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    connected since it´s subject of the current PR, see above post

    JACOBIN on why conscript armies are outdated:

    “No, We Don’t Need Conscript Armies

    By Nathan Akehurst

    The head of the British Army and Germany’s defense minister have each recently called for their countries to prepare to be on a war footing. Their call for mass mobilization is deeply unpopular — and at odds with the realities of modern warfare.”

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    Germany and NATO infrastructure in further preparation

    “Prepare for war (I)
    For the first time since the Cold War, German military officials are developing a concrete operational plan for military operations on German soil in the event of a war with Russia. According to NATO plans, Germany is the hub for the move east.”

    “German military officials have been developing concrete plans for military operations on German soil since last spring. The Territorial Command of the Bundeswehr is responsible for working on the “Operations Plan for Germany”. The Bundeswehr explains that its “essential task” is to “ensure the planned deployment” – essentially against Russia – and to “ensure the supply of allied and own armed forces in the hub of Germany.” NATO’s “demands from Germany” as the hub of a transatlantic push towards the East were the “central influencing factor in the creation” of the operational plan. The federal government has been working on expanding trans-European “military mobility” for years. The latest initiative is a recently signed declaration of intent by the Netherlands, Poland and Germany, which together want to build a “model corridor” for troop transfers to NATO’s eastern flank. As a “central transit nation,” the expansion of “military mobility” is of “strategic importance,” says Parliamentary State Secretary in the Ministry of Defense Siemtje Möller.”

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    re: peace negotiations 2022:

    THE DURAN here among others with Glenn Diesen.

    Diesen in TC: 20:00+ again says that:

    On February 25th 2022 on the homepage of the Kiev government office it was officially stated that RU had suggested peace talks to UKR. On 27th it was stated that they were in fact engaged in such talks.

    On the same day Ned Price in the WH totally opposed such an idea.
    In hindsight there should be not the slightest doubt that the US and NATO would never ever engage in peace talks.

    Also of interest, Col. Daniel Davis (purely military mind) around TC 33:00+ speaks about a British report that had confirmed that all 200,000 men of the AFU at the eve of the war, had eventually been either killed or wounded.

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    Hilarious but not surprising, Sweden, one of the investigating nations of the Nordstream blast seek to shelve the investigation altogether!

    Swedish Nord Stream investigation ‘could be shelved on Wednesday’

    Of course, finding out that it was the americans (or the ukrainians) that was behind it, Sweden will simply put a lid on the case altogether. Not suspicious at all.
    Imagine if this was Russia and a state investigation on this or that event was stopped – imageine the reaction from the west, oh those corrupt russians try to cover up the truth!.

    Well, look who is covering up the truth now.

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    Tucker Carlson visits Moscow and announces he is here to interview Putin
    Tucker says Elon Musk promised to put the interview on Twitter/X

    I tried to get it on YouTube, and found Russian Translation of the announcement with English subtitles

    and The Telegraph 1 and a half minute version out of 4 and a half
    Guess what is missing on the Telegraph?

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    The story isn’t being suppressed here in the UK. I saw a feature about it on the ITV breakfast news this morning. The front page of the British Brainwasher Broadcaster, BBC News, featured the headline “Tucker Carlson to Interview Russia’s Putin”:
    The story has a link to the full video (4m28s) on Carlson’s X(-itter) account, as below:

     Tucker Carlson’s visit to Moscow has been reported on voraciously in Russian state media, with near-constant coverage of his every move.
     ”There are risks to doing an interview like this, obviously, so we’ve thought about it over many months,” Carlson said on his announcement video.
     Carlson added that he paid for the trip to Russia himself, and wanted to do the interview because “most Americans are not informed” on the conflict which is “reshaping the world” – blaming the mainstream media.
     Since the war in Ukraine began, he said, Western journalists have interviewed Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky – whom he has previously called a “dictator” – many times.
     But they are “fawning pep sessions” aimed at amplifying Mr Zelensky’s demand to get the US more and more involved in the war, Carlson insisted.
     ”That is not journalism – it is government propaganda.”
     Meanwhile, “not a single Western journalist has bothered to interview” Vladimir Putin, Carlson said.
     Steve Rosenberg, the BBC’s Russia Editor, posted that the BBC has “lodged several requests with the Kremlin in the last 18 months. Always a ‘no’ for us”

