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68 thoughts on “Campaign Speech on Gaza

  • Not 4BwD [was "Anonymous"]

    Craig’s tweet:

    “Quite Extraordinary.
    I have been endorsed by the Palestinian Foreign Ministry and am immeasurably better qualified than Adnan Husain.
    But this organisation does not endorse me from what I can only deduce is racial discrimination.
    I gave up my FCO career to blow the whistle on torture and extraordinary rendition of Muslims.
    I have subsequently campaigned for 25 years for the human rights of Muslims, and specifically for Palestine.”

    I predicted this in a comment last week:

    They won’t elect Craig Murray, he’s not “local” (he doesn’t look like them; yes, people want to vote for people who are “like them” and this is not a racist comment).

    Before Sunday 2nd, the 4BwD independents have already endorsed Adnan Hussein and asked that Mr Murray stand down so he doesn’t split the vote. It’s over.

    via nitter:

    “the decision was communicated to Craig and George’s team and it was our understanding that Craig would stand down”

    “at the meeting George came with the mindset he was going to ask Adnan to stand down. He also said ‘Craig Murray is an immovable object’. We explained that we were fed up with people who parachute candidates in our town and we understood our constituents better than him”

    I, for one, wanted Mr. Murray to be restored to a dignified well paying job after nearly two decades of sacrifice. Unfortunately and ironically the biggest obstacle is the discernment of the people he wishes to represent.”

    So our own group’s lack of discernment is used as a cudgel by the elites to kneecap the very few people *in a generation* who have both the morals and the talent of Craig Murray. And it is for this reason the fight is hopeless. Not because of the rulers, but because of the discernment-challenged masses. Behind closed doors they say this proves we deserve our subaltern status. I don’t have a rebuttal to that, does anyone else?

    Very sorry Craig. I have followed your work with admiration for nearly 20 years. At least you can sleep on a clean conscience knowing you did all you can.

    • AG

      Craig Murray´s experience will prove very valuable. He tackled some unusual obstacles and is still in the game. He never wavered after all those years. A long-distance runner with a punch. Try to see him as an extraordinary asset, a rare opportunity (not a problem!) for the awaiting political fights, someone who knows the “enemy” in intimate ways. Ethnicity won´t help in the real battles ahead. And may be a white „Dude“ among Muslim „Dudes“ would be a powerful mixture. The vote is not only about step 1 but steps 2, 3, 4, 5. To change things you have to be savvy, smart and unorthodox. Your real opponents are certainly not gonna be happy to see Craig as the new kid on the block they have to contend with. You can´t just push him away. They have to respect him. Whether or not they admit it.

  • Tatyana

    Mr Murray is my hero! Oh, I love his style of speech! He speaks clearly, is simple words with no double meaning, he puts his thoughts straight, and he is advocating peace!
    Mr Murray, I promise if I ever get rich I’ll do a memo site here in Russia to honour your effort for peace, for saving lives, for all the work you do to urge people think, to speak freely, to know things, to share opinions.

  • Lapsed Agnostic

    Now here’s a thing: The SNP have 57 candidates standing in the General Election; Plaid Cymru have only 40 – but the Workers Party of Britain have over 300. So why has our esteemed public service broadcaster, the British Broadcasting Corporation, not invited George Galloway to tonight’s leaders’ debate? I can’t think.

    Not a great result for the Workers Party in the local by-election in Torbay’s Wellswood ward last night mind, as they only managed 11 votes (0.5%). Let’s hope their 326 General Election candidates all do better.

    • Lapsed Agnostic

      Correction: Sorry, that should be 32, instead of 40, for Plaid – forgot that the number of Welsh constituencies had been reduced. Anyway, that makes it even worse then.

      Hope you enjoy tonight’s seven-way debate – if you can be bothered watching.

    • U Watt

      The BBC has been an important ally in Israel’s genocide. They were not going to platform a powerful anti-genocide voice in an election debate.

