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5 thoughts on “Michal Kaminski – A Correction

  • Bumbledore

    Re: “There are very few Polish politicians who have not been accused of being Jewish at some stage, which is precisely my point”.

    I thought your point in the original post was a personal one about Kaminski who, while polite and personable, “certainly was an anti-semite” and “tries to hide his past”. There was plenty of intolerance in Poland in the 90ies, there still is, but to use that as your argument against specific person smells of, well… lets call it ethnic generalization.

    By the way, I think it’s conceivable that Kaminski was somehow involved in spreading those smears in 1995 – his camp did that in 2005, accusing their rival of having German grandfather. But, I doubt Craig could corroborate. The way smear campaigns work, it’s highy unlikely a campaign official would leave any evidence of being personally involved.

  • anon

    Thanks to Charles Crawford for straining a gnat, while persecuting the widows and orphans of Afghanistan and Iraq.

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