Meteors or Meteorites over Kent 12

I have just seen the most beautiful site. A meteor of the deepest red, a distinct flare with a tail, came over in a great arc, moving very slowly and slightly wobbly, and gradually dwindling away to nothing. Just as it vanished, a second one appeared from the original spot and traced the same arc, like a celestial action replay. Each was visible for around two minutes.

It was breathtaking and beautiful. I don’t care if it was space junk frazzling as it entered the atmosphere, the effect was divine. My plans for November 5 seem a bit pointless now.

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12 thoughts on “Meteors or Meteorites over Kent

  • Clark

    Well, the only likely predicted re-entry I can find is for Cosmos 2469 Pl, which is apparently the last high-orbit early warning satellite, a cold war relic from Russia.

  • Clark

    Carrotcruncher, I saw the ISS go over this evening at about 17:19 – I’m in Essex UK. I certainly hope that isn’t what Craig saw burning up.

  • glenn

    It’s been raining from about 16:30 today – it could have been a display of The Day Of The Triffids standards, we wouldn’t have seen a thing. But the longest single meteor illumination I’ve ever seen was a couple of seconds at most – barely enough time to shout and point for another to turn and see the end of it. Two minutes sounds remarkable indeed – that must have been space junk.

  • tony_opmoc

    Sorry, I haven’t fixed all the computers yet – including my favourite that is in “the computer room” – it arrived on 9th September 2001 – I was shocked but still got up early the next day to travel across London to attend the next day of my course at Learning Tree International – which my employer paid for me to attend…

    So I wrote this today…


    tony_opmoc [Moderator] 1 hour ago

    So O.K. – I Fancied Her Like F@uck

    A bit like The Girl In The Good Life…

    And she introduced me to her daughter Rhiannon..

    Who I had definitely Never met before…

    And She was talking to me as if She Knew Me Inside Out…

    And so I thought..well I have got to go along with this…

    And try and make out as if I knew who these Two Girls Were – Mother and Daughter…

    And so I thought well I haven’t a clue who her Mum is – and I really do not fancy her daughter…

    And She Gave away a few secrets…

    I still didn’t have a clue…

    So I asked my wife…

    She said – I know them – The Mum walked back home with Mxxx a few months ago – but they did not have sex…

    So I said I am not interested in that…

    But what is The Mum’s Name?

    I already know the name of the Daughter…

    She said I don’t know… ask Mxxx

    A Lot of Quality Tonight

    These Musicians Never Cease To Surprise Me

    They are So Up Their Own Arseholes That I Find It Hard Not to Laugh Inappropriately

    I Love Them To Bits Really – And They Know It



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    tony_opmoc [Moderator] 52 minutes ago

    Today in the late Afternoon

    Was a Photographers Dream…

    The Lighting Was Just Exceptionally Perfect…

    With The White Horses Highlighted By The Decaying Sun…

    With The Autumn Trees Showing Their Most Wonderful Colours In The Background…

    And I was Exploring All This Beauty With The Girl I Really Love

    My Wife

    Photographs Cannot Show It

    I Have Not Even Looked Yet

    It Doesn’t Matter

    We Saw This Beauty Together



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    tony_opmoc [Moderator] 21 minutes ago

    We also saw a lot of cows and white geese – or they may have been ducks –

    And a few people walking hand in hand – some as old as us

    And some younger – with their two year old

    And a Baby Cow

    Who her Mum thought was completely safe sitting by the sign post

    We have Rights of Way in The UK

    We Respect Our Countryside and Our Farmers Who Provide Us With Our Food…

    But My Wife was a bit upset by The Dead Sheep…

    And she had to go and see it…

    With all its guts exposed and being eaten…

    Judging from her family history and looking at her hands…

    She has peasant girl hands – inherited by lots of hard work over many generations

    I just find it incredible that I was so lucky to meet such a lovely girl…

    She keeps me alive and fit and takes me to see some of the most beautiful things in the World

    All Over The World

    She just keeps saying to me….

    Come on – We have Got To See This…

    And We Do

    I Couldn’t Possibly Ask For More


  • tony_opmoc

    Sorry, I am Not Fucking Having It…


    Being Scared To Stand Up and COMPLAIN

    About People Being


    I am Not Having It


    We Don’t Do THAT

    We String These Monsters Up By Their Nalls

    And Put Their Heads on The GATES OF LONDON


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