When Is a Massacre Not a Massacre? 160

On the day the Israeli Defence Force massacred dozens of unarmed Palestinians in Gaza and maimed over 400 more, our media has carefully avoided the use of the word massacre. Here is a Google search of News I did five minutes ago on the word “massacre”.

A massacre occurred today in which more people were killed than at Glencoe. All of them were unarmed and the majority were well over a hundred yards from the border fence. It says everything about the kind of nightmare fascist state Israel now is, that if you look through those news results for “massacre”, the only mention you get of Palestinians is a claim by the Israeli Defence Force that the Palestinian Defence Forces were planning a massacre of Israelis.

The Turkish government have now come out with a statement condemning the massacre, and in the UK the Daily Express and the Daily Star have both reported that; but both have chosen to put the word “massacre” in the Turkish statement into inverted commas, as though it were not true.

The Western media far prefers the word “clashes” to “massacre”. Because those terrible Palestinians insist upon demonstrating against the continuing theft of all their land and resources, and keep attacking innocent Israeli bullets with their heads and bodies. If you look through the Google search of News this time for “clashes”, you discover that the western and Israeli media peculiarly have precisely the same preference for this entirely inappropriate word. That, again, is fascinating.

The gross injustice of the apartheid state of Israel appears immutable. The overwhelming force of the political and financial Establishment is behind Israel in the West, in the Russian oligarchy and even in most of the horribly corrupt leadership of Arab states. But the situation is not as dire as it seems, because the hold of those Establishment elites on the people they exploit has never been more shaky. Israel remains a touchstone issue. In order to help redress the terrible agony of the Palestinians, we must first effect a change in our own system of elite exploitation of the people at home. That change is coming.

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160 thoughts on “When Is a Massacre Not a Massacre?

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  • TonyF12

    Very quick answer: When the BBC says it isn’t, as far as UK media are concerned.

    This is Sharpeville Massacre again, and no-one in any Western nation in government nor in the media says any words beyond “Oh dear” and “tut, tut” because they are scared of being branded anti-Semitic.

    Very sad times.

    • Mochyn69

      That particular psychological mind game is over.

      It is not anti-semitic to call out the state of Israel for its crimes against the Palestinian people and the dreadful massacre of innocent demonstrators today is just the latest incidence of this institutionalised violence and state terrorism.

      Gaza is under siege but not alone. Get involved in BDS and supporting the call for a comprehensive military embargo on Israel. This is the most effective response to Israel’s ongoing massacre.


      • Rod

        I’m not sure it is over judging by the Humphrys interview with the new leader of the council of deputies on the ‘Toady’ programme this morning. He did his absolute best to get her to say something derogatory about Mr Corbyn and his take on anti-Semitism. This woman, who’s name currently escapes me and should know better in her position, still conflates anti-Israeli and anti-Semitism. Much as I wish you to be correct, with people like her being given the oxygen of air time by the BBC it’s little wonder the mass of the electorate are led like sheep. They’ll be calling it no more than a police action soon.

        • Tony

          Yes. No mention of Conservative anti-Semitism at all or the government welcoming recent election victory in Hungary by anti-Semitic forces.

          • Jo Dominich

            Not to mention the Conservative’s outright Racism (Wndrush?) as well.

        • Sharp Ears

          Sickening stuff on the JLC Twitter

          The JLC

          We are delighted to be joining this initiative. Stay tuned for more info coming soon.

          May 11, 2018

          The JLC Retweeted

          Mark Regev

          Wonderful news that HRH Prince Charles?? will be guest of honour at the British J**ish community’s #Israel70?? celebration, @PlatinumIsrl70:

          ?24 May, 7:30PM
          ?Royal Albert Hall
          ?http://Israel70.uk @ClarenceHouse @JLC_uk @IsraelBondsNews @UJIAcharity

  • SO.

    I was more amused by the media’s reception to the israeli statement that even ‘approaching’ the border would be considered hostile provocation.

  • lysias

    The “Fault Lines” show on U.S. Radio S p u t n I k (spaces necessary to get through Autocorrect) was reporting on this massacre throughout the morning.

