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17 thoughts on “Very Strange Indeed

  • Davide Pesare

    Dear Craig,

    was there anything that some could have wanted to hack out of the site? i mean anything that is not already on the public site?

    Maybe contacting the site host and checking if the comments were backed up (at least part of them) before the morning may help.

    It helped in my case, it happened on my blogspot (i lost 3 days worth of comments) but google was pretty good with backups.

    hope it helps

    also, are all comments necessarily private (so only you can read them) or is there an option for keeping them public?


  • KevinB

    Hi Craig,

    I decided to try and repost the article "The Truth about those Hamas Rockets' under 'The Big Lie Technique'….and, blimey, the whole 24 comments popped back onto the page again.

  • George Dutton

    We have never met Craig but I hold you in the highest regard possible.

    I have to tell you this Craig you have taken on some VERY nasty people over the years…as a TRUE friend to you…I fear for you brother.

    I had to say this.

  • researcher

    Comments from the older articles are still missing. What did the people from the hosting company say ?

  • OrwellianUK

    I tried to post last night and it vanished. There were odd comments of strange symbols posted

  • Clive

    If anyone thinks a comment went missing, could they please let me know the post they commented against and the approximate time the comment was posted. The MySQL database behind this blog had to be repaired, and it is possible that some comments became detached from their posts, though initial checks haven't flagged any problems.

  • Ruth

    I think the security services are gearing up for the publication of your book online. It's quite possible that your book will give information that can be married up with other information people possess and that the information together will reveal massive government corruption.

    I agree with George Dutton that there are some very nasty people out there but if you're harmed then it will be obvious who did it. So I would say it's doubtful they'll do anything.

  • Clive Summerfield

    Hi researcher, if you could send examples to charlie lima india victor echo sierra AT bravo alpha tango charlie hotel tango alpha romeo golf echo tango DOT com. Sorry for the phonetic spelling, but I try to obfusticate my email address if posting it in a public place.



  • Clive

    As Mr Spock might say "Fascinating". The comments are there, and appear to be linked to the post, but the linkage is definitely broken. It may take a while to sort out as I'll need to grab a copy of the database and play around offline with the copy.

  • Tom Kennedy

    The comments with "funny characters" are spam attempts by Russian websites. One links to an apparently defunct furniture seller.

    It looks as though the comments have been posted by some sort of bot. It doesn't look sinister and it should be easy enough, with the help of your ISP, to exclude them.

    You should be able to make (or request) regular site backups just in case the site goes down for whatever reason. This is ALWAYS a prudent thing to do, even if the content of your site is not controversial.

  • Clive

    A quick rebuild of one of the affected posts appears to have sorted the problem. I reckon a rebuild of all posts might be worthwhile, just to make sure any propagated glitches are cleared.

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