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The right wing bias of BBC Question Time tonight staggers belief, even for the BBC. One Francoist, two Tories, the still more right wing Chukka Umunna, all “balanced” by Akala, who thankfully has more brains, and certainly more compassion, than the rest put together.

Esther McVey, Tory. Champion of the rape clause, minister implementing benefit cuts and promoting privatised benefits assessments, lobbyist against regulating gambling machines. One of the very nastiest of Tories.

Chloe Westley Another Tory. Here representing the tiny far right fringe group the “Taxpayers Alliance”. Proponent of fierce benefit cuts. Studying the rampantly Islamophobic counter-terrorism course at St Andrews University. Her twitter handle is “LowTaxChloe” which is all you need to know.

Alejandro Agag Another Tory, invited by the BBC as a “businessman”. Former MEP for the Francoist Spanish Popular Party – the current government in Spain which is busy jailing as many political prisoners in Catalonia as they can get their hands on, and is happy sending in paramilitary thugs to club old Catalan ladies waiting to vote.

Chuka Umunna Full time taxpayer-funded right wing campaigner against Jeremy Corbyn.

Akala Very decent guy. Performing this year at our Doune the Rabbit Hole festival for which you should pull your finger out and get buying tickets now.

Why is the BBC permitted, day after day after day, to pump out programming which actively promotes a political programme far to the right of where the British population actually stand? With the continual over-representation of nutty right wing groups like the Taxpayers’ Alliance and the Henry Jackson Society, while left wing groups of much larger membership such as Stop the War are completely ignored. Why low tax campaigners but no invitation ever to groups like Black Triangle who represent claimants interests? Not to mention the routine ignoring of the SNP, parliament’s third largest party.

I strongly urge you not to pay your TV license to fund this barrage of right wing propaganda. I and thousands of others in Scotland have refused to pay since 2014, and other than lots of silly threatening letters nothing has happened. Just stop paying for this nonsense.

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648 thoughts on “The Incredible Bias of the BBC

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  • Tony_0pmoc

    I was talking to this man last night, and he was incredibly good looking and very tall.

    He introduced himself to me, in a very posh accent, with these words

    “I have got dementia”

    I replied “so have I”

    He quickly finished his drink, and says can I buy you drink, I replied no its all right mate – I’ve not finished mine yet…

    He goes to the bar, and buys a pint for himself, and my friend who is acting as his carer (for a few hours released from the nursing home where he met him)

    He sits down next to me (very tall man) and I get talking to him..

    He tells me, how many times he has worn a parachute…

    I said – I’ve done that too.

    He – Parachute Regiment – British Army

    Me – Solo Glider Pilot – I said, I never had to use mine.

    I asked where have you been?

    Nice Man…

    This afternoon – I was with even Taller Men, at the next pub opposite the Ex-Serviceman’s Club

    I thought I was big and fat, until I saw the photography

    They were towering over me, and I am nearly 6 feet tall on a good day.

    Compared to them, I look like a liitle girl.

    The musicians were pretty good too….but not quite as tall.

    I don’t think I offended her with my tongue, because my wife bought her a pint shortly after, and she gave me a really subtle cuddle. I wasn’t expecting that, but it was her birthday, and she is a really nice girl.

    Life in The Old Dog Yet.


    • Paul Barbara

      @ Tony_0pmoc May 13, 2018 at 23:10
      Great stuff! And I don’t suppose any political or moral debate occurred about what the British Army has done to Afghanistan, Serbia, Iraq, Libya, Syria? Auh, gee, no, that would have spoilt the vibes…. (though I hope I’m wrong?).

      • Tony_0pmoc

        Paul Barbara,

        The British Soldiers are Victims too.

        I live not far from Headley Court…

        Some of the kids, who have had both their legs blown off in Afghanistan, Serbia, Iraq, Libya, Syria,….

        Just want to Dance with Me and My Wife – to a loud Heavy Rock Band

        The 26 year old said it was a shark attack, and I covered for him, and introduced him to my wife.

        And they danced.

        No one knew, except me and him.

        His mum and dad were with him to help him get to the toilet.

