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484 thoughts on “Festivaling

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  • N_

    Rory Stewart’s wife Shoshana Clark is a citizen of which countries?

    She used to be married to Noah Coburn, “a political anthropologist focusing on political structures and violence in the Middle East and South Asia”>. (I can confirm she is not the same person as the Shoshana Clark who has worked for Americans for a Safe Israel. She is much younger.)

    The Turquoise Mountain Fund has received money from USAID.

    Hilariously it has completed a hotel suite in the notoriously masonic Connaught Hotel in London. The name of the suite is “The Prince’s Lodge”. The Turquoise Mountain Trust is registered in Scotland (SC299579). Those on the left of the SNP whose nationalism is oh so subordinated to their socialism and who are therefore itching to deal with Scotland’s masonically mediated corruption problem will appreciate this lead.

    • giyane

      Turquoise Mountain Trust

      Artistically any colour can represent whatever the painter wants it to mean. Gas burns with a turquoise flame. Or are mixing Pictish blue with economic green to make Turquoise?

      I’m guessing because I don’t know what the significance of TMT might be.

  • nevermind

    Sajid javid using Julians Assange free speech case to further his image as a man who can make hard decisions, thats why he signed it timed with his entrance into the clowns election show.
    In Norwich yesterday an XR activist who stood up in front of councillors and spoke out against the waste of money on another western bypass road, was given a 12 month suspended sentence.

    Free speech and NVDA are now in the cross-hair of the judiciary devils advocates and the police. That the vote yesterday did not go the way of a deal for the UK, the no deal proponents had it, is another sign of the hardening fronts we now face.
    If it becomes a crime to speak out against environmentally damaging practises such as fracking, the time between a GE and now will become hellishly right wing with courts putting all sorts of travel restrictions on protesters.

    • N_

      @nevermind – Robert Possnet was given a 12-month conditional discharge, not a suspended prison sentence.

      • nevermind

        Sorry, my mistake, he still pay a fine
        Most important he will not be this judgement

  • Jack

    Funny the muslim born islam basher and Israel lover-, pakistani Javid Savid just made it one step closer to extradite Assange to the US.
    That is the same US that bomb his home nation of Pakistan and which Wikileaks have exposed.
    “House negro” anyone?
    (house negro is a way of speech, you know that Mr Moderator).

    • N_

      Malcolm X was a superb rhetorician, coiner of the opposition “bullet or ballot”, a brilliant piece of agnominatio.

    • Loony

      Sajid Javid was born in Rochdale, raised in England and educated in England. So how can his home nation be Pakistan?

      Sure his parents were from Pakistan, but then Donald Trump’s mother was from Scotland. How many times have you ever heard anyone refer to “Trump;s home nation of Scotland”? Answer you have never heard this – but when it comes to smearing brown people with whom you happen to disagree then there is an instant reaching for the racist playbook.

      Maybe the left is so obsessed by racism because they subliminally recognize their own putrid racism and assume that everyone else must be as morally bankrupt as they are themselves.

      By the way, by obvious definition all words are a way speech. Your ultracrepidarian musings do nothing to mitigate your naked racism.

      • Jack


        Sure if Donals Trump’s both parents were from Scotland I would have said the same.

        • N_

          Sajid Javid is British and a member of one of Britain’s national minorities, the Pakistani one. He is in other words Pakistani British. I don’t know whether he has dual nationality. Many Pakistani Brits do, and indeed keep a foot in Karachi or elsewhere in Pakistan, partly for fear of a British Idi Amin.

    • Vivian O'Blivion

      As Loony correctly points out, Javid is most certainly not Pakistani. His religious position is not entirely clear, “… my wife is a practicing Christian and the only religion practiced in my household is Christianity.”
      Javid has asked No.10 for an explanation as to why as Home Secretary he was excluded from the Trump, State banquet. He has not received an explanation to his satisfaction. Perhaps it’s nothing, perhaps it’s functionaries around the walking benchmark in arrested development preemptively removing from his sight that which may cause offence (ref. the hiding of the USS John McCain).

      • N_

        Sajid Javid may soon be a forgotten politician – from the Home Office to the order of the boot. He only got the job because Amber Rudd found herself in difficulties over the poor treatment of many older West Indian immigrants and Theresa May and the government needed to look good.

      • Jack

        He is pakistanian by ethnicity and from that I think its crazy to support another state (US) that bomb that very land where your ethnicity “comes” from.
        I cant make it more clear than that.

  • Aidworker1

    Two ships apparently mined in the Gulf of Oman.

    Who benefits from this – certainly not Iran.

    Does anybody else suspect an Israeli false flag operation?

