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    US delays report on Israel war crimes probe – Politico

    The administration of US President Joe Biden is postponing a report on whether Israel has committed war crimes in Gaza, Politico said on Tuesday, citing anonymous lawmakers.

    For several months, the State Department has been investigating if Israel has violated international humanitarian law since the beginning of its military operation in the Palestinian enclave. Should the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) be found in violation, the usual US military assistance to the Jewish state would be at risk of drying up.


    Read that line: “whether Israel has committed war crimes
    Whether!? Sickening.

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    Germany had been investigating whether or not the US had violated Art. 51 with its Iraq invasion.The investigation took about 20 years. And I forgot how it ended. We will witness the same with Nordstream. And the same with Gaza. I assume they all pay the same special unit for investigating these matters, known to be extremely fast and efficient and truthful.

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    Yeah exactly, I am from a US puppet state too – Sweden – that, abruptly closed their Nordstream investigation without releasing any conclusion! And as you perhaps know Sweden recently joined Nato, the propaganda for Nato was immense which in turned scared swedes to become more positive to Nato.

    And Sweden has been super quick to help, investigate and report crimes by Russia in Ukraine, 95% of the mainstream media outlets here is pro-Israel so when it comes to Gaza the same people have been dead silent with criticism, instead they have openly supported Israel and constantly use sources from Israel that is of course ridden with disinformation but they keep spreading it anyway. The prime minister of Sweden have from the start defended Israel, just some days ago he claimed that Israel’s war is just. There is also a whole lot of open islamophobia by the liberal and rightwing journalists.

    And As you perhaps know, Greta Thunberg have been quite hailed in Sweden….well that was until she condemned Israel’s war. Then just over night the media/politicians began to slander and hate her, framing her as an antisemite, an extremist and even compared to Hitler by one of the biggest newspapers.
    We won’t stop speaking out about Gaza’s suffering – there is no climate justice without human rights

    There are 8 parties in the parliament. 1 of them, a leftist party, have, sometimes, condemned Israel but is very often very passive and mute. The same leftist party support sanctions and even sending fighter jets to Ukraine.

    So yeah the situation is terrible here too. Swedes are germans are quite like I assume: often believe media propaganda, often follow what the state say, absurdly pro-american and so on. And then both nations try to frame themselves as liberal, democratic, pro-rule of law, humanitarian etc.
    A sick joke is what it is!

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    Sigh, what the hell is this? General Miley defend Israel’s killing of civilians because americans….have done that too historically so US should shut up about any criticism. Then the other moron comes in and say college peace-activists are war-activists!? And note Miley’s last statement about Hamas charter.


    No, Hamas charter do not call for jews to be killed:

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    Norman Finkelstein spoke to the protesting students at Columbia.
    Jacobin has his crisp, wise speech.

    “Norman Finkelstein: Build a Majority for Palestine

    By Norman G. Finkelstein

    Holocaust scholar and pro-Palestine activist Norman Finkelstein expresses his support for the student protests, insisting on the importance of free speech and uniting the majority of Americans around solidarity with Gaza.”


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    AG, the link doesn’t work, perhaps for me only. I screenshoted the error message
    Is there any other way to get there?

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    Tatyana, here’s the original URL:

    Norman Finkelstein: Build a Majority for Palestine

    archive.is seems to be having a lot of different problems recently.

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    Clark is correct, archive.is is having some trouble it seems.
    Sometimes the link works, sometimes it doesn´t…

    * * *

    This is another good piece on Gaza and US campus protest with some history on donors destroying higher education.


    The awful thing – for most of the media this happens in the shadows. They don´t see it, don´t report it, public thus never learns of it, until it´s too late.

    Also with some grown-up criticism of things like BLM, linking e.g. to this:

    “Why Black Lives Matter Can’t be Co-opted”

    From NLR:

    At Columbia, whose endowment is $13.6 billion, students must pay $90,000 per year plus travel expenses – a dramatic rise since the 1980s. Administrative posts and salaries have increased relative to faculty ones, and the number of non-tenured staff has grown steadily. Nationally, three-fourths of faculty are non-tenured and therefore do not have academic freedom. The privileged minority of tenured faculty did nothing to fight this trend, nor did they participate in adjunct efforts to unionize, since the current system enables them to take research leave and sabbatical. Now tenure itself – under attack from Republican politicians, trustee boards and university administrations – seems unlikely to survive. Recent years have seen an upswell of labour activism among graduate students and adjunct faculty, some of whom have managed to win collective bargaining rights, but they are a long way from re-democratizing the academy.