        I gave up my gun, (air pistol – 15) when I discovered girls…but I couldn’t give up the excitement and the adrenaline. I was crap at playing guitar, so simly bought more powerful motorbikes, and then I saw this kid – doing about 100 miles an hour over Great Hucklow Ridge, Derbyshire, as if he was a Spitfire pilot in a Polish Glider (Pirat)…

        I saw him, and spoke to him, when he landed..He was only about 23, and I thought sh1t I want to do that, and so I did.

        I have never killed anyone (except nearly myself several times)

        Do you know what it is like, when you have gone way beyond your authorised gliding zone, on an exceedingly good Yorkshire summer’s day, and all the thermals are gone, and you are an extremely long way away…

        Because I had been taught really well, by Derek Piggot at Lasham, I knew my limits, so I was down to 500 feet, from 5,500 feet, I did not panic, I just found what I thought was a suitable fieild to land in that didn’t have any electricity wires and pylons…I was doing my circuit – just to check it was O.K….and then, I was seriously kicked up the pants, by one of the strongest thermals I have encountered…so I thought it would be impolite, not to ride her and go back to 5.500 feet…so I turned her round to about 80 degrees (so tight)

        When I landed back at Sutton Bank – they said where TF have you been – and told me. It was now my job to run the bar.

        I am not going to criticise any soldier, just might suggest motor bikes, racing cars, gliders, rock guitars & girls instead to a 15 year old kid who has got any spirit.

        It’s more fun.


  • Kim Sanders-Fisher

    Chloe Wesley from the Tax Payers’ Alliance has been a guest on three BBC political shows in less than a week: what is she, the new Messiah? The Daily Politics, Question Time and the Marr show have offered her three golden opportunities to spout her ill informed drivel. Organizations with a huge following like the “Stop the War Coalition” never get on air, but an obscure organization I had barely heard of before last week is being featured on a par with the big two major political parties. That is warped.

    This was exactly what inflated Farage to a larger than life mouthpiece doling out his ant-immigrant bigotry on a daily basis. Now we have a new pet mouthpiece promoting the interests of the Tory elite; in reality Chloe Wesley appears to represent the “Tax Avoiders Alliance.” The BBC cannot possibly justify such unwarranted favouritism featuring this little known group.

    This is blatantly obvious right wing bias. We need to keep calling in to complain, writing, sending emails and keeping track of the ignored complaints. The UK public is coerced into paying for this worthless propaganda via the TV license as there is no way to opt out. We must start a mass campaign to cancel license fee payment until the BBC makes a solid commitment to adhering to their own mandate for unbiased programming.

    • Sharp Ears

      As I said, she was also on Sky News last night reviewing the papers with Owen Bennett of the Huffington Post. An extremely boring segment. Neither had any presence nor did they have anything of interest to say.

      Why is she suddenly the flavour of the month?

    • Michael McNulty

      This is what I’m waiting for, an organized movement to withhold payment on a mass scale. It’s no good if even ten million people resist paying independently because they can be independently picked off by the courts, and that makes them all as effective as just one doing it. But organize a movement and they become a force. I hoped George Galloway might have organized it when he said he wasn’t going to pay but maybe a man in his position has good reasons not to. But somebody must be able to front it, especially through the internet.

      • lysias

        There is a legal way to withhold payment: stop watching broadcast television.

      • Mark Russell

        Yes, numbers do make a difference. The Tony Rooke case should have opened some eyes and minds, but it has simply been ignored. It would be interesting to find out how many successful prosecutions have been achieved since.

        Withholding payment is the ONLY way institutions and governments will take notice. Money is the only game in town these days and we would do well to remember that. Tony Rooke’s case was that paying the licence fee would be illegal under section 15 of the Terrorism Act (2000) as his contention was the BBC was engaged in a terrorist conspiracy following 9/11. Rooke was given a conditional discharge and ordered to pay £200 costs. The BBC did dot defend the allegations in court.

        Rooke’s case was six years ago – much – has happened since. Rendition and torture, Salisbury and Syria – it’s perfectly clear the UK government have acted illegally and is aided and abetted by the BBC in what can only be described as blatant propaganda.