    • N_

      Yes. Could well be them.

      But it would be night and fog, not technically false flag because as far as I know no attribution was made.

    • Goose

      Amusing how Iranian rescue vessels raced to the stricken crew’s aid.

      Rather ruins the the ‘it was Iran that done it’ narrative: The same Iran that races to save the crew?

    • Rob Royston

      Looking at a tweet from they were making way out to sea at the time and not too far apart. Torpedoed by a waiting submarine maybe?

      • Goose

        Fox News’ John Bolton interview:

        “Now I want to make the case for secrecy in government when it comes to the conduct of national security affairs, and possibly for deception where that’s appropriate,” Bolton said. “You know Winston Churchill said during World War Two that in wartime truth is so important it should be surrounded by a bodyguard of lies.”

        “Do you really believe that?” asked an incredulous Napolitano.

        “Absolutely,” Bolton replied.

        “You would lie in order to preserve the truth?”

        “If I had to say something I knew was false to protect American national security, I would do it,” Bolton answered.

        • wonky

          Bolton deepthroats Satan’s cock not because he has to, but because he loooves it.

        • N_

          Wow, what a genius strategist with such an impressive command of military thought John Bolton is. He knows that national security requires deception. A new Sun Tzu is among us.

          • Goose

            They are fond of using old Churchill quotes to justify stuff most ordinary citizens would be outraged by.

            John Kerry did so too, he used the concept Churchill used of the ‘greater good’ the long-term outweighed the short-term costs. Which is basically offers a free pass to do anything – then a means to reconcile doing v. bad things, against the test of it being in the long-term interests of the many. A diabolical act is a diabolical act imho.

        • J

          Once you’re in a war, Churchill may have a point. What we’re talking about here can be summed up one sentence: Lies are almost always necessary to begin wars and whenever they are not, those few are not wars of choice.

          Bolton is one of the reasons that US Marines, in order to understand the nature of the wars they fight, tend to arrive at a formulation like “We had to destroy the village to save the village.”

          • Goose

            Bolton until recently was just a hawkish TV pundit mouthing off on Fox news; now he’s back center stage possibly leading the US into a major ME conflict, with a seemingly crazy, impulsive Trump as Commander-in-chief.

            It all has the potential to go horribly wrong.

        • Dungroanin

          Give the murderous thugs enough rope and they always hang themselves – time to dust off the Nuremberg Courts.

          UK has admitted today that our special forces have been in Syria! Now they are being redirected to lie and murder in a new hybrid war… wtf that means except that our boys have been operating illegally and the excuses are being made ready for when a new government takes over and gets full knowledge of the mercenary wars the SF have been involved in. There are a few aristo martial family officers who have been adventuring who will be in the frame.

          Bolton is merely airing the Col Jessup bs defensive line, as the shit showers down from hitting the fan.

      • nevermind

        My bet is that these torpedoes could have come from a dolphin class sub. Now.who would be operating them in the Persian Gulf?

        • Goose

          ….A certain ME country with a blue and white national flag.

          The idea Iran would attack a tanker, as an oil producer itself; in order to then deny it and rescue the crew, well, it’s a tad far-fetched.

    • N_

      It’s an Israeli modus operandi to blow the sh*t out of something unexpectedly to scupper progress being made towards peace in international talks.

  • Dungroanin

    Okay… Javid, seems to have chosen ‘war war’ instead of ‘law law’. The skeletons in his wardrobe are creating a great rattling and look like pouring out…time to set them free!

    He was blackballed from getting a seat at the state shindig, but he doesn’t mind – what a cowardly loser toss pot. So he has signed a deportation notice for Assange. Was he blackmailed? The loser doesn’t realise that he will be the scapegoat for the failure and destruction of the Tory party hence confirming the stereotypes of the gammonites of untrustworthy wily oriental gentlemen. If he does realise than he double deserves the shit that is now flooding in his direction.

    Dominic Grieve likewise has lost the plot – he appeared unhinged and damn nearly scratched and pulled off the skin and fingers of his right hamd while making his pathetic declaration of war against his party. He is the architect of his failure – having several times marched his troops up and than marched them down.

    There are nearly enough Tories who may yet choose infamy and put country above party and hard brexit.

    Surely the worst of the worst MP’s though must be those who abstained yesterday without any pairing. Their constituents must be made fully aware of theie cowardly behaviour.

    Letwin may be crowing about having hurdled the last fence to a hard brexit (he is the jockey who throws the race!). But as the candidates for a last gasp grasp for a ‘seat at the table’ of the global rulera, wean themselves into a run off between Al ‘Mammy’ Johnson and the complete and utter ‘Unt, they know they are going into a GE. An election which they are likely to lose badly, so time to do force as much crap through as they can.

