The Incredible Bias of the BBC 648

The right wing bias of BBC Question Time tonight staggers belief, even for the BBC. One Francoist, two Tories, the still more right wing Chukka Umunna, all “balanced” by Akala, who thankfully has more brains, and certainly more compassion, than the rest put together.

Esther McVey, Tory. Champion of the rape clause, minister implementing benefit cuts and promoting privatised benefits assessments, lobbyist against regulating gambling machines. One of the very nastiest of Tories.

Chloe Westley Another Tory. Here representing the tiny far right fringe group the “Taxpayers Alliance”. Proponent of fierce benefit cuts. Studying the rampantly Islamophobic counter-terrorism course at St Andrews University. Her twitter handle is “LowTaxChloe” which is all you need to know.

Alejandro Agag Another Tory, invited by the BBC as a “businessman”. Former MEP for the Francoist Spanish Popular Party – the current government in Spain which is busy jailing as many political prisoners in Catalonia as they can get their hands on, and is happy sending in paramilitary thugs to club old Catalan ladies waiting to vote.

Chuka Umunna Full time taxpayer-funded right wing campaigner against Jeremy Corbyn.

Akala Very decent guy. Performing this year at our Doune the Rabbit Hole festival for which you should pull your finger out and get buying tickets now.

Why is the BBC permitted, day after day after day, to pump out programming which actively promotes a political programme far to the right of where the British population actually stand? With the continual over-representation of nutty right wing groups like the Taxpayers’ Alliance and the Henry Jackson Society, while left wing groups of much larger membership such as Stop the War are completely ignored. Why low tax campaigners but no invitation ever to groups like Black Triangle who represent claimants interests? Not to mention the routine ignoring of the SNP, parliament’s third largest party.

I strongly urge you not to pay your TV license to fund this barrage of right wing propaganda. I and thousands of others in Scotland have refused to pay since 2014, and other than lots of silly threatening letters nothing has happened. Just stop paying for this nonsense.

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648 thoughts on “The Incredible Bias of the BBC

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    • Paul Barbara

      @ Radar O’Reilly May 13, 2018 at 08:11
      And did you notice, in small print at the very end: ‘Sorry we are not currently accepting comments on this article.’!

      I used to post quite a few comments on the Mial comments, but suddenly they clamped down.
      Any comment I put on now gets a ‘Thank you for your comment’, but the comment doesn’t appear.

  • Sharp Ears

    If you thought the BBC coverage of that songfest was excessive, wait for that wedding. Coverage begins at 9am and continues until 2pm. The actual ceremony takes place at 12noon!

    • jazza

      the coverage started in earnest three weeks ago – even on MTV, FFS – time to not watch tv at all and not pay for it – read the schedules and weep :0))

  • King of Welsh Noir

    Folks, I give you a ray of hope.

    Yes, I know, everything seems hopeless. Recent events have demonstrated clearly that we no longer have political leaders we have keepers, they drench us in crude propaganda and the masses drink it up and we are all going to Hell in a NWO handcart. But wait! The darkest hour is just before the dawn. I happen to have a very bright young lady, currently doing A-levels, who for a couple of years now has been my creative writing mentee, and more recently conspiracy theory mentee – oh yes! Politically she is bright as a button and texted me on the first day of the Skripal pantomime to say she smelt a rat. Apparently they discussed the event recently in her politics class and the teacher was shocked to discover that not a single member of the class believed the government narrative over Skripal. Doesn’t that warm the cockles of your hearts?

    • Hagar

      King of Welsh Noir,

      My cockles are well warmed, however, what do we do to stop this shit?

      Ask your young friend, does she believe what is said about Putin?

      • King of Welsh Noir

        Hagar, I’m not sure what can be done but I do know the only hope is for the masses to wake up. So learning that 18 year olds are not falling for Government lies & propaganda was pleasing to hear. It took me half a lifetime to reach where they are.

        • Charles Bostock

          “The only hope is for the masses to wake up”.

          So condescending! Has it ever occurred to you that the “masses” (in which you evidently don’t include yourself – you are a superior form of life, perhaps) might, in general, be broadly content with life as it is, warts and all?

          If you are a democrat, why do you and others keep bemoaning the fact that the “masses” do not share your preoccupation with the BBC, Palestine and the other half dozen issues that keep being trotted out ad nauseam on here?

          Condescending moaners like you have existed through the ages – “Oh dear, why won’t the sheeple understand what’s really going on, sob, sob” – it is laughable!.

          • bj

            Condescending moaners like you have existed through the ages

            If so, that means that either these moaners had some effect, or else they had no effect and the human race has been on a down slide for ages, in which case the moaners are right, though ineffective.

            In either case, it’s testament to humanity that the moaners do their work. You apparently will have no part in that.

            Glad to assist.

          • Captain Pugwash

            Not everyone notices media bias hence those that do or believe they do raise the issue, If this issue and other issues are unresolved it is hardly surprising that they continue to come up again and again (which isn’t to say I always agree but I’m interested to hear the arguments)..

            You’ve given no counter argument to the position that the British state broadcaster produces sly propaganda that has an influence over our politics and our acceptance of military conflicts; propaganda that we are forced to pay for if we want to watch any television regardless of whether we watch the state television channel (BBC) or not?

            For a recent example:

            ‘Whether you like Jeremy Corbyn or not, it’s easy to see that the state operated broadcaster casting the main political opposition as agents of a foreign power is the kind of extreme propaganda you’d expect to see in a tyrannical state like Russia, rather than a liberal western European democracy.’


          • D_Majestic

            Nothing to say about the ‘Democratically elected’ coming close to wiping us all off the planet a few weeks ago, then, Charles? Or do you have a carefully-crafted DUI you can move into on ten minutes’ notice. Do tell.

          • Charles Bostock

            ‘You’ve given no counter argument to the position that the British state broadcaster produces sly propaganda..’

            You’re right. Probably because my comment was about something else : the revolutionary idea that the ‘sheeple’ or ‘masses’ or whatever nice name you wish to use are perhaps simply not exercised by the things and causes you and your fellows would like them to be exercised about.

