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    The ‘Martyrs of Gaza’ account (link below) is attempting to keep track and document just some of the many, many lives snuffed out by Israel’s butchery. Such a waste of potential and young lives here. The university that many of these people attended has also been completely destroyed.
    The US and European politicians blathering about ‘hate marches’ and how criticism of Israel is antisemitism, should scroll through these names and faces. The people their supplied weapons are maiming & killing.


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    Great article by Mouin Rabbani

    The United Nations Fails in Palestine, Again

    The UN sec. general condemn Hamas with ease and claim they use “human shields” not a word, not even a naming of Israel of their genocidal war. He is not even calling for a ceasfire, even though multiple UN organizations in Gaza have been deliberately targeted and multiple UN workers murdered israeli attacks.
    There is also a comparsion how clearcut the sec. general was from the getgo of the russian invasion, then he did not mince his words.

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    additionally: UN or some NGO stated in the past (I can´t find the quote, but it´s in one of Finkelstein´s appearances as of late)) that there was hardly any evidence if at all for the human shield argument, it mostly being pure fabrication. (And if used – Sarah Whitson pointed out on Non-Zero podcast 3 weeks ago – it should be stressed that the IDF has its military installations within civil structures and thus any attack must also hit non-military “subjects”. Not by coicidence I would assert. So same goes for them.)

    * * *

    Jacobin on the German side again:

    “Germany Is Weaponizing Its Historical Guilt to Demonize Israel’s Critics”

    Of course there is always this bieas inherent to the author´s thinking (the introdcution e.g.) but all in all better than no text.

    Here btw the official German government´s English-language defintion/position on antisemitism:


    “Furthermore, the state of Israel, being perceived as a Jewish collective, may be the target of such attacks.”

    In May 2016, the IHRA plenary meeting in Bucharest adopted this working definition, which was proposed as a German-Romanian initiative. The wording is based on an internal definition that was developed by the predecessor of the European Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) in 2004 to provide a Europe-wide standard for antisemitism-monitoring on the part of the FRA. The definition is not legally binding. But by adhering to it, Germany documents that it is striving to combat the phenomenon of antisemitism, both internally and externally, and to take a differentiated perspective on it. On 20 September 2017, the definition quoted above was adopted by Cabinet decision and circulated. The Federal Government has thereby laid the groundwork for a shared understanding of antisemitism at national level. The actions of the Federal Government Commissioner are also guided by this definition.

    In Germany, this definition is already being applied in many areas of public life, at least at federal level:

    • for relevant events and publications of the Federal Agency for Civic Education;
    • by memorial sites, documentation centres and historical museums in relevant contexts;
    • as a guideline for further developing the “Demokratie leben” (Living democracy) programme sponsored by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth.
    • as a part of the antisemitism seminars that are included in the training at the federal security agencies, i.e. the German intelligence services, the Federal Criminal Police Office and the Federal Police.
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    …there are some money quotes in JACK´s above linked Mouin Rabbani text…which everyone should read.
    (re: internal UN politics.)
    I assume one reason why Mokhiber quit.

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    5000 children killed, not to mention some 4000 adult civilians slaughtered, US response? US State Department says it hasn’t so far found evidence for Israeli war crimes in Gaza

    This is only a mockery of justice it is a cynical mockery of reality.

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    Same with the EU, after 1 month of relentless sadistic bombing they only want to talk about the palestinan warcrimes

    How can they claim that Israel is not commiting warcrimes?? If thousands of civilians are killed – what does say according to the EU? Even for arguments sake if these 5000 children deaths were “mistakes” it would still be grave warcrimes because that would mean Israel have not taken the precaution before striking Gaza, so either way, deliberately or not, Israel commit warcrimes full stop.

    I do not understand why it is in the western elites interest to support grave crimes by a state that is not even in the western world, why is it so important to defend this carnage!? What would west benefit from this support? How can they believe that peace will come afer this? Sickening.

    One cannot eradicate Hamas, Hamas is the very foundation of the people in Gaza, even former PLO reps. admit this!
    A href=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hH-gJDTPrBc”>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hH-gJDTPrBc

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    500 dock workers in Genoa, Italy, on strike, refusing to ship arms to Israel.
    Same in Belgium, where members of the union of transport are on strike.