    The ‘Crown’ headed by that other CAUC Sir Mark Sedwill (Kindly Call Me God) the cabinet secretary, gives a speech to the Institute for Government today – hecklers welcome.

  • N_

    Boris Johnson 114
    Jeremy Hunt 43
    Michael Gove 37
    Dominic Raab 27
    Sajid Javid 23
    Rory Stewart 19
    Matthew Hancock 20
    Andrea Leadsom 11
    Mark Harper 10
    Esther McVey 9

    The last three are eliminated. So of seven remaining candidates, there are six males who went to Oxford University, plus Sajid Javid. I would say that Javid will probably withdraw by the end of today, but he’ll more likely be asked to stay in the contest to give a bit of “balance”, in the TV debate anyway.

    • OnlyHalfALooney

      It’s a grim spectacle watching the UK destroy itself.

      What amazes me is that many of the Tory candidates have some fantasy of “negotiating a better deal” with the EU.

      They have failed to notice that the EU has already shut up the shop and disbanded Barnier’s negotiating team. Macron and Rutte are almost sure to veto any further extension too. The EU needs to move on and has moved on.

      • Xavi

        The media noticed it but are now pretending they didn’t so as not make these Tories look like complete idiots to the public. (Similar to the forgetting job they did on the bailout of the banks, enabling the Tories to blame the deficit on Labour’s social spending.)

        • N_

          We can add the following to the list of what’s not being noticed.

          1) The monarch already got involved in this

          She has done it in at least two ways:
          a) by featuring in Leave propaganda (both on the front page of the Sun and in work by Laura Kuenssberg)
          b) by agreeing “because of Brexit” to have a two-year legislative session rather than a one-year one. That’s why there was no state opening of parliament last year.

          Never mind the “don’t drag her majesty into politics” line that is repeated by all the loyal scribes.

          2) The government has in effect already been brought down

          And it was brought down not by the electorate, not by the Commons, not even by a vote among Tory MPs, but by the officials of the Tory party’s 1922 Committee, taking their instructions from unknown interests.

          For all the talk of how many Tory MPs will vote in favour of an opposition motion of no confidence in the event that the government supports a crashout Brexit (add your favourite buzzphrases here), what I’ve just described is what has already happened. If it happened in any of many different foreign countries, that’s how it would be described. The government was brought down, but the herd of British journalists have their heads jammed so far up their bottoms that they didn’t notice. They’re too scared to describe it like that, and they don’t know they’re scared. The idea of thinking independently never enters their bonces. By “brought down”, I mean the prime minister was made to resign and there will soon be a new prime minister who appoints a new cabinet. What could be more of a bringdown than that?

          What would have been better was if Theresa May had done a Brexit deal with Labour and dared the ERG to express no confidence in the government. But wait…that’s probably what happened, except that the “no confidence” wasn’t expressed in the Commons (Why not? because it would be bad for the Tory party, that’s why) but through private channels. And it was all the more effective than that: “BANG. You’re out, girl.”

        • Iain Stewart

          “Rejoice not when thine enemy falleth, and let not thine heart be glad when he stumbleth: Lest the LORD see it, and it displease him, and he turn away his wrath from him.”
          I agree that a little gloating is justified. This is probably a time for patient schadenfreude while Boris Johnson increases the next Yes vote. It’s not only the Hunterston reactor that’s slowly cracking apart.

      • N_

        Dominic Raab and Matthew Hancock both did masters’ degrees at Cambridge after they were at Oxford.

    • Andyoldlabour

      I think if Bojo became Tory leader, then the UK would be in an even more chaotic state than under May. I also think that with his ties to the US, Bojo and Tango would put the World on a far more dangerous course.

    • Republicofscotland


      Johnson looks a shoe-in for PM, which is an immense boost for Scottish independence. Johnson an arrogant tosser, will take the UK back to the Victorian times, and sell out the NHS. Its unlikely any of his opponents will outwit Lyton Crosby, Johnson’s campaign manager.

      • Goose


        I think it’ll be Boris’ intention to go no-deal then immediately call an election. This has a few advantages:

        i. It’ll kill the Brexit Party stone dead electorally and any negative economic consequences won’t yet have been fully felt.

        ii. The other parties: Labour; Lib Dem, SNP will be in a state of disarray. They can’t run on the basis of rejoining the EU(too unpopular) especially as that’d involve a new negotiation; no rebate; €uro membership and committing to ever closer union. That’d be a non-starter.

        This is the only way out for the Tories, and as someone who doesn’t support them, it makes me concerned.

