Ten Facts About Craig Murray Part 1 32

I have been told that many people in Blackburn know nothing of me, so I have made ten short videos giving ten facts about Craig Murray. I am posting one a day to be followed by ten equally short videos giving key policies for the future.

So here is number one:

Our campaign HQ is looking rather smart

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32 thoughts on “Ten Facts About Craig Murray Part 1

  • Not 4BwD [was "Anonymous"]

    A brilliant strategy, well executed. Well done Craig Murray, well done South Africa.

    Bogota has now suspended Colombia’s sales of coal to the genocidal apartheid state.

    “With natural gas available aplenty in its Mediterranean waters, Israel has reduced the share of coal in its electricity mix to around 20 percent.”

    Erm, isn’t the gas mostly in Palestine’s Mediterranean waters?

    • Not 4BwD [was "Anonymous"]

      “And because the apartheid accusation is rarely discussed in the mainstream media, the facts I outline here comparing the West Bank to apartheid South Africa are rarely presented as a group to support it. The accusation may now be forbidden on campus without ever having received a fair hearing in public debate. This is all the more likely because media attention is rightfully monopolized by Israel’s genocidal war in Gaza and the Hamas massacre that provoked it.”

      Duncan Kennedy ’64 is the Carter Professor of General Jurisprudence, Emeritus at Harvard Law School.


    Brilliant! You belong in parliament … wish you victory, but even standing and using the platform to make the case is a huge achievement.

  • Tatyana

    Cool presentation! Brief, factual, logical. Mr. Murray has an absolutely remarkable ability to express himself clearly. Without double meanings, simply and clearly: what has been done, what can be done, and how exactly to help continue it. Bravo!

  • AG

    – Good. Text is ok (even I get it). Speed too.
    – Could your team take care of shielding micros from windy sounds. This effect is disturbing and unnecessary. You are not out in the open sea.
    – Do a proper zoom. Or try the cut instead.
    – Consider going closer with the camera.
    – After delivering a VIP-info à la “Ramaphosa who I knew” do try not to stare off camera for a moment, it comes across a bit snobby. Generally don’t stare off. This shot has two such stares.
    – You´re convincing when faced to the camera even when you are not speaking.
    – Keep your hands guarded the way you do now. Otherwise you’d be fiddling like when you do when you give a speech in public.
    – “I was there” is strong.

    I don’t know your concept of course.
    Perhaps it is different single shots in various places.

    Thanks for sharing even with your foreign audience who has zero say in this election.

    (Unless Tatyana, me, Jack and a few others decide to do a “1066” all over again defeating your huge Armed Forces. Maybe even with a little help from Macron.)

    • Tatyana

      IMO, the video is just perfect as it is. You suggest some “art of scene”, perfecting and embellishment, which is absolutely unnecessary here. Let it stay natural.
      Me personally am quite fed up with all those men making performance in front of cameras in their khaki clothes, with a two-month beard, evil eyes and clichéd propaganda calls to continue the killing. For a change, it’s nice to see a calm, educated, balanced speaker in a suit and tie (and shaved!), saying logical, reasonable things, calling to STOP the killings. And I don’t care about the sound of the wind.

      • AG

        I like the video too!
        But what does it help if all of us say the same thing “oh it´s a beautiful painting, kid”-style
        So yes, I m trying to get all “picture perfect” 😉

        • Tatyana

          Well, I don’t want Mr. Murray to waste his attention next time on where to look and where to put his hands in the frame. The main thing in his video is the message.
          He’s not Conchita Wurst at Eurovision, or Zelensky in the US Congress, or Sarah Ashton Cirillo on YouTube. So the ‘painting’ is beautiful enough for me.

    • will moon

      “Unless Tatyana, me, Jack and a few others decide to do a “1066” all over again defeating your huge Armed Forces. Maybe even with a little help from Macron.”

      Yes, I seem to remember Harald Hadrada came from Scandinavia, while William came from Normandy, so it is possible, I suppose. As for the size our Armed Forces, they maybe small, but haven’t you heard – they “punch above their weight”, I have been told by various Pols here in Blighty. The problem is, of course, they are all off invading other countries. Now if they could be brought home , you, AG and your “Grand Alliance” wouldn’t stand a chance – as GG has been saying “Come and have a go if you think you are hard enough”

      Instead of course they are punching above their weight, all over the world, so it will be a stroll in the park for you.