    It also mentions the 150 British employees of Israeli arms manufacturer “Instro Precision” blocking the gates of the factory in Kent.

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    A few days ago I mentioned the notion that Israeli security is regarded as “Staatsräson” – as reason of state/ raison d’état – of the German state. Although there is no legal basis for this. (its a bit like the emergence of the obscure “rules-based order”.)

    Today a frm. German diplomat, Gerhard Fulda, wrote a short comment on the fabrication of the term “Staatsräson” which has no tradition in contemporary German constitutional law what so ever (only with Machiavelli and history of the law). Nonetheless within weeks it has turned into a bludgeon against any sound argument (rooted in intern. law) against Israeli war crimes and conduct in general.

    The German language text here:
    “The term “reason of state” should no longer be used in our relations with the State of Israel”

    summary with a few excerpts:

    The term “Staatsräson” first showed up in 2004 in an essay by frm German Ambassador to Israel, Rudolf Dreßler. Dreßler unlike the text’s author is no lawyer. He had a union/worker background, was a specialist on social care issues with the Social Democrats and then probably as a token of friendship got that post in Tel Aviv.

    Which means to say – he most likely did not come up with the use of the term “Staatsräson” after decades of research and reasoning in an area where hundreds of thousands of pages have been produced by highly academic people. But then 2008 Merkel for the first time out of thin air used it in her (in)famous Knesset speech.

    How could such a word find its way into the text of the German Chancellor’s speech to the Knesset on March 18, 2008?

    Four years earlier, Israel’s security had been described for the first time as a German reason of state in an essay by the then German ambassador to Israel, Rudolf Dreßler (in: Aus Politik und Zeitgeschehen, April 4, 2004).

    It can therefore not be ruled out and is even likely that the intellectual roots of the revival of a term that has fallen out of use can be found among Israeli interlocutors.

    This is also supported by another element in Dreßler’s essay: the word “reason of state” (…) first appears in the middle of the text as “Israeli reason of state”:

    “Holocaust Remembrance Day at Yad Vashem is part of Israel’s reason of state.”

    This would make sense above all if one wanted to use the term “reason of state” to describe the reasons that led to the creation of the state: The Holocaust gave the decisive political impetus to Zionist efforts to find a home with its own state away from oppressed minorities in several states. – (contestable, my emphasis) –

    Nevertheless, knowledge of such historical contexts has apparently not contributed to the widespread use of the language of reason of state in the Israeli media.

    No one among the Hebrew-speaking experts on Israel that I know has found a reference to this. When asked, they all said they had never heard of this idea.

    But Dreßler can’t have simply made it up.

    So far, no one has claimed to have inserted the reason of state into the draft for Merkel’s speech to the Knesset, which was written by whomever, and to have convinced the Chancellor of this.

    The author then concludes that Shimon Stein, historian and lawyer and frm Ambassador from Israel to Berlin, several publications on antisemitism and “reason of state”, had a close relationship with Merkel. So it is not unlikely that he came up with this. And thus suggested to make Israeli security a German reason of state, a thought that originally had nothing to do with German legal thought and tradition. (and apparently is neither common in Israel.)

    As I quoted last time: It has no legally binding significance but by now is treated in such a way.

    p.s. Merkel is known to have had close relationships to particular people and far from public scrutiny making important decisions in very small and closed circles. Which of course is the opposite of democracy but one foundation for her longevity as chancellor. (May be Corbyn should have made an internship with Merkel.)

    about the author:

    “Gerhard Fulda, born in 1939, studied law in Hamburg and Freiburg and then spent a year and a half in Cairo. He worked as a diplomat in several Arab countries and was most recently ambassador to Indonesia from 2000 to 2004. He has been running the Iznik Gallery Berlin for old Islamic art since 2005. Fulda is a co-founder of the Alliance to End the Israeli Occupation and a member of the board of the German-Arab Society.”

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    It must be terribly painstaking for Iran, that is the only nation in the region that try to create a unity to stop this carnage, they are not even arabs of course, still they show more compassion than the arab league combined that still do nothing about the situation even though there are countless of sanctions measures to be taken:

    Summit in Riyadh ‘very important’ for Iran’s Raisi

    The Iranian president is hoping to get consensus among the 57 countries that are attending the joint Arab League and Organisation of Islamic Cooperation summit as he aims to push the agenda that Iranian officials have had since the start of the war: a complete boycott of oil and gas supplies to Israel.