        • Republicofscotland

          I think Boris knows full well that Brexit party supporters will come flooding back to the Tory party as long as Johnson takes the UK out of the EU in October as stated.

          I believe only then will he call a GE, his stock would be high with Brexit supporters.

          As for Labour, they are in dissary sitting firmly on the fence over Brexit, apart from the neoliberals who despise Corbyn, and see Brexit as a chance to remove him, due to his dithering and anti-EU ethos, that he tries desperately to hide.

          The Lib/Dems, are using a second remain vote to bolster their long term flagging image exiting the EU in October will kill this stone dead, and the Lib/Dems, will be up for any form of coalition available at the time to them.

          The SNP, will go into full independence campaigning mode in Scotland, Johnson being the ideal foil to convert soft noes to yes.

          Trump a friend of Johnson will be rubbing his hands in anticipation of the goodwill shown to him by big pharma, as they eye up the NHS, and the UK market will be in the spotlight for a deluge of inferior American produce.

          • Goose

            I’d say Corbyn’s fairly neutral on EU membership; neither the Europhobe his PLP critics present him as, nor an EU enthusiast -mainly due to its pro-market, heavily globalist influenced outlook. He likes the social elements eg. social chapter etc. and pro union legislation and the respect for human rights.

            He’ll go along with the LP membership’s wishes on the EU. Labour’s position is actually quite sensible thus far for a main opposition imho, it’s just Corbyn isn’t a very good salesman – his presentational skills and oratory are woeful. He’s no leader but electing him was never about that for the membership – it was about the fact he isn’t New labour.

            Labour obviously don’t control the situation in parliament not having the numbers to get their way, as we saw yesterday ,so they’re just having to react. If well advised, as Corbyn appears to have bee n so far , maximum flexibility in such a fluid situation is best. Many urged him to commit to another EU referendum in all circumstances, but if Boris or whoever manages to get Brexit through by 31st October that policy would be instantly obsolete, so Corbyn is right to try to hold off from doing that. Then Labour can say they accept the decision if they can’t stop it.

          • Republicofscotland

            Maybe of late Labour are leaning towards a second vote or remaining in the EU.

            However for the last three years Labour’s position on EU membership has been vague at best.

          • giyane


            Inferior American produce

            Produce from US insurance company lies in the US scam industry, you mean?

      • pete

        Re “Its unlikely any of his opponents will outwit Lyton Crosby…”

        Is this the same Lyton Crosby who did such a magnificent job for Zac Goldsmith?

    • Goose

      Stewart is acting, well, bizarre, by saying he’s the only candidate who can challenge Boris despite finishing seventh. He’s talking now about setting up an alternative parliament outside Westminster.

      The media are strangely indulging him in all this nonsense. The number of columns written promoting him and broadcast time is deeply odd considering his relatively low support in the parliamentary Tory party and among the membership for his Remainer-ish views.

      The collective media are acting as if part of some weird cult, with him as their ‘chosen’ leader … el bizarro UK.

      • Xavi

        I agree. Particularly as a scintilla of analysis would show them that he has no desire to remain in the EU. Stewart has said the confirmatory vote he seeks would not include a remain option and yesterday he voted against taking no deal off the table. So I am not sure what the basis of his “centrist” appeal is. Maybe it is his voting record in general which shows a real hunger for austerity and war.

      • fwl

        Rory Stewart is 4th with the bookies and if he gets into a run off with Boris Johnson then the party members need to think long and hard before they run with Boris. The way to defeat both Farage and Corbyn and keep the union together is by electing Rory Stewart. The other who remain in the race are hopeless.

        • Goose

          Why on earth do you think Rory’s a winner?

          Many people clearly find him creepy and deeply condescending. Apparently he made Officer class in just 5 months, sparking allegations of nepotism. He comes across to many as an egomaniac fuelled by his own self-importance. So far ‘his rise’ carries zero substance about what he actually stands for or what he’d do etc. It’s all just flashy presentation, vague ,empty rhetoric and lots of media hype and what appear to be sock-puppet accounts pushing Rorymania. It reminds me of Cameron’s sudden rise.

          • fwl

            Some on the far left and the far right judge him by his appearance. However he is intelligent, has guts and whilst I might not agree with all his policies I consider him more worthy of trust than the others. I would not expect him to deliver on everything but he is not a PR man like Cameron. Hw walks his talk without bull shit.

            Can he deliver? God knows – the job is nigh on bloody impossible, but when he says he dislikes and refuses to accept bureaucratic management double speak I believe him.

            When he talks of our need to be motivated by shame and the need for every civil servant and politician to ask themselves whether they would send their mother, child to this hospital or school etc I again believe him. Because he bothers to answer the questions put to him rather than avoid the questions and because he actually likes detail and straight talking he is capable of motivating.