    • Bayard

      “So why has our esteemed public service broadcaster, the British Broadcasting Corporation, not invited George Galloway to tonight’s leaders’ debate? I can’t think.”

      The BBC is, and always has been, the Voice of the Establishment.

      • AG

        Interestingly in Germany at least for the moment the court ruled that German TV must invite the new Wagenknecht Alliance to the public debates. They wanted to exclude them. Without success.

        Is there no legal way in GB to enforce admission to such a debate?

        p.s. Gosh, I´d love to see Craig upsetting business as usual among those self-serving careerists. Especially when they realize that he is not just a known activist. No, he is a goddam expert!

        As I said last year: His command of the material is invaluable. Try to contend with that, ladies and gentlemen.

        • Paul Greenwood

          Which is why WDR is going to Verfassungsgericht to challenge Oberverwaltungsgericht ruling. WDR argues it only invites established parties already in EU Parliament to debate.

          BSW was not a party previously but is a splinter from Linke which itself is renamed Sozislistische Einheitspartei Deutschland which ruled the GDR for 45 years and continues in Thüringen.

          Such a legal challenge would fail in High Court in England as it overrules editorial freedom and the policy WDR stated would be upheld in England as valid. Otherwise every splinter party and Germany has 35 List Parties competing in EU Elections – today – most created to split the vote.

          Further there are no U.K. EU elections for good reason.

      • Paul Greenwood

        Which Establishment? You seem to think there is but one unified and coherent. BBC is staffed by a totally unrepresentative crowd whose deviate from the population on every metric for deviancy.

        I should think postcode analysis of residence and place of education would reveal a concentration. I should think every minority in U.K. is concentrated within BBC whether Jewish or gay or „Trot“ and that mainstream cultural norms are concentrated in those sweeping floors.

        It is Selective Association by Group Affiliation.

        That means there are several „Establishments“.

        • Bayard

          I didn’t say that the BBC are the Establishment, but that they are its voice. I dare say that the rainbow coalition of minorities that you describe as the makeup of the BBC is there to prevent the BBC having a voice of its own.

    • Lapsed Agnostic

      Update: According to the reasonably reputable Democracy Club blog (see below), the Workers Party of Britain are fielding 153 candidates, not 326, so it looks as though Galloway might have been telling porkies – though 153 is still a lot more than Plaid’s 32. Elsewhere, it’s a poor show from Alba, who are only standing candidates in a third of Scottish seats, and an even worse one from the Women’s Equality Party who, despite having around half a mill in the kitty, are putting up a mere four (their anti-trans equivalent, the Party of Women, have 16) – whilst the Communist Party of Britain, Scargill’s Socialist Labour Party, and notably UKIP (which I’d assumed that these days was largely being run as a legacy-harvesting / totty-providing outfit by dodgy builder Ben Walker), have all put up more candidates than I was expecting. Will any get elected? That’s up to the voters.

  • Republicofscotland

    Shockingly the US Congress has invited Netanyahu to give a speech on July 24th.

    “In their letter to Netanyahu, House Speaker Mike Johnson and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell – both Republicans – said the invitation was extended to “build on our enduring relationship and to highlight America’s solidarity with Israel.””

    • Paul Greenwood

      Consider Mike Johnson may not be the „goody two shoes“ he pretends and AIPAC with or without its friends inside FBI and CIA has had a chat with him.

      He is like a scalded cat jumping around to show how „reformed“ he has become.

  • U Watt

    In a normal country your role in bringing the historic genocide case against Israel would be widely acknowledged and honoured. Galloway is spot on when he says your Labour opponent is a nobody. That is the message your constituents need to hear. This is no time for modesty.

