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If a country breaches an International Convention, that in no sense makes it legal in international law for other countries to bomb it.  Otherwise Britain should certainly be bombed for continual and flagrant breaches of the UN Convention against Torture in the context of extraordinary rendition, and for breaches of several international arms control treaties with regard to the planned acquisition of a new, enhanced, and ruinously expensive, Trident missile system.

Even if we accept that the Assad regime was responsible for chemical weapons attacks, that does not give a right to bomb Syria.  Why the lunatic bloodlusters all over our screens – including recycled Blairites who should be in jail –  think that blowing children to pieces ourselves is the correct response to horrible pictures of dead children, is something no TV journalist has had the guts to ask them.

Even the lunatic warmonger Blair felt the  need to bolster the almost non-existent legal arguments for the attack on Iraq with a claim, however ridiculous, that there was imminent danger of an attack by Iraq on British sovereign territory with WMD – in that case the British military bases on Cyprus.  Yet another reason, incidentally, that those colonial remnants must urgently be returned to the Cypriots.  If Britain had been in genuine imminent danger of attack, that would indeed have been a justification of some validity.  On Syria we have merely the claim that some civilians have been destroyed by chemicals; a terrible thing, but when hundreds of thousands have already been eviscerated by white hot metal, and horribly murdered by all side in this gruesome civil war, not the most logical of spurs to action against only one side in particular.

That the Assad regime was responsible for the chemical weapons attacks is perfectly possible but very,  very far from certain.  Particularly as those who claim to have the most certainty about it are precisely those who lied repeatedly about WMD.  That the Assad regime should risk this action now it is winning the war seems peculiar, to say the least.  But the truth is that even if it was Assad himself, nobody else has any legal right to intervene in this civil war without the express authority of the UN Security Council, and there is no possibility of that.

Many on the right are arguing that the Security Council is irrelevant, but we should not bomb anyway as we have no idea of the long term result.  That is true but still short sighted.  The same prudence should apply to the consequences of destroying international law and the authority of the UN.  To do that might seem smart to the neo-cons when the USA is the most powerful military force on earth and we in the UK are its sidekick.  But within my lifetime China will be the most powerful military force on earth.

The neo-cons may feel that destroying the idea of international restraint, in favour of might is right, is  to their advantage, but that is simply further proof of their quite extraordinary short sightedness and stupidity.





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115 thoughts on “Neo-Con Bloodlust Let Rip

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  • fedup

    Assad Hitler Appeasers!!!! The lot of them ……

    What the fuck is with the UK broadcasters?

    Are these tosspots elected reps?

    Who are these tadgers with an autocue? Who they think they fucking are?

    The SIS briefing of the tadgers with an autocue certainly had not read the mood of the nation (using their own parlance) fool me once, and fool me twice, and fool me thrice, ….. Just how many fucking times are they going to fucking fool us and get away with it, do they think?

  • Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    Obama threatening to go it alone. Unilateralism. Isn’t that the cautionary tale?

    Anyway words are just words to him. They carry no more weight than a piece of paper with a peace agreement.

  • fedup

    Obama threatening to go it alone. Unilateralism. Isn’t that the cautionary tale?

    He really is the Uncle Tom epitome isn’t he?

    He sits there and gets his coterie to be briefing; “Credibility, credibility, credibility ……” In an attempt to show how reluctantly he is getting shoved into a war, honest gov!

    Now he want to go it alone, when even the poodle UK has baulked at the notions of starting the WWIII?

  • Donald

    I also beleive that Obama has deliberately forced Dave to bolt early knowing that he would fall at the first hurdel. Every sign was that right up until yesterday Cameron was chasing a US set timetable for action on Thursday, which strangley the US themseleves did not seem to be following.

    Obama openly called Cameron a “fucking lightweight” after their first meeting, ever since Cameron has been an embarrassment in trying to suck up to him – drinking beer, eating hot-dogs, watching basket ball whilst looking seriously ill at ease. I think Obama exploited this weakness in Dave.

    This is a perfect example of how wiley Obama is. He now gets to take no action and all the pressure has moved onto Dave. Another little problem put away for a few more weeks. Genius.

  • Sofia Kibo Noh

    So good to see Craig not only back but clearly in great blogging form. I hope you are feeling as good as you’re writing.

    ”That the Assad regime was responsible for the chemical weapons attacks is perfectly possible but very, very far from certain. Particularly as those who claim to have the most certainty about it are precisely those who lied repeatedly about WMD.