  • Chris Rogers

    Craig Sir,

    i think you are being a little economic with your wording when you state: “we must first effect a change in our own system of elite exploitation of the people at home.” Its not change we must effect, its either radical change, or revolutionary change we must enact or support if this rotten edifice is to be removed and our peoples made free.

  • Mochyn69

    Death toll rises to 52 Palestinians killed

    The Associated Press is reporting that Gaza’s health officials have increased the death toll to 52 and more than 1,200 have been wounded by Israeli fire in Gaza.

    It’s time to call out the bloody murderers and anti-Palestinians for what they truly are.

    Fascists is right. There is no other word for them.

    Israel is the rogue state and its government, backers and its apologists a bunch of bandits.

    I am truly appalled and filled with utter revulsion.


    • Jo Dominich

      Mochyn69 – I feel exactly the same – everyone is entitled to peaceful protest. Seems Israel is allowed to commit massacres with the blessing of the USA – another bunch of terrorists in their own right led by a megalomaniac

  • Deb O'Nair

    Perhaps if you search for “Gaza massacre” you might find more appropriate results.

  • Fida Ahmed

    Elite exploitation of the masses, both in US and Europe is only possible because of huge lies being told by every evil powers, like Isrhell…

  • Patrick garner

    The Romans had soldiers called slingers they used sling shot small stones with holes in that made a whistling sound as it travelled through the air to disarm enemy combatants. These stones had the same impact as a 44 magnum. This can easily be checked out by BBC A-Z look for Digging for Britain todays episode 14/05/18. I agree with everything Craig has written about Black Ink Terrorist MSM lack of coverage & using clash’s not massacre but while Palestinian “slingers” are hurling stones at IDF & civilians Israeli public opinion can be manipulated to one of victim not oppressor. I agree with Norman Finkelstein YouTube Gaza on the brink Norman Finkelstein on Israel forces targeting Palestinian civilians He said Palestinians should adopt Ghandi protest model I agree.
    I hope this has been useful to all those seeking justice for Palestinians Hasta La Victoria Siempre
    PS Ghandi also said ‘ a violent man can be turned none violent but an impotent man is useless ‘ words to that effect P. Garner 1luv

    • Sharp Ears

      You should visit to see the reality of daily life for the Palestinians. Hours at checkpoints in the heat. Insults from the young conscripts in the IDF.
      Sewage being poured down on Palestinian land and homes from the setlements. Farmland being bulldozed. Homes destroyed. Olive trees ripped up. On and on and on over decades.

      The Israelis would love to see passive resistance Gandhi style.

    • N_

      The fascist regime should be internationally boycotted, sanctioned and divested from, in support of the Palestinians. I mean all activities of the fascist regime and its supporters, including cultural and academic work as well as business, bribery political “lobbying”, intelligence activities, etc.

      If some in Britain don’t know what they can do, how about stopping buying your knickers at Marks and Spencer and your computer equipment at PC World?

      • David Avi

        The computers sold at PC World and the knickers sold at M&S are manufactured thousands of miles away from the Middle East.

        Hence the only thing you would be achieving with your curious suggestion is to boycott two businesses with Je***h roots and/or founded by people of trhe Je***h faith. Bit like the Nazis in the 1930s “urging” good Germans not to buy at “Je***h stores. So who’s the Fascist?

        • bj

          Are you saying the Israeli state is not a fascist state because someone else is a fascist?

          • David Avi

            No, I’m saying that N_’s call to boycott PC World and M&S is the same as the Nazis calling for a boycott of “Je***h” shops in the 1930s. Do you have reading difficulties?

        • Skyblaze

          Why bring Nazis into this? …oh I see you are trying to play on the Jews were victims card

          May have been relevant 80 years ago…not now

    • fedup

      “These stones had the same impact as a 44 magnum.”