  • Alyson

    Mr Murray you speak so much truth that is so hard to hear, just as the genocide in Gaza is so hard to witness, and the complicity of our bought and paid for politicians is so shameful to understand. This genocide is so shocking because it is in Europe, carried out by the Eurovision Song Contest winners, in full sight of the world. We are actively dividing the world into those who support genocide and those who say Not in My Name. Thank you for your integrity, leadership, and the voice you give to our shared humanity.

    • Lapsed Agnostic

      Re: ‘This genocide is so shocking because it is in Europe, carried out by the Eurovision Song Contest winners’

      Isn’t Gaza in Asia, Alyson? And didn’t Switzerland win this year’s Eurovision?

      • Alyson

        Oh dear….. geography isn’t your strong point, is it Mr Lapsed. Gaza is on the Mediterranean with a wall blocking the view to the sea. Perhaps Israel is more in ‘Asia’ being the other side of Gaza? Anyway Israel has won the Eurovision Song Contest several times. Israel is geographically not in Europe but adjoins Egypt and Syria and Jordan. The Eurovision Song Contest is a competition for the best song.

        • Lapsed Agnostic

          Thanks for your reply, Alyson. Geography may not be my strongest suit (see Welsh constituencies above), but I appear to know more about it than you. The Gaza Strip is officially in Asia (as is the Sinai Peninsula, despite belonging to Egypt). It is not in Europe. People in Gaza can easily obtain a view of sea, and even swim in it if they so wish – though the main reason that they’ve been doing that of late will have been to retrieve aid parcels. You used the definite article before ‘Eurovision Song Contest winners’ in your previous comment, strongly implying that the reference was to the current holders of the title – though, in any event, I’d hardly call winning it twice previously ‘several times’.

          P.S. It’s Ms Agnostic to you.

          • AG

            …”The Gaza Strip is officially in Asia”…
            which has always been a fascinating fact considering that Israel has been part of the European Soccer Championship since 1992/4. Unlike e.g. Iraq which by numbers only was the most successful team internationally a few years back in consideration of the little resources available. (purely of statistical interest of course.)
            (Which should not deny the fact that soccer in Israel appears to be a complex matter just like in GB, Gemany, or anywhere else in Europe.)

          • Alyson

            Oops – my bad Ms. My point in case it got lost was that Europeans are committing the genocide, and this is why we are more invested in stopping it than other tragic genocides committed against other helpless victims. We own this one and it is our responsibility to hold our leaders and our allies to standards of law and human rights.

          • Lapsed Agnostic

            Thanks for your reply AG. Football has a lot more to do with making money than it does with geography. UEFA wanted to sell broadcasting rights to Israel, which was (and still is) the richest country in the Levant. Iraq failed to qualify for the 2014, 2018 or 2022 World Cups. Despite only having a population of only around 300,000 and facing strong European teams in the qualifying stages, Iceland qualified for the 2018 tournament in Russia, where it held Argentina to a draw in the group stage. I’d say that it punches more above its weight footie-wise than does Iraq – as we in England found out (not for the first time) the other day.

          • Lapsed Agnostic

            Thanks for your reply Alyson. Apology accepted. The governments of *some* European countries are involved in the genocide – mostly those of Germany & Italy which, along with the US, are supplying the vast majority of Israel’s arms imports. The UK armed forces are providing some assistance to the Israelis, though they would say that they are only helping them with the search for hostages and the targeting of Hamas etc fighters.

          • frankywiggles

            RAF Akrotiri, the UK base on Cyprus, is the international hub for the West’s arming of genocide in Gaza.

          • Lapsed Agnostic

            Thanks for your reply, frankywiggles. As far as I’m aware, the RAF have not disclosed what is being transported from Cyprus to Israel. I don’t accuse people of things without first being sure of my facts. In any event, Cyprus is only a half-hour flight time from Israel – it would be easy enough for US & German transport planes to fly direct to Israeli airbases with their bombs & missiles.

          • frankywiggles

            I know, unlike the governments of *some* European countries Britain’s is composed of decent, high-principled people who would never get involved in a genocide shoulder to shoulder with the USA. (Just ask UNRWA.)