      Rishi, if you are reading this, bring the troops home to defend our shores from this continental threat. The troops need to be here where home and heart are. The country would think better of you

      “We hit the jungle just as it starts to monsoon
      Our maps showed no rainfall
      All the boys were depressed by this circumstance
      Trust in the weather to bless agricultural man
      Who gives birth to more farmhands, don’t ask me why.
      Back at headquarters khaki decisions are made
      File under ‘Futile’, that should give you its main point of reference
      It’s all so confusing, what with pythons and then deadly flies
      But to them it’s a picnic, don’t ask me why.

      Back in Blighty there was you
      There were milkmen every morning
      Fuck these endless shiny trees
      Never used to be that way.”
      Back in Judy’s Jungle, Brian Eno (1986)

      • Tatyana

        Before deciding on a new 1066, I would like to know what you have there that we don’t have here?
        Is the game worth the candle?
        Google says that the entire area of ​​​​Britain is 240 thousand square kilometers, ours is 70 times larger. Uninhabited Siberia alone would fit 53 of your countries.
        I don’t know who here would suddenly think that we really lack it – another piece of land with cold seas and rocky islands – so much that we need to go across the Europe and fight for it.

        • AG

          Well Mrs. T. in Western Europe we have some great Vodka, some delicious borscht, fantastic Pelmeni, and the Napoleon cake is not called Napoleon and not Gorbachev cake without a reason. Right?!
          And if I want an authentic Poutine, I have to go to fucking Canada!
          Do YOU actually have food named after your supreme leader? Except that Vodka.
          The French even have macarons, which comes very close, you have to admit.
          They will come up with some Le Pens thingy too by 2027, that´s certain. (If the French patissiers can rig the election.)
          And I am sure the Brits have countless goodies named after their Lords and Counts and what-not.
          And if you grant me enough time and booze I am sure I will come up with dozens of fantastic German stuff that you don´t have, like Tiger tanks, and Panther tanks, and Marder APCs and those Thales Air defense systems and various guns and rifles that carry cool German names. What have your arms guys ever invented since Mr. Kalashnikov? Hm?
          If you want to mass murder people, where you go first?
          Right, you visit a shop with German small-arms. Because we are very good at that. Sorry to break it to you. After all – to quote “The Big Lebowski” – “You have to admit, the Nazis did have ethos.”

          • Tatyana

            And Jack might say a word about Greta Thunberg, people say she is now very much concerned about the fate of the unfortunate Leopards, Tigers and Panthers; she heard that Russia is exterminating them in the Ukrainian fields.
            Oh, I want you to name your next wunderwaffle “cute little puppy”! just imagine Greta’s face 🙂

        • will moon

          Tatyana yes alright but have you been to Scotland, its the best part of England, sorry I mean Britain

          I spent several years on a lonely windswept island of the coast of the country. It was incredible – beyond words

          I’m sure Russia offers many, many places I would feel the same depth of emotion but living with the sun, sea, wind, rain , mist, fog, storms and all the rest, (often in one day lol) would be hard to beat. I love coastal marine, your northern shores, whilst incredibly beautiful have a slightly more Arctic and sub-Artic look to them, though I guess would be happy in Vladivostok and the coast of Primorsky Krai. Maybe its the latitude, maybe its the longitude, I just can’t say but Scotland is definitely something worth fighting for, imo.

          But you don’t need to invade, just use an off-shore investment vehicle and you will be able to buy a home or a holiday home, even if you are a (rich) Russian

          • Tatyana

            Oh, Will Moon, you really don’t need to advertise the pleasure of invading Scotland to me 🙂 We had a long and informative discussion here some years ago.
            I learned 2 things worth invading: Lagavulin and kilts. I intended to craft a stick with a hook, to use it in the streets, to make sure you guys don’t make fool of me saying that Scott men wear nothing under their kilts.
            I became a little older since, still am interested 🙂

          • will moon

            The kilt used to be a huge piece of cloth that would allow the wearer to withstand the outdoor climate. The little short kilt came in the 18th Century, this from wiki

            “it is first recorded in the 16th century as the great kilt, a full-length garment whose upper half could be worn as a cloak. The small kilt or modern kilt emerged in the 18th century”

            By the way I live in England but was fortunate to spend many years in Scotland, living in both urban and rural settings there, I loved the moors and coasts

