At 16.00 Today I Was 7

Juggling my itinerary for media appearances in Turkey next week to promote the Turkish edition of Murder in Samarkand, to enable me to get back to participate in an event on Saturday 9 April.

I have the Sri Lanka/New Zealand match on in the background. It looked a lot more hopeless for New Zealand at 16.00 than it does now. I still think Sri Lanka will make it, though.

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7 thoughts on “At 16.00 Today I Was

  • vronsky

    You must cease and desist from this 1600 thing. After just a couple of days I feel my life is competely pointless around 1600, and therefore probably more generally. Sampled activities, 1600:

    * heating yesterday's fish pie although it smells a bit funny then eating it anyway.
    * trying to find the leak in the upstairs bathroom, lying on the floor peering under the bath, no idea what to expect.
    * going out to the garage to get something, opening the door and forgetting what it was – then just standing there for a bit.

    Please stop now.

  • Frazer

    At 16.00 yesterday I was scanning Sky News…well, someone has to ..
    As the so called royal wedding draws near I am subjected to more hype about the happy couple. As Craig says, who give's a fuck. I do not give a shit that there are stamps issued , nor will I be tempted to buy a wedding mug or any of the other cheap crap bieng foisted on gooey eyed tourists and gullable members of the public.
    It has always been my opinion that the royal family ( note no capitals) are a bunch of parasites; Andy pandy and his chummy Libyan buddies, Fergie and embarassing offspring, Harry the thug, not to mention the nutcase dad completely out of touch and talking to trees..
    Boot them all out of the many palaces they own, nationalise the art collection and all the other stuff they have stashed away and give them a small place in Milton Keynes.
    As to the upcoming nuptials, you really don't think hm is footing the bill, nope it will be funded by us taxpayers as usual. !!
    Don't even get me started on CPB !!!

  • somebody

    You can't have missed Frank 'I Was There Gardner' spewing out the royal war propaganda on BBC News as P Harrry prances around in Spitzbergen with some limbless ex Army men who are going to the North Pole. Today he was frolicking around in an immersion suit.

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