          • Lapsed Agnostic

            Thanks for your reply, frankywiggles. Maybe after the recent wars in Iraq & Afghanistan, as well as Operation Shader* (our contribution to Operation Inherent Resolve), the British State has finally learnt its lesson? (I think it’s also worth noting that Rishi, unlike Scholz, didn’t exactly want to hang around with Biden in Normandy, did he.)

            * I suggest that if you want to want to find evidence of the UK recently being intimately involved in genocide (as in members of its armed forces using British planes to drop British bombs which kill thousands of civilians in the Middle East), you start there – although you may have to do some work, because the UK media will certainly be no help to you.

          • Paul Greenwood

            Lapsed is being very coy about RAF Aktotiri which currently houses British and U.S. Special Forces and is a ferrying post transferring supplies to Tzahal.

            It also operates drones over Gaza feeding to Tzahal plus it originates planes to bombs Yemen.

            U.K. has a defence treaty with Israel (contents secret) and Israeli planes land in U.K. to secure supplies but details became classified in April 2024.

            Cameron initiated special „permits“ for Israelis to visit London without being arrested on international warrants in 2012 or so.

            U.K. sends Storm Shadow/SCALP to Ukraine because it intends to buy Israeli Rampage missiles instead.

            Former Labour Defence Secretary is Chairman of ELBIT in U.K. which is a supplier to MoD.

            Martin Baker in U.K. supplies ejector seats for IDF planes.

            U.K. taxpayer funded downing of Iranian drones over Israel by RAF which is a novum.

          • frankywiggles

            This is one of the ploys to downplay and deflect from the Gaza genocide, one for which they know the west may one day be accountable. Namely, suggest what is being done to Gaza is nothing unusual, even to the extent of admitting and highlighting previous US-UK war crimes, ones for which they know nobody will ever be held accountable.

            White House spokesman John Kirby was at it after the Rafah massacre saying that “The United States in Iraq and Afghanistan also committed crimes similar to those that occurred in Rafah”. All of a sudden these simps are deploring past war crimes by the empire and its allies, the transparent motive to downplay, deflect or deny what the same governments are doing to innocents in Gaza.

            I have to say though, this is the first time I’ve seen this line that British establishment has repented its foreign-policy crimes, has distanced itself from the USA and is therefore highly unlikely to be participating in the genocide. That’s new, maybe unique. Has anyone else encountered this particular defence?

          • Lapsed Agnostic

            Thanks for your reply Paul. I’d imagine that the RAF would say that British & US special forces are in Cyprus to assist the Israelis in rescuing hostages, and the drones are trying to locate them. The Houthis in Yemen have been attacking international shipping, which they claim is in defence of Gaza. That’s how world wars start – though, fortunately, that hasn’t happened so far. British companies make a lot more than ejector seats for planes that Israel buys, like the F-35, because that’s how modern supply chains work. The British government would probably say that saving civilian lives, even if they’re foreign, is a good use of taxpayers’ money.

            Thanks for your reply, frankywiggles. The fact is that, globally, what is currently happening in Gaza isn’t particularly unusual – that’s the tragedy. The only difference is that much of it is being broadcast, not least on the internet. No, I can’t recall a time when the British Establishment (as well as those of several European countries) has been distancing itself as much from US foreign policy. That, at least, should be commended.

          • Paul Greenwood

            Actually Lapsed, Houthis are NOT attacking international shipping at all!

            They are focused on Israel-owned shipping and British and U.S. enemies that have been killing them for the past decade in cooperation with Sunni Saudi Arabia.

            Israeli billionaires like Eyal Ofer own shipping lines hidden behind shell companies in U.K. or Hong Kong where a letterbox in a high-rise residential block in Southampton hides ownership.

            Houthis have access to a database revealing true ownership. They also target ships supplying Israel, like U.S.-chartered freighters moving armoured vehicles to Eilat.

