Free at Last 42

I have today the permission of the surgeon to use my right hand for typing for the first time in over three weeks, provided I am careful not to extend the arm. On Saturday I put my arm in a sleeve and managed to remove my sling while making a speech in Blackburn, which I hope to bring you shortly (it was filmed by Consortium News but there is a job to do on sound synchronisation). The ligaments in my shoulder need another three weeks to heal and may require an operation, but my spirits are lifted enormously by being able to use the hand, even though it hurts.

I am going today to write an article on my decision to stand in Blackburn.

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42 thoughts on “Free at Last

  • On the train

    It is good news to hear you are recovering, Take it slowly and I hope you can get away without the operation on your shoulder.

      • Lapsed Agnostic

        The lyric from A Day in the Life is: ‘4000 holes in Blackburn, Lancashire’ GFL.

        Good job I looked that one up before posting or I’d have looked silly like Glenn did on the previous blogpost: could have sworn it was 2000 – must have always been too out of it by the time Sgt Pepper got given a spin on the hi-fi at people’s parties.

          • Lapsed Agnostic

            Thanks for your reply GFL. No problem at all. After I’d posted my comment, I did wonder if you’d deliberately multiplied the figure in the song by ten to give a more accurate reflection of the number of potholes in the Blackburn & Darwen local authority after nearly 15 years of Tory (& Lib Dem) austerity. Despite growing up and currently living not a million miles away, I must have only stopped off a couple times in Blackburn since I could legally buy cigs, though I must have been through there hundreds of times on the Trans Pennine Express*.

            Enjoy the rest of your evening.

            * That ‘Express’ bit is doing some fairly heavy lifting, e.g. “We will shortly be arriving at…Hebden Bridge” (home to the highest concentration of lesbians in the UK apparently, though they’ll mean the Julie Bindel type I’d imagine), and sometimes worse: e.g. “We will shortly be arriving at…Sowerby Bridge”.

  • nevermind

    Be careful in Blackburn – the public walkways are full of loose slabs if I remember rightly, and Labour will no doubt try to make it their election; they will try every trick in the book. I would get a burly minder who ensures that nobody accidentally knocks you over.

    Well, have you got any large-scale feeding and feasting events planned for the campaign? 🙂 Jack Straw could give you a heads-up on how it’s done, the wretched scrota.
    Let me know if you need some help when the campaign starts proper, and see if you can’t get on to Umma TV asap. I’m sure you could get the Irfan’s vouching for you.
    I will txt Bushra and see whether she has a spare bed somewhere in a cupboard to kip in.
    We are awaiting Rachel and Titus’ first child in Edinburgh and are in the starting blocks for that to happen soon. Sounds like it’s going to be a busy year.

  • Jules Orr

    It is admirable how you always walk the walk when it comes to your convictions, whether it be independence, Assange, Salmond or Palestine. Very typical that despite everything you’ve been through in the last few years you’re prepared to stand up against the axis of genocide in the general election. Walk on, sire!

  • Melrose

    Best luck for your recovery, Mr. Murray.
    Please do not do anything foolish with your arm until it’s fully ready. (Otherwise, one of your readers who’s a Beatles fan might end up calling you “The Fool on the Heal”). But McCartney never wrote this…
    As for Blackburn, it’s really a small world. Because, several weeks ago, the Workers Party website was already broadcasting a speech you apparently gave there back then. And guess what, already then, the sound was terrible and needed special treatment ! History often repeats itself…
    Do you think the election will be in December or earlier?

  • Republicofscotland

    Good news Craig, keep well, next week you’ll be fighting for the heavyweight boxing championship of the world, the use of the arm will get much better, Galloway will be jealous.

  • pete

    Oh thank goodness Craig is back. A quick search on the internet shows that there is some local news coverage in Blackburn regarding Craig and George Galloway, but the the main attack on Craig has hardly started yet. The local press there features Jack Straw saying there is no reason to vote for Craig. I feel sure Straw’s record will confirm what weight we can give to his opinion on anything. George Grylls in the Murdoch rag the Times focusses on Galloway’s statement about the oppressed Palestinian’s being “killers”; Grylls is clearly not up to speed about who has been killing whom and for how long, so Times no longer paper of record, if it ever was…
    Craig will not be unfamiliar with the smear tactics of the dying, dead tree press. It will be interesting to see how that media can continue to present genocide as self-defence.

