I Stand in Blackburn 171

I shall be standing for election to Parliament as the member for Blackburn. This unexpected turn of events requires an honest declaration.

1) I am standing because of the Genocide in Gaza.
2) I am standing because of the appalling pro-Genocide stance of the Labour Party and Keir Starmer’s continued support of arms exports to Israel.
3) I am standing because the Blackburn Independent Councillors and the Workers’ Party invited me to.

The political class, including both the Labour and Tory parties, has continued to offer wholehearted support for Israel. The Tories are a lost cause, irrelevant in Blackburn and I will not waste words upon them. The Labour Party is led by Keir Starmer, a man who has declared himself an unqualified zionist, is a member of Labour Friends of Israel, who refused to oppose Israel’s blockade of food and water to Gaza, refuses to acknowledge any war crimes committed by Israel, let alone the ongoing genocide, and strongly supports the continued sale of arms to Israel.

40% of Labour’s shadow cabinet, at least, are financed by the zionist lobby.

Starmer has also expelled more Jews from the Labour Party than every previous Labour leader combined – under the excuse of “anti-semitism”, but in reality because they are Jews who honestly oppose the murderous ethnic cleansing of Palestinians and the schemes of the apartheid state of Israel.

The people of Blackburn, like all voters in the UK, deserve the chance to vote for a candidate who actually opposes the genocide. The Independent Councillors in Blackburn, who have resigned from the Labour Party over the issue, have chosen me to be that candidate. I have accepted.

Following George Galloway’s victory in nearby Rochdale under the banner of the Workers’ Party, I have also accepted the support of that party. I expect to fight the seat as a party candidate.

While Gaza motivated me to stand, it is by a long way not the only issue on which the voters of Blackburn deserve an alternative choice.

The Labour Party has abandoned working people. Last weekend Keir Starmer said Labour would increase defence spending to 2.5% of GDP – a 25% increase. Yet the Labour Party has stated it will be bound by Tory fiscal rules and austerity, and there is no money for education or health and other public services.

The Labour Party has stated it will be harsher than the Tories on welfare payments and on immigration controls. Wes Streeting is itching to privatise the Health Service – and he and his frontbench colleagues are sponsored to do so. Plans to renationalise water and other public utilities have been abandoned. Starmer’s party is a Tory Party.

There is a vast disparity in wealth in society which is growing incredibly fast. The 1,000 wealthiest people in the UK are now worth an average of £750 million each, a figure which has doubled in under a decade. Yet we have millions of children living below the poverty line.

This does not happen by accident, nor is it a factor of a free market. It is the product of a system of law and regulation designed to produce this unnatural outcome. It can only be countered by fundamental reform of laws around the formation and ownership of capital. For that reason, I am happy to ally with the Workers’ Party, which recognises this truth.

The people of Blackburn deserve the opportunity to vote for fundamental social and economic change.

I am standing as part of a wider movement in England which is seeking to challenge the two-party conservative duopoly. This alliance is coming together and will embrace Independent candidates and candidates from other small parties. Informal organisation is developing. I expect the Workers’ Party to have a slate of hundreds of candidates, while Andrew Feinstein spoke alongside me in Blackburn on Saturday and will be challenging Keir Starmer directly in the election. Jeremy Corbyn will romp back into parliament in Islington North.

In Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland the nationalist parties have been much better on the Gaza genocide, reflecting the experience of those peoples of ethnic cleansing and occupation. They are also notably more socialist than Labour. I need to explain to you, and particularly to my many Scottish readers, why I am not standing in Scotland.

Firstly, it is important to make clear my support for Scottish Independence is undiminished (which I sincerely believe would be good for the people of England too, including Blackburn, in allowing a modern country to emerge from the trappings of Imperial decay).
Secondly, I talked it over with Alex Salmond before I accepted to stand in Blackburn. I have not left the Alba Party. Alex and I mutually agreed that at this election it would be better for me not to stand for Alba in Scotland, as that would give the unionist press an opportunity to continue to muck-rake over the lawfare to which we had been subjected.
Thirdly, George Galloway has declared that he no longer will participate in the Independence debate in Scotland.

I have also seen it reported that the Workers’ Party will not stand candidates in Scotland. That will need to be worked through, but at the minimum I expect we can reach an agreement they will not stand anywhere against the Alba Party, which would render my own position impossible. As Alba is only planning to stand in up to 16 constituencies this should not be difficult. Working relationships between the two parties in the Commons are amicable, and all of this will be resolved in the next few weeks.

Finally, I would say that the events of the last 48 hours have confirmed my decision. Israel’s murderous destruction of Iran’s Damascus consulate, crashing the Vienna Convention, was condemned by neither Labour nor Tories. George Galloway is the only MP to have even mentioned it in the House of Commons, one clear indication of why I am not just content but proud to stand beside George. Iran’s demonstration attack in response – which killed nobody – appears to have restored the shaken confidence of the entire political class in proclaiming their zionist credentials. They hope we have all now forgotten the genocide.

We shall prove them wrong.

From mid-May I shall be relocating my home to Blackburn. Three short visits to the UK seem to have confirmed there is no longer any current intention by the state to arrest me for my support for the Palestinians’ legal right to armed resistance as an occupied people.

