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A multi-millionairess like all the Tory elite, Amber Rudd truly is every bit as horrible as the persona she exhibited on the BBC Leaders’ Debate this evening. A former banker with J P Morgan, she was also a director of two offshore tax avoidance asset management firms in the Bahamas. She never declared this and the information came out in a leak.

The refined journalists of the Financial Times are of course much more her choice for public engagement than having to stoop to discuss policy in front of the great unwashed, for whom she has a profound contempt. This is what she thinks of her constituents in Hastings:

“You get people who are on benefits, who prefer to be on benefits by the seaside. They’re not moving down here to get a job, they’re moving down here to have easier access to friends and drugs and drink.”

So why did she go to Hastings to represent such awful plebs? She explained that to her friends at the Financial Times as well:

“I wanted to be within two hours of London and I could see we were going to win it.”

According to the normally reliable CompanyCheck, as an MP Amber Rudd has constituted herself as a company, presumably for purposes of tax avoidance. That would of course give her a personal interest in low levels of corporation tax. But strangely Companies House itself has no company with the registration number given by CompanyCheck.

What Company House does have, however, are the records of Monticello PLC, a short lived company of which Rudd was a Director. It attracted many hundreds of investors who put money in, despite never appearing actually to do anything except pay its directors – presumably including Rudd. Trawling through its documents at Companies House, I find it difficult to conclude that it was ever anything other than a share ramping scheme designed to rip off its investors. After just over a year of existence it went bankrupt with over £1.2 million of debts and no important assets. I should be very interested if anybody can go through those records and come up with any different conclusion to mine.

Interestingly Amber Rudd’s father Tony, who died this week, had been debarred as a company director after being found to have asset stripped another investor vehicle, Greenbank Trust, and misused its assets to personal benefit. As with Emma Barnett, we again come across a wealthy Tory whose privileged upbringing was financed by the criminal behaviour of the wealthy.

It is a bit of a stretch to imagine that, nationally, Labour will get the 4.7% swing that would be needed to oust Rudd from Hastings. But perhaps it is not too much to hope that there may be a local revolt from the people she despises.

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312 thoughts on “Amber Rudd Really Is that Horrible

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  • Jo

    Well she certainly got a kicking tonight for her strong and stable leader (who didn’t want to face it). Only an idiot like Kuennsberg could say there was no damage done tonight.

  • Xavi

    In one breath Amber Rudd was claiming the Tories care passionately about the poor and disabled, but when reminded by JC that they’d savagely cut disabled people’s benefits she snapped back something to the effect of “Well we”re not going to pay for everything, unlike you!” Just an embarrassment.

  • Sinc

    Investigative journalism at its current best – Good diggin’ Craig.

    Thanks for your recent prolific posting Craig – a daily read amongst the dross of the MSM Spin rooms.

  • Pyewacket

    Private Eye ran an article/expose’ on Ms Rudd’s past a few issues ago, and revealed pretty much the same as you have come up with. I’ve just had a dig through some older copies but unfortunately couldn’t lay my hands on it. Perhaps there are others who could come up with the goods, I’ll keep looking though.

    • glenn

      Pyewacket: I definitely remember the same. Only got the most recent edition with me, unfortunately, and I’m a long way from home. Hopefully someone will – as you say – have the copy from about a month or six weeks back and provide the content.

      • Brianfujisan

        Safe Travels Glen..

        is it Possible you both – Pyewacket – and yourself seen it in a book review ( Tax Havens ) i looked for the issue for a while no Luck on P.R Magazine.

        • Brianfujisan

          Sorry that should be ..

          Selling England by the offshore pound
          by Private Eye

          • glenn

            Hmm, that’s possible Brian… there’s a couple of books I’ve read recently, including “The Great Tax Robbery” by Richard Brooks, who writes for PE. There was also the surprisingly good “Britain for sale” by Alex Brummer, considering he’s a Daily (hate-)Mail employee. Might also have been in Will Hutton’s excellent “How good we can be”, but I still tend to think it was in PE itself. Gah, it would be so nice to have a perfect memory instead of a vague reference!

            Thanks for the well-wishes on the travels… we will be back in time to vote on the 8th. Because of this “snap election” there was insufficient time to arrange a postal vote, because they could only be sent out on the 29th/May. Not much use for anyone planning a trip away.

            Makes you wonder why a “strong and stable” leader needs these “snap elections” eh? Shouldn’t they be “strong” enough to stay the course, and “stable” enough to plan elections well in advance?

        • Spratters

          The article was definitely in the Eye some months ago. I recall reading it and marvelling at how greedy and corrupt these people (Tories) can be.

