Our Current Campaign Leaflet 86

This is what we are currently putting through doors.

In 50 years of political campaigning I have never before known a leaflet which in itself changes people’s attitudes towards you immediately. This one really does, in the most positive way possible.

Do come and help me campaign. It is enjoyable to be on the side of good and seeking to defy the two big pro-Genocide parties. Floor space is available if you need it.

Contact [email protected]

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86 thoughts on “Our Current Campaign Leaflet

  • Goose

    That Deputy Foreign Minister endorsement is powerful.

    If I may suggest, you could also try using powerful psychological techniques used in marketing, as the big two parties do:


    For it’s no good simply trying to sell yourself up against a campaign cash- and volunteer-rich juggernaut like Labour; you have to contrast your position with their candidate’s & the others. Politics is a dirty business, and it’s especially dirty under FPTP (winner-take-all) – you’re in a tough fight. As long as you’re being honest about your positions and theirs, I see nothing wrong with using tactics they’ll employ against you, against them. Have a cast-iron commitment never to vote for any war, or military intervention, against a Muslim country, and then challenge, and contrast, that to Labour’s candidate, who I’d wager will not offer such a commitment.

    • Reza

      Labour will not want to get into any debates with Craig, on the Gaza genocide or on any other policy issue. They will lose and be shamed. There is only one weapon in the Labour armoury – smears.

      • Goose

        Well, yes…

        ‘If the mountain will not come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go to the mountain.’

        If Craig looks like winning, Labour will use all manner of dirty tricks. You’ve seen how the Starmerites treat their own party members. They’ll be privately polling in the constituency, and they have well-established postal and proxy voting advantages from previous election campaigns.
        Attacking rivals’ positions may feel somewhat undignified, but attack ads do work, as we know from the US. Anyone picked to stand as a candidate by Starmer’s ‘Changed’ Labour party, will almost certainly be no friend of those communities Craig is trying to win over. Even if that candidate is of that community.

        • will moon

          According to Not And Mar show, there is another independent running against K Starmer as well as Andrew Feinstein.

          Cadres will be cadres.

        • Reza

          Another independent pro-Palestine candidate has also popped up in Blackburn, from the local Muslim community. I don’t know if this is another Establishment plant to divide and conquer, as seems the case in places like Stratford and Bow. It would be interesting to know what Craig thinks, although he may not want to say anything until after the election.

          • will moon

            Reza, the guy in Holborn and St Pancras was extremely unconvincing on the clip on NTAM. The host became a bit strident with the candidate, which seemed unusual as the host is quite a genial guy

            I think there is continuum of responses – these “independents” represent the first wave of responses to the roils in the political space, along with attacks by the media. It is all about risk assessment for “the Establishment” – grades of concern, warning lights blinking on the console of our “managed democracy” – all contained within the varied meanings of one phrase – “the People are revolting”

  • M.J.

    Typo in the quote from Peter Oborne on both sides, one ‘r’ in Murray. Good luck with ending Israeli genocide and apartheid.

    • Lapsed Agnostic

      It’s worse than that MJ:

      Para 4: ‘bewtween’ should be ‘between’

      Para 5: ‘was’ should be ‘war’

      Para 9: ‘Internation’ should be ‘International’

      Para 11: ‘Switzerland.Craig’ should be ‘Switzerland. Craig’

      Roger Waters’ quote: ‘rights VOTE’ should be ‘rights. VOTE’

      Plus the ones you spotted.

      I’ve only given it the once through, so I may have missed some. Our host should have put the text up on here and asked if anyone could spot any typos, before sending it off to the printers. Never mind – worse things happen.

      • craig Post author

        Actually this was the final draft that went to the printer. All the typos except one were picked up at the printer, but I don’t have the file they printed on.

        • Lapsed Agnostic

          Thanks for your reply Boss. Well done to the printers – I’d imagine that most of them wouldn’t bother with things like that these days, just download the file and press Print x50000, or however many. Incidentally, do you still have to put the printer’s name and address on the leaflets by law? Also, well done to you, or whoever wrote it, on the correct use of the word ‘whom’ – I reckon that 95%+ of people in Britain these days wouldn’t see anything amiss with using the word ‘who’ instead, though in this instance they’d be wrong. Good luck with the campaign.

          • Lapsed Agnostic

            Correction: Just realised I probably should have written ‘to whomever wrote it’ in the above comment. Easily done. Apologies all round.