          • Jo Dominich

            Charles, unfortunately, we are a nation of seriously apathetic people who unfortunately, do soak up all the soaps, reality TV and the BS the MSM trot out. It is heartening to know that our young people are asking more questions than many of the population ever have. The MSM is insidious, malicious and vicious and it is everywhere, all pervasive. A lot of us on here don’t bother with it but people do. I take hope though that it is waning as a source of proper information with more and more people looking for proper news reporting on a variety of different platforms. If our young people are asking the right questions and challenging the Govt’s viewpoint then that’s a start. The Brexit campaign has now been revealed as nothing more than a bunch of lies, yet people voted on it because the MSM published them with huge headlines. There can be no doubt that issues like Palestine, Middle East, illegal invasion of countries by the USA and the Orange One being a megalomaniac and POTUS are all very serious issues that will, do and continue to seriously affect us all. They aren’t minor political matters – they are potential WW111 matters – which should be treated far more serious and impartially in the MSM than they are so that people can get a balanced view of all the issues and make up their own mind.

        • Hagar

          King of Welsh Noir,

          I bet you wish you had not bothered.

          I have always had faith in the young, they are fearless and smart and will fight back.

          Others are more concerned with the inflated value of their houses. I would like to see an 80% correction in house prices. That way the young would be able to afford a home of their own. It would also give the banks a much needed good kicking.

          I was speaking to a very mature business man (old) the other week. ” That Putin is worth $200 billion and he don’t half bump off the opposition”, he said.
          I bet he has been thinking about my response. Brain washed fool.

          Sometimes I despair at the ignorance of the public.
          I often wonder why I have always been able to see through their propaganda, and others can’t.
          Hollywood bumming things up to suit their own has never fooled me.

          If it is on the telly it must be true. Aye right!
          I have not had a tv for over 25 years. It is great! The radio is heading the same way, out the door. Pure SHITE!!!

    • Hatuey

      It doesn’t warm anything.

      The problem in that class as on here on social media and the web is that the opinions don’t translate to political power. When it comes to political power the older generations, the establishment, the lackey (or middle) classes, and various other screwballs dominate. Hence Wales voted for Brexit.

      If I could talk to that class I’d advise them to get out of Wales and get out of the UK — go to Canada or something where you’ll get treated like a human being.

      The future of the UK is more certain right now than the future of any other country in the world; economic decline, increasing poverty, the abandonment of welfare, privatised NHS, increased surveillance and marginalisation of the poor, wars (the only part of the economy that turns a profit), etc.

      • Vivian O'Blivion

        Hmm. Not like me to agree with you on much, but changing demographics have got the First world pretty much fecked. Even if birth rates remain stable “medical advances” make an ageing population inevitable.
        Some universities did in depth assessment of resistance to Obama care and the main block agitating against it was the pensioners sitting in their retirement communities availing themselves of their state entitlement. They perceived expansion of Heath care to the working, blue collar population as a threat to their provision. Unbelievablely short sighted, but there never was a shortage of greedy folk.

      • King of Welsh Noir

        The problem with your response Hatuey is it smacks of ‘bah Humbug!’.

        I don’t necessarily disagree with your extremely pessimistic prognosis of the shape of things to come, but if I thought there was nothing more to be said on the matter I wouldn’t bother getting up in the morning. I certainly wouldn’t waste time on a blog like this which is surely premised on the belief that another world is possible.

        If you truly believe in your dark prognosis and yet are not even slightly inspired by the news that young people are rejecting the Government’s pro-war lies, then maybe there is something wrong with the cockles of your heart?

        • Gordon G

          Welsh Noir – I think it’s really interesting, and very hopeful, that these young people are thinking like that. It’s not something I would have expected TBH. Thank you for relaying this to us…

        • SA

          It is also borne out by the fact that many new supporters of Corbyn are young. It is quite a new phenomenon to have 17 and 18 year old persons attending our local small labour party meetings. and they are very aware.

        • Rose

          Well KOWN – my cockles are warmed by your original post. I too have youngsters in my life who evince the same attitudes as yours. They are realistic, confident and dismissive of stuff fed them from the medja even though they swim in the shite. I praise the teachers!

      • Mochyn69


        Just have to tell you that not all of Wales voted Leave, much of Welsh speaking Wales, “Y Fro Gymraeg”, the Vale of Glamorgan, Monmouthshire and the capital Cardiff, like Scotland, London, most English university cities, Gibraltar and the six occupied counties in fact voted Remain. As did the clear majority of 18-44 year olds.

        In many cases it was the parts of Wales that most benefitted from EU support that voted for the nonsense that is brexit.

        How this can ever be considered a clear mandate for Theresa May to press ahead regardless with a hard Brexit is beyond me.

        She’s still peddling fantasies and unicorns according to the Grauniad today.

        “I will ensure that we take back control of our borders. The public want their own government to decide on the number of people coming into Britain from across the European Union and that is what we are going to do,” May said. “I will ensure that we take back control of our money. We have agreed a settlement with the European Union and the days of vast contributions from taxpayers to the EU budget are coming to an end.

        “So Brexit means there will be billions of pounds that we used to send to Brussels which we will now be able to spend on domestic priorities, including our National Health Service.”

        But the good news is that millions of students will be taking action during the summer to demand a referendum on any final Brexit deal. So there is a glimmer of hope.


        • K.A.Mylchreest

          That at least is hopeful. TBH, when folk voted for Brexit were they not voting for mochyn mewn sach as it were 😉

        • Hatuey

          Yes, I’m aware that not everybody voted for Brexit in Wales and elsewhere. People seem to have difficulty in accepting generalisation on here, but I don’t. The majority of Welsh voters chose Brexit.

          Wales will come to regret that, I’m sure, and if there’s a country in the civilised world that is treated with more contempt and disregard than Wales I’d like to hear about. It’s all very odd.

          The left in the UK and elsewhere need to do better to convert political feeling into political representation and action. It’s hard for many of our friends in England to accept that trying to achieve progress through the Labour Party will, as it always has, lead to disappointment.

          If there’s one party that has done more than any other to disappoint and hold back Wales it is Labour. It was the same in Scotland until the people there woke up to the hypocrisy of the Red Tories. I’m sure Wales will awaken to it and abandon them as Scotland has and once Wales does that they will never, ever go back to Labour.