  • Wolsto

    Agree with Sinc above, I’m really enjoying your take on the election.

    As dubious, corrupt, and politically dishonest as Rudd seems, it can’t be easy doing all this in the week your dad passes away. Fair play to her, especially when it she’s having to cover for her boss in the debate.

    • defo

      He wasn’t economically ‘productive’ anymore, so no biggie for a Tory narcissist like sweet Amber. You can’t let emotion get in the way of untrammeled ambition.
      She’ll not have to sell the family home to pay his dementia tax either, so it’s probably for the best…

  • Loony

    So Amber Rudd believes there to be a drug problem in Hastings.

    Is this likely to be true or is Amber Rydd making disparaging comments about the people of Hastings in order to manifest her contempt for people?

    According to the ONS Hastings has the 8th highest drugs related rates of death in England and Wales with 9.1 such deaths per 100,000 of the population recorded between 2013 and 2015.

    ONS statistics would seem to indicate that Amber Rudd has a point. What is she supposed to do – keep quite about the problem and hope that no-one notices or bring it to public attention? Maybe she expressed herself badly – I have no idea, but all expression is less than perfect and can only be modified or improved by incorporating feedback.

    Drug addiction is a complex problem with no easy, pain free or cost free solutions. So I guess some would like to minimize the problem and hope that it all goes away before anyone notices. Not really a very humanitarian approach.

    Why did Amber Rudd seek to represent a town with very high comparative rates of drug problems? I have no idea – but what is the insinuation here? that drug addicts should be denied representation and that people living in the same constituency as drug addicts should be denied representation?

    This is exactly why politics is such bollocks. Someone has some polemical point to make and if they have to trample all over the most desperate and dispossessed to make it then tough luck on the desperate and dispossessed. And by their own words it is possible to calculate just how much they care for those on the very bottom of the ladder.

    • Brianfujisan

      ( 1 )
      The Comparison, was that Unfortunates, arrive to Idle by the seaside..Whilst the Multi millionairess Comes to be close to London

      ( 2 )
      I believe the that the Mega rich a hypocrite

    • glenn

      It shows Rudd has contempt for her electorate, and is a shameless opportunist in her choice of constituency.

      It also shows you – Loony – are a shameless apologist for the Establishment, and monied interests in general, and have very little of interest to say. Do you actually work for the Torygraph or just soak up their BS and regurgitate it like a good little stooge?

      • Brianfujisan

        June 1, 2017 at 00:44

        No Reply Button for this post

        I was wondering about the snap Election. I’m thinking..That They are Thinking ” we Need this Election Now, Too Much information is getting out on the Internet..When we win the Truth sites, and Blog’s , and Whistle blowers are Fucked Lol’s..Lols Lols ”

        It’s Tucked away in The evil Tory Manifesto

      • Loony

        How surprising to note that you have absolutely nothing to say about the plight of drug addicts but plenty of smears and lies to aim in my direction.

        Did you know (and it is a racing certainty that you neither know nor care) that last year in the US the number drug related deaths exceeded the number of firearms related deaths for the first time in history.

        This is all horribly reminiscent of the collapse in life expectancy that occurred in Russia contemporaneously with the collapse of the USSR.

        The growth of drug related problems is a sign that collapse is underway. Nothing can be done about this situation if there is a refusal to acknowledge the problem and people remain determined to make nugatory arguments designed to do nothing more than prove their own virtue to themselves. A growth of puerile narcissism is another sign of collapse.

        Just for the sake of clarity the Establishment would appear to be dominated by those with an infantile self obsession and I am much more inclined to despise such people as opposed to acting as an apologist for them..

  • Col

    If an SNP mp or msp had behaved remotely as bad as half of the tory elite the media would use it to try and destroy the party. We’d never hear the end of it.

    • Brianfujisan

      ” the media would use it to try and destroy the party ” Billionaire owned Tory Media.. Good and True point Col

  • Wayne Phillips

    Are you familiar, Craig, with the story of Nicholas Wilson who calls himself Mr Ethical? A fellow whistleblower (on HSBC) who is running as an independent in Hastings against Amber Rudd.

      • Wayne Phillips

        He’s a living legend in my eyes.

        I would have put the link up but worried it may have been moderated.

        I suggest everyone reads it – you’ll all want to give him cash when you have

  • tony_0pmoc

    In my experience this is the weirdest general election there has ever been. The problem is that they are using computers and clip boards. The liberal bloke wrote down on his clip board the registration number of my car before he knocked on the door. I did notice, and told him no way am I voting for you…so apparently I was now a Tory – whilst my wife and son were still Liberal – and get communications from Liberal HQ addressed to my wife and my son – as if they are a couple.