  • Brianfujisan

    Great Stuff Craig … But as Glenn says Don’t over do it too soon.
    All the best for Blackburn. And Nevermind’s advice for a Minder is Sound Too.

  • Tom T

    Dear Craig – I’ve followed yours posts for a number of years and I can honestly say that I believe you have more integrity than all of Parliament put together. Your speech gave me hope for humanity. If I had the chance I would vote for you without hesitation. Good luck and get better soon.

  • Courtenay Francis Raymond Barnett

    Dear Craig,

    Pleased to hear that your health is improving.

    I note that you stated:-

    ” I am going today to write an article on my decision to stand in Blackburn.”

    In my humble opinion you are a great diplomat and not cut out to be a politician. By contrast, George Galloway is a great politician – never to be a diplomat.

    Anyway – it is your choice and all the best to you.

    • AG

      Am not qualified to say anything about British politics, but from comparing both I would vote for Craig, never Galloway, if I had to choose.
      (I was already told by Lapsed Agnostic I think, that last time Craig ran for office it didn´t really work out.)
      Well as far as political speeches in the streets go, in the real public, I think Craig can rise to the occasion impressively. Merely judging from the videos I watched over the years.

      p.s. just new on JACOBIN:

      “Keir Starmer’s Leadership Is Deeply Antidemocratic”

      “The Labour Party’s online voting system appears open to tampering — and some left-wing candidates claim it’s been systematically rigged. If true, these allegations would mark a new low for party democracy under Keir Starmer.”

      by Maritn Abrams

      “It should come as no surprise that there are growing demands for an independent, King’s Counsel–led investigation into Labour’s selection process and the suspension of the use of Anonyvoter in the interim. Supporters of an investigation into possible corruption include Labour’s affiliated trade unions, Michael Crick, MPs Sam Tarry and Beth Winter, and the thousands who have signed Momentum’s online petition.”

  • Colin Alexander

    Craig, I’m glad you are feeling a bit better and your spirit is lifted.

    I’ve missed your articles. I don’t always agree with your opinions but I find them interesting, thought-provoking and argued articulately.

  • Tatyana

    I wish your hand a speedy return to normal, and I wish you a wonderful mood and take care of yourself, Mr. Murray.
    I’m glad to know your decision to stay in Blackburn, although frankly I’m a little sorry to admit that my faint dreams of a real spy adventure will not come true 🙂

    I’m sorry that I won’t be able to subscribe. I feel like I’m a frequent guest here and I’m grateful you made it possible to be a part of your blog, still I’m sorrry I can only promote your website and entertain your guests, at the moment.

    Mr Murray, you’re an important person for me. I think often about things you share with the readers, and I really appreciate your explanations and your opinions about the events. So, I often think about you.
    Like, this weekend I tested my speedometer again on the way to Moscow, this was an occasion to remember my offer to serve as a driver taking you away from CIA persecution (the offer is still valid, Mr. Murray, and by the way, I have confidently done 193 km/h! ).
    A wonderful road, and no holes, you might like it.
    I think you would also enjoy the restaurant on the rotating platform of the Ostankino Tower, giving you a leisurely view of the Moscow panorama from a height of about 330 meters while you drink your coffee.
    Or, I remembered that you once mentioned that you had lunch with a famous science fiction writer. I thought, Mr. Murray, that perhaps you would like it in Russia, because here the future has become the present.
    My visit was on Cosmonautics Day and I visited the Cosmos pavilion at ВДНХ, where a model of the international space station MIR is on display. Did you know that we are already making films in the space? I watched it, and liked it, and I made a selfie in front of the MIR imagining that I’m Yulia Peresild 🙂

    So, when your hand is healthy (and if you want to touch something meaningful with it) visit Russia, Mr Murray 🙂

      • Tatyana

        Thanks Brian 🙂 very nice to know that!
        May I suggest a sound to illustrate my mood? This Soviet-era song was played there at the Space exhibition, and is now stuck in my head 🙂
        Performed by Leo Leshchenko, and probably his chic baritone is the symbol of the lost USSR, (for which the older generation in Russia is nostalgic today)

        Art is eternal, so regardless of politics and modern agenda, I’m sure that many would appreciate the richness of timbre and skill of the performer.