    We understand from local media outlets here that the Iranian president is going one step further in demanding a ban to selling arms to Israel, and that Arab countries impose a no-fly zone over their air spaces for Israeli flights until there’s a resolution to the conflict.


    And in other news Israel have imposed sort of a blockade around the Al Shifa hospital that already face a humanitarian crisis!
    These people are evil, they try to kill as many as possible before any potential ceasfire. “The Banality of evil” clearly rule Israel, killing children, starving civilians all normalized in this sick regime.

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    RAF involved in the war? Better yet, how much is RAF involved in the war?

    The S*n reported on Oct 27 the SAS was on “standby” at UK base on Cyprus.
    Today we revealed 33 RAF transport flights from that UK base in Cyprus to Israel over past month.
    It’s likely SAS is in Israel to assist Gaza campaign. Probably in advisory role but combat role possible.


    “RAF admits to making 17 military flights to Israel since Gaza bombing began
    But Declassified discovers 33 UK military transport flights to Tel Aviv in the last month, including every day for two weeks after the Gaza bombing began.”


    Aiding and abetting warcrimes, no wonder they refuse to call out Israel. Despicable.

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    Islamic nations met in Saudiarabia….for what purpose one wonder:

    At the Islamic-Arab summit in Riyadh, the UAE, Bahrain, Morocco, and Saudi Arabia rejected a draft proposal for an oil embargo and ban on the US using their airspace to transport arms to Israel.


    That is: The usual lip service cowardice, nothing will ever change this corrupt class of arab leaders, absolute nothing! It is quite amazing nontheless how conditioned these people have been by the US dollar, absolute corrupted filth! The pro-palestinian opposition should wreck, riot these states in return and bring regime change to make them feel the same pain the palestinians feel in Gaza and the West Bank now.

    And the public call by pro-palestinian groups were obviously also rejected at the meeting in Saudiarabia:

    Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad calls on Arab Summit to support Gaza, stop the aggression
    The Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad has called for the Arab summit held on Saturday in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, to support the resistance and stop the aggression against the Gaza Strip.


    Morocco just past year or so finalized the “normalization” process with Israel.

    Morocco says Israel recognizes sovereignty of Western Sahara


    Last summer the Moroccan regime was also silent when Israel slaughtered palestinians
    Moroccans slam foreign ministry’s ‘neutral’ stance on Israel’s horrific Gaza bombardment


    Of course, past years effort by Israel to normalize the relations with arab dictators was one piece of the puzzle in their bid to fold, quell any arab resistance to the genocide Israel now commit in Gaza.

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    The inhumanity that Israel represent is non-stop.

    IDF sniper shot a quadriplegic patient in the neck. Inside of a hospital.

    Sorry, I just needed a second from the shock of 39 babies suffocating due to the lack of oxygen on the 3rd floor of the same hospital to imagine the level of cruelty necessary to commit such a crime.


    Could you imagine if any other state did this?? First waged a genocidal war and then end up sitting outside shooting inside of a hospital where thousands of civilans have sought refugee let alone thousands of people in need of care not to mention the babies that face a certain death add that the hospitals have sent SOS to the outside world to stop this carnage, but the outside would do nothing! It is so sickening so dehumanizing.
    No state, NO state would get away with this, that state would be bombed to bits and rightfully!
    This bruality is right on par with nazi brutality.

    Like, everything Israel do is a sick, grave warcrime and crimes against humanity, still no state dare to call out Israel, not even NGOs, what the heck is this!?

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    Momentum founder says leftwingers ‘in denial’ about pro-Palestinian slogans
    Jon Lansman, a key figure behind the rise of Jeremy Corbyn, says he has come to feel alienated by pro-Palestinian campaign


    Why does he feel “alienated”? Because of the disinformation claim that ‘from the river to the sea’ is antisemtic. Sigh, imagine being obsessed with a friggin chant while thousands of palestinians are slaughtered by Israel just to make room for a israeli state ‘from the river to the sea’!

    What these people falsly accuse pro-palestinian protest groups of chanting, the israeli gov. not only “chant” but do in practice!