    Meanwhile as now I am classed as a Tory – they all come round – and my wife says to them yes we are all voting Tory (they didn’t get the hint (can you please eff off as quickly as possible) – but they did)

    I am just waiting for the Labour Candidate to turn up and give me a Big Poster to Stick in My Front Garden – or at Least My Front Window.



  • Hieroglyph

    The decision to put up Amber Rudd genuinely mystifying. 1) May is the PM, this is actually her job. 2) Amber Rudd is hardly an eloquent and charismatic replacement.

    i really do not know why it was decided to keep May from debates. It would seem perfectly clear to me that doing badly in a debate is much better than just not turning up. Do we think Ali was content with trash talking George Foreman, then letting his sparring partner do the fighting for him? I think not. May isn’t a simpleton, and would surely do ok. Not great, but ok. And that’s all that would be required. Very, very weird that she is hiding. I wonder if she’s ill?

    Baffling. I’d love to hear an explanation, because I still haven’t.

    • Manda

      I suspect she was chosen because she is 1) female, 2) holds high office 3) agreed to do it 4) is hoping to be the next unelected PM and “mummy” (yuk) of the Conservative party. I am convinced May is finished very soon after the election is over, she has become a toxic brand. The Tory banners have dropped the Teresa May’s Team logo I note. Making this election a battle of leaders in the hope it would be a walk in the park against Corbyn who they/their PLP friends and MSM have spent years smearing has backfired spectacularly!

      It is clear to me May is unable to think on her feet even under slight pressure and would collapse completely in a TV debate environment. Tories have no policies beyond more of the same covert rip off of citizens collective assets into the hands of private vested interests. All they have is disinformation, tired old attack lines and MSM cover and May has neither the strength of character, skill or quick thinking to debate. Personally I think she is crumbling mentally and physically under the pressure. May is not strong and stable and I suspect it was weighed up it was better for May to remain in hiding than have growing concerns she is a weak leader exposed beyond doubt on national TV. A complete collapse had the potential to shake even many life long Tory voters and possibly crash the Tory vote.

  • tony_0pmoc

    The basic problem with Theresa May so far as I know, is that my mate – who is a Senior Civil Servant – really has contributed to the content of Theresa May’s speeches. He is basically a nice guy and follows British Rugby all over the Wolrd,. He is obviously very well paid and he after al this time is still in love with my Spanish Girlfriend. She never invited you to Spain, but she did invite my wife and me. My wife and I love our “Spanish Ambassador” and we are all nearly convinced he is still a virgin.He has wriiten a half decent book set in the future – and publisihed it himself. (just needs editing down to one third the size)

    But still a virgin in his 60’s???

    I do find these things somewhat strange…(I was shy too)

    But all these people add to life’s experience.

    They are stil our friends no matter who they vote for.


    • Node

      He is basically a nice guy

      No he’s not, he’s a cynical arsehole. Theresa May’s speeches are crafted to deceive the ignorant and the gullible. If your mate is clever enough to write those speeches, he knows their purpose – to widen the wealth gap, to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. Your mate gets paid to increase the sum total of misery. Fuck him and his type.

  • Node

    Her brother is in on it too.

    While she was secretary of state for the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), her department granted planning permission to a controversial gas storage facility in Lancashire. The gas storage company, Halite Energy Group, is represented by Amber Rudd’s brother’s lobbying firm. The scheme had originally been refused in 2013 by former Energy Secretary Ed Davey, who said there was a “clear gap” in geological data within Halite’s proposal, which “failed to demonstrate the suitability of the geology at the site.” She broke rules introduced after the last general election by the parliamentary Committee on Standards which require MPs to disclose all family members engaged in lobbying the public sector.

    • Phil the ex-frog

      When Rudd became Home Secretary I saw a joke being shared between tories on twitter: she’s almost as powerful as her brother now.

  • Ruth

    Andrew John Conyers Sommerville was appointed director on 19 October 1999. Rudd was a director from 27 May 1999 till 8 May 2000 . So they were directors at the same time.
    Monticello, is under DTI investigation for alleged share-ramping.