          • Lysias

            Should be “to whoever wrote it”, as ” whoever” is the subject of “wrote”.

          • Lapsed Agnostic

            Thanks for your reply Lysias. Maybe you’re right, though the pronoun ‘you’ follows a preposition, so maybe I’m right. The key question is: Would ‘he’ (or ‘she’) be the subject or the object in the phrase ‘to he (or she) who wrote it’? Maybe both expressions are grammatically correct. Are there any grammar tutors in the house?

          • Lapsed Agnostic

            As there appear to be no grammar tutors available and it’s still the Sabbath in what passes for Christendom, let’s do a Bible verse to help us out with our grammar problem:

            Second Epistle to the Corinthians, Chapter 5, Verse 21: ‘God made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us…’ (New International Version)

            According to the NIV translators, whom one would expect to know a thing or two about English grammar, in this verse, Christ appears to be in object form (Him), rather than subject form (He), despite performing the action of not knowing sin.

            Now, if some wild-eyed, mystic Old Testament prophet (who had mystically acquired the ability to write in modern English, albeit without perfect grammar) was getting messages from the Almighty telling him that God would create a human entity who would be the first not to commit any sins to absolve humankind of sin, but that prophet didn’t know whether that entity would come in male or female form, he might have written the following in his prophetic book:

            ‘God will make whoever will know no sin to be sin for us.’

            However, on the basis the above verse, the NIV translators would very likely amend this to:

            ‘God will make whomever will know no sin to be sin for us.’

            So the take-home message is: God says I’m right. Here endeth the lesson. Go in peace to love and serve the Lord. Amen.

            P.S. According to the Electoral Commission, general election leaflets still have to include the printer’s name & address by law.

          • Tom Welsh

            Thanks for making that point, Lysias. I am sure you are correct, although one sees people getting it wrong all the time.

            “Whoever wrote it” is a self-contained clause, which should not be changed however the clause as a whole is used in a sentence.

  • Reza

    That Lowkey endorsement is huge. Probably even bigger the foreign minister’s. For years he has been Mr Palestine in the UK and is regarded as one of the best informed and most intelligent commenters on the issue of his generation.

    • will moon

      The thing is Reza, I know it’s not a much-mentioned youth thing integrity but it’s real for the youth. They know bullshit and bullshitters – for every exemplar they have to wade knee deep in it. In the process of their “education” they meet a lot of these folk. Lowkey ain’t no bullshitter, even I can see that and I am far from young.

      Whether these younger folk can be motivated to vote is another matter. I saw a guy, a human right lawyer, who ran an interesting campaign recently in the Midlands for a Mayoralty, I think he had a good response, using word of mouth and Tiktok, only narrowly losing – I think his name was Ahmed Yakoob

        • will moon

          It is ok, already checked the Birmingham local paper, thanks – you go for the path of least resistance, I’ll chew mine up in actual pieces of info not intelligence-curated slurry. Thanks though.

          “But it was not to be – with Labour overcoming the challenge of an independent Gaza-campaigning Tik Tok lawyer to take the win. It has been a desperately tight finish.
          Labour sources had spent time talking down their chances yesterday amid fears their vote in inner city Muslim majority Birmingham areas has been badly hurt by the Gaza crisis backlash against the party and their leader Sir Keir Starmer. Feisty independent campaigner Akhmed Yakoob has made a big impression.”
          — Birmingham Mail 4 May 2024

          It’s big news in Birmingham but not in wiki hmm?

          Do you ever find yourself wondering about wiki?

          • Lapsed Agnostic

            Thanks for your reply Will. If the path of least resistance is good enough for electricity, it’s good enough for me. The Wiki article cites the election results from the West Midlands Combined Authority website, which I would imagine is a reasonably authoritative source. Do I ever find myself wondering about Wikipedia? Wondering what about it, may I ask?

          • will moon

            Wondering whether Wiki is faithful to you? I’ve heard some ugly rumours. I just don’t want you to be lied to, you know, like last time you listened to Wiki.

            Apparently, it is one of the main causes of the break-up of relationships, with it’s loss of trust, “never being able to believe again” syndrome and overall degradation of one’s self-image.

            Listen I know you love Wiki and somethings just feel “right” but ask yourself does Wiki love you? Going behind a person’s back, having clandestine relationships with third party “vendors” and then lying to your face about these assignations – is this what you want? To dwell in ignorance because “Wiki loves me really”, when you have so much to give, so much to learn? You deserve more, you deserve better.

