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      Starting this thread after on several occasions since 2022 I wanted to share important links without a thread dedicated to the topic. So I tossed ´em somewhere. Which wasn´t helpful.

      * * *

      An important new overview, albeit hampered by insider lingo, of the work Substack´s extraordinary “FOIA” has done unearthing Russiagate material per asking for unpublished records – FOIA.

      84 min. audio only
      “Russiagate: A Conspiracy”
      March 2nd 2024
      Overview of where we stand on Russiagate
      FOIA Around And Find Out

      – for instance reminding listeners that Clinton paid for the Steele Dossier

      His site also highly recommended:

      * * *

      Matt Taibbi
      2017 article for Rolling Stone
      “How Did Russiagate Start?
      Amid the chaos of James Comey’s firing, new questions about the timeline of his fateful investigation”
      March 15th 2017

      Matt Taibbi
      10 min. conversation on THE HILL
      “Interview With “Rising,” About Trump-Russia Probe”
      Febr. 29th 2024

      – by 2017 it was known to media that the CIA had acknowledged that RU would feel more comfortable with H. Clinton as POTUS than D. Trump, latter considered a wild card at that time.
      Completely forgotten today.

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        p.s. in above first link “FOIA” states that he thinks that Seth Rich had nothing to do with the DNC Leak. I.e. that he was indeed victim of a tragic incident.
        However that would not exclude the possibility that security services did tamper with Rich´s laptop in order to create additional diversion to obfuscate the truth.

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          AG, thanks for the excellent undeadfoia.substack link; I haven’t checked out the others yet. I’m currently listening to the Russiagate: A Conspiracy overview on YouTube.

          UndeadFOIA’s case that the DNC ‘hack’ was a false flag operation appears so far to be strong. But Craig has long insisted that it was a deliberate leak from an insider who was incensed that the DNC covertly sabotaged Bernie Saunders to promote warmonger Clinton. Could both be true simultaneously? Maybe some of the documents were leaked by an insider, and the false flag operation, which I think UndeadFOIA’s investigation indicate was already running by then, then additionally served to distract from and discredit the leak.

          I will probably never find time to truly understand ‘Russiagate’, and I think it would be unwise for me to attempt to – it would distract and delay me from other activism. It suffices for me to understand that spooky stories can waste a lot of time and brainpower, cf. the (probably related) Skripal poisonings.

          It is like thousands of accident investigators, painstakingly investigating thousands of vehicle collisions, attempting to determine which road users were responsible for each, when what we really need are means of transport and a way of life that don’t cause such carnage in the first place.

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            what you say is exactly the reason why I have always been wary with studying the history of secret intelligence services. It´s sometimes part of my job to research this stuff. But the question is always how deep do you go?

            The problem is, that anecdotal research in contrast to the big structural analysis can be sold much better to the common “audience”. So if you control that narrative it can be easier to do the other “meaningful” stuff too, in the shadows so to speak, not in the mass media but in committees and parties and unknown NGOs.

            To sell a tragic car accident is easier than explaining how you want to get rid of 50. mio. cars in Germany e.g. (to use your traffic comparison.)

            As to DNC being an inside job, I would assume that “FOIA” despite his initial All-American naivité in 2016, would agree with Craig – or did I miss something in the youtube show?

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              FOIA reporting that the “Weaponization Committee” has sent a letter to the CIA, on 11/3/24, to provide info about Russiagate concerning the surveillance of the Trump campaign via 5-Eyes, the Steele Dossier, the Crossfire Hurricane communication and “a binder” on “Russian election interference” which Trump had apparently declassified in the last days of his presidency.

              However it may be noted that FOIA justifiably criticizes that almost all of this, except may be the “binder”, is more or less outdated. So the investigation is way behind the current state of knowledge.

              The Committee expects an answer from CIA until 25/3/24.


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                Matt Taibbi picked up on a serious censorship case by Google against the blog “naked capitalism”, threatening the economic basis of nc.

                Google has articulated these threats based on (almost) no grounds – apart from the fact that the case itself is a brute violation of 1st Amendment rights. Regardless of who did or did NOT comment in ways undesired by Google. (Who the fuck is Google anyway?)

                Since this touches the existence of the site nc itself it should be noted and circulated.
                nc mentioning it:

                The text by MATT TAIBBI:

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                  Andrew P. Napolitano wrote a piece concerning the US congress attempt to ban TikTok on the ronpaulinstitute Can Congress Ban TikTok?.

                  In it he points out that the freedom of speech is not a right granted by government and the 1st amendement specifically forbids government from doing anything abridging the freedom of speech.