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    from Norman Finkelstein´s Substack, a good reference as to quotes:

    “To serve as a reference, we have compiled the following list of revealing statements by Israeli officials, former officials, and politicians about the ongoing massacre in Gaza. Translations from Hebrew have been verified. Quotes are presented in date order, starting with the most recent. The list will be updated periodically.

    [Last update: 12 November 2023]”

    Fighting Amalek in Gaza: What Israelis Say and Western Media Ignore
    Written and compiled by Yaniv Cogan and Jamie Stern-Weiner:


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    Absolute horror goes on in Gaza, the palestinians facing a sadistic pogram that I fear will not only ethnically cleanse the palestinians once and for all but I also fear that there would be absolute zero criminal charge against Israel – they will get away with this because no one cares, no state, NGO, UN do not even dare to name Israel by name in their “concerning” statements they make on the situation in Gaza time and time again.

    Bodies strewn near al-Shifa hospital: Official
    An Al-Shifa official has said that dozens of bodies remain abandoned near the hospital and in its courtyard.
    “We asked to be able to bury the bodies, but anyone who goes out into the courtyard of al-Shifa hospital gets shot,” said Mohammed Zaqut, director-general of Gaza hospitals.

    “Shooting and bombardment are everywhere you hear it at every second around the al-Shifa Hospital. No one can get out. No one can come in. People who tried evacuate the hospital, they were shot at in the streets. Some got killed, some injured,” he told Al Jazeera.

    “We don’t have electricity, we don’t have water, we don’t even have food. We have a lot of dead people and we would like to bury their bodies. But it is sad to say it is too dangerous. We tried to make a large grave, but the Israelis attacked us.”


    I mean, just think about that, you shoot at people that try to enter/leave a hospital. I mean this is beyond the psychopath, it is sadism, racism, perversion mixed in one and the constant racism against palestinians that many israelis have, now we see the physical aspect of this hatred.

    What I find extra sickening in all this is the constant lies Israel spread, everything they say, claim is pure bullocks, disinformation, they are so disgustingly manipulative!

    Just take the latest:

    Israeli President Isaac Herzog seeks to justify his mass killing of Palestinian children by holding up the book Mein Kampf and claiming it was found in a “children’s living room.


    Meanwhile the arab dictators have become very silent past days even though the brutalization by Israel have become even more severe. And on the streets the jordanian gov. try to silence the pro-palestinians protesters too which are arrested by the police:

    This is of course the same Jordan that claim to care for palestinians. BS!

    Queen Rania of Jordan accuses West of ‘glaring double standard’ on Gaza


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    one reason for Arab silence of course is what Yigal Allon called “deterrence capacity” back in 1977-ish.

    The term lining out the capability of Israel to spread fear among the Arab nations that they´d be crushed by Israel if they undertook any serious steps. This was also one reason why 1973 was such a serious incident from that point of undisputed military power and why the US essentially stopped Sadat since his success had in fact crossed one of those famous “red lines”.

    Same goes for any Iranian WMD program which would be immediately destroyed by IDF without even asking anyone were it truly materializing (which Iran never really wanted unless Israel/Iraq would truly go/have gone too far.)

    This fact of intimidation also would apply to Lebanon which suffered major destruction during the 1982 war. The regime can´t have any of that. It´s way too unstable anyway.

    So in fact everything pundits were accusing Russia of committing in the aftermath of Febr. 24th does indeed apply for Israel. They ARE the supreme power. They ARE using their power completely unchecked to carry out genocide and in fact do what Putin was decried doing but never did and never intended, namely conquering land that was not his in order to realize imperialist plans.

    “(…)The basic principle (…) was “that it is necessary to prevent the inhabitants of the territories from participating in shaping the political future of the territory and they must not be seen as a partner for dealings with Israel”; hence “the absolute prohibition of any political organization, for it was clearly understood by everyone that if political activism and organization were permitted, its leaders would become potential participants in political affairs.” The same considerations require “the destruction of all initiative and every effort on the part of the inhabitants of the territories to serve as a pipeline for negotiations, to be a channel to the Palestinian Arab leadership of the territories.” Israel’s policy is a “success story,” Gazit wrote in 1985, because these goals had been achieved, with continued US support and to much applause from left-liberal opinion in the United States.”

