When Is a Massacre Not a Massacre? 160

On the day the Israeli Defence Force massacred dozens of unarmed Palestinians in Gaza and maimed over 400 more, our media has carefully avoided the use of the word massacre. Here is a Google search of News I did five minutes ago on the word “massacre”.

A massacre occurred today in which more people were killed than at Glencoe. All of them were unarmed and the majority were well over a hundred yards from the border fence. It says everything about the kind of nightmare fascist state Israel now is, that if you look through those news results for “massacre”, the only mention you get of Palestinians is a claim by the Israeli Defence Force that the Palestinian Defence Forces were planning a massacre of Israelis.

The Turkish government have now come out with a statement condemning the massacre, and in the UK the Daily Express and the Daily Star have both reported that; but both have chosen to put the word “massacre” in the Turkish statement into inverted commas, as though it were not true.

The Western media far prefers the word “clashes” to “massacre”. Because those terrible Palestinians insist upon demonstrating against the continuing theft of all their land and resources, and keep attacking innocent Israeli bullets with their heads and bodies. If you look through the Google search of News this time for “clashes”, you discover that the western and Israeli media peculiarly have precisely the same preference for this entirely inappropriate word. That, again, is fascinating.

The gross injustice of the apartheid state of Israel appears immutable. The overwhelming force of the political and financial Establishment is behind Israel in the West, in the Russian oligarchy and even in most of the horribly corrupt leadership of Arab states. But the situation is not as dire as it seems, because the hold of those Establishment elites on the people they exploit has never been more shaky. Israel remains a touchstone issue. In order to help redress the terrible agony of the Palestinians, we must first effect a change in our own system of elite exploitation of the people at home. That change is coming.

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160 thoughts on “When Is a Massacre Not a Massacre?

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  • Gary

    UK has had Bloody Sunday, which stirred revulsion among all who were sane. We had internment, which likewise revolted us. We had our own version of enhanced interrogation in NI too. All condemned when revealed to the public, when EVENTUALLY revealed to the public.

    Unlike the UK, Israel has carried out ‘Bloody Sundays’ on a daily basis, internment on a daily basis and enhanced interrogation on a daily basis since its formation. We quickly forget how Israel was founded on terrorism and 50 British were murdered by Zionist terrorists at the King David Hotel, the terrorist then went into politics in the new state and the story of how they bombed the hotel and murdered 50 of our people is now proudly told.

    All of this they do in the full glare of the world, all televised, all recorded by modern technology by even the smallest child who can hold a smartphone. Managing to ignore or excuse this must be difficult…

  • Snake Arbusto

    The ongoing army-police assault on the ZAD at Notre-Dame-des-Landes – where environmentalists, small farmers, and craftspeople have been occupying publicly-owned land to prevent its being paved over for an airport – has systematically been described by the French press as “clashes” (_heurts_) rather than as an assault or an attack, despite the fact that 2,500 troops with assault weapons, armored vehicles, helicopters, drones, bulldozers and backhoes have been brought in to evict 250 residents, destroy their homes, gardens, and fields and scatter their flocks.

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