    Andrew John Conyers Sommerville was director of City Vintners Ltd from 17 April 1998 and director of Goldman Williams Ltd from 4 May 1999
    It is estimated that drinks investment scams have pulled in more than £200m of investors’ cash in the past two decades. The rewards for fraudsters can be huge. Two bogus firms, City Vintners and Goldman Williams, had a turnover of almost £20m before being shut down.
    In December 2001 the DTI closed down the twin companies ontrib/frf City Vintners Ltd. (set up April 1998) and Goldman Williams Ltd. (set up April 1999). Both companies sold wine at two to three times the market price, while promising their victims that they could expect a double figure annual return. Together they turned over close on £19 million. Their 1,450 clients now find that the wines they bought as an investment are worth, at the very most, £8 million. A total of £2.2 million disappeared overseas from the two companies without adequate explanation.
    A three-year investigation by the Serious Fraud Office into an alleged £30m investment fraud has collapsed after it was found that the Department of Trade and Industry had already given two key companies a clean bill of health.
    Goldman Williams and City Vintners sold fine wines as an investment, but charged such vastly inflated prices that it was impossible for 1,500 customers to show a profit.
    In 2001, the DTI won High Court orders to close both companies, but it has emerged that the companies had been investigated 18 months earlier and were allowed to continue trading.
    Lawyers believe it would be impossible to win a fraud conviction against anyone cleared by a Government department.
    After the second DTI inquiry, London businessman Raun Austin, 37, and accountant Andrew Sommerville, 67, from Cirencester, Gloucestershire, were banned from acting as company directors for 12 years.
    By then they had set up a network of stockbroking firms based in Spain, but with links to a bank in Grenada in the Caribbean. The SFO inquiry was broadened to include these firms and in July 2002, police raided 13 homes and businesses in Britain, Spain and Grenada.
    Evidence was found that salesmen had lied by omission, or that conflicts of interest placed investors at a serious disadvantage. But without the much stronger case involving wine sales, prosecutors decided they could not be sure of any conviction

  • Salford Lad

    The greatest weakness of politicians and the general public is their misunderstanding of Economics and the mechanics of money creation. The School of Economics as taught at our Universities is deliberately obfuscated to add to the ignorance and bears little relation to the Real world of Economics. Prof Michael, Hudson, Bill Mitchell et al, are essential reading for those who wish to open their eyes and further their knowledge. Here is a taster;

  • Hieroglyph

    She appears to be a standard issue shady opportunist. I swear these people think that the rules don’t really apply to them, and think that all sorts of fraud and skimming is actually to be applauded.Where do we find these people? And – why on earth did they let her get on telly? Truly bizarre.

    Now we are allowed to talk Macron again, I’d also put him in this category. He’s a Sarkozy clone, and a corruption scandal waiting to happen. He may not be a fascist like Le Pen, but I give him 2 years before he’s investigated for something spectacularly dubious. It would be hard to beat Sarkozy invading Libya in order to cover-up a donor scandal – but I’m sure he’s got something up his sleeve.

  • Gordon Bowden

    Amber Augusta Rudd and Monticello Plc, look where it was registered with some of her other multi £million asset stripped Zinc and Diamond Mining PONZI Scams, 788-790 FINCHLEY RD LONDON NW11 the address that has launched over 206,000 shell companies. This is the same Boiler Room used by David Machenzie Donald Mills to set up money laundering for convicted fraudster ex Italian PM Silvio BERLUSCONI and the Mafia, ex PM war criminal Tony Blair, who also works for JP MORGAN, the same address that launched 2 companies REDSTAR ENTERPRISES LTD and MINA CORP LTD that defrauded the USA Defence accounts of over US$1.5 billion, the same address linked to JIREHOUSE CAPITAL and FTI CONSULTING LTD the fronts and conduits of STEPHEN DAVID JONES and RONALD RENO the “Admin” Agents affiliated to the disappearance of over £800 Million of SCOT YOUNG and linked directly to the RUSSIAN MAFIA, ELIZABETH NOELLE RENO and death of SCOT YOUNG the ex husband of MICHELLE YOUNG. I mean, just google 788-790 FINCHLEY RD, Gordon Bowden.

  • Ishmael

    But is it worse than sending her out to bat, considering. What can we expect in critical international affairs. ? i.e, Yes i know your family members dead but i just don’t feel like it? Or maybe there is something wrong with May ?

    From the bullying I know our local Tory does, they are not only immoral but incompetent in the extreme, given that both work hand in hand, i.e. you care for people to be at their best. Not bludgeon them into submition because your in charge.

    This is not a team working together but a bunch or self interested authoritarian bullies. And some people are going to vote for them to run the country? No wonder it’s in the state it’s in given these people are there now.

    We all need therapy, just watching this is harrowing. sigh…Focus, stay human. Elections are an aberration, A sore thumb, like violence they are not the normal actions of people throughout history by a factor of 1000/1.

    • Ishmael

      Sry, that’s just me being stupid, I know though people share most things exactly the upbringing and environment these people exist in makes them see things in very different ways. I should know these people are miles aways from me. Thought you’d imagine they know better than this, had some life learning experiences.