      Conflating muzzle velocity of 434 m/s to 450 m/s for the given weights of 16 gram to 22 grams and comparing it with the stone that fastest sling cannot exceed 100 m/s (really really pushing the envelope of credulity). All the while driving home that stones areas dangerous, as bullets and prescribing the none resistance of Gandhi for Palestinians, ending with the condescending 1luv

      At best can be constructed as an attempt in obfuscation and at worst an exercise in bad faith to lessen the impact of the article that is being discussed.

      By completely discounting the 1977 article 1(4) of the First Additional Protocol (IAP) to the Geneva Conventions clearly expanded the application of the IHL (International humanitarian law) to

      “…armed conflicts in which peoples are fighting against colonial domination and alien occupation and against racist régimes in the exercise of their right of self-determination…

      • Patrick garner

        Thanx for the comment. If you new my nature you’d know If I were a Palestinian I’d probable be dead now a martyr I referred to Quote from Ghandi in my comment. I have a book called Non-Violence by Mark Kurlansky pg 148-149 you might find interesting.
        Personal attacks on my integrity water off a ducks back face to face I know you’d be politer. I’m being totally honest now I’d like to rip your F head off .
        Regarding stones as the same impact as a 44 Magnum gave you the ref I’m only the messenger by the way you ever been hit in the face by a stone ask Goliath lol Obfuscation had to look it up unintelligible I get it only intellectuals Trotsky Leninists peasants like me should keep to the lower ranks. How patronising. I probably have more in common with the Palestinians than you do. It seems some people just love war but when it comes to fighting they’re nowhere to be seen. Usually plotting in the shadows

    • Node

      That’s an interesting suggestion that Palestinians should adopt Ghandi’s tactics, given that Ghandi was a British agent. He brought religion into politics to enable British divide and rule tactics, and his peaceful protests successfully defused a revolution against the British salt tax. If you can’t be bothered researching it, here’s a clue : how many enemies of the British state are celebrated in its classrooms as heroes?

      • Patrick garner

        Wow another patron of the wanker class. Sorry I’m so uneducated have been to busy as a single parent working didn’t have the luxury of a good education trying to do my bit be part of the discussion but my class has forfeited me from this arena suppose I’ll just have to go back to washing dish’s. sorry I stepped above my station. My voice doesn’t count
        If you had a brain sell to rub together & was the shinning light of Knowledge instead of attacking me, by the way what did I do that so offended you to attack me because of my inferior knowledge Isn’t that how Israelis look down on Palestinians they don’t know the history of the Holy land etc.
        I really have a lot of time for Craig Murray but seriously you your not on my Christmax card list generous.
        I have a test for you say it to my face big man lol 1luv

    • Jo Dominich

      Patrick, not sure I agree with you – the Palestinians live in appalling conditions with Israel controlling their essentials like water, food etc – check out the long-standing blockade of Gaza. What else do the Palestinians have left? Nothing. Whatever they do, it is an inescapable fact that Israel are really enjoying subjugating, humiliating, controlling and killing Palestinians – I mean look at Netanyahoo yesterday – gloating, crowing, goading – really happy. If the Palestinians do nothing Israel will continue to illegally grab their land, kill them, cut off essential supplies and worse. The only thing that will work is sending a UN peace keeping force there or severe sanctions on Israel.

      • Patrick garner

        Hi Jo thanks for your thoughtful comment. I did quote Ghandi who advocated none violence but said ‘if a women is being raped she has every right to violently defend herself against the rapist’. Violence is the last resort. In South Africa 1995 their was TRC Truth & Reconciliation after Apartheid was abolished an example of none violence against Whites for their crimes against Blacks just an example. Their have been so many Martyrs young men women willing to die for Palestine but in majority of cases they died killing or attempting to kill Israelis. I’m suggesting like minded Palestinians willing to die should without sling shots guns rockets burning tyres simply link arms wear all white & protest peacefully to the fences check points etc. If IDF fire live rounds killing wounding unarmed peaceful demonstrators the world US or Israel couldn’t justify their murder in self defence. Suicide bombs Rockets stab attacks Israel is expanding getting stronger not weaker. I don’t want to see another genocide of the Jews because that is the dark path we’re heading down. Personally truthfully I don’t want to take that path no matter how much I hate the Likud fascist State there must be more imaginative ways of defeating Israeli apartheid rather than the carnage of all out war

  • N_

    The figure for the number of Palestinians wounded in Gaza today by fascist forces is now in excess of 2200.