    Another crucial factor is the influence of so-called ‘shot callers’: a donor class of billionaires, often working through politicians or board members, with the power to force institutional changes or get people fired by threatening to withhold funding. As universities have become more like corporations, whose primary duties are to their shareholders, administrators have become increasingly pliant before donors and their representatives. Presidents can be forced to resign even when they have strong support from students and faculty, as at Harvard; or, conversely, they can ignore significant internal opposition because their outside backers, as at Columbia. (One of the main shot callers there is Democratic donor Robert Kraft, the owner of the New England Patriots, who responded to the protests by revoking a donation and taking out full-page advertisements in major newspapers which denounced ‘antisemitic hate’ and demanded greater ‘protection’ on campuses.)

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    Palestinian statehood – emergency vote tomorrow (10 May):

    Al Jazeera live update

    “…contacts between Ireland and Spain, and between Slovenia and Malta, had intensified with a view to the countries jointly recognising Palestinian statehood.”

    Jeffrey Sachs and Sybil Fares at al Jazeera:
    Peace starts with Palestine’s UN membership

    “According to Article 4 of the UN Charter, admission is effected by a decision of the General Assembly following a recommendation of the Security Council. On April 18, the Security Council’s vote on Palestinian membership was vetoed by the US, but with 12 out of the 15 council members voting in favour. The UK abstained, as if it’s not already made enough of a mess in the region. Because of the US veto, the General Assembly will take up the issue during an Emergency Special Session on May 10. This vote will show an overwhelming support of Palestine’s membership. It will then be taken up again by the Security Council.”

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    Jack, thank you very much for the link to the Wikipedia article about the updated and current Hamas Charter. I must inform my MP of this.

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    The RTE (Irish braodcaster) report on recognising the Palestinian state is here.

    I wonder if a two state solution is actually viable (as opposed to a single state solution). However, the media noise that may be created by this move might help move things forward. I am certain the Israeli ambassador to Ireland (and the other states) will have something vile and cringe worthy to say.

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    Voting on granting Palestine full UN membership tomorrow.
    Palestinians seek UN General Assembly backing for full membership

    UNITED NATIONS, May 6 (Reuters) – The United Nations General Assembly could vote on Friday on a draft resolution that would recognize the Palestinians as qualified to become a full U.N. member and recommend that the U.N. Security Council “reconsider the matter favorably.”


    Israel, US, 99% of Europe, and some other nations will of course vote no.

    143 (of 193 nations) already recognize Palestine (Gaza, West Bank and East Jerusalem) as a state:


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    Jack, eight EU member states already recognise Palestine as a sovereign state including Sweden. If Ireland, Spain, Norway, Slovenia and Malta + possibly Belgium vote to do so tomorrow we are approaching 50% of EU member states.
    Norway is not EU member but is part of the EU association area.

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    The onslaught is going on repeat, how many times have we not heard this:

    WHO: Rafah’s hospitals will run out of fuel in 3 days
    The World Health Organization says it has only three days of fuel for its medical operations in southern Gaza, with shortages already forcing one of three remaining hospitals in the city of Rafah to shut down.


    Still the world will not act and stop the human suffering even though we all know what the result of this would be for the patients at the hospitals.

    Netanyahu is obviously a maniac that only knows violence thus should he should be subdued with violence by the outside world.

    After Biden warns of weapons shipment freeze, Netanyahu shares speech in English: Int’l pressure won’t prevent Israel from defending itself

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    From German daily SÜDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG, May 9th

    What critics of Israel are allowed to do
    They are even allowed to paralyze the university for days on end. The talk of restricted freedom of expression in Germany misses the point.
    by Ronen Steinke

    All those who believe that it is not safe to talk about Israeli policy towards the Palestinians in Germany, that one cannot freely criticize the Israeli government, and certainly that one cannot talk as openly as necessary about the Israeli army’s “genocide” in Gaza in the country of the former main perpetrators of the Holocaust – after this week, all of them are once again recognizable as self-pitying exaggerators.