            Sure the media are picking up on him but not as part of some organised campaign but because they are desperate. He can potentially appeal to old school Tory patrician types (Soames and co for eg) whilst also winning over Blairites who have not voted Tory but can’t support Corbyn and would otherwise vote Green or Liberal.

            Put him up in a head to head debate against Corbyn and the result would be a Conservative landslide and of course in a debate between Rory and Jeremy the superficial world of personal appearances would hardly matter, which would be an agreeable change.

          • Goose

            That Tory party is no more, Brexit has radicalised it and awoken and empowered the party’s ERG right.

            The middle ground or centrist approach Stewart’s pitching doesn’t sell tickets like it once did. Look at Macron, look how Blair’s legacy is seen. Someone suggested Rory was the Tories’ version of Ed Miliband and you can sort of see that point; a well meaning chap who is a bit geeky who doesn’t really please anyone, neither right or left of the party.

          • Xavi

            FWL and Goose,
            Suggest you guys look beyond the glib interviews and have a glance at his actual parliamentary voting record. See if there is anything there that grabs you.

          • N_

            “It reminds me of Cameron’s sudden rise.”

            Indeed, and most Tories love the things you mentioned. Officer class within five months! “I met Rory at the conference. Do you know him?” This is the Tory party!

          • Fwl

            The thing about Brexit is that its really not what it appears to be.

            If you want to know what it is then start by reading its filings at Companies House. Conservatives and Labour are both essentially democratic parties in that they are members associations.

            The Referendum Party, Ukip and Brexit were not / are not members parties and Brexit has 5 – yes just 5 members and most of those are actually Nigel Farage i.e.of the 5 one pound shares the controlling interest is held by Nigel. You couldn’t make it up.

            The “members” are simply donors.

            The filings are brief but there is more in there if you care to have a look. It is quite interesting and rather worrying, but for those who complain that the Conservative leadership process is somehow undemocratic or that the will of the people is being ignored well they should have a look at how Brexit is actually set up and who is in it.

            As for Rory’s voting record I concede that he sometimes disappoints, but I guess he is a loyalist. So put him in charge and he can be loyal to his own vision. I give him the benefit of the doubt which is more than I ever gave Blair.

          • Goose


            Re: his voting record, I know he consistently votes for repeal of human rights laws and he supports fox hunting, although, he does represent a rural area so there’s that).

            Nevertheless, just those two facts alone would put a lot of his new found support off. The Lib Dems talk about wanting him, to do a Chuka and join them. They clearly aren’t aware of his views.

          • giyane

            If Rory Stewart inhabits MI6 “s backside he”s up there with Boris like twins.

            All the rest are just Thatcher froth, a creamy mixture of oil and steam from the pistons of banking interest.

            Boris will choose Stewart as foreign secretary and Raab as brexit secretary.

            Let’s face it the great unwashed have now understood that Brexit is not going to remove either Muslims nor eastern Europeans so the best they can achieve is a team that calls them post- boxes and smellies.

            Tory MPs are like bedbugs and mice. As soon as you block up the hole they are coming from and poison it, they’ll go away.

          • Goose


            I don’t think Boris is the establishment’s natural pick, not at all, he’s too opinionated and unpredictable. I remember him(Boris) defending the guardian and Rusbridger at the time when it was publishing the Snowden documents back in 2013, he said something along the lines of , what the guardian was doing was in the public interest, because we had a right to know about these things.

          • giyane


            If wisdom and integrity were the CV essentials for being Tory leader then Grieve would be top. But the only things needed are Lying and charm., to which every good Tory will swarm as if to a hornet queen.

            I’m not saying Grieve is just or fair. If he was he could theoretically cross the commons to sit with Cornyn.
            All I’m saying is that that I universal gift of failing to get the point EVEN though it is under one’s nose, is the main quality desired.

            Like my GP. I told him my knee problem wasn’t in the bone so he sent me for a Xray. Two months later he gets the result and says ‘I told you there’s nothing wrong with your knee. Go to an osteopath to get it confirmed.’

            Professional England is Owned. They need a leader who is more owned than them.with a smattering of Prince Philip gaffer as cover over the puppet strings.

          • Sharp Ears

            Giyane. You should know that Grieve as Attorney General refused to grant an inquest for Dr Kelly, whose unnatural death was not subjected to an inquest as Blair/Falconer subsumed one that had been opened it with the Hutton Inquiry.

            Then at an application for a judicial review of his decision, again state employed barristers in the High Court defended it and the application failed when Judge Nicol (now a Knight of the Realm) decided so.