    Meanwhile Jared Kushner’s billionaire father-in-law, Christian casino owner Donald Trump, called today a “great day for I__ael” because the regime of which he is president has moved its embassy to al-Quds, and Benyamin Netanyahu called today “a glorious day”. Today is the 70th anniversary of the creation of the ethnic supremacist regime in 1948.

    Let us indeed remember. Tomorrow is Nakba day, the commemoration of the Catastrophe, the departure of around 750,000 Palestinian Arabs from their homes in 1948 fleeing terrorist massaces by the fascist forces (such as at Deir Yassin) and ethnic cleansing (such as in Haifa). The large majority of the Arab population in fascist-won territory at that time were thus displaced. No compensation has ever been paid. There have been no reparations. Millions of Palestinians today live in refugee camps. The United Nations figure for Palestinian refugees, including descendants of the 1948 refugees and those who have experienced subsequent waves of fascist terror and expulsion, such as in 1967, and their descendants, who being considered by the fascists to be of inferior race have never been allowed the right of return, stands at 5 million.

  • Sharp Ears

    Sky’s reporting today has been fairer that the state broadcaster’s.

    They had a reporter there too, Alex Rossi, and to give her her due, Burley asked him about the Palestinians.

    Today, there was cruel and premeditated slaughter by a weaponized military of unarmed civilians.

    Gaza has also been bombed today.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    If this is not a reason to be anti – The State of Israel (and the vast majority of Israelis are not Semites, though The Palestinians are), then tell me what is?

    “That change is coming.” ?

    Why on Eath do you think that? The vast majority of people couldn’t give a sh1t. In fact they have been so brainwashed by the UK Government and Press, that they probably support the massacre.

    I am totally disgusted, but my disgust is not going change anything.

    And what exactly has happenned to Assange?

    Whilst no one should trust a word the UK Government says – has he in effect been Skripalled? (Disappeared??)

    Has been chucked out of a helicopter over The North Sea?

    John Pilger knows a lot about these things, particularly as regards to Fascist States supported by The Thatcher Government in Latin / South America

    I never thought we would get so close to that inThe UK, but we are almost there, yet hardly anyone even complains.


    • N_

      I really don’t care whether someone is a Semite or not a Semite, but I was amazed to read an otherwise intelligent-sounding young Jew tell people in a chat room that most Semites were Jewish “except for a few tiny groups” – he was probably thinking of e.g. the Samaritans and he was apparently unaware of the existence of 300 million Semites called “Arabs”. The number of Jews is about 18 million.

      Although Arthur Koestler was good on some things, I suspect his whole “Khazar” discourse was an attempt to create a myth to support the unification of the two main “superman” elites in Budapest.

      • lysias

        Also lots of Semites in Ethiopia and Eritrea. Amharic and other languages there are Semitic languages.

  • Goodwin

    “That change is coming”. Outside of your personal wishful thinking Craig, sadly, no it’s not.

    PS Any of your FCO cronies saying what happened to the Skripals?

    • Tatyana

      Goodwin, I don’t know what is ‘ FCO cronies’, but I’ve seen on russian news today –
      Tomorrow, May 15 at 13pm there will be a meeting in British palement with russian ambassador Yakovenko. The theme of the meeting is not disclosed. I hope they will discuss Sripal

  • djm

    If only people expressed as much concern about an Islamist family blowing up 14 people in churches in Indonesia carrying on a wave of Islamist slaughter against Christians as they do violent protesters being shot trying to breach border fences on Israeli border to commit murder….

    • flatulence

      just been on toolstation, and there are no bolt cutters long enough to cut a wire fence from 100yds away.

      Actually there’s plenty of footage of people just standing around empty handed being shot 100yds away. Children being shot running away from the fence. and who says we don’t care about Indonesia? This forum is in response to a piece about Israel/Palestine, what do you expect?