            To most who operate in this field, these are the terrible tell-tale signs of total information abuse, the public correlate of Total Information Awareness – which I imagine has been refined quite a bit since Admiral Poindexter conjured it from the Void shortly after the destruction of WTC. Yet you still hold a candle for this “font of all wisdom”. I suppose Wiki does know a lot but Wiki and unnamed associates are vengeful, powerful and easily slighted and when you seek info concerning their interests, would you expect them to speak frankly?

          • Lapsed Agnostic

            Thanks for your reply Will. I don’t listen to Wikipedia; I read it. What’s that you say? Wikipedia is one of the main causes of the break-up of modern relationships? Not sure about that. If so, rather than engendering a loss of trust, I think things are more likely to be along these lines.

            “Come to bed, I wanna **** you.”

            “Could you just give us another five minutes, darling? I just want to finish reading about [insert arcane Wiki page title here].”

            For the avoidance of doubt, I don’t necessarily believe everything I read on Wiki – especially not on this page:


          • glenn_nl

            LA: “What’s that you say? Wikipedia is one of the main causes of the break-up of modern relationships? “

            Are you deliberately, or rather feigning a, misunderstanding what WM was rather obviously saying?

          • Lapsed Agnostic

            Thanks for your reply Glenn. I was being slightly facetious, but that’s only because I refuse to go down any Wikipedia-is-controlled-by-Joos*/the-WEF rabbit-holes. I’ve been spending too much time on here of late already (weather’s been shit, as those campaigning in Blackburn will be aware). Wikipedia is probably having some effect on (romantic and non-romantic) relationships, because it means people are less able to get away with bullshit. That’s a good thing, if you ask me (although I suspect most secondary school teachers might not agree with me).

            Enjoy your evening.

            * If it were, pages like this would have been deleted years ago:


          • will moon

            “ Wikipedia-is-controlled-by-Joos*/the-WEF rabbit-holes”

            Mentioning such racism, without it being mentioned means you are bringing it in to the public discourse – please don’t. It is anti-Semitic, what have Jews got to do with it?

            Yet then you would say recognition of the fact that the CIA and B. Netanyahu very recently stating their involvement with Wiki was of considerable importance, it’s editing and overall operation etc is somehow about “Joos”

            Your views are extreme, if you are serious, consider seeking help

          • glenn_nl

            LA: I’m not sure where your reference to ‘joos’ comes from where it concerns the veracity of Wikipedia, particularly not in how it relates to WM’s post, but it has long been known that the likes of the Heritage Foundation has employed small armies of interns, supervised by staffers, to edit Wikipedia to the point that only reasonably uncontentious matters (about electricity, for example) can be taken in reasonably good faith.

            Anything even mildly political should be treated with suspicion at best. That is clearly what WM was referring to.

            The weather here in northern France has been quite agreeable these past few weeks, sorry to hear that it’s not so good with you.

          • Squeeth

            Wiki is a US NGO in all but name on anything adverting to US imperial policies or the ineffable corruption of CommercialPrivateEquitybbc. The rest of Wiki is relatively unbent, including the stuff that I write.

          • Lapsed Agnostic

            Thanks for your reply Will. I would say that if someone believes, as you appear to do, that Benjamin Netanyahu – who is a) Jewish; and b) the leader of the world’s only officially Jewish state – is intimately involved with the ‘overall operation’ of Wikipedia (along with the CIA), then, yes, that is about Jews.

            By writing ‘Joos’ and not ‘Jews’, I would have thought it obvious that I was poking fun at those who think that everything is a Jewish conspiracy – I was not being anti-Semitic. In fact, Jewish people in the US routinely use the term to mock those who think that they control the media etc – even though, in fairness, Jewish people do control significant sections of the US media (that’s not being anti-Semitic either, it’s just stating a fact). However, they don’t control Wikipedia, whatever Bibi might or might not have said – although, of course, Jewish people in Israel, and elsewhere, do try to exert influence over certain sections of it*, as do the Palestinians and their supporters. By any reasonable measure, my views on this subject are not extreme – and anyone who thinks they are (on both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict) should have a word with themselves.

            * The article about the Sargeants Affair isn’t that frequently visited and isn’t even semi-protected – it wouldn’t take a great deal of effort for a small number of Wiki editors to get it removed on the grounds that many millions soldiers died grisly deaths in the 1940’s and there’s nothing particularly special about a couple of British NCOs. Yet, it remains.