    N. Chomsky on West-Bank, 1991

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    UN is totally useless, as usual the UN secretary general is just a stooge for the americans

    UN Chief Says Asked Iran to Persuade Hamas to Free Hostages, Hold Back Hezbollah
    The UN chief told CNN in an interview aired Sunday that Iran had been asked to put pressure on Hamas so that it released hostages immediately and without conditions and, separately, to warn Hezbollah against allowing the Israel-Hamas conflict from spilling over to Lebanon.

    Did he get that assignment by Netanyahu?

    Why does he not ask the US/EU to persuade Israel to stop their butchering civilians in Gaza?
    Apparently he do not care about his own staff being killed by Israel
    UN Secretary General Says 101 UN Staff Killed in Conflict Between Hamas, Israel
    He cannot even name Israel. What a disgrace!

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    Disgusting videos, on par with Abu Ghraib scandal

    Graphic Videos Show IDF Soldiers Torturing and Abusing Palestinians in the West Bank

    Graphic Videos Show IDF Soldiers Torturing and Abusing Palestinians in the West Bank

    How can Israelis, that apparently think of the Holocaust every day, commit the same senseless perverted violence themselves?

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    Do not expect any moves by Germany.

    In the press conference again appalling reactions by the government spokesmen Hoffmann and Feldhoff:
    “German government doubts UN figures on deaths in Gaza and only sees “war of annihilation” in Ukraine”:

    lovely Q&A:

    Q: I was astonished to hear that you do not trust the UN figures on the number of
    killed in the Gaza Strip. Do you then also mistrust the UN’s statements that 70 UN employees have now been killed by Israeli carpet bombing and, as far as I know, 38 journalists? That was the latest figure, at least a few days ago.
    Also, do you question the number of UN staff and journalists killed by Israeli fire in the Gaza Strip?

    A: I see no reason to do so.

    Q: I do, however, have a question of understanding: The United Nations
    presented updated figures on October 31 on civilians killed in the
    Ukraine war. Since the invasion of the Russian army on February 24.

    A: Mr. Warweg, we are on the subject of Israel.

    Q: Yes, but I’m still connecting that, don’t worry. In any case…

    A: … Is there going to be a longer preamble? Please come to your question.

    Q: I’ll get to that question, but it’s based on that. I can summarize it
    briefly for Mr. Feldhoff. The UN speaks of 20 months of warfare in Ukraine so far, and in the course of that of 9,900
    civilians killed, including 560 children. The UN figures on the
    Gaza Strip now speak of 10,000 dead and of these well
    over 4,000 children, mind you, in one twentieth of the period.

    With regard to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, both Ms. Baerbock and the Chancellor regularly speak of Russia’s war of annihilation. I would be interested to hear the arguments as to why you, in view of these figures, do not speak of a war of annihilation by Israel in relation to the Gaza Strip.

    A: Mr. Warweg, like Mr. Hebestreit on Monday, I have explained in detail what our position is on the figures from the Gaza Strip. This will not change now because you are still asking many, very long questions. I have said what I have to say

    Q: That was a fairly specific question.

    German source:

    Bundesregierung bezweifelt UN-Zahlen zu Toten in Gaza und sieht „Vernichtungskrieg“ nur in der Ukraine

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    Sorry for my spamming, but world really need to know what Israel is doing:

    Today we documented a case at al-Ahli hospital where a pregnant woman, Asil (19), was wounded with a shrapnel from an Israeli strike, which killed her 5-months-old fetus.
    Women, children & elderly are at greatest risk of Israeli bombardment & they represent 74% of casualties!


    Not a nice photo but stories like this are just so heartbreaking, matter of fact Palestinians should use such photos to really show the reality they live in, they should show in the UN, to the West etc.; this is these are the victims of Israel’s “anti-terror” war.

    What an absolute, never ending nightmare Palestinians are in. Unphantomable Unfathomable what they have to endure, just imagine the mental toll for the Palestinians that survive?

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    Thanks for the reports from Germany, really horrible read, they actively ignore reality, gaslighting it.

    Another terrible development:
    Europe’s Socialist Leaders Condemn Hamas Brutality, Support Israel’s Right to Defend Itself
    European leaders, including German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Prime Ministers from Spain, Denmark, Romania, and Malta, issued a joint statement supporting Israel’s right to defend itself and urging Hamas to release the Israeli hostages it kidnapped to the Gaza Strip.