    • Merkin Scot

      “protesters being shot trying to breach border fences on Israeli border to commit murder….”
      My goodness!
      Israel doesn’t have a declared border – they have a concept of Greater Israel stretching as far as the Euphrates.

    • David Avi

      @ djm : as Buddy Holly sang : “that’ll be the day” (on this blog at least)! If something can’t be blamed on the UK, the USA or Israel, don’t hold your breath waiting for someone to express indignation about it on this blog.

    • bj

      Let me get this straight: you’re totally indifferent to this shooting gallery?

      • David Avi

        Have you ever protested on this blog (or indeed elsewhere) about human rights violations in Arab states? Or even human rights abuses by the Hamas government in Gaza?

        • George

          The old “human rights” mantra. As in fuming against Saddam Hussein’s “human rights violations” – leading to the attack on Iraq which resulted in 650,000 dead at the last count that was permitted. But slaughter is acceptable. “Human rights violations” are not.

        • Jo Dominich

          David, the only human rights abuses in Gaza are those perpetrated by Israel.

    • Jo Dominich

      djm – get real will you – hardly an appropriate comparison – where is your evidence that Palestinians were trying to breach border fences – none – because they were not. The only people committing murder is the Israel Government and the IDF – and by default, Donald Trump

  • Simon

    Israel claims to represent the Jewish people. And for all the protest we ever get to hear about, the Jewsish people of the world seem OK with this. Can this be true? And if not then where are they? Many Jewish people occupy positions of great power and influence, in almost every field — political, scientific, financial, in media, literature, philosophy the arts. Where the hell are their voices? Is this really “good for the Jews”?

    • bj


      There are many Jewish people and people with Jewish roots that are appalled by the situation and circumstances concerning Israel and Palestine and the injustices committed every single day after day.

      Some of them are the brightest intellectuals and activists you could come across.

    • Bayard

      Protest against the state of Israel from Jews is the same as protest against it from anyone else: we don’t get to hear about it.

  • Republicofscotland

    Israel and Saudi Arabia, both are allowed to kill with virtual impunity. The US demonises who it choses to and they (the establishement global corporations etc) so afraid of damaging trade with the US turn a blind eye to the actions of Israel and Saudi Arabia, in the name of a profit.

    The ever obedient media, bar a few honourable journalists, go along with the charade mainly because their livelihoods depend upon it.

  • Merkin Scot

    Tell it as it is.
    The massacre of Palestinians today.
    The ghettoisation of Gaza – part of the slow genocide of the Palestinians.
    Supported by the US and UK.

    • Republicofscotland

      Indeed, in my opinion the US and Trump can no longer be considered in any way, part of a future peace deal if one ever materialises.

  • N_

    I get the picture that today’s Kushner and US diplomatic effort in al-Quds, complete with the “Trump Trump Trump” fascist Nuremburg show, may trigger at least as big an event chain as the infamous Ariel “Sabra and Chatila” Sharon stompabout on the Haram al-Sharif (Temple Mount) in 2000.

  • Mark Russell

    The BBC Six O’clock news tonight featured an interview with an Israeli settlement activist, marching through a Palestinian area of Jerusalem today:

    Israeli: “No one is saying Arabs can’t live here, but the sovereignty belongs to…”
    BBC: “You find saying the word Palestinian difficult, don’t you?”
    Israeli: “There are Arabs living in this area…”
    BBC: “Why don’t you just say they’re Palestinian?”
    Israeli: “There’s no reason to.”
    BBC: “Why?”
    Israeli: “Because there’s no such thing as the Palestinian people, there never has been.”

    A few miles away, IDF snipers shot over 2,000 unarmed Palestinians whilst tanks, assault aircraft and drones fired missiles into Gaza. And everyone cheers as Bibi sings the Star Spangled Banner.

    How utterly fucking repugnant.