          • Lapsed Agnostic

            For the reference to ‘joos’, Glenn, see my reply to WM above. I’m well aware that all sorts of people and organisations exert influence on what is and what’s not written in various Wiki articles – see my reference to the one on ivermectin in the pandemic in my previous comment (though even that one is no longer being protected) – and people shouldn’t take what’s written there as gospel. However, the vast majority of the millions of Wiki articles are completely uncontentious, usually written to a reasonably high standard, and the rare falsehoods that occur are most often the result of human error. That goes for most articles on politics too, which are mostly about elections, political parties etc – most countries in the world now being democracies (to a greater or lesser extent) and holding a lot of elections, particularly local ones. Wikipedia gives fairly poor people all over the world access to huge amounts of generally accurate, fully referenced information – often in their own language. Only a fool or a knave would describe it as ‘slurry’.

            Glad to hear the weather in France is what you would expect for the time of year. Hopefully, where I am, summer won’t be as bad as it was last year, when we had over three times the average rainfall in July – with June and August not being that much better.


            Thanks for your reply Squeeth. Wikipedia is factually a US NGO in that it is a *non*-governmental organisation that is registered, and has its infrastructure primarily located, in the United States of America. So the stuff you write on there is only ‘relatively unbent’? I’m sure they won’t mind too much.

          • will moon

            You used this term before I mentioned the two players involved with glenn mentioning another player, the Heritage Foundation, you are importing this shite into the discourse – please don’t

            The example concerning Ahmed Yakoob is enough to know Wiki gives some info but not the relevant context – that is known as “ misinformation” – I would imagine it could be unintentional or deliberate. This statement can be made anyone – even a person who believes that “the People’s Encyclopaedia” can be a useful tool

            I said that Wiki and unnamed associates etc you respond with racist terminology and stuff about the WEF?!. I haven’t read or heard more than two lines about the WEF – a circus for vain, unfunny clowns. I did hear that many prostitutes are imported for the delectation of the hordes of red-blooded “blue bloods”who assemble dutifully with such goat-footed purposelessness every year – a perplexing spectacle for some, such as yourself maybe but I don’t think you speak for the vast majority – What about the WEF? Who cares?

          • Lapsed Agnostic

            Thanks for your reply Will. The mods (whom I thank for their forbearance) will probably be relieved to learn that I’m not going to respond (mainly because it won’t get us anywhere), except to point out that ‘misinformation’ is generally considered to be false information that is created unintentionally, whereas that that is created deliberately is known as ‘disinformation’ – and it’s Akhmed Yakoob.

            Enjoy your afternoon.

          • Squeeth

            Relatively unbent because sometimes the truth requires original research, which isn’t allowed. Wilful dishonesty is rife in the areas that I mentioned and is supported by lots of factories that manufacture polemical texts to be passed off as academically-respectable. Don’t forget the Phillip Cross episode either.

          • will moon

            Anthony, wiki is a battlefield in the conflict taking place in the information domain. The intensity of this conflict is seen clearly in the example you cite – real-time intervention in an encyclopaedia! Im not familiar the governance rules of this organisation but I think they could do with being democratised.

            Squeeth, I think you are about right but if you remember James Caan, playing “Jonathon” a sporting hero, in the film “Rollerball” (1975) who to comes to grief when he consults the computer records of the past – Wikipedia, if you like. He finds the whole of the 13th Century is missing lol. His mate, Moonpie wonders why he’s bothered about “doing his own research”, lightly observing

            “Moonpie: What do you want books for? Look, Johnny, if you wanna learn somethin’, just get a Corporate Teacher to come and teach it to ya’. Use yer Privilege Card.”

            The sport is being made more violent and even eliminatory and Moonpie suffers permanent brain damage shortly after making this remark as a result of the increasing deadliness of the “game”

            John Houseman plays the agent of the oligarchy, “Bartholomew” in a chilling show-stealing performance. It’s Houseman’s character who tells “Jonathon” and the viewer what is actually happening

            “Bartholomew: Jonathan, let’s think this through together. You know how the game serves us. It’s a definite social purpose. Nations are bankrupt. Gone. None of that tribal warfare anymore. Even the Corporate Wars are a thing of the past.
            Jonathan E.: I know that, I just…
            Bartholomew: Now, we have the Majors and their executives. Transport. Food. Communication. Housing. Luxury. Energy. A few of us making decisions on a global basis for a common good.
            Jonathan E.: The team is a unit that plays with certain rhythms.
            Bartholomew: So does an executive team, Jonathan. Now, everyone has all the comforts. You know that. No poverty. No sickness. No needs and many luxuries – which you enjoy – just as if you were in the executive class. Corporate society takes care of everything. And all it asks of anyone, all it’s ever asked of anyone, ever, is not to interfere with management decisions.
            Jonathan E.: I don’t mean to resist. I’m just tryin’ to understand.
            Bartholomew: It’s for your own benefit. You must know that, Jonathan. All decisions concerning you are.”