                  “When James Madison set about to draft the Bill of Rights — the first 10 amendments to the U.S. Constitution — he was articulating what lawyers and philosophers and judges call “negative rights.” A positive right grants a privilege, like a driver’s license. A negative right restrains the government from interfering with a preexisting right. In order to emphasize his view that the freedom of speech preexisted the government, Madison insisted that the word “the” precede “freedom of speech” in the First Amendment.”

                  Whilst I don’t agree with nor support Google’s use of algorithmic censoring and Matt Taibbi rightfully points out how egregious and demonstrably dumb that algorithm is, under US law Google can do as it pleases as it’s a private entity not a government body. Laws such as the recent badly crafted EU Digital Services Act don’t help the situation. I don’t know what the answer is.

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                    AI. Isn’t that Artificial Idiocy or something?

                    When we used log tables at school my maths teacher said that electronic calculators were the fastest way of making mistakes. But that was before we had computers to automate the process for us.

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                      … in school we were first allowed calculators in 6th or 7th grade. I was not that fond of math but I deeply distrusted the device (I had no PC either unlike most of my classmates). So for about 1 year I declined using the calculator at all or checked it manually every single time…

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                        Glenn Greenwald with Michael Shellenberger on Shellenberger´s reporting about Brazil cracking down on Free Speech via his TWITTER Files (it´s a bit self-adulation but on the other hand I am not a follower of Shellenberger and this is probably the case with most such professionals.)
                        April 7, 2024


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                          Julian Assange – Crossfire Hurricane – DNC leak – Seth Rich – RussiaGate

                          Who knows?

                          • Dana Rohrabacher
                          • Ellen Ratner
                          • Kim Dot Com
                          • Craig Murray

                          Wikileaks and their lawyers?

                          When will Craig (and the others) finally end this broken record?

                          RussiaGate is so easily disassembled. Tell the Truth! Seth Rich/DNC hack/RussiaGate

                          Where did the DNC emails and info hack come from?

                          Tell the truth!

                          TELL THE TRUTH!

                          Stop flapping your gums and tell the world!

                          Save Assange and the world before it is too late!

                          Where did the DNC emails and info hack come from?

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                            True story.

                            These 4 people know Seth Rich internally downloaded the DNC files and sent them to Wikileaks.

                            Why can’t ONE person on this miserably planet tell the TRUTH !!

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                              A bunch of new posts re: Twitter /censorship complex via RACKET.

                              This 1 min. free trailer:

                              “Was Twitter set up by intelligence agencies? A handful of documents casts the conquest of private platforms by security officials in a new light”

                              Besides a few new links are unrestricted

                              via this post:

                              “Racket FOIA library
                              FOIA Library: The University of Washington
                              The raw correspondence returned in two Freedom of Information requests to one of America’s biggest sponsors of “anti-disinformation” work, Kate Starbird’s University of Washington”


                              linking these (very long original documents):

                              December 2023 FOIA Files:
                              (114 pages)

                              March 2024 FOIA Files (Batch 1):
                              (522 pages)

                              March 2024 FOIA Files (Batch 2):
                              (566 pages)

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                                In relation to the censorship-industry complex…..

                                I was glancing through Consortium News this morning and in their latest funding drive piece Ursula van der Leyen explaining Pre-Bunking. Whilst I can understand the term, it’s not one I have come across much until today……..after my curiosity forced me to do a bit of digging.

                                First up, a piece from naked capitalism serendipitously published today From Debunking to “Pre-bunking”: EU Opens Up Another New Front in Its War on Information.

                                Next is this, a collaboration between the BBC media action, the University of Cambridge and Jigsaw A Practical Guide
                                to Prebunking Misinformation
                                . It’s a 36-page .pdf downloadable explaining how to deploy pre-bunking.

                                And lastly another downloadable .pdf from the BBC entitled Tackling Information Disorder, that term “information disorder” succinctly representative of the arrogance found within this piece and the previous one.

                                How’s that for necro’ing a thread? More seriously, I did think of starting a new thread but I think this stuff fits here well. Please download and keep for posterity the .pdf’s. I do hope Ursula vdL doesn’t get elected this time around but feel I hope in vain.

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                                  I was glancing through Consortium News this morning and in their latest funding drive piece they mentioned in it Ursula van der Leyen explaining Pre-Bunking.

                                  When I say digging, I found the above in seconds on searching UvdL+pre-bunking, so didn’t have to work too hard at it.

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                                    So Trump, in the end, was convicted, and while Trump is of course very much a buffoon it is interesting how people try to justify this witchhunt against him. How normalized this spectacle have become. He is after all the biggest oppostional candidate.

                                    Imagine if Trump was the biggest oppostional candidate in Russia and that he wanted to create better relations with the US, and how he was accused, smeared being a US stooge, that he won the russian election with the help of american “trollfarms” and then how then an neverending-kangaroo-court like legal procedure against him went on years after years with all kinds of lies and bullshit accusations made up against him.
                                    Now, do anyone believe that west would support such measures against a “russian” Trump? Of course not, but they approve it eagerly at home.