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    The Daily Mail has also published the full video – with English subtitles (& extra DM links at the end): – 4m38s

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    Thanks for the link to Tucker’s Twitter, I’m just reading the comments.
    Tucker’s position is “we want you to be informed,” and accounts with Ukrainian flags are already protesting against this interview and smearing Tucker. So far the reaction has been predictable.
    Well, I’ll probably bet $10 that soon I’ll see the demand to “завалити *бало”, as has already happened with Elon Musk 🙂

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    It’s difficult to comprehend Tucker Carlson. I find myself occasionally agreeing with him, but I am wary of his motivation. Whenever I do find myself watching him and entertaining his viewpoint, I am reminded of a piece written by Caitlin Johnstone about him.

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    blast from the past:
    ConsortiumNews with a piece by Robert Parry on MH-17, from 2016:

    “ROBERT PARRY: Vindicated on MH-17 Reporting”
    CN Founder Robert Parry’s reporting on the MH-17 air disaster was vindicated when the World Court last week refused to blame Russia for shooting down the Malaysian airliner over Ukraine in 2014.

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    RIA Novosti reporting of “secret” British plans to occupy Western Ukraine:
    “Source: London proposed sending a NATO expeditionary force to Ukraine”
    RU version

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    From rare clips with Tucker Carlson that I have seen – he is just what any US TV anchor is:

    A mediocre or less journalist, mediocre actor (literally actor, because that´s the main thing these people do, acting in technical terms). And an excellent businessman.

    If you want a white-washing of this caste done by its very own members you will see a decent attempt in the APPLE TV Show “Morning Show”.

    Besides that the show is extremely revealing of its own producers and the milieu they picture.
    Because none of what these people, TV anchors and their staff, do, matters to our planet.
    Or changes anything in a meaningful way. The show is also indulging in massive hubris of these people.

    Tucker Carlson is the bleached-grinning side of US capitalism. Nothing new there.

    They are producing a PR product for advertisers. If this were genuine journalism it couldn´t exist because unfit for the purpose to be squeezed in between ads and spreading world views adequate for 10-year-olds.

    Having said this, everyone knows what the real issue is here of course:

    The only reason why everybody talks about it and why apparently US State Department is everything but happy about the interview is of course US elections and how they might get influenced by voters seeing a RU president who appears more sane than Joe Biden (and – haha – incidentally the opponent, and pal of Tucker´s). And a guy who doesn´t really fit the demonization and will make too much sense to viewers in the West.

    Most likely this project of Tucker´s takes place in some conjunction with Trump´s lot.

    And most importantly:

    If this works out regarding viewer ratings there will be another interview timed before the election.
    Whether Tucker Carlson will be allowed to do that I dare to question.


    I CALL THAT COWARDICE!!! real journalists have balls and guts. He has neither.
    So. Far.

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    Scott Ritter has written a piece on the upcoming interview with President Putin by Tucker Carlson over at Consortium News.

    Ritter feels that it may do much good to counter the “disease of Russophobia” as he puts it. Please also tead the comments below the article. They give voice to other views on Tucker Carlson. I’ll be watching it for sure despite any misgivings I may have about Tucker.

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    James Carden with a damning comment on Washington think tanks and their staffs getting countries destroyed, like UKR, which in its frank tone is interesting.

    (James W. Carden is a member of the board and senior adviser to ACURA. Carden previously served as an advisor to the US-Russia Bilateral Presidential Commission and to the Special Representative for Intergovernmental Affairs at the US State Department.)

    last paragraph on irresponsibly high UKR casualties:

    The military analyst and historian Michael Vlahos showed as far back as last August that, “in casualties-to-population terms, Ukrainian military losses, after more than 500 days of war, are approaching those sustained by Germany in World War I over more than 1,500 days. This is,” he wrote, “a catastrophic attrition rate” that “can break an army and a nation.”
    At Brookings, I heard not a word uttered about casualties (now estimated to be verging on 500,000 or closing in on about ten times the losses sustained by the US in Vietnam). I heard not a word about the estimated 700,000 who have fled military service in Ukraine. Nor was a word uttered about the cost of reconstruction, now widely estimated to be at around $1 trillion. And why would I expect to? After all, doing so would, among other things, puncture the dream-like state in which these places operate.

