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23 thoughts on “Live Interview

  • Margaret Kau

    Have always admired what you have said in the past. However on this occasion I feel that committee was correct in not endorsing you yo become a candidate – given that you applied for a ‘post’ you have to accept that you just might not have been deemed the right person for the job. What I do fins indefensible is that you seem to be throwing your toys out of the pram, referring back to how Jack Straw et all dealt with you…………smacks a bit of your ego getting in the way of common sense. Strategically, whilst not what you want, I feel the best decision was taken

  • John Goss

    I’m glad David McGowran raised Lockerbie. Without a proper Inquiry we might never find out who did it. To my mind the assassination of Bernt Carlsson, who was on the plane, was the motive, which points in the direction of De Beers together with Namibian Uranium and diamond interests since Carlsson was just about to grant the mineral rights to Namibia. He was like you Craig. He spoke his mind and was incorruptible. So much needs to come out of this and an inquiry is the only way to get anywhere near the truth. It is now fairly evident that the bomb was planted at Heathrow.

    Alex Salmond is well-known in Westminster. He is one of the establishment, and of course that means they may have something on him. He, and the SNP, do not want an Inquiry into who did Lockerbie. American international lawyer, Francis A. Boyle, who called the show-trial at a US military base in the Netherlands “Stalinist” wrote: “Mr Megrahi was an innocent man who had been railroaded by “Scottish justice” – an oxymoron to be sure – into spending the rest of his cancer-free life behind bars.” Boyle is not alone. Human rights’ lawyer, Gareth Peirce, has said a similar thing.

    Yet Alex Salmond is happy to let an innocent man (now deceased) take the rap for something clearly done by someone else. That was what told me he was an establishment figure. It was further confirmed when he did not ask why the ballot boxes for the referendum were sent to England. Or perhaps he knew. Craig gets it right when he talks about how comfortable it is for these well-entrenched politicians.

  • technicolour

    ‘Strategically’? The moral bankruptcy of a party which would require someone to betray their principles and their constituents in order to support the whims of the hierarchy is not important, I take it?

    Pretty amusing that some within seem to have made the gross ‘strategic’ error of exposing this fundamental dereliction of duty, and a contemptible attitude to the electorate: otherwise, a sad business.

  • Anon

    John Goss

    “It was further confirmed when he did not ask why the ballot boxes for the referendum were sent to England.”

    I hadn’t heard this allegation. Would you be so kind as to provide a substantiating source together with any further details you might have? Thanks in advance.

  • Ben the Inquisitor

    As I said on previous thread, it’s time to utilize vulnerable pressure-points on the body politic.

  • John Goss

    Anon, I am surprised you did not read about the allegations regarding postal votes. In fact I don’t believe you. There was a lot wrong with that referendum not least the fact that there were no exit polls, an accurate indicator of results. It is just as easy for you to search as me and I don’t believe I owe you any of my time.

  • Fedup

    I hadn’t heard this allegation. Would you be so kind as to provide a substantiating source together with any further details you might have? Thanks in advance.

    If you pulled your head out, and gave your ears a chance, probably your would have heard it too.

    73 percent of the Scots know the electoral fraud scuppered their dreams of independence.

    Ballot box stuffing is a regular electoral feature of the British elections, but seeing as no election monitors are ever present the matter is never given any credence, or consideration.

    Of course those whom have their head deep up the orifices of the gubiment cannot envisage any such impropriety! Then there are those whom keep sending emails to No. Ten raising their concerns; as if these matter at all!

  • Ben the Inquisitor

    I wonder if Craig will take the advice of commenters establishment, or if he will radicalize. I hope he sees what is necessary.

  • Anon

    John Goss

    I asked for your source for the claim that the ballot boxes were sent to England. Stop being slippery now.

  • Ishmael

    “I wonder if Craig will take the advice of commenters establishment, or if he will radicalise. I hope he sees what is necessary.”

    Maybe he is already, just hasn’t really taken it in yet/ made full use of that reality.

  • Ishmael

    Indeed, very well pointed out. There was no right wing filtering. Only the left must compromise core values.

  • John Goss

    Wow Scouse Billy, I did not know about that, the Hollie Greig abuse. Politicians are slimy characters not taking these issues on board.

    Craig thought that the Scottish Nationalist Party was different from other nationalist parties, and I was prepared to give it a chance, to see Craig elected and raise in parliament important issues like torture abuse by our secret services. But nationalists from Nigel Farage to Alex Salmond are tarred with the same brush as Hitler and Mussilini. I believe Scotland should be independent if only to send a message to England. With its wealth, now played down by plummeting oil prices in commodities’ markets (though not at the pumps where petrol should be about 90p per litre), but soon to recover remarkably, it will be a force to be reckoned with. Making a person of moral character commit to something immoral is the seed of Fascism. You do not need the SNP Craig. Neither does Scotland. Scotland needs independence, and independence can only be a achieved through independents.

    Go Scotland go. Go for freedom. Make the change.

  • Jives

    Salmond was turned/pwned decades ago.

    Why else did he get the gig?

    Privy Cooncilor says it all.

    Get over it.

  • Tony M

    John Goss, a careful reading of your past comments suggests you’ve never supported Scottish Independence, indeed regarded the very idea with contempt and disdain. It won’t wash now after the crushing of Scotlands people by the full might of the criminal British state in ‘prpraganda’ mode, to suggest otherwise, I suspect you’re rather relieved, glad.