            Houthis are far from stupid and they die in large numbers because of US and UK waging war there for over a decade in secret wars.

            As for Aktotiri – having sovereign territory on Cyprus acting contrary to the wishes of Cyprus government is not something U.K. experiences. In 1973 Edward Heath blocked use of British bases for US supplies to Israel.

            Israelis are buying up so much land on Cyprus through shell companies in N Cyprus that Cypriots are being displaced.

          • Lapsed Agnostic

            Thanks for your reply Paul. I would imagine that, as well as ships owned by US & UK-based companies, the Houthis also consider those owned by companies in Saudi, the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Sudan, Morocco, Egypt, and the other countries that have actually supplied troops & military contractors in the fight against them in Yemen, to be fair game as well. Of course, these days most international shipping lines are listed on international stock markets, and therefore usually part-owned by Americans, meaning that most container ships could be thought of as a target. Worth also mentioning that the Houthis overthrew the internationally-recognised government in Yemen’s capital Sanaa by force in 2014. If they were ‘far from stupid’ though, most of them wouldn’t have got themselves addicted to fairly strong stimulants – which, of course, is responsible for much of their behaviour. Cypriots being displaced from their homes in northern Cyprus is nothing new – take it up with Turkey (or Turkiye as it likes to be called these days).

        • Stevie Boy

          Re. “The Eurovision Song Contest is a competition for the best song.”
          I think you’ll find that eurovision is a politically controlled LBQWERTY lovefest. Nothing to do with music or talent, just an exposition of the moral decline of EU Land.

          • Tatyana

            Russian duet T.a.t.u. (two pseudo-lesbian girls) went to Eurovision back in 2003. Before the contest, their songs were at the top of the charts in England. At the competition, Britain did not give them a single point, and Latvia was openly happy that the Russians did not win.
            The group’s producer then said: “Eurovision is a mixture of music, circus and politics. And politics is 98 percent.”
            Oh, and girls were forbidden to kiss on stage 🙂 Such were the moral principles.

            And also on their concert tour they were forbidden to make any political statements against the war in Iraq. The girls came out wearing T-shirts with the words “fuck war”

          • Paul Greenwood

            Europe is a flexible concept designed by U.S. which is why EU grants go to Israel but not U.K. and subsidise Israel defence research.

            It is why Israeli produce enters EU without duties but U.K. is excluded.

            Rather like Ukraine Israel has advantages of EU „membership“ without cost burden whereas U.K. pays ongoing contributions to be „abused“ by EU Commission – proving British are saps and Israelis are sharp

          • Bayard

            “Europe is a flexible concept designed by U.S….”

            Nope, Europe is a geographical concept with no flexibility on its borders. Perhaps you mean the EU?

  • Republicofscotland

    The western media is delighted in reporting that four hostages are freed by the Zionist IDF. It’s a bit more insignificant that they murdered 210 Palestinian civilians including women and children in the process.

    It’s becoming increasingly obvious that only force will deter the Zionists from completing their genocide.

    “Israeli military forces have carried out yet another massacre at a refugee camp in central Gaza, killing at least 210 Palestinians before they retrieve four Israeli captives.
    It looks like US forces aided and abetted the Zionists to acquire the four people.
    “The US news website Axios reported that a team of American hostage recovery officials stationed in the occupied territories assisted the Israeli military.”
    Israeli forces carried out dozens of airstrikes in the besieged territory on Saturday, particularly in and around the Deir el-Balah and Nuseirat refugee camp in central Gaza.
    The regime’s forces directly targeted civilians, including children, during “a barbaric and brutal aggression” against Nuseirat camp, Gaza government media office said.
    They killed at least 210 people and left over 400 others injured.”


