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      Voter turnout, 2018-2022

      “The elections of 2018, 2020 and 2022 were three of the highest-turnout U.S. elections of their respective types in decades. About two-thirds (66%) of the voting-eligible population turned out for the 2020 presidential election – the highest rate for any national election since 1900. The 2018 election (49% turnout) had the highest rate for a midterm since 1914. Even the 2022 election’s turnout, with a slightly lower rate of 46%, exceeded that of all midterm elections since 1970.”

      Excel chart:
      “2016, 2018, 2020 and 2022 Voter demographics, based on validated voters”

      (since the forum is the spot for NUMBERS and STATS)

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        My most recent post on Russiagate got lost. But this is an update by “FOIA Undead” made since including the documents.

        He says following:

        We’re finally here. The culmination of years of work, hundreds of FOIA requests, countless hours of research.

        This week we have oral arguments in the Georgia Supreme Court. I think there is a legitimate possibility a ruling comes within 8-10 weeks.

        with 2 new documents (#1 1600 pages #2 900 pages):
        “Keromytis Emails”

        Meanwhile, we have a running clock in two other FOIA lawsuits.

        It’s clear as it has been for years that the hack of the DNC was spoofed, and evidence for attribution was fabricated in order to create a receptive environment for the Steele dossier and other claims that Clinton wanted to push.

        The same cyber researchers behind the Alfa Bank hoax were relied on for attribution. The same Special Counsel Mueller we were told was completely above-board and neutral used those same cyber researchers. Is that why the Mueller team wiped all their phones?

        How much do they know? Do they know they were duped? Is something even more nefarious lurking?

        Is our government complicit, or, have they merely fought to protect the covert cyber operations and classified data collection and mining programs that these guys are integral to, not just for the United States but also friendly foreign governments?

        How much was Neustar on board with? Was there a secret negotiation with Clinton to restore the NPAC contract with her victory?

        With a win in any of work, we will finally start getting some answers.

        A loss resets the clock and means years of more litigation.

        These basic questions deserve answers, but the disinformation campaign has been so effective that nobody has dared to step out of line.

        It’s a damn shame that it’s fallen to a random citizen journalist to pursue the biggest story in history.

        Here are the documents from recent productions. As usual, redactions with be fought later.

        It is interesting to observe how this unfolds. 2.5 years ago not knowing anything about Substack I assumed – judging by the site’s design (skull and all that) – that this is nonsense. Of course it isn’t but I had to learn a few things before. Happy I did keep an open mind. Initially assuming that with Wikileaks this kind of knowledge had disappeared. But Assange and his closest supporters did make a lasting impact. Not only by publishing documents. But, more importantly, influencing and altering the structure of thought and analysis. Adding a new depth of scrutiny to this line of work.

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          Undead FOIA with hopeful news on his case against Antonakakis:

          ” Major Win

          Today we had oral arguments in the Georgia Supreme Court. It may be presumptuous to call it a win, but every indication is that we scored a crushing win and we will be remanded back to the trial court for discovery.

          The Justices did not offer any challenging questions for my excellent attorney, largely agreeing with her arguments while simultaneously expressing skepticism at the arguments the Antonakakis team made. I think Mr. Randles did a fine job — but the facts just aren’t on their side.

          30 years of case law and the plain statutory language shows I did everything properly when requesting records from Antonakakis and they are liable for his non-compliance.

          In a case where I was sanctioned nearly $54,000 by the trial court, there is every indication that we just won the case. That’s a Hollywood story and never what I expected. The case will likely be cited for the next 30 years, it’ll be nice to be on the winning side of that.

          We advanced the Open Records law, and more importantly are back in the fight with two years of planning on what to do next.

          We are ready to go another 15 rounds.”

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            New documents from RACKET:

            “FOIA Library: Clemson University
            The raw FOIA disclosures provided by Clemson University, highlighting the efforts of the Media Forensics Hub”

            by James Rushmore
            Jul 11, 2024″

            with links to “250+ pages of our FOIA productions pertaining to Clemson University’s Media Forensics Hub”

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              FOIA with info on upcoming content and revelations:


              we did get documents unexpectedly back on a FOIA that contained a significant development that validates much of what we have been reporting for a long time.

              It’s significant enough that I’ll be collaborating with a more established journalist to produce a story in the coming days. I should be able to cross-post it here.
              and also getting bombshell information out to the masses

              Lets wait and see…

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