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    Well, in everyday life I can’t imagine why I would suddenly want to watch Putin’s interview. But since this is an interview for a foreign audience, perhaps I’m interested in how he presents his position; after all, Putin represents my country. Yes, I’ll definitely watch it.
    Another reason, Tucker Carlson announced this project like this: “for several years now, the Americans listened only to the Ukrainian side, we will give the opportunity to listen to the other side of the conflict.” Well, probably because the reaction of Ukrainians and American Democrats was in the style of “don’t listen to this.” So now I’m curious.

    Not the least reason is that I want to be aware of new jokes and memes. The name Carlson is popular in Russia thanks to Carlsson on the Roof from Astrid Lindgren’s books, as well known as Winnie the Pooh, Little Red Riding Hood, Alice from Wonderland and Puss in Boots.

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    In Germany there is no association with Carlsson on the Roof despite its popularity here because its spelled Karlsson.
    What a pity!

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    Well, for us this is a foreign name. We don’t meet it every day on the streets or TV. So, for an average Russian, Carlson is the funny short fat man with a propeller from Soviet-era cartoons. Whatever it is spelled.
    For you probably the name Kurt may be quite everyday, but in Russia it is definitely Kurt Cobain.
    By the way, have you ever imagined Smells Like Teen Spirit in Latin? I met some friends who are passionate about historical reconstruction, and they shared this

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    Quickly Looked into Carlsson / Putin interview and it made a decent impression worthy the time. So I was hasty in my suada. Sry for that.

    Apparently Western media try to spin the thing in the usual distorting manner.

    But as almost all reporters said, betterthe interview has been made than not.
    And if Carlsson is the one to do it its a win-win for him and for us. May be at least a tiny little bit.

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    comment from naked capitalism site:

    “I did not think that Tucker was a skilled interviewer. He did not seem to have been well researched about the history and context. Tucker seems to have very limited knowledge about Russia today and its history. The interruptions of Putin also detracted from Tucker’s interview.

    In regards to Yves thoughts, I recommend that everyone watch the Oliver Stone interview back to back with this interview. Stone was a far better prepared interviewer and one that let Putin finish, with Stone demonstrating a lot more stamina than Tucker did.”

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    …thinking how such an interview would have looked like had it been a Russian reporter with POTUS.

    Biden probably would have talked much about how he couldn´t find the key to the front door of his home. And eventually the Russian reporter would help him, kneeling on the carpet in the Oval Office searching next to Biden.

    In an interview with Trump Trump´s history of the USA would boil down to a 3 hour summary of the history of Hustler Magazine and how important the 1st Amendment is…

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    a long take on the new Commanding General of th AFU, Syrsky, who btw happens to be RU by origin, whose parents live in RU, who graduated in Moscow, and who used to be on friendly terms with the RU military until the Maidan madness.
    This is all rather crazy…

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    Half the country have relatives in Russia or business in Russia, including Ze. Nothing crazy, it’s a norm. We were one country not so long ago

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    …by crazy I mean what certain people and the media in the West are doing with that fact. Ignoring it. Or worse: Trying to rewrite history. The change of mindset is brainwashing of the worst kind. I could spend hours every day posting new crazy things happening here on that front…and almost exclusively its the so-called “educated classes”. (And they are repeating their sick jingoist shit-talk towards Palestinians. Completely oblivious of what is really going on.) This is a psychosis.
    And the more the people in question are academics related to Russian history etc. the more likely they fall prey to this. Like a sickness of the brain….The others, “normal” people, are totally sane. That´s why there is a huge invisible divide in this country held only in check by the MSM, controlled by those educated classes suppressing this. But the folly is getting through every crack of the wall…
    And this applies also to Ukrainians. The better know the novelists, the writers, the artists, the “philosophers”, the historians – at least those known in the West – the more proto-fascist bullshit comes out of their mouths. Well I don´t have to tell you that…

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    Dangerous development: Tucker is on Ukrainian kill list now. He was just added to the Mirotvorets website.
    I’m afraid he may be killed, just like Gonzalo Lira.

    Max Blumenthal says:

    “Has Zelensky sat down with a single mildly critical interviewer from the West? Or does he just put them on kill lists?”

