to undo Obama’s green house gas omissions restrictions.

    According to media reports Trump will announce the withdrawal sometime tonight or tomorrow. Trump has often called Climate Change a hoax, invented by the Chinese. Trump has also promised to remove UN funding for climate change work.

    The Paris Climate Change agreement, has including the USA, 194 signatories.

      • Republicofscotland

        I agree it’s too late, however, the longer we refuse to deal with it, the bigger the problems we’re storing up for our children and their children in the future.

        Future generations will be taught, about this era in school, it will be referred to as the Age of Irresponsibility.

          • defo

            Burning isn’t all it’s good for.
            Some peeps here, on the other hand… 🙂
            Nice to see you’ve accepted ownership though.

          • JOML

            That’s what the Scottish Greens are campaigning for – and it’s hard to argue with them, as it makes sense to use alternative, less harmful methods of producing energy. Fortunately, Scotland has these alternatives.

        • Ishmael

          Spirit of the world. Materialists (whatever the hell material “is”) just don’t feel it. No sense, no connection, no feeling..

          “Among us, there are those who are not among us” limits of control.

    • Jim

      I wonder what Julian Assange is thinking about climate change, holed-up sweating away in his broom cupboard? Second thoughts on the Orange one now?

  • Edwin Hyde Norris

    What an appallng woman self serving ,arrogant , incompetent, full of lies ,deceit and spin.

  • John Hewson

    I detest selfish pompous arrogant people and she ticks all of the boxes.

  • Loony

    “Headlines of death and sorrow, they tell of tomorrow”

    Say hello to the latest ISIS assault currently underway in Manila.

    Oh what could the matter be – have the Philippines been invading Middle Eastern countries or indiscriminately bombing the foreign man in faraway lands?

      • MJ

        Yup, they align themselves more with Russia and China and hey presto! ISIS come a-visitin’.

        • Anon1

          Yes it’s a bit like those 28 Coptic Christians dragged out of a bus and shot in Egypt the other day for refusing to convert to Islam.

          They were clearly gravitating towards Russia and China.

      • Brianfujisan

        The Sociopaths think it’s about Money

        Rudd on Last night’s Live T.V refers

  • Mariam

    I am not surprised it’s in the blood, as the liar liar said it nothing nothing, has changed??????

  • Sharp Ears

    Dimblebore + David Davis LOL, Barry Gardiner, Nick Clegg LOL, Angus Robertson and Suzanne Evans LOL.
    BBC 1 tonight 22.45

    From Barnet (Tory country)

    Mike Freer
    Finchley and Golders Green

    Matthew Offord

    Theresa Villiers
    Chipping Barnet

    All good members of the CFoI.

    • Ishmael

      Man can’t see past his next buck, like the healthcare it’s going to cost America more. And the world.

      What a total charlatan people fall for.

  • bill40

    If Amber Rudd had any idea of where those unemployed people have come from I’ll be amazed. The unemployed, and less able migrant job seekers are moved there because as a seaside town, on it’s backside, it has plentiful cheap houses of multiple occupancy. The landlords clean up and of course no extra resources are sent to back those new people.
    Now you know why these places tend to vote for change. Vote Mr Ethical Hastings, your independent anti corruption candidate.

  • Anon1

    Another promise delivered by two-term Donald.

    All these imbeciles claiming you can tweek global temperatures 2 degrees here and there and bring the sun within “targets” of heating the earth are either off their fucking trolleys or in on the scam. The climate has always changed and will always change.

  • John

    ‘Newcomers [after the 2015 General election] included Amber Rudd, the energy and climate change secretary, whose family moved in high social circles. Her parents knew each other at Oxford University and her father, Tony, became a successful stockbroker. Rudd’s mother, Ethne, was a magistrate who also had an influential position in the Kensington Society, playing a key role behind the scenes in plans for the Princess Diana Memorial Garden. Like her mother, the future Tory Minister enjoyed a privileged education at Cheltenham Ladies’ College, one of the country’s most prestigious private schools, where fees are now nearly £12,500 per term.’ (Source: Martin Williams, “PARLIAMENT LTD – A Journey to the Dark Heart of British Politics”, Hodder & Stoughton, 2016 – page 194).
    Cheltenham Ladies’ College was historically a school for the children of British Empire military officers, many of whom were members of Freemason Lodges. See for more information on this.
    Rudd – as with so many others in the Tory Party – belongs to a particular slew of society which is highly secretive and keep their often nefarious activities hidden away from the eyes and attention of the wider public.

  • Alan McMahon

    It’s not Hastings that keeps her in her seat Craig. It’s associated towns, like Rye. Left to Hastings, she’d be out.

  • Martin

    Isn’t Corbyn a multi-millionaire too?
    I’ve heard his wealth is estimated at 3-4 million.

  • Alan Duncanson

    People of Hastings!! This person Mudd or whatever her name is, despises you like the pest. As far as she is concerned you are all on benifits and drugs – a bunch of scroungers. RISE UP AND GET HER OUT!!

  • Joobe

    I was in Hastings and environs these past 2 weekends, and there is some opposition, shown through graffiti and signs of “shame on you” all over Amber Rudd signs. There was also a demonstrable show of support for the Labour candidate, Peter Chowney.I am not sure there is enough though.

  • John

    Interesting point about her registering as a company, until you search for literally any other MP in the House of Commons. They all have businesses registered under their names. Jeremy Corbyn has two. Better be sure of this kind of stuff before publishing it as an attack. Also a little worrying that the registered addresses on all these companies seem mostly to be private residences – I’m assuming they are constituency offices, but is it possible this is a security risk to MPs?

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