    Too bloody true!

    “Experts Point To Long, Glorious History Of Successful U.S. Bombing Campaigns

    “In light of increased pressure on President Obama to order a military strike on Syria, leading historians and military experts on Tuesday simply pointed to the United States’ longstanding and absolutely impeccable record of successful bombing campaigns over the past 60 years…” The Onion, (America’s Finest News Source. Well, that’s what they say anyway)

    @Brian Fujisan. (With apologies about the company I’m making you keep here)

    ”Contrary to western diplomats hollow claims; in late May militant cells with links to Jabhat al Nusra and the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham were found in both Iraq and Turkey with sarin and other chemical weapons materiel in their possession…” ,

    President Obama, (Peace Prize Winner and Drone Assassin)

    “Suggestions that there’s any doubt about who’s responsible for this are as preposterous as a suggestion that the attack did not occur…”

    So, if it transpires, as seems increasingly likely, that the chemical attack was carried out by the rebel proxy forces, does that mean places like Porton Down and US chemical weapons locations will have to get flattened and burned in another Glorious Episode?

    The US agreed in 1993 to end all use and production of chemical weapons, as well as to destroy of all chemical weapons.

    Twenty years later a quarter of the US’s vast stockpile remains undestroyed.
    Our rulers need to explain how they expect a bombing campaign to do the job in Syria?
    Surely if a chemical weapons stockpile is bombed clouds of these chemicals will drift with the wind?
    Won’t large numbers of people will be poisoned?
    What about the Responsibility to Protect?

  • fedup

    I know what!

    Fight the fucking Spaniards!

    Those Daigo bastard have been fucking around with the concrete blocks dropped with the royal navy! Oh the honour of our concrete blocks and the violation thereof! Today our concrete blocks, tomorrow fuck knows what else, attack I say, attack now, or our credibility and phony baloney stuff and shit will be violated! Recall the parliament pronto, and who knows we can go and bomb Assad Hitler afterwards!

  • Donald

    “Anyway words are just words to him. They carry no more weight than a piece of paper with a peace agreement.”

    ‘The most important traits in a politician are sincerity, honesty and integrity. If you can fake that you’ve got it made.’

  • fedup

    oh, have the pubs shut?

    Craps never thought of that, cant have that! Back to the drawing board.

  • Donald

    “This is a perfect example of how wiley Obama is. He now gets to take no action and all the pressure has moved onto Dave.”

    … and he ruined his summer holiday. Three cheers for the POTUS.

  • Jives

    Our tag-team visitors conspicuous by their absence from this blog today.

    I wonder if they’ve been assigned a new mission for a small while?

  • fedup

    I wonder if they’ve been assigned a new mission for a small while?

    All hands to the pump to get the line; “fall in line behind your government” across the various sites, too many sceptics and too few keyboard hasbara elements!

  • Sofia Kibo Noh

    @Fedup.11 18pm

    ”Just how many fucking times are they going to fucking fool us and get away with it, do they think?

    Well, judging by the unprecedented low polling for the bombfest option, we’re witnessing something different this time.

    What happens when majority society feels this way about what is being done in their name?

  • Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    Two days ago, the contingency plan was revealed;

    Syrian Electronic Army !!! Hacked NYT !!!!

    Today after the Cameron bashing, it was trotted out again.

    ‘OMG. They could hack into our power grid, our iphones and facebook.’

    BOOGA, BOOGA !!!

    The war mongers are pure genius.

  • Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    ‘Highly likely’ is not persuasive and obviously that was understood, Dre.

    The Admin has proof through recorded discussions about an attack. I wonder why they left that out of the UK briefing?

  • Dreoilin

    “I wonder why they left that out of the UK briefing?”

    Maybe, Ben, because such things can be faked?

    I read someone on Twitter saying that they watched the debate and were surprised that so many MPs mentioned the fact that the attack could have been a deliberate false flag event by the “rebels”.

    So there are “conspiracy theorists” among the MPs too!

  • Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    “Maybe, Ben, because such things can be faked?”

    And are highly subject to interpretation? I think they overestimated the support. I think you guys effectively communicated with Parliament, and this was the outcome. Congrats.

    Now it’s up to us…(facepalm)

  • Nextus

    “The JIC had high confidence in all of its assessments except in relation to the regime’s precise motivation for carrying out an attack of this scale at this time – though intelligence may increase our confidence in the future.”