      • Squeeth

        A late relative of mine (“Tory Tom”) was involved in politics in London in the 60s and early 70s and told me once that he used to get invited to give speeches to 6th forms. One day he spotted a bespectacled youth at the back staring at him so he braced himself for what the lad said when questions were invited. The lad asked him why he did it? “Ego” said Uncle Tom. Later on the lad said that he always asked that question and that Tom had been the only one to give an honest answer. Just a thought.

      • Reza

        Will, I am hopeful the youth will be motivated to turn out in these particular circumstances, with Labour supporting genocide of Muslims. (Witnessed yet again this weekend in Starmer and Lammy’s glee at the latest massacre. They simply cannot help themselves.) The Gaza protest marches have been characteristically youthful from the start. They are engaged.

        • will moon

          Yes, of course you are right Reza

          But young folk have a lot of pressing engagements – so many people to see, so many things to do but I suppose they also have older “siblings” to remind them of their “civic duty”- “siblings” like lowkey lol

  • AG

    Those of you who have the means and don´t live too far off, join him!

    I did organize protest in my youth. It´s one of those difficult to explain unique human experiences where the power of the group can trigger something that reaches beyond the individual, an emotion that studying scholarship, watching events on TV, writing, play music, do not convey.
    And something that online existence is wiping out.
    Go out there talk, act, engage. That´s the only way to change things.

    As Chris Hedges said again and again: For the people of Gaza every US or European citizen going into the streets and demonstrating for their cause is a relief and a tiny miracle in itself. To know that you´re not alone can save your life.

  • DunGroanin

    Bernard has not resurfaced yet, MoonofAlabama denizens await patiently, we hope for the best so I’ll post my Sunday sermon here – it is about the dastardly murderous events yesterday.

    Yesterdays mass murder under cover of the ‘aid for the starving Palestinians’ delivered by the reinstated military pier.
    600 hundred civilian refugees dead and wounded to get 4 hostages – all looking healthy btw, how many others were killed by their supposed rescuers?

    It makes it clear that the U.K. and US are the Zionist Nazis Master Planners. Along with their European unelected allies all with their Nazi past parents and grandparents. The unelected grandees of the EU and Natzios.

    It must be clear now that the crimes of the Euronazis of the last century instead of being punished were Rewarded. Extending their Anglo-European Imperialism to the Last White Power Colony establishment in the Levant – a consolation prize for not having taken Russia and Crimea in WW2.

    Jewish communities in Europe where they originated and have lived for ever, instead of having their homes and wealth restored and compensated and having justice meted to their persecutors, were instead used as the invaders of the Semitic /Arab peoples!
    As a Zionist vanguard. The deluded fools!
    Security and freedom from prejudices apparently unable to be guaranteed by the Europeans with their crocodile tears!
    Idiots, them and the rest of us in the West, for believing that complete hypocritical nonsense.

    The Europeans Sin against Judaism is/was not absolved by creating a fake ‘safe’ home for Judaism in some native peoples land! Surrounded as it would be by ancient civilisations who would not tolerate an expansion from that enclave they would allow for a few. It is an absurd idea that the Collective Wastes dumbed down peoples, has swallowed hook line and sinker from Day One of that Illegal Apartheid State being rubber stamped into existence by the UN.

    The European Nazi supporting Sinners should have been punished in Europeans America, the Victims should not have been transported to some foreign land as vanguard ‘settlers’ in yet another invasion, by the conquistador and pirate robber barons classes. They should not be conducting extermination of the native peoples, stealing the lands and resources, for the master race, under cover of eschatological Talmudists, with their ‘god given rights’ and absurd ‘burnt red heifer’ supernatural bullshit, used as cover as always, by the Old Money Family’s, bloodthirsty Gangsters.