          Protests are better than social media and chit chat but I think the left, the snp, greens, and others need to think in terms of more proactive responses. I believe there’s a range of civil disobedience responses that are legal and would be more effective and maybe people on here and social media should be looking at generating some ideas.

          One thing’s for sure, the future of the UK is really dark and it’s as if people are sleepwalking into it. I wish the left in England could see Corbyn and the structures that constrict him as I do. Trust me, Labour can’t fix this, it’s a lost cause.

          • fwl

            There is a saying from Chinese philosophy that the universe is hidden in the universe (Chuang Tzu) and this is very true: if your a Welsh poet then politics my counts and indeed politics is very much alive in poetry in Wales, but you will find that there is another universe in there as well sitting along side though somewhat hidden from what is often but not always the bland world of the mainstream English language media. In other words you don’t need to run away to Canada or elsewhere but you can if you want to. Many things are possible and there are usually more possibilities open and opening than you think. I was surprised by another BBC programme (as well as Salamander), which I would encourage everyone to listen to as this sort of thing never used to be aired: To rhyme and chime for a chair on Radio 4 BBC iplayer Twm Morrys on the powerful effect of what happens when you follow the medieval rules of alliteration in Cynghanedd.

          • Jo Dominich

            Any other country that is treated in worse contempt than Wales – easy – Palestine

          • Hatuey

            Palestine, as much as I wish it was otherwise, I sn’t a country. And thanks to Israeli blockade, it’s hardly in the civilised world. Most Palestinians have their electricity and water switched on and off by Israel as a form of collective torture. Israel has succeeded in making life unbearable there but the Palestinians haven’t left as was hoped.

    • John Goss

      Young people are so perceptive. Then they get jobs. To live they have to be part of the establishment, unless they write entertaining fiction to keep the wolves from the door. Once part of the establishment they seem loathe to criticise their providers. Only when they retire is there a ray of hope. Sadly then they are not the bright buttons they were when they were young, prescient and smart-of-mind. My cockles have only been luke-warmed.

    • fwl

      At least the BBC showed Salamander first and second series albeit on BBC4 and without anyone ever joining any dots and wondering about what events it is alluding to, but great series no doubt about it. Reminds me of Wild Geese that wonderful film and they both relate to the same historical events in part.

  • giyane


    Shame on you for sour grapes. How do we get from a stuffed Greek olive to a beautiful Princess like Miss Markle? I like weddings and I especially admire people who adventure into marriage from a broken home.
    I might even have a sip of fizzy elderflower juice to wish them well on the day.

    So many evil things are done in the name of the Crown. This marriage is a beautiful victory for lady Diana over the crusty Royal Family rules, and a testimony to the Queen and Prince Charles’s patience. I will be watching from 9 a.m.. I might even fly a union jack from my bonnet.

    • Sarge

      Flag waving they can give or take. All they really want is for you to keep paying for their lifestyle. Wthout fuss.

  • Sharp Ears

    The Incredible Bias of the BBC cont’d

    I don’t believe it! Westley is everywhere on the BiBiCee.

    Lowtax Chloe aka Chloe Westley has been reviewing the ‘papers’ on the Marr Show (being conducted by Nick Robinson of Radio 4 Today in Marr’s absence) along with Camilla Long of Murdoch’s S Times and Ellie Mae O’Hagan

    Camilla Long. Posh girl. I liked Fassbender’s put down here. ‘I wouldn’t touch her with a bargepole’.

    Ellie Mae O’Hagan. Garudian scribbler. Seems to have been very involved with the Eurovision thing. .

  • Paul Barbara

    ‘Ecuadorian Embassy Adds New Rules For Julian Assange — No Visitors, Phone Calls Or Internet’:

    ‘…Foreign Minister Maria Fernanda Espinosa confirmed that Assange was still being denied Internet access while talks between the UK and Ecuador to decide his fate are still ongoing….’
    ‘…The action, according to Ecuador, was taken following Assange’s breach of a written agreement signed with the Ecuadorian government at the end of 2017, in which he vowed “not to send messages interfering in the affairs of other sovereign states,” the government said in a statement. “The Executive remains open to the possibility of further sanctions in cases of future breaches of the agreements by Assange.”
    WikiLeaks believes that the fact their editor is being censored for what Ecuador is stating is “interfering in a state” is a huge step in the direction of “setting a precedent that would outlaw millions of Twitter users, all journalists and more human rights workers.”
    Last year, Moreno vowed to stop Assange from revealing further corruption about the United States for the duration of his stay at the embassy, stating he would “gag Assange from revealing further corruption about the U.S….”

    Please sign the Petition: ‘End Julian Assange’s isolation’:

  • Sharp Ears

    More on Netta in the JC

    ‘The 25-year-old was born in Israel but spent her early childhood in Nigeria where her father was working. When she was six the family returned to Hod HaSharon in Israel, also home to Israeli supermodel Bar Rafaeli. Barzilai did her military service as a singer in the Israeli navy’s band and studied at the Rimon School of Music in the Electronic Studies Department. She was a Singer at Tel Aviv’s Bar Giora club and directed its weekly blues nights, while also working as a kindergarten teacher.

    Bar Giora is still her favourite place in Tel Aviv, a city she loves. “You can walk along Dizengoff – it’s packed with bars and the vibe is everywhere. It’s not just from individuals, it’s not from underground, it’s everywhere. You can feel the ground vibrating, every second of the day. You can just stand on the street and just feel a vibe that is very special.”

    What creates that vibe? “It’s the warmth of the Israeli people. People are really warm and cheeky in Israel. You can’t put into words exactly what it is. Whatever you say to anyone is OK, and nowadays people are searching for that authenticity. Everyone here likes to be open with people. There’s no bullshit. They say it like it is. It’s getting a beer on a sidewalk; we drink it and we have fun.”’

    I am sure that the Palestinians do not walk easily along Dizengoff.

    ‘Hod HaSharon (Splendour of the Sharon) was created in 1964 when the settlements of Magdiel, Ramatayim, Hadar, and Ramat Hadar merged. Hod Hasharon was governed by a local council until it was declared a city in 1990’

    Polish, Italian and German immigrants created the settlements i.e. on land stolen from Palestinians.