    What can you do in this country? Well, a protest at the Free University (FU) in Berlin has shown it. In this country, you can vilify the whole of Israel as a “colonial project”, you can chant “Fuck you, Israel!” in chorus, you can demand that the university boycott all Israelis “academically and culturally”.
    should boycott all Israelis.
    You can do this as loudly as you like, even as agitated as you can and perhaps should be and perhaps should be in view of the blatant injustice of Israeli military strikes on civilian targets in the Gaza Strip.

    You can even go so far as to call for an “intifada” against Israel from Berlin, i.e. for a violent uprising – and no police officer will come to the German capital and snatch the megaphone out of your hand. That’s how far freedom of opinion goes in the state of the Basic Law. That’s how far open debate goes. And that is the intention: If freedom of opinion only applied would only apply to those who have balanced, historically differentiated, moderate opinions, then we might as well leave it alone.

    A university management exercises its domiciliary rights – this is not repression.

    In Germany, you can see how a university management looks at this protest for quite some time – until at some point, when demonstrators also break open locked lecture halls and smash fire alarms, they exercise their domiciliary rights. And how the police then – only then! – disperse the demonstration, as is their duty. Just as the police do at the request of the university management when other campus blockades turn into crimes. Regardless of the political issue. Climate protests, tuition fee protests, the FU is rich in history.

    You can still see a mayor of Berlin puffing out his cheeks afterwards and saying that “anti-Semitism and hatred of Israel” are “not expressions of opinion, but criminal offenses”. But that is fake news. Anti-Semitism is not a criminal offense simply because of the many debates about where it begins in individual cases (it’s no different with racism and sexism, by the way). Apart from the fact that attitudes are never justiciable anyway. Only when there is a specific call for violence is the borderline reached with incitement to hatred.

    And finally: you can see how even 120 very, very indulgent “teachers at Berlin universities” publicly address the university management with a statement in which they wish that the university management had shown more patience. Mind you, “regardless of whether we agree with the specific demands of the protest camp”. They demand that those students who have been caught committing acts of violence should not be subjected to criminal proceedings at all.(…)”

    The author: born in 1983, studied law and criminology, doctorate in international criminal law. Since 2011 at the Süddeutsche Zeitung, in between guest researcher at the Fritz Bauer Institute for Holocaust Research. Book author. Otto Brenner Prize.

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    A strongly worded piece critical of US, UK and Germany from one of Ireland’s respected political journalists US, UK and Germany have sown the shame of their nations in Gaza’s blood-drenched soil.

    “When historians sit down to write the record of Israel’s current bombardment of Gaza, the biggest puzzle they will have to address is why other powerful, self-congratulatory democracies stood by and watched 14,500 children – the death toll at the end of April – being slaughtered. Sorry, scratch the words “stood by”. The US, the UK, Germany and assorted strongman states have encouraged and armed the military onslaught on 2.3 million people trapped in the tiny Palestinian territory.”

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    Good point by Craig Mokhiber:

    I’ve never heard any of these critics claim that it’s wrong for students to protest Iran, or Sudan, or Myanmar, or Russia because it “might make people feel uncomfortable or unsafe.” It’s a lie. And we have no duty to protect to the feelings of people supporting


    Right? But when it comes to Israel, oh then the rules area somehow different. Poor pro-israeli jews could get offended, be triggered at the campuses. Sigh.

    Craig was of course the top UN official that stepped down early on in the war protesting the war, genocide:

    Top UN official in New York steps down citing ‘genocide’ of Palestinian civilians
    Craig Mokhiber, director of human rights body, accuses the US, UK and much of Europe as ‘wholly complicit in the horrific assault’


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    UN General assembly vote for Palestinian UN memembership with 143 votes of 193. The despicable west at large abstained.
    The assembly adopted a resolution on Friday with 143 votes in favour and nine against – including the US and Israel – while 25 countries abstained. It does not give the Palestinians full UN membership, but simply recognises them as qualified to join.
    Alhough the final decision is made by UNSC with the americans that will block the call.