    They must be returned to Europe where they originate from or go to their actual Zion Heaven- the US continent which is under total open control of the Zionists and their Aipac/lobbyist Minders at every level. The dual citizenships, the money , the media – what more do they need?

    Europeans and most westerners with Judaic roots have always been safe, successful and influential staying in the supposed judaeophobic West – yet they are daily crying they feel unsafe here, as other Europeans who can SEE, demand an end to the exterminations and industrial scale mass murder of the Palestinians. They are the worst type of self identifying westerners, wanting their cakes and eating it daily too!

    Judaism has never been under threat in the Middle East where they have lived and live safely for ever alongside coptics and Muslims and whoever, guaranteed safety and security in their ancient civilised lands. Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Syria etc.

    The Anglo-European Zionist Masters can’t have the whole world. The majority of humanity says NO. Many of us say No, too.
    The multipolar human race is fast forming its fist and it will soon land upon the Sinners – all our works and certitudes, dissolved – we will be the last to find out as we believe our mass media and fake liberal world order as being the only civilised human existence!
    Dumb and dumber daily.

    The People of Blackburn should understand that, but I doubt they are any less dumb than most Brits; for whom our main religion, is about to grab every last bit of our ‘critical’ attention – the Eurofootball finals , by which the curious timing of the general election is clearly explained.

    It’s down to the vote stuffers and it will be Starmer and his overwhelming majority which shall be used to take us over the edge as the shapeshifters attempt their great escape into the new world order they can’t stop.

    • Paul Greenwood

      The People of Blackburn should understand that, but I doubt they are any less dumb than most Brits;

      Disparaging comments indeed. You do not know Blackburn.
      Craig has to persuade voters in Blackburn and Darwen.

      I doubt they are anything but cynical voters……..they know how Jack Straw inherited Barbara Castle’s seat, having been her Special Adviser (and the man who exposed Jeremy Thorpe to the press) – and then operated in Blackburn by empowering the bidari clientele and turning it into a clan fiefdom

      I think people in Blackburn have a very shrewd idea of how politics works to their disadvantage

      • Pyewacket

        Paul, hello. Just to point out that Blackburn and Darwen are actually two separate parliamentary constituencies. Blackburn currently represented by the rather useless Kate Hollern MP, whilst the Rossendale and Darwen constituency is, I believe, represented by Jake Berry MP (Conservative). In terms of local government politics Blackburn with Darwen is a single entity Unitary Authority formed in 1974, with the separation from Lancashire County Council, the unitary bit, occurred around 30 years ago. Both towns were separate entities prior to the Local Government Reorganisation that took place back then. Btw, this is a source of some resentment amongst the Darreners, who, rightly or wrongly perceive their town to be something of the poor relative, getting the crumbs from the table as opposed to their larger neighbour taking the lion’s share.

        • Lapsed Agnostic

          Not sure if you’re already aware, Pyewacket, but a political party called ‘For Darwen’ was set up around 15 years ago to promote the interests of Darwen. It was founded by two Blackburn w/ Darwen councillors, one of whom was elected the previous year representing the far-right (and probably more far-right than the Nick Griffin-era BNP) England First Party, and one who was a Lib Dem (yes, really). At one point, it had five councillors (including a former BNP member), but it didn’t last very long – though while it lasted, it did manage to become part of a coalition administration and get a town council created for Darwen. Here’s a Wikipedia article about it, if anyone’s interested – but exercise caution, because it might all be lies (see above):


  • Scott

    Wonderful Craig. And for everyone who says, “why waste a vote for protest, when only the main political parties can change policy”… I remind them that transformation begins with small changes, and never giving up on the belief that humans are capable of much more than hate and division. And if that is not enough, how about the genocide of the Palestinian people as a rallying call around which all caring humans can unite?

    • Bayard

      “why waste a vote for protest, when only the main political parties can change policy”

      Well, UKIP scared the Tories into making the mother of all f***ups that is Brexit, despite their enduring dismal performance at the polls.

  • Rorke McWhale

    Jesus Christ Craig at least get someone in to do graphic design, your leaflet looks like it was made in by a 10-year-old in mspaint

    • Wilshire

      « In 50 years of political campaigning I have never before known a leaflet which in itself changes people’s attitudes towards you immediately. This one really does, in the most positive way possible.« 
      Graphic design is not what matters, and the Blackburn constituency must appreciate this vibrant call to save Gaza.

    • M.J.