  • Clydebuilt

    Sunday Herald:

    Last week front page photo gets backs up of Pro Indy folk
    PIF air grievances on Internet.
    Leask fans The flames
    Allowing today’s SH to continue rubbishing “Cybernats”
    Increasing the split between paper and Independence.

    Unionists start buying SH.
    SH drops pretence of supporting Independence.
    Job Done .

    • Vivian O'Blivion

      Very odd indeed. Not a business model I would recommend. Vacating a stance supported by 45% of the population that you have a monopoly over, and entering a very crowded marketplace representing the remainder.

  • Tatyana

    What is done to my country and to my people – is to make them the same as medieval Jews, banned from everywhere.

    EU country, Latvia, former USSR republic. Population of Latvia is about 2 million people and 40% of them are russian-speaking. May 1, 2018 about 10 000 people marched in Latvia capital city Riga, they protested agains closing russian schools and making all education in Latvian language.
    Parlamentary Secretary of Latvian Ministry of Justice, Jānis Iesalnieks commented – “If someone doesn’t like something here in Latvia, if someone wants something in Russian – so you can return to your motherland”.
    May 8, Vladimir Linderman, activist debaiting for saving russian schools, was captured in the bus stop by masked people, taken down to the ground and then they took him into a car and moved in unknown direction.
    The first Russian school in Riga was opened February 7, 1789, 230 years ago, and existed ever since. Latvia celebrates 100 year anniversary of it’s independence this November. Remembrance day of the Latvian legionnaires, part of the Waffen-SS, is March 16.

    Europe, you’re amazing!

    • Loony

      Tatyana – You sound like a sensible person, so let me try to explain.

      Europe has morphed into an entirely self loathing culture, almost literally begging for someone to put it out of its misery. Russia has been identified as the most qualified administrator of the longed for euthanasia. So far, and in spite of multiple provocations, Russia resolutely refuses to initiate a nuclear war. Therefore the provocations will continue and will intensify.

      Why not join the multicultural paradise that is the west. Forget all about Nazis – it was all so long ago, and concentrate on more relevant things like the provision of transgender bathrooms. Educate yourself such that you come to understand that if you find yourself in the middle of a knife crime epidemic then the most rational and effective response is to ban advertisements for cheeseburgers on buses.

      • Tatyana

        you just seem the most reasonable person aswering my post and putting a good dose of sarcasm into your answer. Thank you for it!

        I support Russia is not the country to begin a nuclear war – we are not lunatics.

        I support Russia is not the country to liberate LGBTQ society – we are still old-fashioned and still think sex is a very intimate and very personal thing. I wouldn’t discuss my sexual precedence with people if I’m not going to have sex with them.

        Russia has many things to learn from Europe, it doesn’t mean we should apply alll of them immediately in our country.

        Nebenzia, the russian representative at UN, claimed very distinctly – ‘you claim we are not friendly. The fact is – we are not going to be friends with you. All we want is calm and polite attitude, you are currently deny us of”.

        That is the point. Russia doesn’t want to briefly absorp every European achievement. We are not going to be ‘another European country’, we are going to be Russia. Wether we adopt something from Europe, or we deny something from Europe – it will be the russian feature, adopted to russian mentality. We are going our own way.

    • Charles Bostock


      ” Remembrance day of the Latvian legionnaires, part of the Waffen-SS, is March 16.”

      Formed after the annexation by the Soviet Union of independent Latvia and the mass deportations to Siberia of large sections of the Latvian population by the NKVD.

      “Population of Latvia is about 2 million people and 40% of them are russian-speaking.”

      Yes, mainly descendants of the Russians imported by the Communists after the annexation to replace the deported Latvians (see above) ,dilute the Latvian national identity and ‘anchor’ the annexed country mote firmly in the Soviet Union.

      “.. they protested agains closing russian schools and making all education in Latvian language”

      Was education in the Latvian language allowed under the Soviet occupation (see above)?

      Tatyana, far from being an innocent Russian citizen from the sticks who just happened to come across Mr Murray’s blog, you are a spokesman for Russia and President Putin (whether tasked or self-appointed I do not know).

      Moreover, I even believe you’re not Russian, despite the little linguistic tweaks you give your comments. The give-away? Your inability – shared by 95% of the cpmmentariat on here – to distinguish between “its” and “it’s” (last para). What is education in the UK coming to, I often ask……

      • Radar O’Reilly

        @CB, having never been to Latvia I obviously can’t comment on your reasonable “Was education in the Latvian language allowed under the Soviet occupation”

        However I can answer as I have studied neighboring Estonia, and YES, there were two types of schools in the liberal Estonian Socialist republic; Russian Schools where the children studied their subjects in Russian, with an OBLIGATORY Estonian language subject and Estonian Schools where the children studied their subjects in Estonian, with an OBLIGATORY Russian language.

        Further, there were parallel streams of kindergarten in both languages. Estonian language *was* obligatory, strange how this has been memory-holed.

        I trust that the UK army forest-boys are enjoying the current Baltic summer, ‘protecting us’ from an incredible invasion that is militarily meaningless, at least UK mod can afford such white-elephant follies or not? …

        • Tatyana

          With all my respect towards Estonia, but my russian nature can’t miss the opportunity …
          Estonia led military training this May, named ‘Hedgehog 2018’! 🙂
          Again, with all my respect, I know a hedgehog is a carnivore, a predator, but… Between all names possible, Hedgehog???

      • Tatyana

        Hey, Charles, you can share any opinion you like, it is not my business.
        But as to me personally – look here
        It’s a pity that the image of ‘innocent russian citizen’ doesn’t meet your expectations 🙂 And you know, we study languages here in Russia also. You can check other photos in my account, and just say “I’m sorry, Tanya, for not believing you to be a real russian person”.

        To make sure I’m not deceiving, check

        Both selling venues hold my personal information, including address and credit card details. Also you can see public reviews from my customers.

      • Squeeth

        Justifying the suppression of freedom of expression “because Stalin did” is a curious excuse.

    • Jo Dominich

      Tatyana, is anything known about what happened to Valdimir Linderman?