        Stop paying the licence fee by all means – but why not also apply the same principles to the real culprit – and stop paying your income tax. Serve notice on HMRC of your intent and reasons. It’s your money that is paying for the guns, bullets and bombs that are laying waste to the Middle East presently. It’s your money that helped pay for the destruction of Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan. And it’s your money that pays the USA for the pleasure of having nuclear weapons on Scottish soil.

        Believe it or not – the ordinary man has the real power to stop this insanity, but only if we all act together.


    • glenn_nl

      Exactly the same thing pushed Trump to the front of the public’s attention. Every news organisation (including – and particularly – Fox) broke away from anything else to go straight to cover Trump, and gave him as much personal airtime as he could possibly wish. Fox did specials of “Meet the Trumps”, to show us how he was such a decent, greatly loved, supreme-leader material, down-to-earth, man of the people:

      Being in the public eye so much, with massively favourable coverage, is without doubt what got him into office.

  • Patrick Holt

    Unfortunately weakening the BBC does not lead to more representative media. For that to happen there would have to be a leftwing news alternative in UK media that would be booming in ratings at the BBC’s expense. They face no British-made competition from the left on TV to disciline them. Merely defunding the BBC (which is the privatisers agenda, NB) is a reactive gesture. What would be proactive would be moving funding to new leftwing media instead in a concerted way. God knows Novara Media needs money, but honestly they aren’t broad enough, neither ideologically nor in age cohort nor active personnel. Also, they don’t as yet begin to have the ambition to be a TV channel. In the 1980s the unions and certain local councils tried starting a daily newspaper, which was an embarrassing flop. But the times are changing. We need our own TV, and I believe we can and should build it, just like the mainstream churches, as opposed to the loudmouth sectarians, need to.

    • Radar O’Reilly

      At the risk of spamming Craig’s blog, tho’ actually I’m just waiting for a bus whilst most squirrels are asleep, I’ll reply.

      We do not need an alternative channel to the bbc. They simply have been subverted by the state sconce at least Blair and now have bias in anything political. Their gardening shows and cake-baking items are quite well done. If they stuck to their charter and reported balanced news, then Beeb might have a future – but the youth could not care less about TV. It is a dead, dying media, in the age of big-data and OCEAN.

      “the premise behind Cambridge Analytica’s audacious breach of millions of personal Facebook profiles was how it classified voters and targeted them by using the OCEAN technique – Openness, Conscientiousness, Extroversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism.

      One of the long-held arguments from the anti-social media movement is ‘what do you expect if you publicly post your personal updates on a platform the whole world can see?’

      Of course, we have always known Big Brother was watching in some format”

      The alternative to the BBC TV is already here, it is very successful, with some teething troubles that GDPR might help with, and it has a future – even though big-bro is omnipresent.

      What’s my OCEAN score?

  • Radar O’Reilly

    Great!, a media doing some Skripal journalism, taking a news hint from CZ and going for the full picture:- those tier pardner IC agencies are strangely full of red-lines when it comes to talking about “Nowhere Man” and his daughter “Yulia Rigby” [must not upset those poor demented leaderless btitischers]

    The article does have some micro-skepticism about the Brit propaganda fest that we just witnessed, needs a forensic sentiment analysis to find if the authors actually believe much of what they are writing

    • Tatyana

      So, if we can believe the NYT, Skripal was active agent for British intelligence? Not a retired Russian spy?
      I wonder, if it comes out Yulia is not an innocent victim?
      She is an adult 33-years old russian woman, not a ‘girl’ and it is not like her fiancee is very active trying to reach her.

      • Jo Dominich

        Hi Tatyana, I enjoy your input on these columns. It does seem to be the case that Skripal was active in something given his contribution to the Steele Dossier, the what though remains the question. From where I am sitting and, looking at all the information available, it looks as though Yulia was only here for a few days and was due to return to Russia. It doesn’t look as though she has any argument with the Russian Federation and appeared to have a settled life in Russia. But who knows? I don’t know whether her fiancee is able to reach her if he wanted to – if the British Government has denied her Cousin a Visa with no reason to do so – and are refusing to allow the Russian Consulate access – against international law and diplomatic rules – then her fiancee would have no chance. I am of the view that she is being detained against her will or not alive at all. I do not believe Sergei Skripal is still in hospital. I am curious to know why the CIA offered new identities and the Witness Protection programme in the USA for them – why would they be involved in matters pertaining to the British Security Services?