      I imagine there are still people who run their families like this, divide and rule, set one against the other. Surly nobody gets them to vote though? ….cringe….

      Two poles, 1 “self” ‘interests, them and us, harm is benefit etc. 2 What’s good for one good for the other.

  • Tom

    The Conservative Party are essentially the political front of the establishment, posing as ‘middle class’ and patriotic while actually working exclusively for the super-rich and foreign despots, with a little populist window-dressing here and there. Their MPs are either very clever but obviously nasty pieces of work; or, more insidiously (as in my constituency), they are smiling lightweights posing as champions of the local people, but crucially making up the numbers in Westminster.
    How much better the debate was last night without a heavyweight Tory presence. Let’s hope that is the future of the country.

  • Ishmael

    Im reminded of an expression used by Barrett Brown recently, We’ve been letting the dog eat from the table.

    Funny guy, good work.

  • fwl

    3% lead now and odds of con majority falling.

    If as a leader you decide on a single phrase campaign to be repeated until all have heard it you risk it being replaced by another equally simple perception: No show equals running scared.

    • fwl

      There is now a real possibility that May has put the electorate into a situation where they have been asked to suspend critical considerations suspend judgment and back her as if she were a military leader, and we don’t buy it. There is going to be a backlash. Whether it means a fall in con seats or loss of a majority time will tell. Suspect there will be a leadership crisis and contest in Conservatives. Who will be PM?

    • Muscleguy

      And if you run a campaign based on a personality cult, make sure you have a personality.

      Basically they relied on Corbyn to futz it up, and/or the Blairites to futz it up for him. Instead he got the manifesto he wanted through the party and from then on he has relaxed into it and looked better and better as the manifesto and the Tory fuckups have moved the polls in his direction.

      Tale of two leaders, one written off, one in an assumed coronation. The Media get it wrong, so wrong, again. And they wonder why they aren’t trusted any more.

  • Sharp Ears

    Her register of interests makes dull reading – just a long list of donations received in £thousands.

    This – the requisite visit to Israel with the CFoI.

    8 July 2013
    6. Overseas visits

    •Name of donor: Conservative Friends of Israel
    •Address of donor: 45b Westbourne Terrace, London W2 3UR
    •Amount of donation (or estimate of the probable value): costs of visit; £1,700
    •Destination of visit: Israel and the West Bank
    •Date of visit: 27 May-1 June 2012
    •Purpose of visit: fact finding political delegation
    •(Registered 18 June 2012)

  • hilary klonin

    Corbyn didn’t have to say that much as a lot of the others were broadly in agreement with much of the Labour manifesto principles apart from Nutttal/ Rudd obviously

  • fwl

    American journalists have struggled with UK election as a tedious non-event. They file something out of duty. Now the story is coming alive because of missing Mrs May’s mishandling weak management moment. The story is May not Rudd. Her dad died. Leave her for another day. It was not nice for May to send Rudd into bat for her 48 hrs after Rudd’s dad’s death. Nor is it appropriate to bad mouth her Dad now. Anyway the target is May.

  • DtP

    Getting quite into these dad attacks, aren’tcha Craig? Playing with fire, perhaps?

    • craig Post author

      Ah a typical Tory personal attack in a cowardly fashion. If you have something to say, then say it.

      • DtP

        You went for her dad. Simply because he used offshore vehicles and has starred in Eyes passim hardly makes him a legitimate target to attack his daughter with when the fella just died. I didn’t make any personal attack – pointed out that you did, twice in 2 days! Nice work – what about her mum? What did her mum get up to? We need to know! Cowardly, my arse – show some fucking decency, she’s just lost her dad! Attack her ffs – it’s her job!

        • fedup

          She can always get a dog for comfort, meanwhile back at the ranch if she is in politics and talking the unconscious drivel: “coalition of chaos” then best” STFU and put up with it. Dearly departed line is just a distraction from the facts in the best lines of straw man discourse.

          • DtP

            Fair enough – she’s not used it and neither did I. However, it takes a rare kind of shit to bring this up.

  • Sharp Ears

    ‘O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive!’

    Chapter and verse here.

    Revealed: Amber Rudd’s father was involved in business she ran despite being declared unfit
    Accountant for home secretary’s family investment vehicle says strategy was discussed at Tony Rudd’s home and his contacts were used to raise cash

    • Habbabkuk

      Being “involved” in someone’s business is not the same as being declared unfit to act as a director under the Companies Act.

      But do carry on, in the knowledge that you can say what you like about the dead.

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