    I also see someone reposted Glenn Greenwald’s question

    “Who were the American journalists who conducted even minimally adversarial interviews with Zelensky?”

    with an answer from Elon Musk

    “To be fair, it’s hard for them to talk while givig a blowjob at the same time”

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    “To be fair, it’s hard for them to talk while givig a blowjob at the same time”

    Well Musk should know since he is on his knees too, since the getgo, with his Starlink-supply to Zelensky.

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    RAND out with its latest fairy-tales about Russia:

    “Planning for the Aftermath – Assessing Options for U.S. Strategy Toward Russia After the Ukraine War”

    short version 16 pages
    full version 153 pages

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    The German Blog on constitutional legal matters with 3 new Engl. language studies on authoritarianism in Russia and its constitution.
    I have just found this. I would guess it is rather biased against Russian society.

    However one shouldn´t judge by the book´s cover.

    Marianna Muravyeva
    Women’s Rights and the Russian Constitution

    Caroline von Gall
    Regime Adaptation Within Russia’s Judicial Elites

    Vladimir Gel’man
    Paving the Way for Violence

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    Jack, re. Musk,
    if he were an idiot, he might not have been able to recognize the contradiction in his statement. But since Musk is a successful entrepreneur, and therefore not an idiot, I believe that he put a different meaning into his words.
    Of course, I’m not sitting next to him and can’t peer into his brain with a magnifying glass, so I use simple empathy for my guess.

    That is, I’ll imagine myself in Musk’s place. This mental experiment shows me that Musk is probably angry at dishonest journalists and lying MSM.
    Because it’s their fault that Musk voluntarily kneeled, perhaps with the sincere belief that he was helping, but in fact he facilitated deaths that could have been avoided.

    In fact, the lie is that big Russia is offending small Ukraine.
    This gives rise to understandable feelings in people – a desire to protect those who are weaker. People understand simple comparisons, so they easily pick up ready-made templates from the media, and are quite convinced that the big neighbor wants to take away the territory from the small neighbor. It’s on the surface, it’s easy to understand, it’s easy to join in, and it resonates with the majority.

    If the media and all journalism were honest, they would talk about NATO, US and EU’s combined efforts to damage Russia. Then, in the place of the small and weak would not be Ukraine at all.
    Russia knows who exactly and what exactly it is opposing, and the opposing bloc of military-allied states downplays its role in every possible way.

    I believe Musk’s harsh words about journalists reflect something like this. He feels deceived by those whose job it is to inform the public: that is, to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

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    The west is going absolute bonkers over the harmless Putin/Carlson interview, latest is Boris Johnson that summoned so much energy that he write a whole op-ed about it!

    Ex-UK PM slams Tucker Carlson as ‘traitor’ for Putin interview
    Boris Johnson has invoked Hitler in denouncing the journalist’s sit-down with the Russian leader as an “unholy charade”

    Carlson had fallen down on the job by not asking “tough questions” or taking him to task “for the torture, the rapes, the blowing up of kindergartens” supposedly committed by the Russian military – atrocities often invoked by Ukraine’s supporters in the West in the absence of evidence.

    If Putin talk bullshit as they claim, well why then are they getting so nervous about the interview?

    Same occured with Oliver Stone did his interview-series with Putin like 10 years ago, it is like the time stands still for the west, they still throw a tantrum about the issue.

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    I looked at Carlson’s Twitter today, there were 173 million views. Johnson is probably afraid that some of those people may start asking questions of Johnson’s role in that peace negotiations in Istanbul 🙂
    Putin also advised Carlson to get answers from other Western politicians, perhaps Tucker would want to do this.

    I’ve also seen posts criticizing the historical background being too long, or the lack of spectacular thrills. Okay, I admit that some of the viewers did not pay attention to that moment at the very beginning, where it was agreed that there would be not a show, but a serious conversation.

    But what I found absolutely stupid was one of the Ukrainian Twitter accounts claiming that Moscow was a village in a swamp when Kiev was a city, back in 9th century. The poor fellow is probably completely unaware that Kiev was not just a city, but a Russian city 🙂

    Anyway, hopefully people will start asking questions. I believe it’s awfully wrong situation when a government says to it’s citizens what they should or should not watch. It’s even worse when a government makes journalism a crime.