    What on earth have happend with socialists past couple of years? They are as worse as the right-wing parties on Israel. Have the islamophobia crept into the socialists too?

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    MSN coverage of Saturday’s demo much better than the BBC:

    MSN report

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    I have come to the conclusion that just like with UKR/RU it´s an absolute lack of knowledge paired with lack of morality and utter greed, cowardice and stupidity (did I forget something?). With various shades depending on what social group you are looking at.
    As you point out there was a time when the Left was a knowledge base in matters Arab/Palestinians.

    Imagine rich parents´ kids (the German terrorist group RAF) used to undergo military training in Lebanon and other places in the 1970s to support the war of resistance.

    Unimagineable today even to write about that as a fiction. It would be banned due to antisemitism I assume.

    Was there ever such a phenomenon in GB?

    * * *

    Chris Hedges with usual candor:

    “The War According to Hamas”
    The Palestinian resistance understands its enemy. It has learned through experience how to fight it. This is not good news for Israel.

    Chris Hedges: The War According to Hamas

    “Al-Araj – (Palestinian resistance leader, not HAMAS, killed in 2017 by IDF) – argued that the fight with Israel cannot be measured with body counts. The Israelis will be able to kill far greater numbers of Palestinians. Resistant movements, he wrote, always suffer disproportionate losses. In the independence war in Algeria, between 1954 and 1962, upwards of 1.5 million Algerians — or around 10 percent of the population — were killed by the French. In the airport in Algiers, the country’s capital, is a huge sign that reads: “Welcome to Algeria. Land of a million Martyrs.”

    “We are far more capable of bearing the costs, so there is no need to compare or be alarmed by the magnitude of the numbers,” he wrote.

    “Israel has banned the foreign press from reporting from Gaza. It has killed over 40 Palestinian journalists and media workers. It also has instituted prolonged blockages of the internet and cell phone service. No doubt, this heavy handed censorship is done to limit the horrific images of civilian casualties. But I suspect it is also intended to block images of a ground offensive that is tougher, more protracted and more costly than Israel anticipated.”

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    ..oh and on Nov. 9th, which in Germany is the usual day of Remembrance of the anti-Jewish pogroms of 1938 – and which is as well the day of the 1918 Socialist failed revolution and the official day of Unification – German conservative prime minister Markus Söder of Bavaria (still a hot candidate for a future chancellory) while attending a ceremony I believe in a synogogue, seriously argued: “We do not negotiate with people who murder children.” I don´t know how high the death toll was by then. (interestingly, Mr. Söder was more cautious in the UKR war than many German politicians. So there are no principles of moral conduct)

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    Yes indeed, I often think back at the 60-70-80s where the left was involved very much in the guerilla warfare, how they dared to take a stance, dared to call out Israel. Where is this left today? There is not 1 trace left of this bold and as you say, knowledge-based left. The left today hardly dare to condemn Israel in their meaningless “concerning”-statements, afraid of being called anti-semites.
    Remember also how big anti-war protesters were during the cold war in the 80s, people protested against nuclear weapons and for peace between the blocs. This was led by the leftist, greens. Look at the greens today in europe, they are in the forefront warmongering with the right-wingers it is like they have crossed out the anti-war/anti-imperialism from their political policies.

    In other news the israeli brutality goes on unhindered: Video of israeli bulldozer moving over dead palestinian
    Article https://euromedmonitor.org/en/article/5935
    Video https://nitter.net/EuroMedHR/status/1723446007206216191#m

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    The evilness of Israel is so out of this world:
    UNRWA: We are out of fuel, Israel do not respond to replish it:
    <i>The agency chief, Commissioner-General Philippe Lazzarini, told donors today that it had been slowly emptying a fuel depot on the Israeli border containing strategic reserves.
    A request to the Israeli military to replenish it had gone unanswered, he said.</i>

    Over 3000 palestinians are missing, including 1700 kids, likely under the rubble:

    <i>The ministry explained in its daily report, which covers the period from October 7th until Sunday evening that it’s difficult to collect information with the loss of communication, but it stated that 3,250 citizens are still missing or under the rubble, including 1,700 children</i>