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    143 states formally recognise Palestine before this vote today, and 143 voted yes in this vote. The UN website hasn’t published the full voting record as yet and I can’t find it anywhere else. It’s got to be available somewhere, or the news sites wouldn’t be able to say who voted what way. The 25 who abstained plus the 9 that voted sums to 34. Where were the other 16 countries? Do some of them not have a vote, or were they just absent?

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    short and to the point:

    “Prof. Amos Goldberg: ‘Yes, It Is Genocide’ –

    In most cases of genocide, the perpetrators of the murder said they were acting in self-defense. The fact that what is happening in Gaza does not resemble the Holocaust, writes Holocaust scholar Amos Goldberg, does not mean that it is not genocide.”


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    p.s. of course being an Israeli scholar in Israel he includes this, which – if he feels to be a necessary addition – is incomplete:

    “The brutal Hamas attack of October 7 was a heinous and terrible crime. During it, about 1,200 people were killed or murdered, of which more than 850 were Israeli civilians (and foreigners), including many children and elderly, about 240 Israelis were kidnapped to Gaza, and atrocities such as rape were committed. This is an event with catastrophic, deep and lasting traumatic effects, for many years, certainly for the direct victims and their immediate circle, but also for Israeli society as a whole.”

    Why bring up the rape exclusively – if the case of mass rapes has never been proven – and if getting into 1200 killed, at least mention that possibly Hundreds of those were killed by indiscriminate fire by the IDF into homes and groups of people. And that several of the attacking Hamas groups wanted to negotiate but were ignored.

    So as a scholar being so exact with terminologies on genocide he should be as cautious with the not yet investigated details of Oct. 7th.

    And I would take a wild guess that the pre Oct. 7th atrocities by the IDF over almost 20 years Goldberg did not describe as “heinous and terrible crimes”.

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    And I would take a wild guess that the pre Oct. 7th atrocities by the IDF over almost 20 years Goldberg did not describe as “heinous and terrible crimes”.

    Yes up until october 7, Israel had killed 200+ palestinians in the occupied territories from the start of 2023. How much coverage did that generate in the western media? How much condemnations did that brought by the west? Zero.

    “Jewish voice for peace” made a timeline of the events that occured before october 7
    Countdown to genocide: the year before October 7

    In other news US probe have “reasonable” grounds to believe that Israel used american weapons in unlawful ways.
    Reasonable grounds!? That is as far as US would go to describe the obvious war crimes by Israel with US weapons. These people have no shame. Gaslightning is the word to describe this denying and playing down of facts, reality:

    US unveils results of Israel war crimes probe
    Washington has “reasonable” concerns that the IDF may have violated humanitarian law while using American weapons


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    I think I’ve found the voting record here.
    The resolution passed by UN is as a downloadable .pdf

    Here are some of the changes in status that Palestine will have a right to later this year:

    1. To be seated among Member States in alphabetical order
    2. Make statements on behalf of a group
    3. Submit proposals and amendments and introduce them
    4. Co-sponsor proposals and amendments, including on behalf of a group
    5. Propose items to be included in the provisional agenda of the regular or special sessions and the right to request the inclusion of supplementary or additional items in the agenda of regular or special sessions
    6. The right of members of the delegation of the State of Palestine to be elected as officers in the plenary and the Main Committees of the General Assembly
    7. Full and effective participation in UN conferences and international conferences and meetings convened under the auspices of the General Assembly or, as appropriate, of other UN organs
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    The last link above didn’t work, Here it is

    Bambie Thug, who performs Ireland’s suprisingly successful Eurovision entry and who had resisted calls by 400 artists to boycott the competition silently made her own protest. She had inscriptions on her face and legs which spelt out the words “Ceasefire” and “Saoirse don Phalaistín” in an early medieval script. “Saoirse don Phalaistín” is irish gaelic for freedom to Palastine or free Palastine.
    A spokeswoman for the European Broadcasting Union said the “writing” seen on the performer’s body during rehearsals “contravened contest rules that are designed to protect [its] non-political nature.” So Bambie Thug’s performance went ahead without the coded message – but social media saw to it that the point was made anyway.

    That story amused me and is reported here

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    Speaking of Eurovision, the contestant from Netherlands that past days have criticized Israel’s participation have today, suddenly been disqualified for an alleged misdemeanor!

    Netherlands’ Eurovision entry disqualified from song contest

    The whole Eurovision spectacle is a mess, when Israel participant made her performance in the semi-finals the other day, the Eurovision blocked out the booings and added applause for the viewers watching at home.