    It seems even the openly unintelligent JIC is diffident about its ability to concoct a plausible rationale. Surely the Syrian regime must have a narrative which rebuts the points made in the JIC document. Admittedly, they aren’t getting much media airtime. Can anybody locate up a detailed rebuttal on t’web?

  • Sofia Kibo Noh

    @Donald. 9 41pm

    Spot on!

    I feel we shouldn’t underestimate China and it’s people.

    China has been the most technologically advanced society for most of history and recent western superiority may well be seen by future historians as simply a brief anomaly.

    From the time when progress in marine technology made it possible to explore sea routes, numerous attempts were made by the Europeans to establish commercial contact with China, a country believed to possess some of the finest of treasures.

    In September 1793 the first British ambassador to China, Lord George Macartney was finally granted an audience with Emperor Qianlong to whom he presented £150000 worth of the best quality items British manufacturing technology could produce. He also delivered a letter from George III, in which the King of England requested permission from the Emperor Qianlong to establish a British Resident Minister in Peking in charge of overseeing trading affairs.
    This and a second letter were both unconditionally rejected.

    A second mission led by Lord Amherst went to China in 1816 and, like its predecessor, returned without any agreement with the Chinese government.

    Trade continued but the shortage of silver to pay for the tea imports forced the British to seek other commodities to compensate for the loss and to bring in profit. They discovered opium, a highly lucrative commodity. Opium had been banned in China by Imperial edict of 1729 . The East India Company was responsible for most of its production in India.

    By 1830s, opium had flooded the entire black market in China and, inevitably, became a major cause of concern for the Chinese Government. A Chinese official in Canton, Commissioner Lin, ordered the confiscation of some 20,000 chests of opium from English ships and refused to pay indemnity to the British traders. This incident outraged the British and triggered the first Opium War in 1840. This lasted two years and resulted in a treaty which caused Hong Kong to be ceded to the British Crown for 150 years and five other Chinese ports to be opened to foreign traders.

    ( Much of the above shamelessly copied and pasted from, )

    Though curiously absent from my history classes I’m sure Chinese people are better educated on these issues. They have developed their research and production skills while the West has trashed and out-sourced theirs to….well…China of course!

    Meanwhile US has become an “army with a country” that allows it’s own society and infrastructure to crumble while devoting more than 50% of it’s economy to military matters, and it’s foreign policy to domination and plunder, all in order to feed the avarice of a tiny elite.

    But I’m going on a bit now, sorry.

    Goodnight All and thanks.

  • Fred

    “Fight the fucking Spaniards!”

    Spain is a bit like Dundee.

    Only in Spain it’s the Moors that come out of the hills.

  • Komodo

    A curiosity here- I am not sure that China has the capacity to overhaul the US in military terms. All sorts of reasons for that, but the technological lead enjoyed by the US at the moment , and their unrivalled capacity to generate new technology, both seem overwhelming, compared to China.

    You’re forgetting their frightening facility at reverse-engineering absolutely anything…came across a site devoted to Chinese military hardware t’other day, and the great majority is reimagined French, Russian and even US kit. There was a Chinese American Humvee with Chinese French AA missiles among other things. US innovation may be good, but it’s less than useful unless the innovations can be made reliable and put into mass production. The Chinese are rather good at that, and at industrial espionage. They don’t need to be madly innovative.

    I see Fred didn’t enjoy Dundee…my affection for the place grows. Who has not been panhandled by a smackhead while consuming a peh in the bus station has not lived…

  • Komodo

    The Admin has proof through recorded discussions about an attack. I wonder why they left that out of the UK briefing?

    Because the recordings were made by Israel, and even hardened Fox watchers might have smelt a rat…there’s also the isolated report that Israel had a source in an “elite” Syrian unit with responsibility for CW. Of course, once that got out, there will have been some questions asked in the unit, and I guess the guilty party (if he exists) has even now been strung up by his thumbs and beaten to death, but the fiction of protecting ones’ sources has to be maintained.

  • Juteman

    “I see Fred didn’t enjoy Dundee”

    Methinks Fred had the piss taken out of him, as he marched with full regalia on one of his Orange Order parades.
    It can’t be easy being a supporter of the British State in Dundee.

  • N_

    Craig – if the US is the most powerful military force on earth, then why do they let the Israelis handle security at US nuclear installations, both civil and military?

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