    • Jo Dominich

      Mark, I couldn’t have said it better myself. Yet no strong international condemnation

  • Kal

    This was not a peaceful protest by the Palestinians. As usual, they send their violence prone teenage and twenty-year old thugs to do their dirty work, as if the IDF were marching on them to take them out. A “rock” hurled by a long sling can tear through a person’s skull (remember what happened to the giant, Goliath?). These rebellious, immature youths use this weapon of choice for the well-placed photographers who are quick to aid their rebellion through their “perfectly timed” photographs. Where are their supposedly mature parents, who should be there grabbing them by the scruff of their necks and dragging them home, and making them do their chores around the house, and finish their studies to make something better out of themselves instead of the thugs that they are? Doesn’t sound like good parenting to me.

    • Mark Russell

      The problem is, Kal, they can’t go “home”. When they do try, they are slaughtered. Perhaps you should revisit Goliath and think long and hard about the outcome. Clearly you missed the lesson in your studies. Amongst many others.

      • flatulence

        And Goliath probably wasn’t wearing a state of the art IDF military helmet.

    • Tony_0pmoc

      Kal, American? Evangelical Christian? Praying for Armageddon to be Raptured and go straight to heaven?

    • Republicofscotland


      Yeah those poor IDF soldiers, all they have to defend themselves from stones thrown mainly by kids are state of the art weapons and body armour.

      Give the British historian Niall Ferguson a bell, I’m sure between your outlook on the Palestinian occupation and his dodgy history books, both of you could find away of blaming the Palestinian’s for all the killing and displacements that have materialised in Palestine since 1948.

      • flatulence

        “all they have to defend themselves from stones thrown mainly by kids are state of the art weapons and body armour”

        snap, you beat me to it.

    • David Avi


      You are both right and wrong, in that well over half of the Arab population of Gaza is under 18. Lots of youngsters, therefore.

      Interestingly, that statistic (same story in the West Bank) makes a mockery of the claim that Israel is engaging in a “genocide” (“slow” or otherwise) of the Palestinians. And that’s not to mention the increase in the Arab Israeli population. Some “genocide”!

      • Skyblaze

        People having kids does not morally counter balance the IDF shooting innocent people

        • David Avi

          But it does make nonsense of claims of Israeli “genocide” (slow or fast) of the Palestinians.

          • Jo Dominich

            No David it does not make sense of Israeli ‘genocide’ of the Palestinians – it is precisely what is happening – the massacre at Jenine – in a peaceful area and involved the slaughter of hundreds of people – is just one such example. The carpet bombing of Gaza almost to destruction is another one. I could go on. The Israel Govt objective is clearly to remove the Palestinian nation – as per the comment of the Israeli above – there are no Palestinians and never have been – that is why the Israeli Govt, especially under that fascist, war criminal former terrorist Netanyahoo, are not remotely interested in any peace deal involving a two nation solution – because they are enjoying, way too much, the murder and genocide of Palestinians. The truth is ugly and it hurts but it is nevertheless the truth.

      • Keith McClary

        The State of the Jewish People would have to gun down at least 400 per day to meet your definition of genocide.

    • George

      What a quaint little fantasy world. Goliath too, eh? Hey – don’t forget the parting of the Red Sea. And maybe the whore of Babylon will show up too?

    • bj

      Ludicrous. Israel is a lunatic state.
      It killed 52 people today, and you are talking about ‘parenting’.

    • Sharp Ears

      Yes Mark Russell. Wasn’t he objectionable? Hate in his heart. To him the Palestinians (Arabs to him) are the unteruntermenschen.

    • Jo Dominich

      Kal, you really are ignorant. This is about Israel wanting to and executing the massacre of unarmed Palestinians. It’s not a fair fight is it? 2200 Palestinians dead or injured – Israeli casualties – None. Never forget that Israel really enjoy the persecution and murder of Palestinians so they will continue to do so at every opportunity.

  • Tom

    Excellent work, Craig. The double standards of our media and politicians are truly sickening.
    But I suspect Israel has been overreached over the past few months and that some kind of tipping point is approaching.

  • bj

    Also this, friends.
    We all feel the events of today, and every day before, are becoming unbearable.
    I certainly feel that way, and I am not alone.
    But we must not despair, we must keep our sanity, and refresh our minds now and then.
    That’s the only way to keep our strength and resolve.