    It is like Eurovision is controlled by pro-israel interests and I would not be surprised if Israel win – the islamophobia is rife.
    Even the biggest partner for Eurovision is somehow *surprise surprise* an israeli company:

    Moroccanoil becomes Presenting Partner of Eurovision 2020

    Take also note that Israel’s participant have taken clear political standpoints, she for example denied there is a genocide going in Gaza:
    She declared that she is proud to represent Israel:
    And she declared that she will join the war with IDF as soon as Eurovision is over:

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    JACOBIN with a longer piece about how CNN and Co. present the police and law enforcement´s lies about Gaza protests in the US as the proper news:

    Mainstream Media Is Spreading Lies About Palestine Protests

    By Neil deMause

    May 11th 2024

    “Rather than acting as a check on the powerful, media outlets like CNN and MSNBC are allowing police to give their interpretation of student Palestine protests with few challenges, even in cases where police are blatantly lying or distorting the truth.”


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    Colombia’s president calls on ICC to issue arrest warrant Netanyahu

    The Colombian Left Has Every Reason to Condemn Israel

    It’s a long time coming: Israeli mercenaries aided in the wholesale slaughter of Colombia’s insurgent leftist party, Patriotic Union, in the ’80s.

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    The BOSTON GLOBE commissioned an article about the student protests to eventually put it back into the drawer.
    Electronic Intifada published it here:

    “Read an article on the student intifada censored by The Boston Globe
    Ruya Hazeyen The Electronic Intifada 10 May 2024”


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    Trump blast pro-Palestine demonstrations

    Donald Trump vowed to deport students protesting against genocide at universities, as it is promoting “jihadism”
    Video https://www.instagram.com/muslim/p/C649giGr6JN/?img_index=2

    Trump Promises to ‘Immediately Deport’ Foreign Students Involved in Anti-Israel Protests

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    Apparently UN have revised the death toll for Gaza making it significantly smaller, on what basis is not clear yet:

    The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) has released an infographic suggesting that the number of Gaza women and children killed in the Israel-Hamas war dropped by 17 percent in the last two days.

    The infographic issued on Wednesday places the total broader Gaza war toll at 34,844 with 7,797 (32%) of the casualties being children and 4,959 (20%) of them being women. In the previous infographic released by OCHA two days earlier, the broader death toll was 34,735 with over 9,500 (27%) of them being women and over 14,500 (42%) being children.


    The pro-israelis are now spreading this news everywhere.

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    Ok apparently I was too quick spreading that news above^, UN simply collected 1 confirmed deaths and 2 unconfirmed deaths (because the corpses cannot be ID as of yet + people under rubble have not been ID).
    Nothing has “changed”, sorry for the confusion.

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    It’s not going to change world politics but a league of Ireland football team invited the Palestine female team for a friendly match in Dublin which was played yesterday in a “festival” atmosphere. The Palestinian team had earlier been greeted by Ireland’s President.

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    Post by Moon of Alabama:

    “The Al-Aqsa Flood Operation Is – Despite All Damage – Effectual”


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    Jewish staffer resigns from Biden administration over Gaza

    “I can no longer in good conscience continue to represent this administration amidst President Biden’s disastrous, continued support for Israel’s genocide in Gaza,” Greenberg Call wrote. Israel strongly denies that its actions in Gaza amount to genocide.


    Important and good that she used the word “genocide” to describe what is going on.

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    CNN expose the violent hoodlums at pro-palestine protests at universities. Turns out, surprise surprise, that the violent instigators are people coming from the outside and that they are pro-israeli jews.

    CNN track down the address of one of these guys, an 18 year old boy, CNN talk with his mom that, first claim her boy is innocent and only “defended itself”, then CNN expose how the mom have actually glorified her sons violent behavior on social media, bragging about his escapades and how the son will soon join the IDF in Gaza! Then, she suddenly deny that her son was even there! Hilarious to watch but also disturbing since the zionists seems to have no shame in decieve and constantly frame themselves as helpless victims.