  • Tatyana

    Another former USSR republic – Georgia – banned Saint George Ribbon, the sign we use in Russia to commemorate our Victory Day. Seems like Georgia forgot that Stalin – Josef Gugashvily – georgian native. Also, they seem to forget the first Banner of Victory over the Reichstag was hoisted by Mikhail Egorov and Meliton Kantaria. Russian and Georgian.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Tatyana May 13, 2018 at 10:40
      I was given one at the London Victory Day.

      • Tatyana

        oh, you’re lucky 🙂
        Not Nestor Shufrich, Ukrainian parlamentary.
        The Ribbon is prohibited in Ukraine, so Nestor used one black and one orange ribbon to attach to flowers to not break the new law.

        The Ribbon is banned, but nothing wrong with commemorating Waffen SS Galicia anniversary in Ukraine! Or celebraiting 4-th anniversary of Odessa May 2, 2014, burning alive 48 people. Ukrainian patriots are so patriotic, supported directly by US and EU.

        I supposed ethnic discrimination is prohibited, but it is OK if russians are discriminated.
        I supposed Nazism is bad, but it is OK if they kill russians.

        • Charles Bostock

          Tatyana appears to be on a rampage today. Funnily enough, her targets are all countries that had the temerity – oh, the evil of it!! – to break away from that criminal conspiracy known as the Soviet Union.

          An anti-Polish post is sure to follow (since it is arguable that the Solidarity movement started the breakup of the Soviet Empire)….

          • SA

            To be fair Bostock, you must apologise to Tatyana, you accused her of things she was not mainly on a prejudice. Please be man enough to apologise!

          • James Charles

            ” . . . that criminal conspiracy known as the Soviet Union.”

            That ‘criminal conspiracy’ supported by the ‘West’?

            “Taken together, these four volumes constitute an extraordinary commentary on a basic weakness in the Soviet system
            The Soviets are heavily dependent on Western technology and innovation not only in their civilian industries, but also in their military programs.
            An inevitable conclusion from the evidence in this book is that we have totally ignored a policy that would enable us to neutralize Soviet global ambitions while simultaneously reducing the defense budget and the tax load on American citizens.”


          • Squeeth

            What happens to countries that try to break away from the criminal conspiracy known as the USA?

          • Jo Dominich

            Charles, I don’t think you have to be so disparaging of Tatyana’s opinion – it is a legitimate one – and she knows more about events in her region than you do. The countries she refers to did not ‘have the temerity’ to break away from the USSR – that was orchestrated by the CIA/USA/MI6 – because the USA believed a seriously weakened Russia would be no threat to anyone. That was the case under Yeltsin but certainly not under Putin. Those countries became ones in their own right following the break up of the Soviet Union. Wit the Ukraine, the 2014 revolution being orchestrated by the USA/MI6 who put in a puppet president – look what kind of a mess the Ukraine is in economically now rescued only by $USA millions – worse for the Ukraine because they are now forever beholden to the USA – and any country who is that however poor – is required to toe the USA line in NATO, UN and other international arenas – even when it is illegal.

        • Tatyana

          Oh, I see what you are about, Charles. You can’t argue the facts – they are facts, you can argue opinions.
          So, just say “russians deserve all the discrimination, and banning, and even burning alive” and be done with it. It is not punishable nowadays.
          Or, alternative action is to close your eyes and ears, and pretend these facts don’t exist. All said by me in above posts is just paid Putin’s propaganda and is not true 🙂

          • Alex Westlake

            You want facts – shall we start with the Holodomor, the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact and Katyń

          • Loony

            Tatyana – You are laboring under an illusion. In the UK facts are despised, so despised that some facts are illegal and have been classified as “hate facts”

            Opinions are all that matter – it has even been incorporated into the law. You can be guilty of a crime if you say or write something that is in the opinion of the listener or reader “hateful”

            Not many people in the UK care about incinerated Russians, just like they don’t care about incinerated South Africans. The really bad news from a Russian perspective is that what is going on all across western Europe in terms of mass brainwashing is ominously similar to what occurred in Germany in the 1930’s. That did not work out so well, and neither will this.

          • Tatyana

            @Alex Westlake
            It is a very good question from you, Alex. Can you please explain to me, a russian person, born in 1978, why I should be discriminated, banned or even burnt alive because of Holodomor, the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact and Katyń. It is interesting to learn how all these facts are connected in your mind?

          • Hagar


            Thanks to the Russian people I might be under the Rule of the Germans instead of the English. I don.t want to be under the Rule of the English, that is why I voted YES for Scottish Independence.

            The English have done more killing in the world than any Russian.

            Is it true that the Russian people liked Rabbie Burns so much they built a Statue to him in Red Square?

          • Charles Bostock

            [ MOD: You are flat out wrong about Tatyana. ]


            Why don’t you drop the pretending to be a Russian bit? You’re posting from the UK and attempting the lend yourself spurious authenticity when talking about Russia.

            As you said, they teach languages in Russia. Rather well usually. Hence it comes as a surprise to find obvious Slav language characteristics in your English comments (eg the omission of the direct article) and the very common mistake of native English speakers to confuse “its” with “it’s”. The former is an attempt to add authenticity to your claom to be Russian, the second reveals your true language.

          • Tatyana

            @Alex Westlake
            I still can’t understand, sorry. The Saint George’s Ribbon is intended to commemorate the victory over Hitler.
            It is not a symbol of USSR like ‘hammer and sickle’, it is not Red Star symbol of Red Army, or similar.
            USSR dissolved, every republic went independent. Russia took legacy after USSR alone, including state debt, and paid it out in full, alone, none former republic contributed to payments.
            USSR is done thing, once and forever, much time passed since that time. Every republic went its own way. Some joined Nato, some joined Europe, some stayed neutral – every state choses for themselves.
            But some states seem like praise and honour Nazies? It is beyond my understanding. Honouring Waffen SS? Celebrating anniversaries?
            Jewish people mourn over their 6 million victims, slavic people just don’t pay any attention 27 millions were sacrificed.
            We were announced in the same raw with Jewish people, Gipsy people, invalid people, mentally ill people, gay people – slavic people were condamned to extermination as well.
            How can any slavic state honour anything relating to Nazies?