            The papers in Dr Kelly’s case have been locked away for 70 years. That is British ‘justice’. Grieve is an operative of the system. You can note that his views are very often sought by the media.

          • Tony

            Maybe he’s having his profile raised so that the army can install ‘one of their own’, should Corbyn need to be removed via a coup?

        • giyane


          Yes it’s probably time for him to collect his chips and cash them in.
          He’s a couple of years younger than me and I feel sorry for him because so many younger deranged Tory scumbags who toe the true scumbag Tory line have taken over in his party.

          Maybe the fact that he knows the truth about Kelly is the reason he has to be sterilized, allowing the bumwipes to block the drains.

      • Dungroanin

        Eddie Mair in his Nigel Farage warm up slot, gave a sypcophantic arse licking to tory Rory yesterday under the guise of a mauling!
        Voting record? Something about cigarette smoking – nothing on any of the wars and spooky business or his drug experiences or his instant flip flop on hard brexit … they finished with some french kissing and hugs.

  • Andyoldlabour

    Bearing in mind that Mr Abe from Japan was visiting Iran to discuss Iranian/US relations, it seems very coincidental that the two stricken tankers were apparently carrying Japanese crude.

    Meanwhile the Guardian is alleging that Iranian news agency IRNA is saying that one of the tankers had sunk, something which I cannot find anywhere.

    • Andyoldlabour


      I think anyone who trusts anything the UK/US says at government level, has probably already put in a ten year order for snake oil.

      • Republicofscotland

        Agreed, however we must point out the duplicity of the British government at every turn, to that those who might be thinking of buying the snake oil, see the light and change their minds.

  • Sharp Ears

    Failing Grayling was on the radio at lunchtime supporting Boris. The presenter brought up his own record of disasters but like all politicians, he was unfazed. They are as bold as brass.

    There is a PR outfit with the name of Grayling. No connection as far as I know but they have just employed an ex Boris SPAD.

    As for Javid signing Julian Assange’s virtual death warrant for the US, I am disgusted and appalled at what this country has become under the Tories. The UK is fascist.

  • giyane

    Voltairenet discusses a major agreement between John Boston and his counterparts for Russia and Isreal concerning the Middle East.

    When idiots in the laa laa rabid slobbering supporters of Boring Johnson tell us Boring gave Russia stick, presumably they mean the Russia that brought usukis to its knees by trashing usukis underground bunkers housing Al Queenida in Syria with cruise missiles.
    Not the Russia of duty free novinot.

    At least one would hope that Boring wasn’t pissing off the man who the US was trying to use for peace. Events in the Straits of Hormuz do look like USRUSSIA-IS trying to piss off The Sauds and Qatar who will from now have to accept the New World Order, in which Russia replaces the English Tory Party led by tosser Johnson in the special relationship.

    Why did Trump divorce Boris and embrace Vladimir, I wonder? White man speak with fork tongue, otherwise known as Donald’s kiss of death . Trump came to England to dump the Tories for being idiots Question is. Which of the batch of Tory nutcases and liars elbowing for top job might be able to restore the UK’s respect. None of the wasters on this list.

  • Courtenay Barnett

    US disengages from Iran – ME in ongoing turmoil – Israel is puppet master to Trump/US of A – Palestinians continue to suffer – Israel wants to keep the cash flowing in from US of A – Iran wants to sell her oil in an unrestrained way on the world market – US of A imposes sanctions – Iran – China – Russia seek circumvention of US sanctions – US of A feels herself with a view of power shifting from West to East – Japan wants a sensible resolution to a no win scenario where Japan does not suffer seriously if there is no steady on ongoing assured oil deliveries – Japanese leader visits Iran – same time there is an alleged attack ( on two oil carrying vessels).

    Question: In whose interest?

    • michael norton

      Turkey’s efforts are ongoing to build facilities to service jointly-developed F-35 fighter jets, the country’s defense industries chief said yesterday.

      İsmail Demir, the head of the Defense Industries Presidency (SSB), announced on Twitter that they are still building the facilities for the installation and maintenance of various parts for the jointly-developed F-35 fighter jets in the central province of Eskişehir. “As an F-35 project partner, we are continuing to fulfill all of our responsibilities and share of work,” Demir said.

      Within the scope of the project, the construction of the hangar established at the 1st Air Supply Maintenance Center Command in Eskişehir for the installation and maintenance of F-135 engines has been completed.

      The facility will provide installation and test activities of the engines for the F-35 jets which will enter Turkey’s inventory. Also, F-135 engine maintenance, repair and testing services will be given for the European countries using F-35 jets.