    The brutality is non stop:
    <i>In a flash, Melissa Joudah lost 60 family members and use of her legs
    An Israel air raid that killed the toddler’s family also fractured her spine and paralysed her from the chest down.</i>

    Video: Cornel West calls for Gaza ceasefire, criticises US stance

    [ Mod: Jack, the <i> </i> italic tags aren’t recognised in the discussion forum – use <em> </em> instead. ]

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    Another refugee camp attacked, some 30 palestinians killed:

    ” Israel has just committed another massacre against Jabalia Refugee Camp, now hosting displaced families from all over the north. Initial reports suggest at least 150 people slaughtered. They bombed a whole residential square that once was full of life, again! #CeasefireNowInGaza”

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    Thanks mod!

    Chaos at State Department as Memo Blasts Biden Over ‘Misinformation’ on Gaza War
    One hundred State Department and USAID employees have signed a memo accusing the Biden administration of “spreading misinformation” about the war in Gaza and charging Israel with carrying out “war crimes” by cutting off electricity to the enclave, limiting aid deliveries and mounting attacks which have displaced hundreds of thousands of civilians.

    The five-page memo, excerpts of which were obtained by US media, accuses the president of being “complicit in genocide,” attacks him for questioning the number of lives lost in Gaza amid Israel’s campaign, and demands that the US government “advocate for the release of hostages by both Hamas” and by Israel, including “thousands” of Palestinians it says are being held by the Israelis “without charge.”

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    “Chaos at State Department as Memo Blasts Biden Over ‘Misinformation’ on Gaza War”
    thx JACK
    (since I never check Sputnik or RT mmyself)

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    Pro-palestinians orthodox jews in Israel gets beats down by israeli police
    Video https://twitter.com/TorahJudaism/status/1719741630763159672

    Palestinians in the West bank are stripped naked and blindfolded:
    Video https://www.instagram.com/reel/Cznu_YmouLx/?igshid=YjVjNjZkNmFjNg%3D%3D
    Like my earlier comment: https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/forums/topic/breaking-news-gaza-only/page/2/#post-92814
    This is some Abu-Gharib abuse.

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    Democracy Now interview with NYT staff fired for signing open letter pro Palestine.

    “NY Times Writers Jazmine Hughes & Jamie Keiles Resign After Signing Letter Against Israeli War on Gaza”

    “We turn now to look at how Israel’s bombardment of Gaza is creating turmoil in newsrooms. The New York Times Magazine’s award-winning writer Jazmine Hughes was recently forced to resign after signing an open letter condemning Israel’s siege on Gaza.

    In an email to the staff, the magazine editor, Jake Silverstein, wrote, “While I respect that she has strong convictions, this was a clear violation of The Times’s policy on public protest. This policy, which I fully support, is an important part of our commitment to independence,” he said.”

    To this I say “Fuck you Jake” and your Manhattan hyprocrisy.

    #92858 Reply

    “PATRICK LAWRENCE: The Banality of Propaganda”

    The annals of the awful art — Hitler’s, Mussolini’s, Japan’s and America’s during World War II — show that it does not have to be sophisticated. The Israeli president’s display of Mein Kampf just proved that again.

    PATRICK LAWRENCE: The Banality of Propaganda

    a few nice quotes + that Malcolm X transparent in one image + this commentary gem:

    “In further news: The paparazzi have pictures of Israeli President Isaac Herzog going into a Downtown Tel Aviv Library. Then heading into the Non-Fiction “HI” section. Picking up, and then checking out, a book of similar size and color one hour before a presentation about Palestinian behavior.”

    #92863 Reply

    What is going on is an absolute outrage! So Israel raided the Al-Shifa hospital, soon we will see photos from the IDF showing large arms depots, photos of Hitler, Bin Laden and ISIS flags, we will hear about suicide wests and allegations of documents showing Hamas planned this or that gruesome action. Sigh.


    Just preparing you guys for the propaganda that will be published tomorrow.

    The IDF built a basement/bunker under Al Shifa hospital in 1983. That’s how they know it is there.

    The Israelis will use this as an excuse to commit their war crimes in the hospital.

    Please understand that there is a difference between basement/bunker & a tunnel.