    “A UN special rapporteur says it should not have taken “15,000 children killed” in the Gaza Strip to add Israel to the blacklist of regimes that commit “heinous violations” of international law against children.
    In a post on X on Saturday, Francesca Albanese said it is long overdue to blacklist Israel as a child-killer regime after killing 15,000 children in the besieged Palestinian enclave and mutilating many more.
    “It should have not taken 15,000 children killed, many more mutilated & 20,000 orphaned, to list Israel among” the regimes “who commit heinous violations of intl. law against children. Btw 2008-2022, 1,434+ Palestinian children were killed and 32,175+ were injured, mostly by Israeli forces using ‘excessive force’. In the same period, 25 Israeli children were killed, mostly by Palestinian individuals, and 524 injured. It did not start on Oct 7,””

      • Jack

        Absolutely disgusting but not surprising, all these “non military” activities is a cover for military plots:

        US army aided Israel in bloody military op launched from Gaza ‘Aid Pier’
        The operation saw the mass killing of over 200 Palestinians, with health officials describing the inside of Al-Aqsa Hospital as a ‘slaughterhouse’

        Part of the reason why this genocide could go on like this is because of the senile, demented Biden that is not there on a cognitive level, he do not understand what Israel engage in, obviously.

        • frankywiggles

          I think Biden understands perfectly well what Israel is engaged in and is not only enabling it but thoroughly approves of it.

          Biden is a bloodthirsty animal who in the 80s shocked even Israel’s war criminal PM Begin by telling him he supported the killing of women and children.

          The media is very committed to pretending that Biden is a good man who deplores Netanyahu’s “excesses”. That won’t change.

  • Jack

    Setting aside the crimes by Israel, what is as worse is the reaction by the outside world.
    What happend with human rights? What happend with Responsibility to Protect? What happend with common sense? Common descent morality? Humanism?
    Apparently over 200 people, read that again, 200 people, have been slaughetered in a refugee camps past hours in Gaza, once again, for the umpteenth time!
    Some 150 ukrainians were killed in Bucha which caused a storm of condemnations, sanctions and here we have Gaza which endure a “Bucha” every other day past 8 months and there is ZERO reaction by the outside world!? Sometimes I wonder if I am the crazy one, am I supposed to look away when a regime slaughter children in the multiple of thousands? What the hell have this world become?!

    And how on earth, how on friggin earth, could the corrupt arab leaders sit still during these times?? This is self-humiliation and Israel know it, Israel laugh at these demented arab leaders that cannot lift a finger during these times, instead just become more and more silent. Amazing how easily Israel have totally divded and conquered the arab world, playing out on against the other. Playing the region like a fiddle!
    The arab world is in dire times because what pride and unity would be left of the arab world after this genocide against their own ethnicity? Westerners like Craig Murray, Galloway etc raise more awareness and do more in 1 day for the palestinian cause than what the corrupt arab leaders do in 1 year. In the best of worlds, regimes like Egypt, Jordan should be included the ICJ file too, they are as active, complicit actors in this genocide just like the western world in this demented, cruel killing in Gaza, or rather killing of Gaza.

    • glenn_nl

      J: “And how on earth, how on friggin earth, could the corrupt arab leaders sit still during these times??

      I think we know why that is. These ‘leaders’, much like ours, are bought and paid for stooges.

      Our leaders do not represent us – they represent a small group of ultra wealthy globalist aristocrats (and no, I don’t mean Jews), and also multi-national corporations that have more wealth and power than most governments. They have interlocking boardrooms and intersts, and very often are the very same people being represented and favoured over and over again.

      Arab leaders are tasked with a job – keeping their people at bay. They can do this and become immensely rich – their abuses, nepotism and corruption will be overlooked, and they will be treated as honoured statesmen on the world stage. Or they can be suddenly realised as being a terrible despot that needs to be overthrown and exiled at the very best, in the interests of freedom, democracy, human rights and all that wondrous rhetoric so favoured by righteous Western politicians, should they step out of line and forget what their real job is all about.

