Case studies on extraordinary rendition and torture

Yesterday Craig Murray clarified exactly what he knew and did not know about extraordinary rendition and UK policy on torture based evidence during his time in Tashkent. Today we post two articles describing some of the available information on documented cases of kidnapping and extraordinary rendition by the CIA.

For those who might be thinking that immediately post-London 7/7 is not the best time to be worrying about these issues think again – the pursuit of illegal and barbaric actions such as extraordinary rendition and torture by the UK and US governments, as part of the so called “war on terror”, are major contributary factors to potential radicalisation and help faciliate a climate in which extreme acts of violence may be more easily tolerated.

First to Sweden and a look at an article drawing some together some of the documentation about a kidnapping by the CIA at Stockholm airport in 2001.

Now to Italy and Nat Hentoff writes about the case brought dramatically to light by the authorities recent decison to issue arrest warrents for the suspected CIA operatives.