  • Tony M

    p.s. It is or rather was the Scottish National Party. I don’t know however what it has become or is becoming.

    Nicola Sturgeon may make agreeably left wing noises, is smart and a tough cookie, head and shoulders and a formidable opponent of the unionist troika, but the core of the original party is rather conservative with a small ‘c’ and would rather the more radical-left new members who’ve joined, hadn’t. Some in the SNP have let the rise in their support go to their heads, forgetting they’ve only that support on loan for the universal shared goal of attaining our country’s long deserved and now eagerly anticipated independence, as a first step, an essential one in making a better society as an example to all that contrary to Thatcher’s exhortations, there are actually many alternatives. The SNP are only riding their wave of support by default as Tories, Labour and LibDems are so bent and despicable, so discredited that even the principled but modest successes of the SNP government at Holyrood have given so many people such a glimmer of hope, that only a fool or a knave could turn back now from giving them a chance to prove what they can do with the powers they need and we can still, must give them in spite of all Westminster’s desperate attempts to thwart our will.

  • Tony M

    Bit harsh maybe John G, and people can come round or change their view in the light of experience, increased knowledge, or a convincing case well made, but looking back to, say several months before the September referendum, I didn’t think it was an idea you had much time for, and still had that impression. Sorry if I’ve offended, I guess you’re sincere.

    I’m glad you’re with us now, fully, it is still the best and only game in town which has any hope of effecting positive change in how all Britain’s countries and their peoples are governed and marginalising the neo-con right who have hijacked the state, as the really dangerous extremists they inescapably irredeemably are. Their every policy has demonstrably unravelled disastrously, economically, socially, it has been too much, has gone too far, too long and the damage wrought though thought, they hoped irreparable, irreversible, can be undone and the salutary lessons learned. Thatcher’s, New Labour’s and the banker’s thousand year reich come completely unravelled in a roller-coaster few decades and now a spent force, with so many lives, but not hope or life itself completely destroyed, with just the bunkered in remnants of the old regime to winkle out of their bolt-holes to face justice, if not the mob.

  • nevermind

    Was it Margaret Kau who negotiated Labours/Jack Straws turns with the SNP, because being involved in such back stabbing had to be organised?

    Tell us Margaret, were all candidates ask the same questions? Why is the SNP more concerned about its image and career chances, than with the wishes of their new membership.
    Why has the SNP got a problem with young people and new members?

    Sullying a fellow SNP members name, a member who has worked his socks off to bring some spine to this Holyrood gang who openly placate a Westminster orientated Labour party, offers its naked belly to be taken, before the groom has arrived.

    You have to be joking, the SNP has shot itself in the foot by briefing a newspaper, ignoring its membership and by making deals with Labour behind the scenes when they don’t have to, talk about liabilities and selling your soul.

  • technicolour

    Since I’ve been commenting, the other side of the story, from

    “As for the Bedroom tax. I am weary of having to explain in 140 characters on Twitter how this question worked. It’s one of the reasons I’ve written this post. At the vetting interview there were a few questions which were designed to illicit discussion, test your ability to face personal dilemma and prove an understanding of the challenges an SNP cohort in Westminster might face. I got a similiar question but answered it in a way which allowed me to suppose that the situation was one in which the mitigating measures and extra powers we had secured for the Scottish Parliament would mean that our core ideologies were intact and the people of Scotland would be helped. The panel allowed me the space to pontificate on this at length. I know others who gave an answer which said that the question was moot as the SNP would never support the Bedroom Tax and proceeded to give a full answer as to why this was the case. They and I passed vetting. None of us came out of the interview shouting “Holy crap! the SNP want us to support the Bedroom Tax!”

    One other thing has bothered me very much this weekend. Tom Gordon of the The Herald, whose writing I greatly admire, wrote a response to Mr Murray’s blog which catalogued selected names of vetted people who thought proved the point that the SNP, despite pronouncements about wanting to embrace the new grassroots into the party, were only interested in selecting established party people. Well, here’s me! I joined the SNP on the morning of 19th September 2014. I am now a SNP nominee in Aberdeen. There’s quite a few like me all over the country. The SNP membership will be the folk who decide if I’m good enough to represent them as it’s one member, one vote. At vetting I was with 12 other women and the majority of them were like me; new members who had got right stuck in during indyref via Business for Scotland, RIC or Women for Indy, and felt they wanted to now work for and had something different to offer the SNP. A couple of women like this who I’ve kept in touch with from my vetting group have passed and are now nominated in their areas. Whether the SNP candidates are full of the so-called grassroots folks is not up to the party “machine” it’s up to the members.”


  • nevermind

    Well bully for you MissssyMartin for supporting a malodorous politics such as the bedroom tax.
    And stop going round making out that the selection process was secret, it was not, why else was it possible for SNP stooges to ring up the Unionist News aka the Scotsman and pimp the news on Craig’s disbarment?

    talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

    As for Aberdeen and its economic future with a much lower oil price changing the equation sharply for Westminster parties such as the SNP, don’t be too worried, there might be a war coming and then nobody gets an election, hey ho, rejoice, we will/would save 300 million squid

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