      There are some worries for America.
      Turkey has been chosen as a partner in the building, and maintenence of the F-35 programme.

      Yet now Turkey insists on buying Russias S-400 most advanced ground to air system.

      How will it pan out?
      perhaps oil ships will sink in the Gulf of Persia?

      • Goose

        Got to clear those inventories and put in new orders, can’t have the missile and bomb production lines sitting idle and defence workers laid off.

        Sadly… this type of thinking probably plays a big part in the brutal logic of perpetual conflict. Every now and again they need a conflict. It’s not just a criticism of the US, it applies to other countries too. War, even the risk of war causes huge capital flight from a region, plus it drives up defence industry share prices.

    • Dungroanin

      Iran is selling oil NOT in $ – everytme someone has done that they have been brutally overthrown and murdered.

      There is only one bunch of crazies who do that.

  • Rob Royston

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the SNP Government puts Prestwick Airport up for sale. Looks like the SNP never learned any lesson from 2017. They must believe that people will continue to vote for them if they turn Scotland into a desert. A lot of them are ex labour party members and it used to work for them. What happened to the brave country that asked “stop the world, we want to get on”?

    • Republicofscotland

      Buying the airport for one pound saved 3000 jobs link to the airport. However they need to sell it as its running at a loss, I’m under the impression a buyer is in the pipeline, and that the airport must remain as a aeronautics site, negating property speculators, wishing to build houses.

      Of course the other unionist branch office parties of London in Scotland, wanted to see the airport go under the first time around.

      I think we can safely say which party at Holyrood has Scotland’s interests at heart.

  • Ingwe

    So the US and the UK media are reporting that the torpedoed tankers are the handiwork of Iran. Who’d have thunk it?

    • Goose

      Reading the Twitter comments under Trump’s post it looks like the US people ain’t falling for this routine anymore.

      So ludicrous, it’s cringeworthy watching senior administration people having to stand there claiming it was Iran.

      From Iran’s perspective it makes less than zero sense.

    • Laguerre

      It’s reported that it was the Iranians who did the rescue job. The BBC put it in the passive – the crew were rescued – without identifying who did it.

      • Goose

        I tend to try avoid BBC news output if I can tbh.

        The days where it was genuinely questioning, investigative force for good. Fiercely Independent of govt, ended some time ago. Sky news is just as bad. We are in the poor era for TV news,an era of ultra control-freaks, whether the ordinary punter is aware or not.

        • Ingwe

          Goose, you’re bang on about the BBC and Sky. What was reported about the attack on the tankers yesterday 12th June, was it it was thought by the U.S, that it was carried out by Iran. Later in the day, Jeremy Cunt was agreeing with this. By this morning, it is reported on the BBC’s prime bullshit flagship, ‘Today’ that the Iranian attack on the tankers has led to raised oil prices.
          So, with one mighty bound, Pompeo’s assertion that the Iranians are responsible, becomes an unassailable truth. Then without any further discussion, they move onto the biggest distraction of all; the discussion of which neocon, morally bankrupt, self-serving shithouse, will become the next Tory leader and Prime Minister.

  • Wikikettle

    Trump continues to be under siege. How can the FBI, NSA and CIA let him and the AG bring them back under the rule of law ? JFK failed.
    Trump will be dragged into an attack on Iran I fear. He does not want this, but who is he, he’s just the President, that’s all ! Boris will be allowed to to drink from the chalice, as May was, but Rory is the chosen one. As was call me Dave.

    • Dave Lawton

      June 13, 2019 at 21:48

      Trump is Coyote shaman or the juggler in the tarot and is a Trump card.

    • SA

      Are you by any chance defending trump’s actions on Iran? Remember who tore up the nuclear agreement, remember who moved the embassy to Jerusalem, remember who recognised the annexation of the Golan heights, remember who his son in law is, none of these actions were initiated by the so called neocon deep state.

  • Wikikettle

    Would it not be black humour if after independence the SNP allowed the setting up of an American base in Scotland !? I presume Scotland would stay in NATO and retain the Queen as head of state and adopt the Euro ? Would it have its own Army, Air Force and Navy ? I would move to a truly Independent Scotland that was in charge of its own money and interest rates.

  • Ian

    Can you not provide a more imaginative level of trolling than that dull effort at provocation?

  • Dungroanin

    So if my MP went rogue and became independent of the manifesto and party they represented, tough shit on me the voter or local party member.

    If that MP then stopped being independent and became a member of another pre existing party, which i would not have voted for, my vote has suddenly been highjacked. And still tough shit on me???

    Chukka must resign immediately and have a by election – he can stand for the LibDems but he can not be allowed to betray the voters who chose Labour over Liberal or any other party that contested his seat. It is almost criminal misrepresentation and shouldn’t be allowed. He can stand as LibDem if he wants.