            You may know the Carry On films, a long series of bawdy comedy movies made over a fifteen year period something like 1955-1970. One of these was called “Carry On Up The Khyber” shot in Wales, it told a story of Afghanistan, complete with a “Khazi” (Brit slang for lavatory), just like the American puppet lol, an Osama bin Laden figure trying to incite a Holy War and a British army regiment who wear kilts and nothing under. They have been trained to lift them in battle and the story turns on the Afghan resistance capturing a Brit soldier who is wearing underpants thus denting the prestige of the kilt-wearing flashers. The film ends with a massive Imperial kilt-lifting operation thus routing the Afghan insurrection and its “Osama” leader.

  • M.J.

    Good start, and the ‘shop front’ does look smart. Look forward to seeing all ten videos, and hopefully they will deal with UK/Blackburn issues as well.
    The posters look as though they block natural light getting into the campaign HQ, but maybe that’s not so important under the circumstances. Anyway they will stop anyone pointing cameras at the people inside.
    The layout of words on the poster between you and Galloway looks strange. Maybe that one could be replaced at some point with one emphasizing local/UK issues.

  • Giyane

    Tobias Smollett , End pages of History of England , Vol.II.

    ” The next effort of the minister was obliquely levelled at the liberty of rhe press, which it was much for his interest to abridge. The errors of his conduct, the mystery of that corruption which he had so successfully reduced to a system, and all the blemishes of his administration, had been exposed and ridiculed, not only in political periodical writings produced by the most eminent hands, but likewise in a succession of theatrical pieces, which met with uncommon success with the common people…

    A bill was brought in to limit the number of playhouses; to subject all dramatick writers to the inspection of the Lord-Chamberlain …

    In this (parliamentary) debate the Earl of ” Chesterfield distinguished himself by an excellent speech, that will ever endear his character to all friends of genius and literature, to all who are warmed to the zeal for the liberties of their country …”

    Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer , by their brazen support for the genocide of Palestinians, have reversed political freedom back three centuries to the time of the British colonial genocide of Scotland.

    If I can find a way to get a postal vote, I will give it to the Workers Party candidate in Hodge Hill, Birmingham, against Labour’s Liam Byrne.
    Good luck in Bradford Craig.

    • Peter


      Getting a postal vote shouldn’t be a problem, but don’t dawdle. Assuming you’re already registered to vote you have seven days. If you’re not registered to vote you have six days to register:

      “Deadline for registering to vote in the General Election

      Register by 11:59pm on 18 June 2024 to vote in the General Election on 4 July 2024.

      If you live in England, Wales or Scotland:

      If you want to apply online for a postal vote, you must apply by 5pm on 19 June 2024.

      If you want to apply by post for a postal vote, you must get your postal vote application to your local Electoral Registration Office by 5pm on 19 June 2024.”


      Oh, and btw, Craig is standing in Blackburn.

  • Jack

    “A single state of Palestine, from the river to the sea” reads one of the posters, Is the one-state solution your stance? I have come to embrace that idea more and more past months, if jews, muslims, arabs could live side by side elsewhere in the world, why would not that be possible in Palestine too? There is nothing standing against that idea theoretically, sure various confidence-building-measures is going to be needed but that should not be a problem.

    The israeli state is such a bizarre anomaly, especially in the year 2024. A state only for a certain ethnicity – where a certain ethnic group have more rights than other ethnicity, a state which a non-jew could not move to. What is that if not racism? All those liberals in the US/EU that bend over backwards to support Israel would of course never support a similar racist regime in their own societies. Just imagine if there was a european state that only took in white people and that white people had more rights than people of color!? Unheard of, but that is what is going on in Israel (when it comes to ethnicity hierarchization), openly.

    One liberal argument that the european liberal politicians often use is the claim that to quell racist ideas, views, sentiments in europe, europe should embrace immigration from african, middle eastern nations.
    So why not encourage immigration of africans, middle easterns to Israel, teaching the israelis that they are not above anyone else.