    Israeli news also stating this:
    Haaretz themselves also put up an article saying “Senior Hamas officials are hiding out in a bunker BUILT BY ISRAEL”


    And the arab world still do nothing:
    Director General of Hospitals in #Gaza:
    We have been communicating with the #Egyptian side for 5 days and asked them to coordinate the entry of premature babies into #Egypt, but we have not received any response from them.


    In other news Israel have killed atleast 15 children in Gaza city:
    At least 15 civilians, the majority of them are civilians, were massacred last night multiple Israeli aerial and artillery strikes on the Sheikh Radwan neighborhood in #Gaza City.

    In other news Israel do what ISIS do, demolish statues and monuments:
    Video: Israeli forces demolish Yasser Arafat monument in Tulkarm.

    #92864 Reply

    Video of the president of Bazil welcoming Brazil/Gaza refugees, and as he say, if one call Hamas terrorists then certainly Israel are terrorists too.

    This is what a true socialist look like: humane, afraid of nothing, not bribed by Israel war/lobby – quite a difference from the fake neo-liberal nasties we have in europe where socialists/labour even vote against ceasfire.

    #92865 Reply

    Spain PM: Will work in Europe to ‘recognise state of Palestine’

    Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez pressed Israel to end the “indiscriminate killing of Palestinians” in Gaza – his sharpest criticism since it launched the war.

    The socialist leader promised his new government will “work in Europe and in Spain to recognise the Palestinian state”.

    “We demand an immediate ceasefire on the part of Israel in Gaza and strict compliance with international humanitarian law, which today is clearly not respected,” he said.

    Sanchez added he “stood with Israel” in “its response” to the Hamas attack on October 7, and called for the “immediate release” of hostages.

    “But with the same clarity we reject the indiscriminate killing of Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank.”

    Have we not heard this for a decade now? Europe had all chance in the world to recognize a palestinian state but instead aided and supported Israel in every single way – I take this useless proclamtion as a way to silence the critics in Spain.

    #92866 Reply


    Irish Taoiseach Varadkar in a Dail debate today.

    A more “active approach” from the European Union is needed when the current phase of the Israel-Hamas conflict is over, setting out that aid to Palestine and trade arrangements with Israel will only continue based on a series of conditions, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has said.”

    He also said:

    “Mr Varadkar said Israel’s actions in Gaza were not self defence but instead collective punishment, which was “disproportionate” and “wrong” and again called for an immediate ceasefire to be observed by all sides.”

    He pointed out that there is little that the EU member states agree on except a two state solution.

    #92868 Reply

    Lol, Israel released a photo that they allege are from the hospital, this is the best they got??
    A room that seems to have had not visitors for years!

    Photo: https://img.haarets.co.il/bs/0000018b-d268-df9a-ab8b-dee8fc740001/83/d6/e0fb9f2f4c36b06ecd708f5e9f11/18459.jpg

    Not only is there something fishy with the photo itself, it looks in some cases computerized/doctored with, some weird shading/lighting and diffuse borders on certain objects something of which often occur if you do a bad copy/paste-object Photoshop job, but come on…look at the guns, these are mock-up toy guns! They do not even have a trigger!

    Be prepared for more BS photos like this, Israel will trigger a big campaign coming days on what they allegedly have found in the hospital.

    #92873 Reply

    Israeli soldiers cheer when they blow up Gaza parliament building it adds to another proof of the wanton destruction/warcrimes:
    Video https://twitter.com/TheInsiderPaper/status/1724786594568441951

    #92874 Reply

    looks like an interesting link and good knowledge base:

    political maps of Palestine at various stages of the historic conflict:

    “Palestinian Academic Society For The Study of International Affairs”

    since 1946:

    #92876 Reply

    A German piece that goes into the question in how far the rich reservoirs of natural gas off the coast of Gaza are relevant or not:

    “The Eastern Mediterranean is one of the regions in which the world’s largest new oil and, above all, gas fields have been discovered in recent decades. However, the development and transportation of natural gas is complicated, as the region is a geopolitical hotspot. Nevertheless, the EU in particular, which is looking for alternatives to Russian energy imports, is playing a major role in the Mediterranean energy poker game and is thus caught up in an another conflict of interest with the USA. There are also natural gas deposits off Gaza, which should actually be tapped this year. It is therefore hardly surprising that there are voices on the internet linking the latest escalation in the region to the international energy poker game. But that is too far-fetched. The debate is however still exciting.”

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