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    The cult of democracy Tatyana. I can guarantee that people in the west will rationalise that however plausible and knowledgeable Putin may have come across Russia is not a democracy. Given that, because we in the west are democracies, whatever we do and advocate for is right and everyone else is wrong. Democracy gives us the right (even duty) to tell everyone else what they must do. I am sick to death of that fucking argument. Thankfully the rest of the world, like 7/8 of the population are waking up to that.

    I tried today to figure out the difference between Russia’s foreign agent act, the USA foreign agent registration act and Hungary’s new similar act for which the EU will try take them to court. I couldn’t really see much difference other than Russia and Hungary have incorporated more modern mediums (social media etc). But hey, we are a democracy and you’re not so we are right.

    Reminds me of an Irish quip:

    Whilst I’m not always right, I’m never wrong.

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    You have now perfectly described what is still not an established term in my part of the world. Russian diplomacy uses the word ‘arrogance’. I defined it for myself as ‘imposition and intolerance’. Let me explain: each nation develops locally in its own unique conditions, that is, history, mentality, traditions, and, importantly, the advantages provided by climate and resources – this determines the vector of economic development. I.e. if you’ve got gas, you may trade it. If you’re an islander you may build ships. You just cannot have ‘one size fits all’ dress for every country in the world.

    Westerners believe that if something worked well for them in their conditions, then it certainly suits everyone in all conditions. This manifests itself simply in every little thing, a stupid preposition, supposedly everyone should want to reshape themselves to their model.

    Personally, I am not against many good things, but excuse me, for example, how could Russia repeat the history of the United States? Should we start importing black slaves today so that tomorrow we can run around the world shaking our economic superiority in front of the noses of other nations?
    Or will someone in Europe take the initiative to transfer a couple of African countries to us as colonies so that we can catch up with some London or Brussels in terms of GDP?
    Hey, we in our turn could propose to London or Brussels to sacrifice 20 million people in the war with Hitler. I think that today they would have been more concerned with replenishing the population and producing goods, than with democracy.
    walk in my shoes, as they say

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    Funny how the west whine about Tucker not posing any critical questions, sigh…yeah like we have not enough of a critical view of Russia in the west?! I live in in europe and I haver never heard a positive news coming from Russia in the msm, everywhing how miniscule it may be is twisted by the msm to something negative. Tucker simply tried to show the different side of it. How can that be considered bad?! The obvious purpose by Tucker was to let the other side give their view on things, that is appparently a felony in the west nowadays. And just look how pathetic the west treat the interview:
    Oh look at Tucker’s hairstyle
    Oh listen to that whiny voice of Tucker

    I mean what the hell is this? The whole of the west have become some asylum/safe-space area where facts are not allowed to enter!

    And then the criticism against Putin for spending some time presenting historical facts, the west are not used to that because they have no clue about the history regarding Ukraine.

    And I can say all that even though I have not even seen the interview and do not plan to see the interview nor do I support the russian invasion. Still, one must live in the real world and deal with the reality for crying out loud.

    The western elite still live in a bubble, I always thought that the west would change their ways eventually on Ukraine, but no, they just keep digging themselves deeper and deeper down the dirt now 2 year into the war, like, they their prestige keeps them from change the lane and instead accelerate the other, wrong way even though people on the side scream and point toward the right way. Absolut nutcases!

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    following might be the next step, attempts to raise alarms in the tradition of “Russiagate” fakes on European soil:

    “Sleeper cells and fake news: Germany, France and Poland join forces against Russia
    The three EU countries fell victim to Russia’s same destabilization strategy. France’s Foreign Minister Stéphane Séjourné has now announced a new collaboration.” (German daily, Berliner Zeitung)

    The most egregious fact about this: The very same media which accuse others of “fake news” (I detest the word “fake” by now. I almost never use it) are the ones producing the fakes on a constant basis. And no one seems to notice.
    It´s astonishing.

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    …”The western elite still live in a bubble, I always thought that the west would change their ways eventually on Ukraine”…

    ….Stoltenberg said just yesterday, I think, that he “fears” a decade-long conflict between NATO and RU…

    So, no easing by the EU elites.
    Stolti is funny: He always spills the truth 1 or 2 years after the fact.

    p.s. I have looked into the interview only in part. What I saw was not as bad as I had expected (applying a very low standard).