    • Stevie Boy

      Funnily enough, prior to WW1, the various ethno-religeous groups: Palestinian, Jew, Christian, Muslim, etc; all lived together in relative peace. It was only the West’s desire to destroy the Ottomans that f*cked it all up. And, apparently the Palestinians have closer historical/DNA ties with the ancient Israelites than most of the 1948 incomers from Eastern Europe.
      Israel is basically a fake country, populated by fake jews, supported 100% by the West, see article:
      “Everything About Israel Is Fake” (by Caitlin Johnstone, 8 Jun 2024) – https://www.globalresearch.ca/everything-israel-fake/5859666

      • will moon

        “the West’s desire to destroy the Ottomans that f*cked it all up”

        Note Stevie Boy, a Caliph and a Sultan rolled into one supreme figure, was abolished in two steps

        In 1922 the Sultanate was abolished and then in 1924 the Caliphate was abolished

        I think the Caliph was the nominal Supreme Leader in Sunni Islam, the majority division in this intercontinental religion and the Sultan was supreme in Ottoman landsThe removal of the Caliph left Sunni Islam without it’s historical structure, without it’s supreme unifying theme. The results are disputed both in Turkiye and the former Ottoman provinces as well as in the wider non-Ottoman world yet it is difficult to imagine the foundation of a polity of such a singular nature as that of the Jewish State with a Caliph sitting in Istanbul.

      • Robin Banks

        “the West’s desire to destroy the Ottomans that f*cked it all up”

        And the British pursuit of it’s Zionist agenda established in the mid-19th century.

      • Bayard

        “It was only the West’s desire to destroy the Ottomans that f*cked it all up.”

        The desire to destroy the Ottomans was achieved in WWI. It was the desire to get one over on the French afterwards that f*cked up Palestine. And Zionism, of course, but that was just the chosen weapon.

  • will moon

    This is a good clip. If this is the first it will be interesting to see how they will develop

    This might be a silly thought but I will offer it anyway. Whilst watching, a thought emerged – maybe I was watching the birth of something new, something massive but as yet still unseen. Maybe just yourself Mr Murray as a “voice” in the maelstrom but maybe something greater.

    The People get slagged a lot, for being dumbed-down, disinterested or whatever but I don’t agree. It is all about “access” with them. They know Pols lie, necessarily, but there is a “place” from which they can be spoken to, both as individuals and as group – in this short vid you are touching on this “place” I suggest. The sum of all their fears, the seat of all their hopes – a place where they are “Monarchs” as individuals, amongst a multitude of “Monarchs”, their compadres. If you can nail this down, well who knows?

    I apologise for the vagueness of this observation but I think the term is “Register” but from my delving into sociolinguistics I am aware that the concept is neither fully understood nor satisfactorily explained by mainstream theoreticians. I guess recent neurological research will be folded into the academic work on this concept and a more rounded explanatory framework will emerge but as of yet the field is still open for inspired amateurs, such as yourself. Your previous vocation of diplomacy and the training required therein, is the closest thing we see in the world to a working expression of an understanding of the term “Register” so I feel you are well placed, and indeed demonstrate in the above clip, a movement to exploiting this as of yet untapped social and political resource. In the end you are selling your own self-image to the voters – nothing more, nothing less

  • M.J.

    Just had an idea: why not have some cut watermelons (protected by clingfilm) on display, with an invitation to make further enquiries as to the meaning of the symbol?
    If it’s a hot day and you have a book and pamphlet table, you could give out slices of watermelon on ice with an invitation to enquire further about the symbolism.
    The meaning would include the need for the watermelon at all – the suppression of free speech and academic freedom in Israel, especially in the occupied territories.

  • Dengie 101

    Lovely video your smart, look comfortable and to the point.
    For the next video can you set the scene on a windy hillside with a extra large microphone.Just like Fyfe Robertson.

  • nap

    This video may appeal to a certain kind of voter (the kind who reads your blog).

    But I think the average voter might prefer to see Craig without a suit and tie out and about among the people of Blackburn, in homes, a restaurant, in the street, in a mosque (?), wherever, to give him more of a human touch.

    Also filmed endorsements by a variety of good-looking local citizens – I’ll be voting for Craig Murray because… (maybe also in other languages than English).

    Just a thought…

  • Alyson

    Can you get yourselves interviewed on GB News? It is touted as a right wing outlet but it prides itself on letting everyone have their say. Given that George Galloway hasn’t been invited to a Leaders Debate that might be an angle to pursue. And for you to present your clear and illuminating perspective it might gain some traction if the response of viewers is favourable. We need an independent news outlet even if it gets criticised by everyone who disagrees with what they present.
    Good luck Mr Murray. The world needs your wisdom and insight.