      At least the leaflet doesn’t swear.
      But I see one potential problem. People getting this will think that they are being asked to elect someone as their MP to fight over one issue only, and an overseas one at that.
      Why not send out a second mailshot based more broadly on the Workers Party manifesto, and about UK issues like better services? Then, when you go knocking on doors you can tell people that the leaflet is only one aspect of what you are doing and produce the second “half”.

  • Neth

    Waste of time mate
    Have a lot of respect for you; have been reading your blog for years
    You should be concentrating on boosting ALBA in Scotland maybe or more importantly ISP, the only political party in Scotland that actually understands the constitutional reality of UK gov
    Workers Party UK flim flam might get you salary for a few years although I doubt it
    Sort Scotland out, the original colony of the english empire first then address global issues from that base

  • Anthony

    Those are testimonials no candidate in the country can match. If it were a level playing field starting from scratch it would be no contest. Unfortunately Starmer’s genocide mob have voter information and lists going back decades. No doubt their literature is also portraying Sir Keir- one of Israel’s staunchest paid-for puppets – as an earnest humanitarian pursuing a ceasefire and a just peace. 

    Nevertheless George Galloway has shown it is possible to defeat these apartheid- and genocide-loving ghouls against all the odds. They hated it, as we saw, his heartening victory represented by the Zionist establishment as a grave national emergency. It would be lovely if they are even more unnerved on July 5th. In our own constituency there is the tantalising prospect of Wes Streeting’s sinister rise being halted by a 23-year-old independent of Palestinian extraction. How sweet would that be?

    • will moon


      Anthony, this would be revolutionary – a 23 year old in Parliament would be quite an image – particularly striking for other young people

      • Anthony

        I’ll be happy enough if she just takes enough votes to allow the blue Tory to win. Streeting would be unbearable as a government minister. His entire purpose would be to privatise and destroy our NHS. That is what he has been paid to do by private-health investors. Very tellingly the media has been keeping that secret, like Britain’s role in the Gaza genocide.

        • will moon

          There’s a candidate standing in this city, a nurse called Sue San. I only found out through watching Not the AndMarr show

          She’s standing as an independent with focus on the NHS. What she said on not the AndMarr show, was good stuff – a lifetime’s testament fuelling a righteous anger not just with NHS privatisation but the motheaten state of politics, the obvious corruption and consequent degradation of the social fabric. She spoke of what she knew but asked the question: why doesn’t a lifetime in care or whatever qualify her to speak on broader issues?

          She’s not very prominent but I am determined to seek her out even if just to tell her how powerful her ideas were. I found a Gofund me page for her campaign but am yet to find the actual location of the campaign. I went to a big street in her area recently and asked people in the shops if they knew of her, but nobody did – but they did a bit after me talking about it. I’ll keep looking.

  • nevermind

    For those who regularly watch George Galloways Moats programme, last night was a corker
    He supported Craig and his campaign.
    I only saw a clip, can someone please do this little favour for us and link to it.
    Thank you in advance

    [ Mod: MOATS with George Galloway, Ep. 350 – Europe Decides! (YouTube, 2h 7m 30s) @ 1h:33m ]

  • Tony

    Meanwhile, Labour has admitted that it is vulnerable in a list of 16 seats:

    Bethnal Green and Stepney
    Birmingham Hodge Hill and Solihull North
    Birmingham Ladywood
    Birmingham Perry Barr
    Birmingham Yardley
    Bolton South and Walkden
    Bradford East
    Bradford South
    Bradford West
    Leicester South
    Luton North
    Luton South and South Bedfordshire
    Oldham West, Chadderton and Royton

    So, if you can help to defeat Labour in these seats, please do so.

    • Wilshire

      Very vulnerable indeed, especially in Blackburn!
      As George Galloway aptly puts it, Craig Murray is “sweeping the town”. MP on Independence Day. Sounds quite promising!

      • Peter

        “As George Galloway aptly puts it, Craig Murray is “sweeping the town”. MP on Independence Day.”

        Independents Day, if you please.

        And having achieved independence from the Brussels madhouse, perhaps on the 4th of July we can begin to seek greater independence from the US one.

  • Gerard Vincent Barry

    Craig, you say nothing about the dangerous driving on Audley Range, the anti-social behaviour on the estates, the local vandalism on the local surgery and the appalling burglary and vandalism in St. Joseph’s Church, the drug situation, the funding crisis for schools, the nightmare at the RBH, the closure of banks and large retailers in the town centre.
    It is all about Gaza.
    Yes, what is happening in Gaza is dreadful and horrendous, but we need more council funding from the central government, action on fly-tipping, help for our elderly, more grant-aid funding for local charities helping to feed children during the holidays, support for foodbanks. Basically, some action on the cost of living.
    Why is none of this important to you in one of the poorest constituencies of the United Kingdom?