    Do not feel ashamed or guilty to set your mind off of the gruesome reality of today — or any day; the energy you devote to signalling injustice, must be replenished.
    So weep & enjoy.

    Try to read some. Like this:
    http://normanfinkelstein.com/ (he has a new book on Gaza)

    Order a book and await it in uplifting anticipation:

    Or watch and listen to some great music:

  • Jones

    mass murder is perhaps more accurate. 52 murdered, 6 below age 18, 2,400 maliciously wounded many by attempted murder, 200 below the age 18, 78 women and 11 journalists. Bullets against stones is not a clash it is murder, which Israel repeatedly carries out knowing western world turns a blind eye and with support from western media. Personally i don’t see much change coming for the Palestinian people, just more of the same, the Israel excusers are not suddenly going to develop a conscience.

    an opinion on western media’s use of words >> https://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/opinion/media-mass-deception-180409092703608.html

  • Jack

    Israel is the epitome of the worst, a combination of apartheid policies (land theft, occupation, ethnic cleansing) and nazism (sheer racism, systematic callous massmurdering of the subjected victim).

    I wonder whats going on in the minds of EU states that cant even level criticism at Israel, are they as indifferent to massmurdering as Israel? It looks like that. Shame on you, disgusting people!

    • David Avi

      Perhaps, Jack, because they don’t share your wish to have Israel written out of the page of history and have the land and its people subsumed into one of those ghastly Arab tyrant states which currently surround it.

      • Ross

        If the price of Israel’s continued existence is giving the IDF carte blanche to murder civilians, then the price is too high.

        • David Avi

          That comment is as silly (and weasely) as saying ” If the price of Assad Syria’s continued existence is giving his secret police carte blanche to imprison, exile, torture and murder its own citizens, then the price is too high”.
          Ross off!

          • Jo Dominich

            David, you really are in denial are you not? For God’s sake, no-one with an ounce of humanity or decency can even think to defend the Israeli Government’s actions in Palestine. Don’t go bringing Assad and Syria into this – you are not speaking with any facts or evidence – the USA however, do exile, torture and murder not only their own citizens but others too. Your comments about the ‘ghastly Arab states’ that surround Israel is truly pathetic and has no justification. Israel is the only ‘ghastly’ state in the Middle East – it is a rogue regime, oblivious to international law, oblivious to any humanity or to the rule of law. It is a shameful disgrace to the international community. Stop defending the indefensible – they are a fascist, terrorist state who enjoy killing Palestinians – no more no less.

      • Jack

        David Avi

        It will always be people like you, that even in your own name, write that you support massmurdering. That if anything shows how off in the head people like you are. You cant fantasize any victimized theory to justify murdering people you want – people who are mentally healthy dont support this., You are simply vile.

          • Jack

            David Avi

            Of course you wont realize killing 60 youngsters make people angry, apparently killing is professed as something normal and good alas the nazi comparsion is apt.

          • Jo Dominich

            David, this is a ridiculous comment. There is nothing amusing or funny about what is happening to the Palestinians at the hands of the Israeli Government and you seem to think it is a terribly amusing game. I am sure if the Palestinians were the ones in control and were treating the Israeli’s in this manner you would be shouting, massacre! Fascism! War! Stop laughing at what is a situation that should be a shameful disgrace to the international community. More importantly, stop supporting a Fascist, terrorist Government that is Israel.

      • George

        The old defensive hyperbole. And an inversion. The only way to stop Israel being “written out of the page of history” is to have the Palestinians so erased as happened when the above mentioned Israeli settlement activist said, “… there’s no such thing as the Palestinian people, there never has been.”

      • Skyblaze

        Israel should never have been created. It’s been a constant block to peace in the region

  • Ross

    Not a peep of condemnation of this atrocity from the toadies who so loudly and widely promulgated the phoney Labour antisemitism meme.

    • Jack

      ..which of course tells us all how “phoney” they were to begin with. But that was perhaps a propaganda campaign by the israeli lobby in Britain to silence the violence we now see by israel..

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