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                                    michael norton

                                      ET, Jack, I have just watched a very short interview with Mr. Kennedy (the one who is still alive).
                                      Kennedy said he is no fan of Donald Trump but this Lawfare has just ensured that Donald Trump will win this Presidential Election.

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                                        In that probably 80% of senators, representatives and former presidents have been and are guilty of similar misdemeanours and have never been charged or brought to trial but Trump was, it is a witchhunt. However, Trump is guilty of what he was accused of, namely, disguising repayments to Cohen for the hush money as everyday legal fees. It isn’t a crime to pay hush money, it is to falsify accounts.

                                        I don’t know the full extent of US restrictions on election funding but most European countries and the UK have strict election funding rules and CM has mentioned them in his latest post about his campaign. If elections are going to be fair then there has to be transparency in funding and spending and limits to how much can be spent or money will buy every seat. It’s bad enough as it is. The issue with Trump is that it would seem that the same eagerness to find fault with Trump is not seemingly followed with the same application and eagerness for others.

                                        In my opinion, this will galvanise his support and will turn out to be a boon for Trump and will strengthen his electoral prospects. Is Hunter Biden going to be as zealously pursued?

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                                        michael norton

                                          Maybe people will be able to understand, that it was improbable that a barely coherent person could gain eighteen million more votes than Obama obtained? Most of these extra votes were cast by people not actively walking into a voting booth.

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                                          michael norton

                                            Biden got 15,367,706 more votes in 2020
                                            than Obama for his second term got in 2012.

                                            That seems unhinged.

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                                              EU takes step towards censoring “foreign” “disinformation”.

                                              Digital deceptions: How a European Democracy Shield can help tackle Russian disinformation
                                              The risks of such foreign interference and disinformation are significant – European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen recently identified it as one of the biggest threats to European democracy.

                                              It is funny, when Russia, China etc. is accused of doing this, it is condemned by the EU as authoritarian crackdown on free speech; now EU do it openly and of course do not see what hypocrites they are.

                                              Is it not funny how also how this alleged colossal threat of Russian disinformation that is allegedly everywhere is n-e-v-e-r proven, is not even presented, where is the exhibit a b c etc.!?

                                              Personally I visit RT every day, and while I do not agree with everything that is being written at RT – like any other news outlet, I have never seen any fake, made up news ever on that site, ever. Could one accuse RT of being biased? Sure just like CNN, France24, DW etc. are biased.
                                              So no, this is not about any alleged “disinformation”, this is about stopping views, ideas that the elite in the EU do not want their population to have. That is, censorship.

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                                                Jack, be careful that you don’t fall for the unhinged MAGA tropes. BOTH Biden and Trump got more votes in 2020 than any of the previous Democrat or Republican nominees ever did in any previous presidential election. USA is a big country with a large population. The voter turnout in 2020 was 66.2% of eligible voters compared to 58% in 2012 – see Wikipedia: Voter turnout in United States presidential elections.
                                                The population would have grown between 2012 and 2020. Almost 27 million extra people voted in 2020 than they did in 2012 and Biden got a little more than half of those. That’s not unhinged. There is also the fact that it was a highly charged election which got more people out to vote. There is nothing “unhinged” at all about it. Also, Trump won the 2016 election and is likely to win this one in 2024.

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                                                michael norton

                                                  You could see that Donald Trump was not being a lunatic when he claimed the 2020 election had been rigged.
                                                  How could a thicko “Biden” with zero personality get almost sixteen million more votes than the charismatic Obama?
                                                  It just seems unreal?

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                                                    ET – “There is nothing “unhinged” at all about it.”

                                                    I’d dispute that. Voting for either of them is unhinged.

                                                    Human societies have long been unhinged in their relationship to their own power structures; just look at the pyramids.

                                                    – Dumb all over, yes we are,
                                                    – Dumb all over, near and far,
                                                    – Dumb all over, black and white,
                                                    – People, we is not wrapped tight.

                                                    You’re right to point out the Republican-Democrat equivalence, but sadly that just makes it twice as bad.

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                                                    michael norton

                                                      I think I have just figured it all out.

                                                      Trump says no more wars.
                                                      Trump says he will ring up Putin, straight away after Trump wins election and they will stop the Ukraine War.

                                                      The Deep State wants Trump locked up because Trump is a danger to Democracy.
                                                      The Military Industrial Complex, needs rolling conflict, what they don’t need is Trump making peace.
                                                      Therefore the Military Industrial Complex must do their best to thwart Democracy by getting Trump crushed.

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