      • bj

        Tatyana, you are vindicated. This looks to be the same information as your RESPEKT article.

      • Tatyana

        Hello, Jo, BJ

        I’m grateful to Mrs. Theresa May and the manner she handled the Skripal’s case, for the chance to meet new interesting people here on this blog 🙂

  • Sharp Ears

    You can find links to a 2017 plan for £80m savings. We could offer some suggestions!

    There is no mention of cuts in this review of their master plan! The very opposite in fact.

    ‘The BBC is increasing its television content budget for the coming year, with overall TV spend set to rise from £1.6bn to £1.72bn in line with the licence fee settlement which pegs the charge to inflation (meaning that it is likely to increase every year). ‘

    As old Terry Thomas would say -‘What an absolute shower!’

    • Radar O’Reilly

      On the bus just now I listened to the incredible bias of BBC R4 today , where the BBC millionaire welsh presenter Mr.Grumpy out anti-corbinned even the passionate and obscurely funded Marie van der Zyl, (elect President of the Board of Deputies of British Js)

      Ms. VdZ was a bit anti-corbyn, having demonstrated outside parliament etc, and generally filled her position as a niche protest special-interests-group leader, but her reasonable feelings were as nothing to the impartial “John Grumpies” who seemed to suggest that hanging was too good an end to the leader of the labour party and all his followers, immediately!

      “Are you sure that you don’t wish to ask all Js in UK to stop voting Labour?” he salivated, whilst Marie was really sensible, and explained that she “might hold a meeting sometime in June/July” an eye-opener!

      Mr. Grumpy is rather well paid , at least the Beeb accurately describe him in the list below as ‘an entertainer’

      BBC = broken

  • quasi_verbatim

    I note that Andrew Parker, scion of the MI5-GCHQ-MI6 triad, is laying it on thick in Berlin today and accusing Russia of all the elegant perfidies beloved of HM Gov.

    Further discussion of the Salisbury Porker had better carry a health warning.

  • quasi_verbatim

    I further note that DefSec Gav has signed up for a couple of billion on the last Astute class submarine, to be named ‘Agincourt’.

    Given the anglicisation of the name Azincourt this is the first of the Brexit submarines and a sock in the eye for the French who are eager to foist the Bayeaux Tapestry on us.

  • Sharp Ears

    I see that Ken MacQuarrie is on the board of EBU who produce the Eurovision stuff.

    He is on the right in the photo here, looking rather pleased with himself.
    Ken MacQuarrie, Director of BBC Scotland, and member of the BBC’s Executive Team’

    ‘The largest expense claims were made by Ken MacQuarrie, the 65-year-old director of nations and regions. Mr MacQuarrie, who has a £250,000 salary, claimed more than £30,000 in the 2016 financial year.Among the £30,724.82 he claimed were 137 taxi journeys that totalled £3,217.49. He also billed £17,005.93 on flights, flight-related expenses and Eurostar tickets between 2016 and 2017 and £7,087 on hotels.’ Nice work if you can get it.

    I have also seen that Israel’s application to join the EBU is ‘pending’. I do not consider that Israel is in Europe.

    The EBU is a vast bureaucracy. The BBC fits in very well.

    • Clive P

      Israel is also in UEFA for football even though it’s not in Europe. It’s because nobody in the Asian confederation would play them.

    • Hagar


      Thanks for that link, it is indeed priceless.

      No matter what is thrown at them them have a command of words that only convinces the ignorant to believe them. They can rattle it off without so much as a blush.
      No shame!

    • Paul Barbara

      @ SA May 14, 2018 at 08:15
      Good find. I’m afraid the baying, braying mob would drown anyone out who tried it hear, apart from the opportunity would not be given for the I*raeli Ambassador to be put in any ‘danger’ of such questioning.

