The Most Undemocratic Government For Over A Century 36

Led by Lord Mandelson, whose titles now include “First Secretary of State and Lord President of the Council”, there are now seven members of the Cabinet in the House of Lords. Gordon Brown is bringing in his unelected cronies to rule us.

This is an incredible step back in time for British democracy. It is the most Cabinet Ministers from the unelected House of Lords for over a century.

My first thought was that it was the most ministers from the House of Lords since the government of Lord Salisbury was defeated by the Liberals.,_3rd_Marquess_of_Salisbury#Lord_Salisbury.27s_First_Government.2C_July_1885.E2.80.93February_1886

But incredibly, I am pretty sure that Gordon Brown’s government is less democratic than Lord Salisbury’s, because several of Salisbury’s ministers, like Lord Randolph Churchill and Lord Hamilton, were sons of peers and actually elected to the house of Commons. I haven’t checked it, but my suspicion is that this is the most undemocratic Cabinet since the Liberal Unionists walked out on Gladstone in the 1870s.

This really does defy belief. This is the Labour Party?

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36 thoughts on “The Most Undemocratic Government For Over A Century

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  • Craig


    I confess not to have the slightest notion who Gerald James is. But I really wish you wouldn’t quote him absolutely all the time. You seem to have a cult or something.

  • KevinB

    Abe Rene,

    The only people who believe the official 9/11 conspiracy theory…..(for the “Al Qaida did it” theory is just that)…..are those who have never examined the evidence.

    ….but I don’t really want to raise this issue here.

    There is another incredible official conspiracy theory out there. It is that the 600+ people we elect to parliament every 4/5 years are the real power in this country……..and that who we vote for really matters, when there are only two possible outcomes in any national election…..those ones….

    ……what a giggle.

  • mary

    It is worthy of note that the BBC have these items prominent on their main UK page this morning.

    *Call to back PM as unrest grows*

    Influential left-wing backbencher John Cruddas joins those backing the PM, saying ousting him would be “madness”.

    *UK ‘must log’ phone and web use*

    A former spy chief at GCHQ says that logging communications is vital in the fight against terrorism.

  • Ruth


    Read Gerald James’ article then you’ll have a better understanding. Also it’ll help put the Sandline scandal into perspective.

    I use Gerald James speech frequently because it exemplifies exactly what has/is going on.

    What he says is extremely important if you want to know how deep corruption really is not just in government but in the judiciary which conceals illegal activity.

    Someone wanting to enter Parliament should have an understanding how things really are. An approach whereby everything will be put to right if we have honest politicians is naive.

    It’s essential to try and understand where important decisions are made and why.

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