      It is necessary, occasionally, to remind the Arab world – its leaders in particular – that this threat/benefit consideration is actually very real, and tangible. Likewise, it is also necessary for said leaders to remind their populace that anything but the most polite dissent is definitely not in their interests.

      • Jack


        Good points but, do not these corrupt arab leaders have a limit? After ICJ and not to mention ICC they could use those declarations as a leverage against Israel and from what I know not a single arab nation have joined South Africa at the ICJ. I assume I have been way too naive about the arab leaders, did not realize that they could sink to such low levels of moral depravity.

        • Stevie Boy

          The Arab leaders are exactly the same as Western leaders, no difference, and they don’t represent the arab peoples. The fact that Palestinians are Arabs is irrelevant. Just the same with Ukraine, Serbia, Israel even, etc. the ethnicity doesn’t figure in the calculations of the leaders when it comes to staying in power. It’s pointless to harp on about what the arab leaders should do, what’s more important is what Western leaders should do. That’s the real problem.
          Biden and Sunak are the ones who could stop the genocide, not the arabs.

    • Emma M.

      The esteemed Prof. Nils Melzer, former UN Special Rapporteur on Torture, whom others might recall here from when he became involved bringing attention to the Assange case, actually issued a little acknowledged report attempting to answer such questions as these, i.e.: why do torture, ill-treatment, and other atrocities continue to be practised with impunity across the globe? Why have the UN and contemporary governments all systemically failed to fulfill the Charter of the United Nations and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, despite widespread condemnation of torture and ill-treatment from virtually every government each of which are simultaneously guilty of it?

      To answer this, Melzer took a multidisciplinary approach examining the neurobiological, psychological, and sociological causes for self-deception and denial. Among his conclusions were that “The root cause of the systemic governance failure is not a lack of expertise, resources or normative consensus, nor generalized malicious intent, but lies in generic biopsychosocial factors that have shaped human decision-making throughout history, irrespective of national, cultural, religious or other distinctive influences.”

      His report is eye-opening in detailing all of these factors, and I would highly recommend reading it to everyone, as its relevance has never been greater than it is today in the ongoing genocide in Palestine. It is rather short at 25 pages, and Melzer is an excellent writer. It is available to read at the below link, simply click “See available official languages” and then English (or your other language of choice).

      The state responses to Melzer’s findings were themselves telling, as Australian psychologist Dr. Lissa Johnson reported in each instance at the time with a focus on the Assange case, using psychology to explain state and popular indifference to torture. She also reported how states drum up popular support for war and atrocities by using various psychological vulnerabilities that we all possess to dehumanise “the enemy.” I would highly recommend her writing found on the below site, as it is all relevant not only to understanding the mistreatment of Assange, but to understanding all forms of atrocities in general, and is among the most informative and insightful reporting I’ve ever seen.

      • Jack

        Thanks Emma, sounds very interesting, will read this later.

        Very odd how the west that have just months prior to the onslaught in Gaza talked so highly about human rights in Ukraine being violated making such a volta-face when it comes to Gaza, even adding the “Cognitive dissonance”-theory, how is it possible to uphold two completeley different views in your head like this? The facts are there, every day, testimonies, videos, graphic photos of gross, cruel human rights violations in Gaza. What was considered horrific “yesterday” in Ukraine is somehow legitimized and even supported when it occur in Gaza?
        Interesting also how the same liberal west that blasted “post truth”-“alternative facts”-Trumpism now use “his” methods to even greater lengths.

        • Tatyana

          In April 2022, a couple of months after the start of the hot stage of the conflict in Ukraine, our media Foreign News Observer did the following review.
          “If you are not a white European, the West does not care about your suffering, writes a representative of Doctors Without Borders in an article for the Toronto Star.”
          Here is a link to the original source, in Russian

          And here is the translation into English using Google Translate

          “Former Ukrainian prosecutor David Sakvarelidze explained everything in much more detail on the BBC: ‘For me this is a very emotional moment because I see how blue-eyed and blond-haired European people are being killed‘.”