        The gravity of the Earth

        (I believe Lev is also the author of the lyrics)

        We’re the kids of the Galaxy
        But the thing most important is:
        We are children of yours,
        Dear planet Earth

        • On the train

          That’s lovely Tatyana. It is very much “of its time” but endearing for that reason. I really like the lyrics.

          • Tatyana

            On the train
            Well, I, in my turn, have bitter feelings. I look at what was then and compare it with what we have now. And I’m sad.

            Someone listened to luxurious baritones and chanting of the dream of space, and today they slip me the disgusting cackling of an Israeli Eurovision singer and declare her the winner of the vocal competition! Oh, thank you, older generation! How generous of you to keep all the treasures of art for yourselves and leave me only politically motivated scraps!

            And of course they won’t tell me that in the European musical style there are only 7 notes, while India distinguishes between semitones and teaches performers several types of vocal transitions between them! And they won’t warn me that the fusion of European rock and Pakistani spiritual music will be my personal catharsis and armageddon!

            Sure, why would they spare their jewels on me, when I’m supposed to live fast and to die soon in a war which they’ve lost then and want to restart now.
            Elderly US mummies and their Ukrainian ex-comedian fake presidents consider me and my children to be good cannon fodder, more, than simply humans deserving of good music and space projects. I wonder how you like it, Elon Musk?

          • Tatyana

            Good music and voice, Brian, thank you!
            I wish I knew what is the story in the lyrics?
            I also think that you must be a calm person who likes nature and perhaps meditation.

            My character is more in line with a powerful and varied sound, unexpectedly developing melodies, impressive stories and generally something “epic” with a wow effect. Like this Dance of the Knights from Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet.

          • Allan Howard

            Brian: What an amazing coincidence. I was looking for one of my favourite songs by Baris Manco yesterday evening, and I couldn’t quite remember how the name of the track was spelt, and I tried this, and I tried that, and one of the things that came up in the search results was ‘Haya (哈雅樂團) – Crazy Horse (瘋馬) – 2014 Full Album’, and I assumed it was an album by Crazy Horse (Neil Young’s band), so I saved it to have a listen to at some point, which I just this minute did, and realised straight away that it wasn’t Neil Young and Co, AND, in the same moment recalled what you said in your reply to Tanya……

            Anyway, I eventually found the Baris Manco track, and it’s called/spelt Hayir. And another sort of funny coincidence is that whilst I was listening to it, it occurred to me for the first time (in thirty odd years since some Turkish friends first turned me on to the album it’s on) to see if I could find an English translation of the lyrics, and I did. And I wish I hadn’t, and I’ll leave it at that. So, anyway, now – after all THAT – I’ll have to post a link to it, but please don’t bother checking out the lyrics (Tanya!), and just enjoy it for the atmospheric quality of the music:


  • nevermind

    The fact that scrota Straw has instantly tried to discount and mark a man who is known to speak the truth as it is, shows that he is quaking in his boots.
    Who is Jack Straw? A has-been who has played off the local communities against each other, using all means of power and cunning and who is now trying to deflect Labour’s genocidal collaboration from the burning pyre he represents locally.

    Labour and its old proponents are finished in Blackburn; they know it and sound off accordingly.

  • bj

    In 2018 I discovered your blog, while recovering in hospital from a cycling accident –a day in my life that I would rather forget– that left me with a broken neck and confined to a wheelchair (apart from the occasional stroller) for the rest of said life.

    I suddenly had a lot of time on my hands, and everyday I found myself with my laptop at one of the hallway tables, throwing myself on the Skripal-story that was filling your blog then.

    Since then I’ve been chased away from your blog for one reason or another — but always stayed a lurker.

    I do not know what happened with your arm — and I believe you haven’t told it here. I believe I saw your arm in a sling on George Galloway’s MOATS or maybe on Consortium News, during the recent Assange hearings, but you didn’t explain then.

    I would be very interested to know what happened. The same goes for your travelings abroad, and the inability (or unwillingness?) to return home. And now I hear you have joined the Workers Party and are working to stand for . . . in Blackburn. Is that the Blackburn where those 4,000 holes were found?

    Anyway, I wish you a full and speedy recovery. Me, I will be turning back to this blog to see what you might want to key in on those stories and others. Your Gaza video is very peculiar, in that even in the things that were unspeakable, your thoughts and sentiments were exactly as mine. If there can be resonance in silence, and the mind is aware of this, what “plans of action” does the mind answer this pregnant silence with?