  • Sharp Ears

    @ Radar O’Reilly
    May 14, 2018 at 07:31

    Seeing those names and faces (some with the ability just to read an autocue) and the outrageous sums of licence fee payers’ money being handed over to them leaves one with a sense of outrage. Pure greed.

    We have heard the word ‘austerity’ endlessly (even from Hunt this morning on NHS spending priorities) since 2008 yet this crowd at the BBC trough do not hear the word or know its meaning. There are British people living off food banks and some sleeping in the open. There is great disparity in this capitalist system.

  • Sharp Ears

    The legacy of nuclear powered submarines.

    Laid-up nuclear submarines at Rosyth and Devonport cost £16m – BBC
    3 Jun 2015 – Storing and maintaining Britain’s 19 laid-up nuclear submarines has cost taxpayers more than £16m over the last five years, it has emerged.

    7 Royal Navy nuclear submarines are waiting to be dismantled at Rosyth.
    6 Jan 2017 – Dismantling work is set to begin on seven decommissioned Royal Navy nuclear submarines at Rosyth …

    ‘Don’t you love farce?
    My fault, I fear.
    I thought that you’d want what I want…
    Sorry, my dear!
    But where are the clowns
    Quick – Send in the clowns
    Don’t bother, they’re here.’

    • Hagar

      Sharp Ears,

      We are the CLOWNS!

      Who runs everything? That is the question. It is not us.

        • Hagar


          If we could only circumvent that problem, paying for it all, and them.

          • truthwillout

            Unfortunately we can’t with most taxes, Hager, because they are taken at source… Some tried refusing to pay some income tax over the Iraq war but lost their case, sadly. But we can stop watching BBC and depriving them of one tax.

  • Clydebuilt

    Kaye Adams . . . . . Baby Boxes.

    An expert to be on after 11am to express his concerns . . . She’s looking for callers (and texters) . .

  • Sharp Ears

    Theresa May’s rolling out the red carpet for Erdogan is repulsive, but then again our leaders are hardly much better
    Theresa May banning Erdogan, or Trump for that matter, from the UK would imply a holier than thou status that I just don’t think this country lives up to, historically or currently
    Yas Necati
    13th May 2018

    Apparently there are 80,000 students locked up in Turkey. That was according to a caller on LBC this morning.

    Erdogan has arrived.

  • Sharp Ears

    I know Hagar.

    More of the same hypocrisy from Parker speaking in Berlin. ‘Details on the location are being withheld.’ LOL

    MI5 boss accuses Russia of ‘criminal thuggery’
    The head of MI5 has accused the Russian government of “bare-faced lying” and “criminal thuggery” in a blistering attack on Vladimir Putin’s regime.

    In a speech to European intelligence agencies in Berlin, Andrew Parker said Moscow was using its spies and military to carry out “flagrant breaches of international rules”.

    “Bare-faced lying seems to be the default mode, coupled with ridicule of critics,” he said.

    “The Russian state’s now well-practised doctrine of blending media manipulation, social media disinformation and distortion, along with new and old forms of espionage and high-levels of cyber attacks, military force and criminal thuggery is what is meant these days by the term ‘hybrid threats’.”

    Mr Parker said the Russian government was the “chief protagonist” trying to undermine European democracies with “malign activities” and their acts had risked making the country a more “isolated pariah”.

    Of course, the UK itself commits no crimes nor thuggery.

    • Jo Dominich

      What amazes me Sharp Ears is that, if members of the European Community believe this major BS then it says a lot about them. Being partners in NATO does not mean they have to blindly support the UK – I would expect some critical analysis and reflective thinking about the outrageous lies our Govt are disseminating about this whole affair. A 10yr old could see it the lies are that blatant. I am also curious as to why the Head of MI5 is giving credence to these lies – well I suppose he has to support HMG. It would seem to me from the content of his talk that it is, in fact, the USA he is talking about who are guilty of all those things – including hacking into the phones of European Heads of State, use of military force against international law, criminal thuggery and all manner of violations of people’s human rights, illegal detention in foreign countries, tortured without trial and probably murdered. What does this twit from MI5 think he’s on about?