I am going to need help – leafleting, canvassing, manning offices and the many myriad tasks of an election campaign. I am also (I am sorry) going yet again to call on readers of this blog to fund the campaign. I am buoyed by the solid start we have in support across all communities in Blackburn. There will be no shortage of space for volunteers to sleep. So start to look in your diaries. We are going to give Starmer a roasting, we are going to take on the zionist monopoly of power, and it is going to be great fun!



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171 thoughts on “I Stand in Blackburn

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  • Allan Howard

    Tony Greenstein posted this excellent article on his blog yesterday:

    ‘When Germany Attacks Jewish anti-Zionists It is Following in the Footsteps of the Gestapo’

    The Nazis too labelled their opponents ‘terrorists’ or ‘bandits’. To them the Maquis, the French Resistance, was a terrorist group as were the Partisans and all those who fought against them but the British had no problem at the time allying with them.

    That is why Britain’s anti-terrorist legislation is based on a lie. Hamas is no more of a terrorist than any number of groups that the US and Britain has funded when it found it convenient.


    He didn’t get his computer and stuff back from the police of course – and he didn’t expect to – but Tony mentions a couple of things the police officer in charge of his case said in a statement which are very telling. Thought Police indeed!

  • Thomas Leys

    This is fantastic news, Mr. Murray! We could use the Workers Party so much here in Canada, not to mention the USA. May the Workers Party and Alba kick some serious Labour Party butt! You are a breath of fresh air. Down with Israel! Free Palestine. Free Assange!

  • Colin Leys

    Congratulations and best wishes. Even a handful of honest people in Parliament would do something to make it less easy for the msm to continue to brainwash the majority in the country, and embolden ordinary honest people to be more assertive in their everyday encounters with others, including friends and families. I send you a monthly pittance and will now send you a modest lump sum.

  • M.J.

    Since the independent councillors and the Worker’s Party have invited you to stand for MP in Blackburn, good luck with exerting a good influence there, whether or not you get elected!

  • Gordon R

    Congratulations Craig, I will be happy to come across from Bradford and canvas for you and I guess I will not be alone.

  • Lapsed Agnostic

    With all but one council having declared, as no one else seems to have done one, here’s my (English) local elections round-up (with an emphasis on the minor parties, mainly because I’m bored to **** with the big ones):

    Overall, Labour won 185 seats and control of 8 councils; the Tories lost 473 seats and lost 10 councils – the worst result for them since at least 1996. The Lib Dems & Greens gained 104 (plus two councils) & 74 councillors respectively.

    According to analysis by the Beeb, in 58 wards with a Muslim population of more than 20%, Labour’s share of the vote was down by an average of 21%. Much of it will have gone to Galloway’s Workers’ Party of Britain, which gained its first four councillors: two in Rochdale, one in Calderdale (Halifax), and one in Manchester (Longsight). In Blackburn with Darwen – where our host is due to stand for the WPB in the upcoming General Election – Independent candidates (mostly pro-Palestinian ex-Labour) won 8 seats, four each from Labour and the Tories. It was a similar story in Bradford.

    Reform UK gained its first two elected councillors (assuming you don’t include its Reform Derby chapter) in Havant. Nearby, the Women’s Equality Party (WEP) won its first ever seat above parish level in Basingstoke, whilst the newly-formed anti-trans, scrap the Gender Recognition Act, Party of Women came mostly last, and no higher than fourth, in the five northern/midlands seats it contested – shades of the Northern Independence Party (who didn’t stand a single candidate this time round) there methinks. (Note: the WEP support gender self-ID, so their relative success should provide food for thought for those who think that British women are all of the JKR/Won’t Weesht persuasion*.)

    Fortunately, despite the best efforts of the Tory government to give them a massive open goal in the form of over a *million* new (legal) arrivals to these fair shores in the year to June, the British far-right continues to be an absolute shitshow: the British Democratic Party only fielded four candidates, and Britain First could only manage two. None of them got anywhere. (Note: the BNP & National Front basically don’t exist anymore.) Contrast this with the situation in continental Europe. The Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition (TUSC) also did abysmally as per. Since the financial crisis, which I believe has caused some economic hardship in the UK, there are still more candidates who’ve been elected to councils above parish level in England representing parties with the words ‘Idle’ *and* ‘Toad’ in their names, than the word ‘Socialist’:


    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

    * Personally, I think the law as it stands in the form of the Gender Recognition Act 2004 is a reasonably acceptable compromise, so obviously both sides don’t like me – but there’s nothing new there.

  • D Winspear

    Craig. What is your position regarding the war in Ukraine? Do you condemn the unprovoked Russian invasion, bombing of civilians, use of chemicals and other weapons banned elsewhere? Are you saddened by the loss of lives on all sides and the destruction of historical buildings, civil infrastructure and millions of lives? Do you support the human rights of Ukrainians and their right to democracy and to live in their own country?

  • Mohammed khan

    Hello Mr Craig

    I watched your video with Richard medhurst and I had to contact you.

    I like to thank you for all your support and standing up and everything you have done to stand up for the Palestinians. You are a amazing person and may God Bless you and all your family we a will be praying for you and support you. Only if there was more strong amazing people you as mps the world would be. A better place. I’m from Manchester and if there is anything I can do to help I’m more than happy to.

    I wish you all the best and success in all your journeys
    Kind regards

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