    Putin basically does the job our journalits should do: He speaks out the most obvious facts about the West.

    I would assume he too was initally surprised by the EU doubling-down so vigorously and totally ignoring its own interests.
    Its shameful: To see Scholz all cuddly with Biden whilst that very state is slowly destroying German industry as openly as possible. And he just keeps a straight face. Just amazing…

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    frm. German chancellor Merkel´s military advisor, Erich Vad, had refused to give interviews for over a year after insults in 2022.
    This is his first now since.

    He speaks truth in some passages, considering the endless bullshit from Germans usually.

    But of course: Any action by the US, NATO or the EU are by design legal and benign. Any action by RU is not.
    If he agues to cooperate with RU this happens only on the grounds of realist views which however only apply to RU which is just not as cultured and civilized as we are (he wouldn´t say that but that´s the ideology behind it.)
    But its worthwhile to read the text.

    He makes it clear:

    • That there was a contract between UKR and RU regarding Crimea.
    • That RU regards it necessary to protect its Western borders an that we must respect that.
    • That Merkel and Sarkozy knew this in 2008 and that NATO was ignoring this knowing full well what that would mean.
    • That this war is no stalemate.

    He does express a few “unpleasant” facts but only between the lines.

    “Erich Vad in an interview: “The fate of Ukraine will be decided in Washington and Moscow”
    Erich Vad was Merkel’s most important military advisor. He criticizes Germany’s Ukraine policy. There is a risk of chaos like the withdrawal from Afghanistan, he says in an interview.”

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    German government leaks Fall 2022, concerning the fight “against disinformation” and the UKR war:
    p.s. the screenshots of the actually leaked documents embedded into the articles naturally cannot be machine-translated.

    leak part 1
    “Document leak: How the federal government is working on a “narrative alignment” on the Ukraine war – Part 1”

    leak part 2
    “Document leak: How the federal government is working on a “narrative alignment” on the Ukraine war – Part 2”

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    Re: Carlson-Putin interview
    For those who cannot spend 2 hours watching the interview this may be helpful. Tucker gave his impressions at the forum in Dubai. More interesting is the start, he says US government tried to prevent him from doing the interview 🙂

    Another way to quickly get acquainted with the interview is to upload the transcript to the ChatGPT.
    I used the transcript from Kremlin website

    The first longer piece of Putin’s history lesson was shortened like this:

    “Putin traced the origins of Russia and Ukraine, highlighting key events such as the establishment of the Russian state in 862 and the Baptism of Russia in 988.
    He noted the fragmentation of Rus and its vulnerability to invasion by Genghis Khan’s empire.
    He discussed the gravitation of southern Russian lands towards the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, leading to their incorporation into the Polish-Lithuanian state.
    He mentioned Polish efforts to “Polonize” the population and the emergence of the term “Ukrainian” from its original meaning of border dwellers.”

    Quite digestible, isn’t it? 🙂
    And that is how the ChatGPT bot shortens the passage about Poland:

    “Before WWII, Poland’s collaboration with Hitler led to the partitioning of Czechoslovakia.
    Despite resisting Hitler’s demands for the Danzig Corridor, Poland’s refusal prompted Hitler to attack, starting the war on September 1, 1939.
    The USSR sought Poland’s permission to transit troops to aid Czechoslovakia but was refused.
    After the war, Poland lost western Ukraine to the USSR under the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact.
    Poland received compensation with German territories.”

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    A survey with 1000 people each questioned in several countries:

    “Munich Security Conference: Russia is no longer a main threat to the Germans
    People in Germany no longer perceive Russia as the main threat, a new report from the Munich Security Conference shows. Which problems are more important?”

    I don´t take such surveys seriously but it´s still telling since they did the survey everywhere – except Russia, of course.
    But B_ICS is included.
    Berliner Zeitung reporting

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    Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union.

    Article 11

    Freedom of expression and information

    1.   Everyone has the right to freedom of expression. This right shall include freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart information and ideas without interference by public authority and regardless of frontiers.

    2.   The freedom and pluralism of the media shall be respected.

    What exactly does “regardless of frontiers” mean? Has there been any ECJ rulings on this already? Why are there not multiple cases before the ECJ related to this? Is the use of the terms disinformation/misinformation an attempt to reclassify the meaning of information in terms of the fundamental rights.

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