          As you see, Jack, it’s not only my opinion, but other people notice it too. If we ever have further discussion on racism, I’ll post what I think of some ways europeans express their superiority, without even noticing the underlyhing racist connotation.

    • Bayard

      “What happend with Responsibility to Protect?”

      I thought that was just another excuse to invade countries which step out of line.

    • Goose

      Afshin Rattansi

      How the Nuseirat Massacre unfolded:

      Israel used the US-built ‘humanitarian pier’ to sneak in a unit of Israeli soldiers, and reportedly American soldiers. The soldiers boarded a humanitarian aid truck and drove to Nuseirat refugee camp.

      Once inside, they were discovered by Palestinians, which resulted in nonstop Israeli aerial bombardment and the soldiers opening fire inside the central market, killing over 210 Palestinians and injuring hundreds.

      The ‘humanitarian pier’ gets exposed to be an occupation, assassination, and massacre pier.

      The Americans cannot be trusted under any circumstances. A humanitarian pier built under the guise of helping hungry and starving Palestinians, was actually used to massacre them.

      Every day the US’ colonial barbarism gets revealed to be more and more horrific.

      Many here, including myself, suspected a more sinister motivation behind the temporary pier. Building it made little sense when the US could literally just order Israel to open various crossings e.g. Rafah, to allow aid in. Were the theatrics of Zionist settler mobs’ frustrating trucks and destroying aid, also part of this too?

  • Peter


    Further to my previous comment (top of the page, which I stand by) I want to (humbly) offer a cautionary note.

    I, of course, fully support your stated, laudable reasons for standing. However, having made Gaza your primary motivation and concern, surely your second priority must be to get elected so that you can act on those concerns.

    My concern and fear is that by making your campaign around a single issue and leaving local and national issues to others you will give a significant portion of people a reason not to vote for you. You will also give your opponents an argument, which is bound to have traction with some, why local people should not vote for you. They will seek to paint you as uncaring.

    I am not suggesting that you should not have Gaza as your primary issue and concern. I thoroughly support that. However, if you were to link the situation in Gaza to the corrupt degradation of the British and western political and media classes, especially now that Labour offers no alternative, and then link that to the increasing decline in the country and thereby to local issues also, don’t you think that that would not only strengthen your platform but would also bolster your support for the Palestinians – by linking degenerate British and western support for genocide to the declining and parlous state of the country and region?

    I am sure you will have thought these issues through already and perhaps have access to more statistical local information than I, but please do keep in mind that the point is to win, and to do so you need every vote. I do believe the above would not mean a dilution of your case but a strengthening of it.

    Like the overwhelming majority here I want to see you in Parliament and believe you will make for an important and powerful voice there. The forces ranged against you however are significant and it’s important that you give them no quarter.

    Thank you again for standing, and I look forward to your success.

      • Tatyana

        I was thinking the same as Peter when reading your leaflet, Mr Murray.
        If you have more than 1, you may try to add this info into your leaflet. Like we add “page 1 of 4” in the bottom on the multi-page docs.
        I think it may create a ‘suspense’ effect, may encourage people to look for more info about you.
        Just need to built a short phrase, to show that your other points (on local affairs) are available elsewhere.

          • Tatyana

            It may also be useful to create a web page. Turn its URL into a QR-code and print it adding a small slogan.
            It’s convenient for people to access a source via QR-code and read it later when they have a couple of free minutes, e.g. in transport. Logically, the best place to put QR stickers is in transport or at the bus waiting areas.

          • Tatyana

            Stamp. One good idea – order a stamp ‘vote Craig Murray’ and stamp wherever possible 🙂 including on the leaflets of your competitors 🙂

            you can stamp a popular newspaper and hand it out for free on the streets