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    I personally have zero interest in this idiotic song contest but the Israeli government apparently has:

    “Israel Astroturfed Eurovision Vote But Lost Anyway, Gov. Admits”
    “Israeli officials hyped their country’s 5th place Eurovision finish as proof of quiet global grassroots support for their assault on Gaza. Now, they admit they manipulated the results through an international propaganda blitz.”


    p.s. For those who don´t mind goofy comedy, see
    “Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga”
    (currently only on Netflix I think)


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    I do not watch Eurovision anymore either, I remember as kid though it was a fun show because back then it was about music. Today it is incredibly political not to mention childish, immature, crass and creepy.

    Also, this is the EBU chief, the guy that rule Eurovision



    He is a russiophobe that have authored spy novels about evil Russians.

    Of course this was the same guy that banned Russia directly from Eurovision.

    Eurovision chief says Russia ban stands for ‘ultimate values of democracy’

    That Israel could participate was no problem for this hypocrite though!

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    recommended long conversation with activist Majd Nasrallah, who has studied intern. law because he doesn´t believe in it.

    And much more.E.g. about his family’s legal battle in Israeli courts to regain its property seized 1948.

    “Majd Nasrallah has worked in Palestinian cultural institutions and is a local community organizer with a degree in international law and human rights. He talks about criminal violence being the last stage of the attempt to dehumanize and subjugate Palestinians by the Israeli apartheid system. After being a proponent of a one democratic state he now says that future should aim beyond the national state model that has been forced upon the region and the world by the colonizing powers.”


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    The corrupt arab leaders seems to have no shame: Israeli military plane land in Morocco


    UK media’s pro-Israel bias revealed

    MEMO Monitoring looks at the UK media bias during Israel’s war on Gaza and the influence of the coverage analysed by the Centre of Media Monitoring. Some of the most blatant examples of pro-Israel bias in the UK media include ‘Islamophobia’, ‘dehumanisation of the Palestinian people’, ‘lack of fact checking’ and the constant ‘questioning of the Palestinian death toll’ in Gaza. Israel claims are accepted as fact, the report found, while Palestinians are regularly discredited, it added.


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    interview with UN Special Rapporteur Albanese:

    “They Don’t See Palestinians as Human Beings’: U.N. Special Rapporteur Francesca Albanese on Israel’s Alternate Reality”
    by Omid Memarian
    May 15, 2024


    “Q: There are two pending pieces of legislation in the U.S. that relate to Israel. Under one, the Antisemitism Awareness Act, the federal government would police campus speech, using the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s narrow definition of antisemitism, which incorrectly equates criticism of Israel with antisemitism and conflates Judaism with Zionism. Another bill would give the Treasury Department broad new powers to revoke the nonprofit status of an organization, 90 days after making the unilateral determination that it supports terrorism. The bill appears targeted at U.S. groups critical of Israel. What do you make of these efforts in the U.S. to curb freedom of speech?

    A: I see two things. First of all, it’s astonishing how far against its own values and basic democratic tenets the U.S. is going to go in order to favor Israel. And the second thing is that I hope that the American people understand how much of their rights and freedoms are being sacrificed in the name of defending a foreign country. It’s incredible.
    How do you think the student protests on U.S. campuses are seen from the outside world?
    What is happening on U.S. campuses is reinvigorating the entire world, after South Africa. South Africa gave us hope. And this young generation—I call it the watermelon revolution—also gave us hope, because they asked for justice. They simply asked for justice. There might be an element of agitators among them, and there might be people with a different agenda other than being peaceful. But the majority of them have very clear asks: for divestment of their university, whose fees they pay, from Israel’s enterprise; to have transparency; to have a proper education, including about Palestine, which is necessary; and to stop practicing anti-Palestinian racism. This is basically what they are asking, in all its forms. I think it’s very moving and inspirational.

    Q: Israel has now started its ground invasion of Rafah. What steps does the international community need to take at this moment? Are there any steps?

    A: They have to stop Israel. A cease-fire is not a recommendation; it must be imposed from outside through all possible means. There is no other way. We need to save lives, both lives of the Palestinians in Gaza and the lives of the hostages. There is no other way to protect the hostages. It’s been used as a rhetorical argument empty of meaning, because if the priority had been the hostages, Gaza would not have been turned into rubble. And many Palestinians will still be alive or not in mutilated bodies. The only thing that is needed in the immediate is a cease-fire.”

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