  • J

    This is the reality of American war and hard to deny, once seen. I hope many people see it.

    “Israel Lobbyist suggests False Flag attack to start war with Iran. Patrick Clawson of the influential neo-con Washington Institute for Near East Studies OPENLY suggests that the US should do this with Iran. Gives historical examples.”

    • Johny Conspiranoid

      A false flag that is declared in advance wouldn’t be a ‘false’ flag, it would be a declared flag. Would they just instruct the MSM to ignore the decleration so that it doesn’t exist for most people even though its floating around the public domain somewhere? They could film the whole thing in a studio like some of the ISIS footage.

  • Dave

    On Politics Live the Brexit Party guest was asked “have you any other policies” and there was a sort of embarrassed “yes we will announce some soon”.

    Big mistake to add any other policy to their manifesto (apart from voting reform) as that will weaken the party, as those asking the question know, as it will divide the party along left, right and centre lines. The Brexit Party’s strength and weakness is the one policy.

    The one policy is the mark of a liberation movement and ensures they stay united to deliver Brexit, or force Lab/Con to deliver, whereas many policies is the feature of a political party, whom would need to decide who in particular they represent, as one party cant represent everyone.

    When set up the original UKIP was a junior party to Referendum Party and BNP, and its founder said the policy was to return power from Brussels and return power to the politicians to run an independent Britain. That is its mission wasn’t to be a typical party, but as ever, as party’s grow, new members have ideas of their own, take it over and end up, with good intentions or not (and with State help) subverting it, as happened to UKIP.

    Hence why the Brexit Party was a spectacular success after announcing they were back to promoting the one policy.

    • Ingwe

      The fact that some members of the Brexit Party have opposable thumbs is progress. You want policies too?

    • Ingwe

      SE almost as funny as the joke interview of Bojo by Mark Mardell on the 1 o Clock news. Sounds like a broadcast in support of Bojo. MM just allows him to say what he wants and asks nothing difficult. Mardell is a disgrace.

    • Dave Lawton

      Sharp Ears
      June 14, 2019 at 09:46

      “Remembering the 72 who were killed in the Grenfell fire two years ago.”

      Now the tragedy of the Grenfell Tower fire and if people really bother to investigate you will find that it was a top EU Bilderberger Klaus Kleinfeld who was CEO of Arconic and knew that the cladding was inflammable but went on to sell it.He is now being sued by shareholders because of loss of profits because of the fire.It seems he has now buggered off to Saudi Arabia.He has now given himself the title of Dr Klaus Kleinfeld and is advising on how to enhance the economic, technological and financial development of Saudi Arabia..

      • Sharp Ears

        I see he is now involved with the headchoppers.

        Is there anybody who thinks that the relatives of those killed in the fire, and the survivors, will ever obtain justice? Moore-Bick’s inquiry grinds on. It is said that his report will emerge in two year’s time. The long grass is growing nicely.

        Hutton..Leveson..Chilcot…… and on and on and on. Chilcot took 8 years and cost £13m. A copy of the report cost £767 but a free copy was given to the relatives of military personnel killed. I am sure that was great comfort to them. Not.

  • Dave

    Re Lockerbie

    The paid for witness testimony wasn’t just compromised by the money, but by the testimony. We are told there was some burnt remnants of clothing from the IED case (which wouldn’t have survived the alleged explosion) that was “identifiable” as a specific item of clothing purchased from a tourist shop in Malta!!!

    I don’t think tourist shops are known for bespoke items, so from a specific item of clothing that is massed produced!!! We are then informed the shopkeeper identified the person who bought the item of clothing (from all the other people who could have bought the item as presumably more than one was sold!!!), but how was the shopkeeper able to identify the burnt clothing in the first place as the burnt ember could have come from anywhere!!!

    Hence to solve the conundrum the shopkeeper at the trial/farce said he recognised the clothing and could remember who bought it because it was raining (which is disputed) on the day of the purchase and the person bought an umbrella as well. Presumably if it was raining more than one mass produced umbrella would have been sold too!!!

    And bear in mind this was all some years after the event. Hence why the judges (to save their souls) released his alleged co-conspirator for a lack of evidence and announced Megrahi’s innocence as they delivered their guilty verdicts!!! YCMIU, but Muller did who was in charge of compiling the evidence!!!

    • Dave

      And hence, although many years later, I thought Muller looked a shrunken and pitiful figure, who could barely raise his head in shame to look at the gathered press as he denounced Trump as “guilty until proven innocent” before exiting the stage without answering any questions.

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