          • Tatyana

            @ Charles Bostock
            I understand you paranoia. What will convince you (except my naked breast of course :-)) that I’m russian?
            It is easy to say the truth, you know. Will you eat your hat if I provide the proof?

          • Charles Bostock

            It is a common trick of apologists for the Soviet Union and of apologists for the successor state (Russia) to brand one or several of the states that achieved independence as “fascist” or supportive of fascists.

            There are, by the way, far more fascists in Russia than in the rest of the breakaway (eg Ukraine)/ liberated (eg Poland) states put together.

          • Tatyana

            @ David Avi
            I’m sorry, but are you serious? Me posting a selfie at Instagram, in my kitchen, with a handwritten note to Charles Bostick, with un-finished copper ornament, with my washing-machine and a pot of freshly-cooked ‘borsh’ is a proof I’m a russian hacker rather then a russian housewife?
            People, I just can’t believe your UK propaganda is so strong! They must develope something very special in their Porton-Down laboratory and add it to your water or bread or whatever – you’re just paranoid zombiez. I’m sorry.

          • Tatyana

            @ Charles Bostock
            I was 13 years old when USSR dissolved, you cannot say I’m a apologist! I went through all the mess and poverty during ‘perestroika’ and you are not the person to blame me on any of my opinions. They are based on my personal experience.

            Just don’t say that black is white, call it real names.
            If you love your nation – it is nationalism and it is rather OK.
            If you hate and want to kill another nation – it is nazism, and it is not OK.
            As simple as that.

            And no matters who is saying these very obvious facts. Be it Almighty God or russian citizen – you can’t change the facts.

          • Squeeth

            “Holodomor” if you please. If the USSR famine of 1932-33 was artificial, who do you blame for the famines of 1922 and 1892? Why did the 1930s famine hit Caucasus and Siberia as well as Ukraine? What’s the difference between collectivisation of the peasantry and the British enclosure of the commons?

        • Paul Barbara

          @ Tatyana May 13, 2018 at 12:14
          ‘…I supposed Nazism is bad, but it is OK if they kill Russians.’
          Exactly, or even innocent people. The main core of ‘Gladio’, set up by the CIA shortly after WWII, were Nazis. They were protected from prosecution by the CIA, and set up as ‘Stay-behind’ armies in most European countries in case Russia invaded Europe. As Russia did not invade, they were used instead to create a ‘Strategy of Tension’ in Europe by random massacres and bombings, like the Bologna train station bombing (85 dead) and the Brabant gun attacks on supermarkets. The ‘Left’ were blamed, but it came out that it was these CIA groups who were responsible.
          RE Odessa, the case is worse: ‘…The victims inside the union hall were mostly murdered with gunshots, as well as strangled to death by the neo-Nazi Right Sector storm troopers, who also were seen inside the building waving flags and cheering….’
          ‘The Odessa Massacre was a Carefully Staged Covert Intelligence Operation’:

          • Paul Barbara

            @ Paul Barbara May 13, 2018 at 15:42
            ‘‘…I supposed Nazism is bad, but it is OK if they kill Russians.’
            Exactly, or even innocent people…’
            That was very badly worded; I should have written ‘their own innocent civilians’.
            As it is, it might have been read as implying Russians aren’t innocent, which was not the way I meant it.

    • Charles Bostock

      If I were a Georgian I should be happy to forget that Stalin shared my ethnic origin. But you are Russian – are you not? – si why should you care that the Georgians “seem to forget” that regrettable fact?

  • Sharp Ears

    @ Paul Barbara
    I agree with your comment on RT about the Red Cross.
    ‘iv ·3 May get international red cross to see them if they are alive
    Paul Barbara They can’t be trusted either’

    I can remember seeing a ceremony in Israel in which the American Red Cross presented Israel with an humanitarian award. I believe it was in 2008 or thereabouts. I think Omlet (Olmert) accepted it. 🙂

  • Robert Graham

    The taxpayers alliance current idiot advocated to great hilarity that the Donald be awarded the Noble peace prize , not nominated but given, to think she is out amongst normal people and unsupervised is baffling.
    Not content with the idiot being on question time she then pops up on the Marr show hosted by that well known liar He didn’t reply Robinson, this character defends this Tory government as if his life depends on it .

  • Tony_0pmoc

    The BBC should interview and broadcast a Russian Live (unedited). I suggest Dmitry Orlov. He does do such things.

    This is a brilliant, and probably correct analysis of what is going on by Dmitry Orlov. He is a very clever man. He writes exceedingly well. Whilst I do not agree with him on everything, this is sheer class. I would send him a dollar, except I have already bought his book.

    “The US pulled out of Iran Nuclear Deal because it’s too broke”


    • N_

      I wouldn’t say the senior officials at the BBC “should” do anything other than shove handgrenades up their arses, perhaps on the “queen’s” official birthday, having removed the pins, having invited Rupert Murdoch and some of his officials to the celebrations, along with their main contacts at the US embassy, in the Z__nist structure, and at the “best” London gentlemen’s clubs, and enjoy themselves humming the BBC’s favourite tune, “God Save the Queen”.

      • bj

        What’s wrong with “God Save the Queen”? It made me buy the album, Never Mind the Bollocks. Otherwise, I would have missed out on “New York“, and “Bodies“, and a few others.

  • Sharp Ears

    The eulogies for the late Tessa, Lady Jowell are many and fulsome, including those in the media from Blair and Campbell. Even Jeremy Corbyn has praised her in spite of his life long commitment to the Palestinian cause.

    They should check the facts and consult Craig’s articles on this website.

    Although mega rich, she was always scrounging from donors, including the Labour Friends of Israel and Medical Aid for Palestinians, under whose auspices she made two sponsored visits to Israel in 2014.

    •Name of donor: Medical Aid for Palestinians
    •Address of donor: 33a Islington Park Street, London N1 1QB
    Amount of donation (or estimate of the probable value): travel costs, accommodation and subsistence with a value of £1,050
    •Destination of visit: West Bank and Israel
    •Date of visit: 6-9 January 2014
    •Purpose of visit: Fact-finding delegation organised by Council for Arab-British Understanding
    •(Registered 13 January 2014)

    Name of donor: Labour Friends of Israel of donor: BM LFI, London WC1N 3XX
    Amount of donation (or estimate of the probable value): £1,400
    Destination of visit: Israel and the Palestinian territories. Some hospitality provided by the Palestinian Authority and the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
    Date of visit: 30 November to 4 December 2014
    Purpose of visit: Fact-finding visit to Israel and the Palestinian territories; meeting with Israeli and Palestinian politicians and community representatives.
    (Registered 17 December 2014)

    Freebies galore.