      • Michael McNulty

        Well said. The US is the ultimate rogue regime and often not for its own benefit but for Zionism.

    • Hagar

      Sharp Ears.

      The Universe holds a mirror up to us all.
      So Parker is only copying from his own country’s policy.. and foolish enough to say it out loud.

      Did you see the Israeli soldier’s t- shirt with the picture of a very pregnant Palestinian woman and the cross hairs of a sniper’s rifle drawn on her belly?, with the caption underneath saying, ” one bullet, two kills”.


    • truthwillout

      I notice that this story is only in UK media. It looks like a story designed to make mischief for Jeremy Corbyn, who’s popularity has plummeted since he dared to say that the Russians might not have done it.

  • Sharp Ears

    Terrible. Slaughter. Seven Palestinians have been killed by Israeli gunfire on the Gaza border. Hundreds are injured. There are reputed to be 100,000 protesters there.

    ex Sky News. They have a reporter there called Alex Rossi. His reporting seems fair.

    The state broadcaster have no reporters in Occupied Palestine. No money left after paying the ‘stars’.

    This from a stringer probably hanging around Ivanka.

    US Jerusalem embassy: Gaza clashes before controversial opening
    5 mins ago

  • Republicofscotland

    As the orange man child Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka, and Jared Kushner arrive in Israel to mark the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem.

    The Eurovision Song Contest winner, Israeli (Israel is not in Europe, and is a oppressive military apartheid state) Barzilai, said in her victory speech that, she hoped to see viewers next time in Jerusalem, the capital of Israel isn’t Jerusalem it’s Tel Aviv.

    East Jerusalem is mainly populated by Palestinian’s yet Israel sees Jerusalem as a undivided Israeli capital in the making.

    “Barzilai, as part of an Israeli Navy band, sang to soldiers that later were involved in the seven-week Protective Edge operation in Gaza, which resulted in over 2,000 Gazans being killed and over 10,000 injured in July and August 2014.”

    Of course the Eurovision Song contest, is now mainly about national propaganda. Who could forget Ukraine’s politically charged anti-Russian ditty in 2016.

    As usual Britain came close to the bottom, and a stage invader ran onto the stage during the British act and reinforced just how unpopular they are abroad.

    • Vivian O'Blivion

      I have a long standing fever dream that Scotland will be represented on Eurovision in perpetuity by Arab Strap. Every year we go out at the earliest stage with the nul points. All hopelessly delusional, the French would probably see Aidan Moffat as a genius, existential poet and we would end up having to host the kitsch fest.

      • Republicofscotland

        I think the band you mention is now defunct, Andy Stewart singing Donald Where’s Yir Troosers, would’ve lit the place up, if Mr Stewart were still with us.

        As for the French, I wonder how they feel about the first new, nuclear sub that’s to be named Agincourt.

        Surely the establishment are taking this europhobe thing too far now.

    • Alex Westlake

      Whatever your opinion about whether or not Jerusalem should be the capital, it is the city where next year’s contest will be held, and where it’s previously been held when Israel hosted it. The phrase L’Shana Haba’ah B’Yerushalayim, (Next Year in Jerusalem) also comes from a Passover prayer.

      • Republicofscotland

        The Eurovision Song contest should not be held in a oppressive military apartheid regime, it send out the wrong message.

        • bj

          And keep your Passover out of it. There’s too much passing over there anyway. Thank you.

  • Sharp Ears

    Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) · Twitter
    U.S. Embassy opening in Jerusalem will be covered live on @FoxNews & @FoxBusiness.
    Lead up to 9:00 A.M. (eastern) event has already begun. A great day for Israel!

    A bad day for the Palestinians. Trump knows nothing of international law.

    • Hagar

      I do not miss television Sharp Ears. That guff you are watching is not doing you any good, honest. BBC Radio is just as bad. Only listen to the news once a day, sometimes I miss it out entirely. Guess what? It does not hurt one little bit. Try it. It is refreshing.