    • nevermind

      It is important Gerard, but it takes time to change minds that have been played about since Barbara Castle’s and Jack Straw’s fiddling.
      We have to open the door and create a unity were once was monotone deliverance.
      Be part of it.

    • will moon

      Gerard Vincent Barry you show a keen local knowledge, and have a clear image of the various problems that the town faces as you see it. Let me repeat your penetrating and well informed words once more,

      “ the dangerous driving on Audley Range, the anti-social behaviour on the estates, the local vandalism on the local surgery and the appalling burglary and vandalism in St. Joseph’s Church, the drug situation, the funding crisis for schools, the nightmare at the RBH, the closure of banks and large retailers in the town centre.”

      It is good that you have noticed these things. Blackburn is experiencing what many towns and cities are going through in Britain today and far too many say nothing, concerning the state of their lived environment. Some of these problems are local in nature some national and some are international in their origins.

      It might be good to ask how did it come to this? Well both Labour and Tories have focussed on the interests of the wealthiest citizens. The gap between the out-of-sight rich and the rest of us is as wide as it can be, barring the reintroduction of chattel slavery and indentured and bonded labour.

      Gerard Vincent Barry your diagnosis has one singular cause at base – the Uniparty. It is they who are responsible for all on that list and many others problems you didn’t mention, the most immediate one being the ongoing slaughter in Gaza, many tens of thousands of civilians. The Uniparty works by dehumanising – all the problems you mention all have this as a key ingredient. Remember the local Labour MP has been part of this neoliberal governing structure for years – money over people, and as long as the profits flow so can the blood

      If my analysis is correct Mr Murray is offering a new approach where the highest value is people themselves not the profits that can be squeezed out their lives or their miseries

    • craig Post author

      I am bewildered as to why you think none of that is important to me.
      But not nearly as bewildered as I shall be if you believe that voting Labour would help any of that.

      • Gerard Vincent Barry

        Because you mention none of it in your campaign leaflet. I haven’t decided who I am going to vote for, so I would like to hear something about your policies for the issues I have raised.

    • Stevie Boy

      As Craig mentions in the video!
      Regardless of whether he wins or not the economic situation in the UK, and Blackburn, is not going to change. That’s down to the uniparty who will undoubtedly win the GE. However, if he wins then he gets an official voice in Westminster, and the IQ of that house is substantially increased.

    • Crispa

      Perhaps if we as a country could get our priorities right and bring ourselves to end the killing of thousands children in whose deaths we have been totally complicit, we would be in a better position by having a better society to address constructively speed limits in Audley and “anti – social” behaviour on housing estates.

  • Fat Jon

    What an excellent campaign leaflet.

    I only wish there was someone such as yourself (a teller of truths rather than toadying establishment lies) in my constituency.

    I really do hope you win, and send shivers through the deep politicians.

  • Stevie Boy

    Meanwhile in Gaza:
    ‘Senior Israeli official says covert British team gives “added value” to its intelligence operations
    Official adds that Britain is providing intelligence from spy flights that “Israel cannot collect on its own”
    A senior Israeli official has said that a British spy team has been deployed to Israel since it began bombing Gaza in October.’

  • nevermind

    Unfortunately the Blackburn church/cathedral called off their traditional hustings due to cold feet.
    They alleged that ‘things would be kicking off’.
    Translated this means that they could not watch Labour and so called Independents coping with the facts Craig would speak about.
    Blackburn Cathedral is denying the public to question candidates and they are shutting down democracy.
    Sorry folks, by their move they are refusing to scrutinize genocide commited by the main parties
    They are active collaborators

    • Mr Mark Cutts

      As Thatcher once said: “Frit!”

      Best phrase so far in the GE by Naomi Klein: “Labour don’t want to make any sudden moves”

      Exactly – it would scare the children and voters.

      Labour’s Manifesto front cover should read: ‘Don’t expect much’

  • Farooq

    Thank you very much Craig for all the good work you’ve done – not only for muslims, but for the rights of all the humans beings. They are all equal no matter what religion, race, or colour. Please support Craig – he is one of the only few people who sacrificed for the good cause.