    What’s the matter with MAP. They also funded the motormouth Jess Phillips to visit Israel.

    I don’t have much time for CAABU either, having met their CEO.

    PS Don’t mention her husband or Berlusconi! I see the latter intends to stand for office again.

    My earlier comment contained an incorrect fact. It was the brother of David Mills, John Mills, who was married to the late Dame Barbara Mills, the DPP. John Mills founded JML and was a Labour party donor.

    ‘The late Dame Barbara Mills was married to John Mills in July 1962, shortly after they both graduated from Oxford. They had four children, three daughters and one son. Her husband became a successful businessman and was a leading Labour Party councillor in Camden. Her brother-in-law, David Mills, was the husband of Baroness Jowell.’

  • N_

    Tessa Jowell has died. Minister for the squeaky-clean “Olympics”, she was in a crime gang that included her husband David Mills (associate of Silvio Berlusconi) and his sister Barbara Mills (director of public prosecutions).

    Sports stadiums, money-laundering, Formula 1 racing, tobacco advertising, connections like that.

    Frankly, two fingers up from me to the parts of the “left” that turn a blind eye to such things and that prefer to whine and to protest within accepted boundaries, and an even bigger two fingers up to their “intellectuals” who describe the ruling class and its corrupt politicians and officials in terms that fail to bring out what a lying thieving bunch of filth they are, in terms that suggest a “civilised debate”. Funny how that’s never ever changed anything, so why do it other than for self-entertainment reasons?

    Anybody who hasn’t yet read Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”, get off your butts and learn from it.

    • N_

      Oops, sorry, I made some errors regarding the family connections.

      Tessa Jowell – married to David Mills, money-laundering associate of Silvio Berlusconi.
      David Mills’s brother John Mills – channelled money to the Blairite Labour party and to propaganda for Leave.
      Barbara Mills – director of public prosecutions (always good to have the chief prosecutor a member of the crime family).

  • IT Bod

    Re. Ofcom investigations into RT concerning their handling of the Salisbury incident:

    I can’t find any press release about this on Ofcom’s website so I think this needs to be treated with caution.

    The Sunday Telegraph briefly reported this morning:
    “Russia Today, the Kremlin-funded TV station, will not lose its licence after the nerve agent attack in Salisbury, the regulator has ruled. In an apparent U-turn, Ofcom said it would be inappropriate to place “decisive weight” on actions by foreign governments when considering if they were fit owners of TV channels.”

    Also this morning there was a longer piece on the website but as I write that page has been removed.

    TASS (unsurprisingly) made more of it:

    So it could be that the Telegraph have made a mistake which was subsequently echoed by the Express and by TASS (both of whom quoted The Sunday Telegraph as a source) or it could be that the case has indeed been dropped but is being buried by the MSM.

  • Sharp Ears

    No show without Coe. The Lycra clad brigade are all piling in glorifying the Limpics legacy. So it should be remembered. It cost us, the UK taxpayers, £billions. Remember the military roped in to bring down low flying objects. I think they were stationed on a high building/tower. And the G4S rip off scandal?

    Dame Tessa Jowell: Without her there would have been no London 2012 – Lord Coe
    5 hours ago

    I have often wondered about Coe. s/be Cohen? ‘ Lord Coe helps to win £55K for J+++ish Care JC Feb 2012

    • Alex Westlake

      If there genuinely is a line between “anti-Zionism” and antisemitism then that comment crosses it.

      • David Avi

        I’ve just seen your comment, Alex, and entirely agree. Surely comments like the one you refer to demonstrate an obsession not with Zionism but with the people of a certain faith beginning with the letter “J”. Shame on the commenter at 4.51pm!

      • bj

        Unfortunately, that line was blurred some time ago, when those who expressed and opined themselves to be anti-Zionist (because of the consequences of real existing Zionism), were made out to be anti-semites, because of these expressions and opinions.

      • Squeeth

        Antizionism is the opposite of antisemitism; zionism is inherently antisemite.

    • David Avi

      “I have often wondered about Coe. s/be Cohen? ‘ Lord Coe helps to win £55K for J+++ish Care JC Feb 2012”

      Wondered what? If he’s J***ish? And if he were, so what? What is the matter with you?

    • Xavi

      Protecting nonces is no barrier to political success in Britain. Look who’s in No. 10.

      • flatulence

        unfortunately being a nonce is a useful thing to have on a dark cv when looking to recruit agents in influential positions. It’s easier to control them and ensure their loyalty. A side effect,collateral damage if you like, is that they are allowed to continue with those practices with immunity. At least until death.

      • Paul Barbara

        @ Xavi May 13, 2018 at 20:37
        Or who has been there in the past. A certain ‘Charles Lynton’ was convicted in Bow Street Court of importuning in a Public Convenience; but being ‘protected’, he got away under his two middle names. Check out a certain Mr. Bliar’s middle names.

        That’s the reason there is so much hatred for Jeremy Corbyn – he is ‘clean’, the a**holes can’t control him via blackmail or bribery.

  • Mochyn69

    The madness of Theresa May.

    She’s still peddling fantasies and unicorns according to the Grauniad today and intends to press ahead regardless with a hard Brexit.

    “I will ensure that we take back control of our borders. The public want their own government to decide on the number of people coming into Britain from across the European Union and that is what we are going to do,” May said. “I will ensure that we take back control of our money. We have agreed a settlement with the European Union and the days of vast contributions from taxpayers to the EU budget are coming to an end.

    “So Brexit means there will be billions of pounds that we used to send to Brussels which we will now be able to spend on domestic priorities, including our National Health Service.”