      • SA

        Radio 4 is good in non-political programmes, such as the life scientific or some history programmes. I also beginning to like Martha Carney who did a more balanced view of Palestine recently and Mishal Husain who even implied hypocrisy in the Israeli attitude to Iran when interviewing Mark Regev.

    • Jack

      He’s so stupid its unbelivable, once again show that american president care more for israel than american interest…or palestinian lives that are getting butchered en masse right now with weaponry from US and EU nations..

  • Sharp Ears

    I wish the reply button could be restored.

    SA and Jo Dominich – I agree. Parker will be given a knighthood shortly. He has a very unhealthy occupation. He looks colourless and pasty. I see he is a twitcher! Spying on birds. I don’t know!

    Puff piece – .

    ‘Andrew Parker (born 1962) is the Director-General of the British Security Service, the United Kingdom’s domestic security and counter-intelligence service. Parker was privately educated at Kimbolton School in Cambridgeshire followed by Churchill College, Cambridge where he studied natural sciences. He joined the Security Service in 1983. He was seconded to HM Customs and Excise as Director Intelligence in 1999 before becoming Director, International Terrorism at the Security Service in February 2005. After leading the Security Service’s response to the 7 July 2005 London bombings and the 2006 transatlantic aircraft plot, he became Deputy Director-General in 2007.’ Wikipedia

    Parker went on to become Director-General of the Service in April 2013. As of 2015, Parker was paid a salary of between £165,000 and £169,999 by the department, making him one of the 328 most highly paid people in the British public sector at that time.’

  • Sharp Ears

    12:39 Sky News
    Death toll rises further
    Gaza’s Health Ministry say the number of Palestinian protesters killed by Israeli army fire near the Gaza border has risen to 18.

    It is still early afternoon there.

  • lysias

    Very disturbing piece about the signs that Assange may be about to be handed over on Consortium News.

  • Sharp Ears

    Can’t someone intercede with Trump and Netganyahu?

    It is becoming unbearable.

    ‘LIVE: Deadliest day in years as US moves Israeli embassy to Jerusalem
    28 Palestinian protesters have died as preparations to open the US embassy in Jerusalem get under way.’
    Sky News

    Any suggestions David Avi et al?

  • Sharp Ears

    Hagar. You have no knowledge of my or my family’s involvement in Gaza. It is literally an open air prison. Many are refugees from al Nakba (Day of the Catastrophe) which was enacted on the Palestinians 70 years ago today.

    Have you been there and did you know that there is a British WW1 cemetery there which is lovingly cared for by a Palestinian gardener? 2696 casualties.

    The Blood Never Dried by John Newsinger 2006


    State of Terror by Thomas Suarez 2016

    FYI I am busy gardening and come indoors now and again for a break and to cool off. It is very hot. It is 25C in Gaza with 50% humidity. Drinking water supplies are scarce as the groundwater is saline. Water is as precious as petrol.

    • Jo Dominich

      Mochyn69, true to form though – the Israelis will refuse such investigation. I don’t know how they are allowed to do that but they were allowed to refuse one into the massacre at jenine, the carpet bombing of Gaza and other atrocities. They seem to be able to do what they want. I think the UN should now send peace keeping troops in – whether the USA veto such action or not – they should do it. it is a shameful disgrace to humanity.

  • Mochyn69

    37 Palestinians killed now and Israeli fighter jets are bombing Gaza according to Asaf Ronel on Twitter.

  • Mochyn69

    B’Tselem, the Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories, has condemned Israel for showing an “appalling indifference towards human life”.

    In a statement it said:

    The demonstrations held in Gaza today came as no surprise. Israel had plenty of time to come up with alternate approaches for dealing with the protests, apart from firing live ammunition. The fact that live gunfire is once again the sole measure that the Israeli military is using in the field evinces appalling indifference towards human life on the part of senior Israeli government and military officials. B’Tselem calls for an immediate halt to the killing of Palestinian demonstrators. If the relevant officials do not issue an order to stop the lethal fire, the soldiers in the field must refuse to comply with these manifestly unlawful open-fire orders.

    What does the BBC have to say about THIS atrocity? Andrew Parker and MI5?? Anything helpful to add?


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