    But the good news is that millions of students from universities across the UK will be taking action throughout the summer to demand a referendum on any final Brexit deal. Given that the clear majority of 18-44 year olds voted Remain, like much of “Y Fro Gymraeg”, Welsh speaking Wales, the Vale of Glamorgan, Monmouthshire and the capital Cardiff, Scotland, London, most English university cities, Gibraltar and the six occupied counties in fact voted Remain. So there is a glimmer of hope.


  • Tatyana

    Russian news today report:
    Skripal secretly visited Prague, Chech Republic in 2012.
    After settling in Great Britain, Skripal worked with MI6 on disclosing russian agents abroad. For this purpose the ex-employee of GRU met “representatives of intelligence services from partner countries, including the Czech Republic”.

    “Representatives of Czech intelligence services then met with a former Russian spy, according to Respekt, at least once in the UK”

    • David Avi

      You appear to have a remarkable grasp of the details of this affair for a simple private Russian citizen. Congratulations!

    • bj

      Bringing the article in Respekt into Google Translate gives us this gem:

      British Prime Minister Theresa May has accused Pope of poisoning of poisoning poisoning Russia

      Lovely. There’s a Monty Python skit in there.

      • Tatyana

        I must be using a very different version of Google Translate, then you, BJ.
        Mine gives me the following translation

        What was he doing in the Czech republic -přeběhlý- a Russian agent, which someone tried to recently poison

        • bj

          Probably further down in the article. I wasn’t poking fun at you mind you; I believe the gist of what you stated was indeed in the translation.

        • Paul Barbara

          @ Tatyana May 13, 2018 at 21:07
          ‘…which someone tried to recently poison.’
          Well, not exactly. A more accurate would be, whom ‘someone is REPORTED as having tried to poison’.
          We only have HMG’s and the MSM’s word for it. It could be a ‘pile of pants’, and I suggest , is.
          Ahoax to demonise Russia (in particular President Putin) to ease the planned roll-out of the Douma hoax.

  • giyane


    The Madness of Taza

    Hedge Fund Managers, i.e. Husband of Taza make money out of businesses failing. I you had the extreme misfortune of being happily married to one you wouldn’t have to do much to be accused of nepotism. All that is required is to guarantee that a good swathe of identifiable companies come a cropper at a pre-selected date because of Brexit. You and your flea-bag spouse know exactly how and when nemesis will strike.

    So chaps and chapesses , are we going to trust Taza? Govichok piped up today about the entirely essential customs agreement. He must have been let into the deal on how the other spivs and charlatans of the Tory cabinet are going to make billions out of new deals with the Far East. He said the deal was unacceptable.
    Darlings, the Tory cabinet is divided, not about the best interests of the British people, oh no!. About the division of spoils between those who are on the inside of quick buck deals outside the EU and the spoils to be made by hedge fund managers from businesses that will collapse after Brexit.

    By the way this car has only done 40,000 miles and it only cost £40 for me to clock it.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ giyane May 13, 2018 at 18:43
      I had a Peugeot 405 that had done 250,000 miles (albeit with a recon engine or two).
      One of the controllers in the mini-cab firm used to call it the ‘Enterprise’ (after the Starship).

  • BrianFujisan


    thank you for the gift of hope Re the younger generation

    Albania WON… And this we Troupe Too –

    Clann an Drumma “Tribal King” at Scone Palace

  • Bunkum

    Theresa has been on the phone again

    PM call with President Rouhani: 13 May 2018

    Prime Minister Theresa May spoke with President Hassan Rouhani of Iran.

    A Downing Street spokesperson said:

    The Prime Minister held a telephone call with the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani this afternoon.

    The Prime Minister reiterated the UK’s position that we and our European partners remain firmly committed to ensuring the Iran nuclear deal is upheld. She said it is in both the UK and Iran’s national security interests to maintain the deal and welcomed President Rouhani’s public commitment to abide by its terms, adding that it is essential that Iran continues to meet its obligations.

    The Prime Minister made clear that the UK condemns the Iranian missile attacks against Israeli forces and called on Iran to refrain from any further attacks. She said it was important to avoid provocative actions to ensure peace and security in the region.

    The Prime Minister also raised the issue of consular cases relating to dual nationals currently held on charges in Iran and called for further progress to be made so individuals could be released on humanitarian grounds.

    Both leaders agreed the importance of continued dialogue between the two countries, and looked forward to the meeting of UK, German, French and Iranian foreign ministers in Brussels on Tuesday where they will be joined by the EU’s foreign affairs High Representative Federica Mogherini to discuss the Iran nuclear deal and next steps.

      • Skyblaze

        Better that we do not get involved in military action…but cannot see that happening. Have we ever just said no to the USA?

        • Paul Barbara

          @ Skyblaze May 13, 2018 at 21:29
          ‘..Have we ever just said no to the USA?’
          Yes, Wilson did. And so will JC, if, God willing, he gets elected Prime Minister.

  • Sharp Ears

    The afore mentioned Chloe Westley is reviewing the papers tonight on Sky News.

  • giyane

    Ref’ Indonesian church bombings.
    Mrs May, Boris Johnson and the vestigial Blairites in the opposition all support the Indonesian church bombers based in Syria. That’s why we should trust Taza May. Because she talks trash 90% of the time:

  • andy

    In response to the BBC Question Time programming. Better still, get rid of the propaganda machine. Life is so much better without this programming spewing out in your home and they expect you to pay for it??? Throw out the TV, give it a try.

    • John Spencer-Davis

      Haven’t had a television for well over a year. Life’s much better without one. J

  • Sharp Ears

    In the last seven weeks, 40 Palestinians have been shot dead and 7,000 injured.

    To add fuel to the fire, Trump has relocated the US embassy to Jerusalem. His daughter and her husband arrive for the opening tomorrow.. This coincides with the 70th anniversary of Al Nakba, when the Palestinians’ land was occupied and their homes destroyed.

    Jerusalem embassy: Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner arrive for Monday opening –

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Sharp Ears May 13, 2018 at 22:20
      Perhaps one of the ‘Jihadis’ will suddenly, on the road to Damascus, see the light, see the error of his ways, and use his covertly-US-supplied Manpad to take out their aircraft on the way back? Wishful thinking!

      • bj

        You have seen the light, Paul.
        But I do have to protest as to the manpad. They just might take out the wrong plane, and deliver us … Pence.

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